The United States and Mexico, 1821-1848: A History of the Relations Between the Two Countries from the Independence of Mexico to the Close of the War with the United States, Volume 1

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The details of the War of 1812 between the United States of America and Mexico are well documented with accompanying references. However, even today as I write my "opinion" on this text, so - called scholars are attempting to rewrite history in a more accommodating and positive view of Mexico rather than the truth. In 2016, we're facing a massive immigration exodus across the southern US border , where young Mexicans are claiming that their taking back land that was stolen from them during the war, or tricked somehow. The youth have been told this most likely from their teachers, university professors in Mexico and maybe parents as well who only wish to see their children benefit a good life, rather than live in poverty in Mexican slums. It is taken a toll on our economic systems as it's draining our resources to provide and support our own infrastructure and legal citizens. The political crevice it has created dating back from the late 70's and 80's has only increased the political divide in the United States. Democrats leaning towards siding with the illegals, lesbian, gays, and transgenders and free welfare system to all who ask have caused havoc to almost another civil war. As time goes on I expect that history will only rewrite itself according to the issues at present. Not a trustworthy or accurate way to record the history of nations, and civilizations trying to coexist with each other. I would ask Wikipedia and others to continue to exhaust all efforts to keep the historic recording of all human events accurate as most humanely as possible.  

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Page 304 - If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor and that of his country. VICTORY OR DEATH.
Page 3 - States a strong proof of his friendship, doth hereby cede to the said United States, in the name of the French Republic, forever and in full sovereignty, the said territory, with all its rights and appurtenances, as fully and in the same manner as they have been acquired by the French Republic, in virtue of the above-mentioned treaty, concluded with His Catholic Majesty.
Page 417 - ... of our citizens, upon the officers and flag of the United States, independent of recent insults to this government and people by the late extraordinary Mexican minister, would justify in the eyes of all nations immediate war.
Page 341 - The conflict in the breastwork lasted but a few moments ; many of the troops encountered hand to hand, and, not having the advantage of bayonets on our side, our riflemen used their pieces as war-clubs, breaking many of them • off at the breech. The rout commenced at half -past four, and the pursuit by the main army continued until twilight.
Page 600 - The British government, as the United States well know, have never sought in any way to stir up disaffection or excitement of any kind in the slave-holding States of the American Union.
Page 619 - Resolved, That our title to the whole of the Territory of Oregon is clear and unquestionable ; that no portion of the same ought to be ceded to England or any other power, and that the reoccupation of Oregon and the reannexation of Texas at the earliest practicable period, are great American measures, which this convention recommends to the cordial support of the Democracy of the Union.
Page 673 - The two Governments having already agreed through their respective organs on the terms of annexation, I would recommend their adoption by Congress in the form of a joint resolution or act to be perfected and made binding on the two countries when adopted in like manner by the Government of Texas.
Page 384 - ... relative situation of the United States and Texas our acknowledgment of its independence at such a crisis could scarcely be regarded as consistent with that prudent reserve with which we have heretofore held ourselves bound to treat all similar questions. But there are circumstances in the relations of the two countries which require us to act on this occasion with even more than our wonted caution.
Page 384 - In the contest between Spain and the revolted colonies we stood aloof, and waited not only until the ability of the new States to protect themselves was fully established, but until the danger of their being again subjugated had entirely passed away. Then, and not until then, were they recognized.
Page 3 - Parma, the colony or province of Louisiana, with the same extent that it now has in the hands of Spain, and that it had when France possessed it, and such as it should be after the treaties subsequently entered into between Spain and other States.

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