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the celebrated Union Spy and Scout: comprisi
entry into the Secret Service of the Army of the
Adventures with the Rebel Chieftains and others
lines, together with her capture and sentence to <
and rescue at Shelbyville, Tenn., by the Unio
Rosecrans. The whole carefully prepared from her
By F. L. SARMIENTO, Esq., of the Philadelphia Ba
steel, and illustrations on wood. 12mo., paper. Pri

THRILLING ADVENTURES AMONG THE EARLY ing Desperate Encounters with the Indians, Tories, a Exploits of Texan Rangers and others, and Incidents o Fearful Deeds of the Gamblers and Desperadoes, Ran of the West and Southwest; Hunting Stories, Trapping By WARREN WILDWOOD, Esq. Illustrated by 200 engravi Price $1.50; cloth, $2.00.

LIFE OF KIT CARSON, the great Western Hunter and Wild and Romantic Exploits as a Hunter and Trappe Mountains; Thrilling Adventures and Hair-breadth Es Indians and Mexicans; his Daring and Invaluable Servic Scouting and other Parties, etc., etc. With an account of ment Expeditions to the Far West. By CHAS. BURDETT. 1: cloth. Price $2.00.

LIFE OF DANIEL BOONE, the Great Western Hunter and prising an account of his Early History; his Daring an Career as the First Settler of Kentucky; his Thrilling Adver Indians; and his wonderful skill, coolness and sagacity hazardous and trying circumstances of Western Border Life. HARTLEY. To which is added his Autobiography complete, himself, and showing his own belief that he was an instrumen settle the Wilderness. With illustrations. 12mo., cloth. Pri

LIFE OF DAVID CROCKETT, the Original Humorist and Irrepr woodsman: comprising his Early History; his Bear

Adventures; his Services in the Creek War;

and Career in Congress; with his tri
States and Services in the Texan
his glorious death at the Alamo,
pendence. With illustrations.

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MODERN COOKERY, in all its branches: embracing a series of plain and simple instructions to private families and others, for the careful and judicious preparation of every variety of food, as drawn from practical observation and experience. Embracing upwards of Twelve Hundred recipes, appropriately illustrated. By Miss ELIZA ACTON. The whole carefully revised by Mrs. S. J. HALE. 12mo., cloth. Price $2.00.

THE LADIES' MEDICAL GUIDE AND MARRIAGE FRIEND: a plain and instructive treatise on the structure and functions of the reproductive organs in both sexes; the Diseases peculiar to Females, and the Diseases of Children, with the appropriate Remedies for each, and valuable Directions and Recipes for the Toilet, Beautifying the Skin, Cultivating and Arranging the Hair, etc., etc. By S. PANCOAST, M.D., Professor of Microscopic Anatomy, Physiology, and the Institute of Medicine in Penn Medical University, Philadelphia. With upwards of 100 illustrations. 12mo., cloth. Price $2.00.

THE FAMILY DOCTOR: a Counsellor in Sickness, Pain and Distress, for Childhood, Manhood, and Old Age; containing in plain language, free from medical terms, the Causes, Symptoms, and Cure of Diseases in every form, with important Rules for Preserving the Health, and Directions for the Sick Chamber, and the Proper Treatment of the Sick; the whole drawn from extensive observation and practice. By Professor HENRY S. TAYLOR, M.D. Illustrated with numerous engravings of Medicinal Plants and Herbs. 12mo., cloth. Price $1.50; plain sheep $2.00.

THE BEAUTIFUL SPY: an Exciting Story of Army and High Life in New York in 1776. By CHARLES BURDETT, Author of "Three Per Cent A Month," "Second Marriage," "Marion Desmond," etc., etc. 12mo., paper. Price $1.50; cloth $2.00.

THE ROYALIST'S DAUGHTER AND THE REBELS; or, the Dutch Dominie of the Catskills. A Tale of the Revolution of unusual power and interest. By Rev. DAVID MURDOCH, D.D. 12mo., paper. Price $1.50; cloth $2.00.

THE HERO GIRL and how she became a Captain in the Army. A Tale of the Revolution. By THRACE TALMON. With illustrations. 12mo., paper. Price $1.50; cloth $2.00.


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