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Alabama claims, Geneva arbitration and award...

Treaty with Great Britain, known as the treaty of Washington..

British and American Mixed Claims Commission...

Bureau for the Relief of Freedmen and Refugees, acts of Congress establish-

ing, etc......

Captured and abandoned property, acts of Congress relating to.

Captured and abandoned property acts as construed by the courts.

Nonintercourse acts as construed by the courts...

Statement showing the whole amount of money received into the Treasury on

account of captured and abandoned property and the amounts paid out from

time to time, etc...

Cotton tax, laws to provide for the collection of a tax on cotton.

Statement showing the sum of money realized to the Government from the

tax on cotton....


Claims connected with collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers.

Claims of certain States and Territories for suppressing Indian hostilities, etc..

Confiscation acts.

Derelict property,

Desertion, laws relating to.

Indian depredation claims, laws relating to.

Longevity pay of Army and Navy officers..

Statement showing amount of money appropriated by Congress for the pay-

ment of Indian depredation claims...

Pardon and amnesty, effect of, commented on by the courts.

Payments, law relating to..

Payment bar as defined by the courts

Prize and prize money, law of prize.

Acts of Congress relating to

Quartermaster's Department, organization of.

Sequestration of property in Louisiana, 1862–1865.

Sutlers, acts of Congress relating to...

Texas, depredations committed by Indians upon the frontier of..


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