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another company at Cincinnati in charge of Captain Kingsbruy, 6 rified Parrott guns, I have asked Adjutant General Thomas if these can be ordered to me.

J. C. FRÉMONT, Major General. Hon. MONTGOMERY Blair,

President's Square, Washington City.


St. Louis July 31, 1861. At camp Monroe, near Cincinnati, there is company C, 4th artillery, (regu. lars,) under 1st Lieutenant R. V. W. Howard, aggregate 76 men. Also, another company at Cincinnati, in charge of Captain Kingsbury-six rifled Parrott guns. Can these be ordered here?


Major General Commanding. Adjutant General THOMAS,

War Department, Washington.

[By telegraph from Cairo, August 1, 1861.] The following just received from Colonel Marsh, with request to send to you by telegraph. A scout of his from Pillow's camp brought the information; also a proclamation of Pillow's, who says no quarters to be given those in arms against him.


Brigadier General. Major General FREMONT, St. Louis.

[By telegraph from Cairo, August 1, 1861.] The following information just received is, I believe, reliable. General Pillow was at New Madrid on the morning of the 31st, with 11,000 troops well armed and well drilled; two regiments of cavalry splendidly equipped; one battery of flying artillery, 10-pounders, and ten guns, manned and officered by foreigners; several mountain Howitzers, and other artillery, amounting in all to 100. 9,000 more moving to re-enforce. He has promised Governor Jackson to place 20,000 men in Missouri at once. I have a copy of his proclamation and also one of his written passes.


Colonel Commanding Camp Frémont. Major General FREMONT, St. Louis.

Upon this day, August 1, General Frémont went in person to re-enforce Cairo, with what troops he could gather, and with as much display as possible, in order to increase the apparent size of his small force.

[By telegraph from St. Louis, August 2, 1861.] General Scott has telegraphed that two batteries of artillery have been sent from Cincinnati. Shall I forward them to you when they arrive ? Generar Lyon wants soldiers—soldiers-soldiers ! So says General Hammer, who has just arrived from Springfield.


Assistant Adjutant General. General FRÉ MONT, Cairo.

[By telegraph from Washington, Angust 2, 1861.]
This despatch was sent yesterday to commanding officer, Department Ohio,
Cincinnati. Order two (2) companies fourth artillery, with their batteries, under
Howard and Kingsbury, to St. Louis, without delay.


Post Master General. Major General J. C. FRÉMONT, Cairo.


Washington, August 2, 1861 Since ordering the two batteries for you yesterday, it appears one company has no guns and the other is in Western Virginia; neither can be withdrawn The order is countermanded.




Fort Learenworth, Kansas, August 3, 1861. Sir: From a communication this day received from Lieutenant Colonel 0. E. Learned, I am informed that General Lyon relies upon the 3d regiment Kansas volunteers, under your command, to take charge of at Fort Scott and conduct to his (the general’s) headquarters, the supply train now en route to Fort Scott, under the command of Colonel William Weer, 4th regiment Kansas volunteers. This is an important supply train, and the operations of General Lyon are, in a great measure, dependent upon an early reception of it. You will, therefore, please perfect, at the earliest possible moment, your arrangements to move with your command upon Fort Scott, with a view to carry out the intentions and orders of General Lyon. I shall direct the commissary at this post to turn over to you two months' supplies for your regiment, which, with the other supplies intended for your command, will be placed under your orders and directed to proceed to Fort Scott, via Lawrence, Kansils. To more fully understand the terms of the contract entered into by the War Department and Messrs. Irwin, Jackman & Co., respecting the transportation of army supplies, I enclose a copy of paragraph viii of that contract, for your information.

Please report to me the name of the officer selected by you as the commissary of your regiment, in order that the supplies may be duly invoiced to him. Respectfully, your obedient servant,

W. E. PRINCE, Captain 1st Infantry. Colonel MONTGOMERY,

?d Regiment Kansas l'olunteers.

Copy respectfully submitted for information of General Frémont.

W. E. PRINCE, Captain, dr.

The following despatch was sent to General Frémont, at Cairo, the messenger having arrived at St. Louis, from General Lyon, in General Frémont's absence. The original despatch is in cipher:

St. Louis, August 3, 1861. General Lyon has sent a special messenger, Colonel Hammer, to say that he needs re-enforcements; that Jackson's army is in Jasper and adjacent counties, with not less than 20,000 men; that Lyon's force is not much more than one-fourth ; that the inhabitants are moving this way as fast as their teams will carry them, leaving liom's and crops desolated; that to insure a continuous and safe trans


port of provisions and supplies, the road from Rolla should be well protected. I have referred him to Captain Kelton.

E. M. D. Captain Davis, of the staff of General Frémont. (August 4, Frémont returned to St. Louis.)

CAIRO, August 4, 1861. Information last night of a large force at Bloomfield, reported from eight (8) to ten thousand (10,00;) at Garrison Mills, on Picket road, five hundred (500;) at Castor Mills, five hundred (500 ;) at Strong's Mills, on Castor river, five hundred (500 ;) about five miles above Strong's Mills they are herding beef cattle. On 1st and 2d August they had orders to cook four days' ratious of bread.

C. C. MARSH, Colonel 20th Illinois Volunteers, Commanding. Major General J. C. FRÉMONT.

INDIANAPOLIS, August 4, 1861. Can send five regiments, if leave is granted by the department, as I am ordered to send them east as fast as ready. They are mostly river men, and are well adapted to your expedition. They have been promised rifles by the department which have not arrived as yet. What kind of guns will you give them, and where are they at ? Will telegraph the department.

0. P. MORTON. Major General FRÉMONT.


St. Louis, August 4, 1861. The governor of Indiana, in answer to my urgent request for troops, informed me by telegraph, that he has five regiments ready, chiefly made up of river boatmen, but they are under orders for the east. He will ask for them to be kept on western duty.. They cannot be more urgently needed at any place. than here, and I ask for them as immediately as the order can be given. Answer by telegraph.


Major General Commanding. Honorable MONTGOMERY BLAIR, Washington City.


St. Louis, August 4, 1861. Seeing that the Secretary at War is absent from Washington, I telegraphed to you to ask that the five Indiana regiments, now under orders for the east, may be sent at once to me for immediate duty in this State. Governor Morton joins ine in this request. Nowhere can they be more urgently needed, and nowhere can the river boatmen, from whom they are largely recruited, be so Useful to the cause.


Major General Commanding. Honorable JAMES A. SCOTT,

Acting Secretary at War, Washington City.


St. Louis, August 1, 1861. The general commanding desires me to say to you that an urgent application goes to-morrow to the War Department, for 3,000 California troops, to be placed as speedily as possible at El Paso, to keep Texas troops from aiding Arkansas. See the Postmaster General and Secretary of War, and answer by telegraph.

I. C. WOODS. Honorable M. S. LATHAM,

United States Senate, Washington City.

[Received St Louis, 5th ]


August 4-11 a. m., via Jonesborough. Thompson is advancing within sixteen miles of me. Am fortifying the hill in rear of Mills. Send me re-enforcements and ammunition. Express waitivg

for reply.

C. C. MARSH, Colonel 20th Illinois Volunteers, Commanding.

Major General FRÉMONT.


August 5–9 p. m., via Jonesborough. Enemy close on me, over 5,000 strong. Will be attacked before morning; send me aid.

C. C. MARSH, Colonel. Major General FRÉMONT.



Cairo, August 5, 1861. The following despatch was just received :

Cape Girardeau, August 4-11 p. m. “GENERAL PRENTISS: Enemy advancing within sixteen miles of me. Help me if you can.

“C. C. MARSH.”

Major General. Major General FRÉMONT.


August 5, 1861. There are now in the arsenal 2,933 men, besides Smith's 630 at the barracks. Smith's and Coler's men don't know the facings and marchings. Ought not Coler to go to the barracks, and should not the officers of the 13th regulars be instructed to drill both regiments ?



St. Louis, August 5, 1861. 1. The commanding officer directs that Colonel Montgomery's force joins General Lyon's command, at Springfield, Missouri, immediately.

2. The force under Colonel Dodge, at Council Bluff, is ordered to St. Joseph forth with. On its arrival at that point the commanding officer of the regiment will report to these headquarters for orders.

J. C. KELTON, A. A. G. Forward these orders with the utmost despatch.

J. C. KELTON, A. A. G. Captain PRINCE, Fort Learenworth, Kansas.

[By telegraph from Washington, August 5, 1861.] The President desires to know briefly the situation of affairs in the region of Cairo. Please answer.

JOHN G. NICHOLAY, Private Secretary. Major General FRÉMONT.


St. Louis, August 6, 1861. I re-enforce you this morning with a heavy battery of 24s and one regiment. General Prentiss re-enforces you from below. Keep me posted.


Major General Commanding. Colonel C. C. Marsh, Cape Girardeau.

WASHINGTON, August 6, 1861. All the tioops are ordered out of New Mexico. The first detachment will leave about the 15th. Volunteers received in New Mexico are reported unreliable in defending the large amount of United States property there. Those stores cannot be moved east. There is danger of their falling into the hands of the Texans. Nevertheless, the regulars must come away as ordered. least two regiments of volunteers, say from Kansas, should be sent without delay to New Mexico, with a competent officer for the immediate command of all the troops there. Confer with the governor of Kansas, and arrange for the safety of New Mexico as soon as possible.



St. Louis, August 6, 1861. COLONEL: I send by special engine Mr. Edward H. Castle for arty information you may have of General Lyon's position. Mr. Castle will inform you

what progress Colonel Stevenson has made, who, with his regiment, is on his way to General Lyon's camp. Communicate to me through Mr. C., who is instructed to return with any information you may have—all of which you may safely intrust to him. Enclosed letters to be forwarded as immediately as possible to General Lyon.


Major General Commanding. Colonel WYMAN, Rolla.

[By telegraph from Cairo ]

ARSENAL, August 6, 1861. I have just ordered four companies, with two 6-pounders on board steamer, to gend. They are, no doubt, fighting now. See general. If not countermanded,

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