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universal freedom. We must not, we cannot be alienated from one another. Our mutual mistakes will soon be corrected. Meanwhile, let Christian congregations send over to them assurances of sympathy. Let the voice of the people be heard in public meetings throughout the land. Especially let prayers ascend to the Prince of Peace—the great Liberator of humanity—that the sword may soon be sheathed and the fetter broken-that America may come forth from the furnace seven times purified--that the eldest daughter of Britain, cleansed from the foul spot, which, indeed, she derived from her mother, may emerge from this cloud of trial the admiration of the world—that the parent, not jealous of, .but rejoicing in, the growth of the child, and without any airs of arrogant superiority ; that the child, with no childish wilfulness or fretfulness-that thus mother and child, or, if they prefer it, the elder and younger born diughters of Freedom, may go forth hand in hand diffusing among the nations the blessings of civilization, peace, liberty and religion ; and, foremost amongst the ministering servants of the Lord Jesus Christ hasten on the fulfillment of the grand old prophecy, which tells of a golden age when “a King shall reign in righteousness, who shall judge the poor of the people, and break in pieces the oppressor, and deliver the needy when he crieth, and him that hath no helper, in whose day the righteous shall flourish, and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth.”

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