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the very serious

1807) competent to give under a very great error. I could, if it were pears to the committee that taking the not rendered unnecessary by ibeir being the price of the quarter of malt, capable of sa ne, as he will hereafter find described by producing so lbs. of saccharine matter at a scientific and practical gentleman, Mr. " 82s. the quantity of sugar necessary to Martineau, to a committee of the House of “ produce an equal proportion of sacchaCommons, give a series of experiments on " rine matter must be I wt. 3 qrs. I lb. sugar and treacle, made many years ago, (197 lbs.) which at 585. *the cit. would accompanied, also, with a set of iwelve dis- amount to 101s. 6d. in price, making ? tillations (in a still of a suitable size which “ difference in favour of the malt of I procured to be made for the purpose) of 195. 61, in that given quantity. It is small portions of beer formed from as many stated, besides, in evidence, that the beer different original specitic gravities in the produced from sugar, even if the prices worts ; which experiment I then entered on wojild admit of it, is not equal in any diewith the view io ascerlain the fact of the gree to that produced from its equi. accordance, or not, of the final proportion valent quantity of malt, and couseof proof spirit with the original gravity, as quently that the brewer would not use shewn by the hydrometer ; due reference sugar in their manufactory, unless they being had to all the circumstances, The re- were prohilited ly low from using gruin" sults of each, and of all of these examinations, - In page 16, Mi Jackson commissioner did so remarkably correspond with the seve- of excise, examined by the committee, ral circumstances as to afford the most con- sy's,

recollect that about the year vincing testimony to my mind that every “ 1800 or 1801, when sugar was by law hydrometer, now in use, is truly and cor- permitted to be used in the brewery, on jectly, a measure of su'eets, although that account of the scarcity of grain at ibat appellation is given to one, only, among “ time, very little sugar was used. One thie several sorts now constructed. But I or tuo brewers in London, two at Maomust not expect that my own experiments, “ dieser, and some at Liverpool, wers and consequent decisio: will be deemed ut “ the only brewers I l'ecollect to have used sutricient autbouy to be conclusive with "il, and they very soon discoptinued #i, otheis. I am happy, therefore, in the op. " 'ilo price of malt at that time was, sh? portunity tv adduce far superior proof, pre- I recollect, five guineas a quarter, itd mising, that the average value of each 8 sugar, including the duty, about 525. 12 bushe's of malt is known as aunually, to every Cwl."--In pige 20, Mr. Martincau, aa brewer who has employed an hyd:ometer eminent porter brewer in London, exaciitura suficient time to understand its use. ned, and to questions put iubim 48, I sav, annually, because the produce of " I have never brewed beer from sugar, bus saccharine master varies withile favouable- have made such experiments as to condess of the harvest and seisou to the bir- “ vince my own mind, conipletely.” Ani }:$; as well as very materially accerding to being desired to state the cpinion be loved the method of malting it. But a quarter of fornie din consequence, said: “I have a very malt, weighing from 300bs. 10 330]hs , short statement showing the conpar.l'sually yields from 75 10 $ of saccha- " live value of malt with sugit, aud of mcline malter. A like quantity and no one - lasies with mali, Dr. Jartineau theo is afiorded by 1s5los. to buibs. of sugar, delivered in te following paper to the coun. or by 224 to 240lbs. of treacle. The pou. mirree, which was reid.--" Decober 14, drce of the last two is found merely by a 1709), experimenis on a sample oi bresa solution of them in waters; and finally, the Miscovado sugar at 535.3d. per cwt., and separate value of all the ihree is found by " the same on a sample of molasses at Os. the production of spirit, uniformily correa percut. One pound of tie above pounding orth ilegrimitics of their extracts, was dissolved in a giliwn of water, ai 1 or sections. Thevidence I bave alluded to " then beiled half an hour, it lost by e'tique istake frona parlamentary "Repout of the radiça rather more than a quart, wird

Sugar Distillery Committee,” ordered by Çin'iiy being restareil viiaki wao the house to be printed 17h February, 1507. vai reduced to the heat of co degrees, it Tie jact being to squire low frief ilighe be a "oreni! :o) ile test India proprie

* My estimate of the price of sugar u.9 tuss by the Of $1'ir in the breweries 011. au! uy quantity 100235. the cst ct and distilleries, the colli'uiitee afier having which would be 100s Gu. I beliuic it is 'W twinine find the iw the 13in Jawa dearer than Ols.


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In the years

" then weighed by Quin's hydroıneter 14lbs, worts, and of their wash, as ascertained by " 8-10ths." (consequently) “ 75lbs of the hydrostatics, from whatsoever saccharine

same extract, which is abort the fair aver- and fermentable matters such musts and age produce of a quarter of male would con- wash, are drawn.--Other parliamentary sume 135lbs. of sugar, which, at 53s. 3d. inquiries and reports on the saine subject

per cwt, is 87s. 5d. One pound of might be adduced, in confirmation, par“ lasses treated exactly as the sugar had been ticularly the first, second, and third

weighed by the same instrument 121bs. Reports of the Committees on the Dis“ 4-10hs ; therefore 75lbs. of the same ex- tillation of Sugar, ordered to be printed tract would consume 216 lbs. oftreacle, 15th June 180s, any part of which it must be “ which at 4Qs. the cwt. is 778, 1d." To unnecessary to quote. I cannot however reother questions put to him by the committee,

frain from stating the following proof that Mr. Martineau answered, " that he took the mucilage is of no consideration, to de.' “ not the best malt; that such malt as would stroy the brewer's confidence in the com

yield Solbs, of saccharine matter per petency of hydrometers to exhibit a just

quarter would require an equivalent of comparison between sweets. 197lbs. of sugar, and 230lbs. in treacle ; 1805 and 1806, three gentlemen, distin-' " that he never tried either sugar in molas- guished for their abilities, and well known "ses in brewing, being so perfectly satis acquirements in chemistry, (viz. Drs.

fied, by the result of the experiments that Thompson, Hope, and Coventry) were se" they made so completely against the lected by government to inquire into the dit“ use of sugar, that he never was induced ferences in value between the English and “ to try it in the brewhouse."--Candidus

Scotch barleys and malts, for which purpose may still think “ that it is not philosophical they took with them some practical assistants to conclude, (even from this useful ex. to conduct the operations of both brewing " amination by Mr. Martineau), that tho and distilling. I have unfortunately parted " extract of malt must necessarily be richer with their very valuable Report, printed by " and superior to the others." Such how. order of parliament, containing the particuever, was the conclusion of the committee, lars of vumerous trials made by them. I ia their report to the house ; and who will recollect enough, however, to be able to say depreciate the further proof that is afforded that their uniform rule, for finding the ditby distillation? In page, 22, 24 of this Re

ferences between the two grains, was by the port will be found ihe examination of Mi, gravity of their extracts, as shewn by the Smith of Brentford, and of Mr. Ben well " hydrometers of various constructions. From of Battersca,. both very eminent, and

which gravities, and the constant agreemet extensive distillers. They state

of the produce of spirit with them, they " then prices, (in January 1807) of

formed a numerical rule for ascertaining at " the different materials suitable to their once, the proportion of alcohol, and con

use, to be barley at 44s. and malt 81s, the sequently of spirits of every degree of strength, quarter, and sugar 61s. to Ű?s. the cwt. prodücable from every given gravity of mast. but ibat the price of sugar suuld be from The operation of their thus discovered (de

325. to 335. to induce the distillers to use cimal) multiplicator on the gravity of must " that article in their trade, and that even

taken with the attendant circumstances, " then the spirit distilled would not be as the multiplicand, affords such very close “either of so good a quality as that distilled | agreement with the evidences in the above, "fron malt and barley, or so disposable in " parliamentary reports" as to remove every * the market. Also, that to tenipt the partiele of doubt, as to the conclusions to be “ distillers to use molasses it should (to drawn in the present question. One other " bear a proportion to barley at 41s. and remark calls on me to be noticed, " that " mali at 815. the quarter) bear the price a third wort of 10lbs per barrel caunot " of 24s. the cwt, a:id even then the mo- be so valuable as a third part of the first wort

lasses is considered a worse article in the of 30lbs per barrel, because the latter con

distillery than stigar.” Now'the judge- tains a less proportion of mucilage to the ment of these gentlemen, and by which sweets than the last worts.” Agreed ; but they govern their practice in business, is what then would be the produce of a founded on the actual provluce of ardent fourth liquor on

fourth liquor on the grains,' which, spirit obtained from the different quantities according to the inference,' would conof the several materials, and which, as was tain a still larger proportion of mucilage observed in my letter at page 770 of your to the sweet? I say that this produce from Rogister, is well known to when to be ever the previous exhaustion of the grains would in a ratio to the original gravity of their not exceed, in mucilage and sacchatiue mat

" the

truly respectable men I have quoted, from wit

ter combined, 2 or at the most 3lbs. per tenances then lately erdetéd and built hear quarter which is a quality that is inapplica- the Mille on the Banks of the River Wey. ble to form any sort' of beer. And even in within the said mänor, then in the occupa

tion of John Barrow, Tq; and all those remnant of saccharum, constitutes the whole two Iron Mills erecied on the banks of the of the nutritive quality, without which the said river and near the said last mentioned refuse (usually left in the grains) would not messuiage or tenement, and then in ihe deserve the low price at which it is sold. occupation of the said Julio Bardow, and With every sentiment of respect towards 11sed by him in the Iron and Steel Manu. this evidently able, though mistaken gentle facture ; and all those warehouses, store. man, I appeal to himself whether the testi. houses, smith's shop, and all other buildmony of the several scientific, practical, and ings thereto belonging or therewith used;

which said messuages, mills, warehouss, such unquestionable antbority, is or is not and storehouses, were buildings which reconclusive ? And if so, it is surely fair to quired to be repaired and rebuit, and were ask what becomes of the alledged advantage of greater yearly value than the menor, of 40 per cent, in favour of sugar ; and, also, lands, park, and other premises above-meuwhich of us is it who" has advanced an opi- tioned ; together with all meadows, pis• “ nion that will not stand the test of rigid tures, lands, tenements, profits, righ's, « examination?"-lam, Sir, yours, very res- liberties, privileges, immunities, hereditapectfully,---A HAMPSHIRE BREWER.- ments, and appurtenances to the said ma. Dec, 5, 1808,

nor or lordship, manors or lordships; lands, P. S.On

your account, Mr. Cobheit, as park, messuages, mills, and other buildwell as my own, I decline all future public ings and edifices, or any parcel of them or discussion of this subject.. But if this res. any of them appertaining or in any manner pectable gentleman wishes to know me, he belonging ; (excepting nevertheless and almay saristy his curiosity by addressing a letter ways reserving all great trees, timber trees, to M. B. (with his own name and address) saplings, woods, underwonds, mines, and at No. 11, Princes Street, Cavendish Square, quarries, growing or being in or upon the which shall be noticed in return to him, with said premises or any of them) ; to bold the all respectful attention.

saine unto the said Henry earl of Lincan

his executors, administrators, and assiri, DUKE OF YORK. An Act to enable His from the 3th Jan. 1784, (at which tiot!

Majesty to grant the Inheritance, in Fee former term then in being would espire), Simple, of certain Viteners, Messuages, for the term of 26 years, at the yearly rent Lands, and Hereditaments, in the Pa- of £15. 35 sd. And whereas his present rishes of Byfleet, Weybridge, Wallon, majesiy, by letters patent bearing date the Walton Leigh, and Chertsey, in the Coun- 30th Oct. 1773, for the considerations there. ty of Surry, to His Royal Highness Fre. in mentioned, did demise, grant, and to derick Duke of York and Albarry, for a farm let, unto the said Henry then duke of valualle Consideration. Passed the gth Newcastle, all and singular the said manet, March, 1804.

or lordship, manors

or lordships, park Whereas his late majesty king George II. messuages, &c. &c. comprized in and deby letters patent bearing date the 11th June, mised by the said herein-before mentioned 1700, for the consideration therein men- letters patent of the 11th June, 1700, with tioned, did demise, grant, and to farm let, their and every of their rights, royalties, unto Henry then earl of Lincoln and after- members, and appurtenances (except as in wards duke of Newcastle, all that the the said herein-before mentioned letters pa

lordship, manors or lordships, tent is excepted), to hold the same doto and lands, of Byfleet and Weybridge, and the said Henry duke of Newcastle, bis execu. the park of Byfleet called Byfleet or Wey- tors, &c. for a reversionary term of 13, bridge Park, or lying and being in Byfleet years, to be computed from the 5th Jan. and Weybridge, with all and singular the 1810 (at which time the before-mentioned appurtenances, in the county of Surry, to- term of 26 years would expire), at the gether with the capital messuage or tene- yearly rent of £15. 39. 80. theretofore pay. ment, stables, and other outhouses thereto able;' and an increased rent of £2. 168. 4d. belonging, then in the occupation of James (making toge'ber £18) until the 5th Jan, Incebird; and all that inessuage or tenement 1810, and at the yearly rent of £50 for with the appurtenances then in the occupa- the first 13 years of the said reversionary pation of Joseph Spence ; and all that term of 134 years, to commence from the messuage or tenement with the appure said 5th Jan. 1810, and at the rent of £25

manor or

for the last half-year of the said reversionary customs, rights, jurisdictions, liberties, terms and whereas his said present majesty, franchises, privileges, profits, commodities, by other letters patent bearing date the 7th advantages, emoluments, and hereditaments Aug. 1780, did demise, grant, and to farm whatsoever, of whatsoever nature, kind, let, unto the Rev. R. Palmer, D.D. and or specie the same were or by whatsoever Thomas Hurst, gent., all that manor of names soever they were known, understood, Walton Leigh in Surry, with all and siugular called, or were iheretofore known, situate, its rights, members, and appurtenances, lying, and being, coming or arising or and all those rents of the free tenants there, growing within the manor therein-before by a particular thereof amounting yearly to mentioned, or within the village, town £3. 03. 740. ; and all those rents of the fields, or places or parish of Walton Leigh tenants by copy of court roll, and at the and Walton-upon-Thames in the said county will of the lord there, by a particular there- of elsewhere, whatsoever to the said manor, of amounting yearly to 10.0s. 9d. ; and messuages, lands, tenements, &c. in anyall those messuages, lauds, and tenements, wise belonging or appertaining, happening in the hands of the said tenants by copy of er appending, or as part; parcel, or memcourt roll, and at will under the yearly rents ber of the same manor, messuages, lands, aforesaid ; and all that annual or fee farm tenaments, and other the said premises or rent of 3s. a year, issuing out of the lands any of them, had, taken, accepted, occu. and tenements theretofore granted to E. Por, pied, used, or reputedl, and also the reverter; and all that scite of the mayor of sion or reversions, remainder or remainWaltop Leigh and all demesne lands there ders whatsoever of the said manor and the with their and every of their appurtegances, said lands, &c. depending, happening, or by a particular ibereof mentioned to be of in expectancy, from, in, or upon any dethe yearly rent or value of £10. 188. ; and mise or grant, demises or grants, for term all that increased rent there, by a particular or terms of life, lives, or years, or otherthereof, amounting yearly io 9s. 3d. ; and all wise of the same premises or any parcel that common fine there, by a particular thereof, of record or not of record; and thereof amouuting yearly to 2s. ; and all also all and singular rents and yearly profits those perquisites of courts there, one year whatsoever reserved upon every demnise or with anothier, by a particular thereof valued grant of the same premises or any parcel and estimated at 25. 11s. lid. a year ; thereof (exceptinig nevertheless and always which said manor of Walton Leigh and reserving to his majesty, bis heirs and sucother the premises last above-mentioned, cessors, all lands, tenements, and here. by

a particular thereof were inentioned to ditaments, then or theretofore being or rebe purcel of the possessions theretofore pur- puted to be parcel of the said manor of chiased of Giles Leigh, esq., and annexed to Walton Leigh wiich were inclosed in Oatthe honour of Hainpton Court , and all aod lands Park, or in any other of his majesty's singular mesyuages, inills, bouses, edifices, parks, or reserved for the depasturing of the structures, barus, stables, dovehouses, or- fallow deer and wild beasts, and also all chards, gardens, lands, tenements, mea- other lands, &c. in Walton Leigh aforesaid dows, feedings, pastures, cuinmons, com- or within the precinct of the said manor mon of pasture, demesne land:, glebe lands, of Walton Leigh, wbich were theretofore Wastes, furzes, heaths, mours, marshes, purchased by any of his said present maadvantages, profits, waters, water-courses, jesty's progenitors or ancestors, kings or fisheries, fishings, suits, sokes, mulcts, queens of England, or any other person or warrens, , rents, reversions, and services, persons whatsoever, besides the said Giles rent charges, rents seck, and rents and ser- Leigh only; and also excepting and always Pices, as well of the free as customary te- reserving all great trees, woods, undernauts, tepants works, farms, fee farms, wouds, knights fees, wards, marriages, annuities, reliefs, heriots, tines, amercia- mines, and quarries of the said premises, ments, courts leet, views of frankpledge of and all, tinaber trees, and fair saplings apt court and leet, and leets perquisites and and fit for timber, and sufficient staddies profits, and all things which to courts leet growing in and upon the said premises ; and view of frankpleige velong or apper,

and also all and singular: advowsons, free tain, chartels, waits, estrays, goods and donations, dispositions, and right of pachattels of felons and fugitives, icons of tronage of all and singular rectories, vicathemselves and put in exigent, bondmen, rages, chapels, and other ecclesiastical benatives and villaills, with their sequels, esto- nefices whatsoever to the same preinises or Vers, jaud compon of estovers, fairs, mir- any parcel of the same belonging, apperkets, tvils, exemption froin paying tuil

, taining, happening, or appending); and also all those lands and tenements in Walton of Weybridge, and were then in the tenore aforesaid, therein-after particularly men- or occupation of George Payne, est. totioned and expressed, that is to say, one geiber with all ways, passages, waters, close called Dodd Croft, containing by rivers, streams, fisheries, &c. to hold the estimation 6 acres inclosed together, &c.; said messuage, &c. tirst therein abore meaand one close lying near Hill Croft in Wal- tioned to be demised and granted with the tonaforesaid called Pollard,containing by esti- several parcels of land thereto belonging, mation 3 acres, and one close called Russels, &c. unto the suid Sarah Hodges and Susurle containing by estimation 4 acres ; and one nah Hodges, their executors, &c. for a reclose calied Barn Close theretofore adjoin- versionary term of 12 years, to commence ing to a certain tenement then demolished from the 5th January, 1789, and to hold and purchased of the said Tho. Driver; and the said new built messuage with the appur. all those lands in the field called Hill Croft tenances and the several parcels of land in Walton aforesaid, containing by estima- thereto belonging containing 59 acres and 27 tion 81 acres of arable land ; and all that perches with the appurtenances unto the said close of wood called Little Lee, lying in Sarah Hodges and Susannah Hodges, their the comipon field in Walton aforesaid ; and execinors, &c. for a reversionary term of 31 all those arable lands in the field called years and the half of another year to comWinkmeershill, containing by estimation mence and be computed froor the sid 5th 6 acres, &c. ; and also one parcel of land January, 1758, at the yearly rent of five in Walton aforesaid, called an Eyte, con. pounds eight shillings and sixpence for the taining by estimation half an acre of meadow', first years of the said last men: &c. And whereas his said present majesty, by tioned reversionary term, and at the rent of other letters patent bearing date the 7th two pounds fourteen shillings and threeMarch, 1770, for the considerations there- pence, &c. And whereas his said present ma. in mentioned, did demise, grant, and to jesty, by other letters patent bearing date the farm let, upto Sarah Hodges and Susannah 3d May, 1785, for the considerations therein Hodges, spinsters, all that messuage, tene- mentioned, did demise, grant, and to farm ment, or farm house, called or known by the let, unto the right hon. George earl of Tyre name of Brooklands, in the county of Sorry, connel and John Johnston, esq. all and sig. and all barns, stables, outhouses, &c. to the gular the said messuages, lands, &c. coosaid messuage, &c. belonging, containing by prised in and demnised by the said letters aceasurement 3 acres, 1 rood. and 12 patent of the 7th March, 1770, with the perches or thereabouts ; and also those 1] and every of their appurtenances (except as several closes or parcels of arable, meadow, in the said letters patent excepted), to hold and pasture land situate together and lying the said messuage, &c. with the said several Yound the said mesyuare, containing in the closes or parcels of land thereto belonging, wliole by admeasurement 169 acres, 1 rood, and above-mentioned 218 acres, 1 rood, and and 35 perches ; and also all those two seve- 33 perches with their appurtenances (except ral closes or parcels of meadow situate to- as before excepted), unto the said George getlier between the river Waye on the west enrl of Tyrconnel and John Johnston, their and certain lands therein-after mentioned on executors, &c. from the 5th July, 1500 (at theeast, containing together 25 acres, 2:oods, which time the terin then in being world and 9 perches, and also all those two several expire), for a reversionary term of 15 years, closes or parcels of arable land situate to. at the yearly rent of £16. jos. 21. gether between Walton common on the and to hold the said new built messiuage east, and the lands therein-after mentioned lastly therein describeri with the said several on the north and west, containing together closes or parcels of land and premises there20 acres and 17 perches or thereabouts; all to belonging and above mentioned to ces which said several closes or parcels of land tain 59 acres and 27 perches with she apand premises, containing in the whole 218 purtenances (except as before excepted), acres, l rood, and 33 perches, belonged to and unto the said George earl of Tyrconnel and were to be held with the said messuage, &c. John Joboston), their executors, &c. from and also all that new built messuage or tene- 5th July, 1819 (at which time the term ment called the Eight Acres; adjoining to then in being would expire,) for a rever. the lands first therein above described, &c. sionary term of 15 years, at the yearly rent and all those 11 several closes or parcels of of £9. 14s. Sd. And whereas his said preland situate together and lying round the sent majesty, by other letters patent bear. said last mentioned messuage, and containing ing date the sth April, 1785, for the conside. 59 acres, and 27 perches, all which said pre- rations therein mentioned did denuise, grant, vises are situate together within the parish and to farm lct, onto Nicholas Elcock, all

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