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ticable-weak, and insufficient, certainly, | its tranquillity, and add to the calamities of as its own resources are without the prompt its situation Your noble conduct corresand efficacious aid which it promises itself ponds, as might be expected, with the vafrom your excellency.--With respect to the lour and virtue which form your character. measures of another kind whioh without The council rejoices that you follow the addoubt will be necessary for the salvation of vice it formerly gave you, and that you trust the country, and its elevation to that rank to in its paternal solicitude. Continue, faithwhich it rose in the tiines of its prosperity, ful Spaniards, to be calm, that the worthy it belongs to the council merely to rouse and chiet, and the magistrates who preside over excite the authorities of the nation, with you, may meet all the dangers which can which it will co-operate by contributing for occur, and fulfil with exactness all their ob. the general welfare, its influence, ils coun- ligations. When fame admires and publishsel, and its knowledge. As it is not possible es the victories of our valiant countrymen to adopt, under the present'extraordinary cir- over the invincibles of Marengo, Austerlitz, cumstances, the expedients pointed out by and Jena, it is not possible that you could the laws and customs of the nation, the commit the shameful act of warning your. council will not occasion delay by elaborately selves by the contlagration of their houses suggesting what might perhaps be the fit and effects. Such actions would fill with means of fixing the representation, and

horror the virtuous armies which are surascertaining the opinion of the nation ; and rounding 13 for our protection. They have coufines itself for the present to the indica- left their properties to defend ours; they tion of a measure in which it would concur

have abandoned their heartles, and been la. with the greatest satisfaction, viz.--that your vish of their lives, because ther would not excellency would be pleased to send, with endure the slavery of our good king, and the greatest dispatch, deputies who enjoy the death of the monarchy ; and it is your entire confidence, and who, acting in through their efforts only that we are free concert with the persons named by the from a perfidious enemy who persecuted us. Jantas of the other provinces and the We are not so perfidious (you will answer), council, might confer on this most impor- that while they are approaching, covered tant object, making such arrangements that with glory and the blood of the enemy; we all projects and expedients proceeding from should forget our obligations, and occupy this common centre may be as expeditious ourselres solely in judging arbitrarily of the as the end to be attained may require.-- fidelity and conduct of our fellow country. Your excellency has displayed such striking men. This is the language of honour, proofs of your constant attachment to the which characterizes you : do not forget it. king whom Providence has given us, and of Yes! it is the inalevoleni, who cover their your ardent zeal for the honour and fidelity depredations, their conflagrations, and their of the nation, that the council cannot but homicides, on such mournal occasions, expect with entire confidence, that your with the pretext of justice, without reflecta sentiments will concur with those of the ing, that it is not lawful for any onc. to be, other provincial Juntas, to whom it has this of his own authority, the administrator of day transmitted the present manifesto: and justice. The supreme tribunal assures you, that you will continue to evince the same That if there have been among us any traisolicitude and zeal you have hitherto shewn, tors to their sovereign and their country, it as well in dispatching to the council and will avenge their crimes, and if they meric Capital the prompt aid of troops, which will. it, cast them away, as unworthy of the shelter them from fresh oppression, as in name of Spaniards. Judge no cne, for uniting the aid of your authority and ability that renders you liable to sacritice many intu that of his supreme council, in concerting pocent. Adore Divine Providence, which measares for the defence of the whole nation. has known hoy to humiliate in an instant blay God preserve your excellency many the proud, and which will as litile suffer to wears!

remain unpunished incendiaries and assassins. P:oclamation of the Council of Castile, to -Worrhy cilizens ! goud nien ! and true

the People of Madrid, on the Departure patriots! Arm yourselves against the iniof the French.-Aug. 5.

quity of those who purpose to grow rich Generous and worthy people of the ca- with your property, the price of the sweat tal of Spain ! The council addresses you ; of your brows. The council watches for nd before it states its sentiments to you, it your safety. Lend them aid, and impeach ks--are you capable of availing yourselves those who assume the false title of neight the misfortunes of your country in the bours, but are mere vagabous, who, flying litical state in which it now is, to perturb from before their owu magistrates, conceal

their vices amid the confusion of the capi-await you, to embrace you, and proclaim tal. Already your victorious countrymen are near, crowned with laurels, which will how true that joy! Wipe away your tears, not fade in the course of future ages. All Europe you disconsolate widows, and you wretched has been surprised at the progress of their rapid orphans, who have lost those whom you lovvictories. Arragon, Catalonia, Valencia, An- ved! Your fathers, and your faithful husdalusia, La Mancha, Estramadura, Murcia, bands, died in the field of honour, in the Carthagena, Castile, Leon, Asturias, San defence of their country; they perished, tandur, and Gallicia, have shed around them but their memory shall not perish. Here never fading glory. Already they have rais- you will meet with generous and grateful ed numerous armies ; already they have de- souls, who will provide for your maintefended the pincipal points of Spain; alrea- nance, as your husbands and fathets provi. they have secured the chief maritime ports, ded for theirs. The Spanish nobility are and captured ships and squadrons at Cartha- distinguished for their generosity and greatgena. We owe all to God, and our Lady, ness of soul, and will not deny a debt as the Virgin, who have protected our cause. Let flattering as it is just. God grant that no us, therefore, cast off our lethargy, and pu- evil-minded persons may frustrate, by their rify our: manners, which were arrived al- excesses and rapine; such laudable inten. most at the pitch of complete corruption. tions, and fill this city with lamentation and Let us acknowledge the calamities which mourning. Worthy neighbours ! it is for the kingdom and this great capital have en- you we act: live in confidence that the dured, as a punishment necessary for our council and all the magistrates of this capicorrection. The innocent victims, whose tal will protect you, and will deliver over blood has streamed from their native soil, the guilty to the severest punishment. God have implored forgiveness for us. The one grant that there be no occasion to draw the immortal and omnipotent God of armies has sword of justice ; let it be employed against heard their supplications, and is appeased. the enemies of the nation against the op. Will it be just that we should now commit pressors of our liberay, and against those new-abominations, robberies, insurrections, who, violating their promise, avail themand excesses? There cannot be a being of selves of our defenceless state to sacrifice tis. 90 great ingratitude as to think this. Unite, May it please Heaven to grant, speedly

, virtuous Spaniards, to receive, as soon as - the fulfilment of those desires which za possible, the reward of your heroic fidelity. engraved on the hearts of all Spaniards, est The government, and the faithful pro- those of its council! -D. BARTOLONE vinces, will be filled with joy, when the Munoz, council exhibits before you and all Europe Proclamation to the Biscayans.-Datei the constant firmness with which the men

Bilboa, Aug. 6. of honour, the most elevated nobility, the Noble Biscayans! The bitter grief which superior tribunals, and the chiefs of the oppressed your hearts, at seeing your native nation, have sustained your cause, and the land threatened with the odious yoke of the rights of the throne. Not a few individuals most cruel slavery, bas at length broken among them have been led by fraud and through the barriers which the irresistible force far beyond the limits of Spain; and, force of circumstances had imposed upon though without liberty, and exposed to the you; yes, your sufferings are now at an severest insults, they have proved the in- end ; and a generous youth, full of holy flexibility of their loyalty, and the religious ardour, are flocking with eagerness to their purity of their opinions. Distrust even standards.--You called forchiefs to command their signatures, which have been circulated you; and you now see placed at your head among you, and wait with patience for the men celebrated for their talents and military testimonies of their conduct. The princi- knowledge, who will condact you as it pal author of these calamities is free, and were by the hand to victory. The creation beyond your jurisdiction ; but heaven will of a presiding junta, to direct your opers not permit bim to remain unpunished. tions, has been one of the principal objects And you, ye victorious armies of Spain ! of your careful attention. Here you possess fly and protect this capital which longs for it, addressing you in the language of truth. you. Tül then it has no other defence, than -Iohabitants of Biscay! cast your eyes in ibe heart of the kingdom, and the recent back on the ages which have passed, and departure of the enenıy. Let us together you will see your ancestors at one time te prostrate ourselves before the sacred altars pulsing the Carthaginians; at another de of our God, and return him thanks for his stroying the hosts of Rome; at one period wonderful mercy. Here your fathers, your was granted to them the honourable distincmothers, your brothers, and your friends, tion of serving in the yan of the army , ut another, the privilege of citizens. Imitate church, to whom he had sworn fidelity at the glorious examples of your so worthy her altar. But let us draw off the veil that progenitors. Yet know that absolute sub

covers so great iniquity. The first victim ordination to your chief, and severity of that was sacrificed to his ambition has been discipline, are the first of martial virtues, your shepherd. Rome, the centre of faith without which none can present themselves and the shield of religion, has been prostiwith the hope of success in the plains of tuted. The ido Dagou has been united to honour. The junta promises itself that you the cruel Antioch of our days to accomplish will possess them in an eminent degree.- Let tiie destruction of religion, which is the the anboly voice of party passions for ever great bar to his perfidious designs. However, disappear from among you: and let the do not despond. The successor of St. Peter suggestions of envy bold no sway in your is still extant, though overwhelmed with trusoins. No; let a perfect and indissoluble i affliction ; groaning under his chains, be tinion reign among you. Your interests are lifts his eyes and tremulous bands to heaven, the same - the sentiments which animate imploring incessantly the protection of the you alike-and the cause which you defend, God of hosts over his flock !-Oh! the common. Will you, therefore, seek to bappy effects of religion! In this fatal siturn your force against your brethren and tuation, my soul, penetrated with Christian countrymen, and to give the victory to your feelings, learns with transport and surprise, enemies? Perish so disgraceful an idea ! that Spain, bappy Spain, has remained true Let the liberty and property of individuals to ber religion and king. I hasten, my be. be most religiously respected, and let the loved children, to surmount the shackles by province of Biscay preserve the purity of its which I am depressed, to transmit to your customs, even in the midst of the din of kingdoms the circular that will testify to af.05.---biscayans ! The religion of your you of my gratitude. Arouse, and combat, fathers, according to whose holy maxims like David, the imperious Goliath of oar you have been educated the country to times. -Valorous Spaniards, sons of the which you owe your existence-the Lord church, come and break the chains of your (or Sovereig!) which the constitution and shepherd. Already my heart assures me of the laws have prescribed to you—these are your sensibility; do not tarry ; raise the the important objects which claim your at- standard of faith ; victory invites you ; come teation, and oblige you to march ont to the then to your brothers in bondage. Raise glorious confiict. Can you bear to be the your tents, and pursue the usurper of navictims of one nian's ambition who has en- ions, Enter into the heart of his domideavoured to enslave all Europe ? No; nions, and follow him to the remotest lie you were not born for slavery.--Hasten then mits of the earth, Sbew to the nations of to give the most undoubted proofs of your the North that oppression is in its agony, valour and patriotism, and rely upon all the and let the Spanish sword strike the decisive assistance which the junta can atford you. blow on the guilty head. Compassionate May your temples bé surrounded with lau- the ill-fated kingdom of France, condole rels of victory, and your name be immor- with its people, and they will assist you to tal in the annals of Biscay! (Signed) overwhelm her traitorous tyrant. Oh, with D. Mathias HERRERO PRIETO D. JUAN what transport will the Catholic Ferdinand JOSEPH DE YERMO. D. FRACISCO BORJA learn the intrepidity and heroic loyalty of URTADO DE CORCUERA, &c. D. JOSE his subjerts! The streight situation to LAVIER DE Goitia, Secretary of the Jan a which he is, like myself, doomed, preProclamation of our Holy Father Pope Pius cludes the means to him of manifesting the

VII, 1o the Catholic Spaniards, sentiments of his magnanimous heart. I Beloved Children ;--You who dcplore at tecl not the strength of saying more.

IF I the foot of the altar the wounds given to surrive the calamity, and you spill your religion--You who are still mindful that blood for religion, your country and inowe form one people of brethren, join we, riarch, to whom I supplicate fronı beaven alt the vicar of Christ; approach ye families, happiness, the worlu shail be witness to my the semnant of vast destructio:), to the gratitude throne of my predecessors, to see ine, like the Supreme Council of Cuslile to the Cape Daniel, surrounded by lions ; preserved hi. Generai of Arroyan.--ug. 4, :1809. therto by che, ili scrutable designs of Provi, SIR-- After having laboured for four suc. dence- I see the vertel of St. Peter entrust- cessive months under the most grievous oped to my care combated by the fierce apos. i pression, this capital has at last been so fora tale, whom myself have placed on the

funate as to be liberared from the mumerous Ilirone, and who,' like a degenerate son, French troops, which bad invaded its prepants for the destruction of his mother, the

cincts and vicinity: The council which has groaned under their galling yoke, would or even taken part against their own country: deein itself wanting to its duty, if, accre.

of this I have had sufficient evidence, and diting you and your gallant companions in to my inexpressible sorrow have I known arms as the deliverers of the couniry, it did them direct the operations of the enemy, not hasten to manifest to you ils satisfaction, and witnessed them approach with effrontery and the sentiments with which is hath been the walls of Saragossa, write infiammatory constantly animated, and has the bappiness papers, and propagate doctrines dishonourto express at present. From the first mo. able to the Spanish name.--I am aware that mert of its liberation it has taken all the the council has not been at liberty to act measures, that circunstances have allowed, freely, and that they have been constrained to direct to the common cause, the loyalty to serve only as organs of the dispositions of and ardent vows of this faithful capital and that execrable government; but he general its whole district; these however, for the will of the nation having once been expres. present, will not be such as the zeal of the sed, it would have been highly important if council and of this city would wish; they they had transferred themselves to the prowill be insufficient to the putting them free vinces, and made common causé wish them, from fresh opression. The council doubts were it only to withdraw their sanction from not bot your excellency will coincide with the circulation of the scandalousand deceptious ther in this request, and contribute to the writings which have made their appearance : safety of the capital and its public depart and to this no insuperable obstacle appears ments, with all the efficacy in your power ; to me to have stood in their way ; or bad and the illustrious proofs of zeal and conduct there been any, the common interest and already most amply by yon manifested, are welfare of the nation ought at any rate to insufficient assurance to ihem that you will have risen paramount to every private specuadopt the means to the exigevey of the cir- iation. It is now nearly two months that cumstances. To bis excellency the Captain this city has been encompassed by the ene. General of Arrogan, Don Joseph de Palafox my; by the baseness of whose conduct we y Melzi.-By command of the council. - discern that they make crime their study, ARIAS Mon.

To rapine, violence, turpitude, and iniquity, Answer of his Excellency the Captain Ge- they have added ferocity, by sacrificing eren

neral of Arragon, Don Joseph De Pala- | infants - the sick and wounded; nay, their fox y Melzi, to the Council of Castile. very benefactors. They bave bombarded

The notitication which you, under date this heroic city in a cruel manner; of the 4th instant, have communicated to though their irruption into this kingda me in the name of the council, and of has been well avenged, we have, neverthewhich I had already the knowledge, bas less, not repulsed them withont spilling the afforded me the most heartfelt gratification. blood of many a brave and virtuous defender Considering that the inhabitants of the car of the country, and without involving the pital, who have endured the most intolerable ny others in distress. Regarding myself

, I vexation, owing to their loyal attachment bave been more critically situated than any to their sovereign, which will eternally re- other commander, being without one single dound to their honour, are now freed of soldier, and placed within immediate reach their invaders, it gives alike to me, and to of the enemy, from my proximity to bis the good inhabitants of this kingdom univer- frontiers, and liable to be attacked' at once sally, cause of happiness and exultation from Catalonia, Castile, and Navarre ; but The unalterable integrity of the council, the in despite of all, our love for king, country, dignity of its ministers, and the wise policy and religion, has made me contemn all danof which there has been ere now ample de- gers, considering timidity and irresolution monstration, has rendered that court respect as tantamount to the greatest crime. I have able even abroad. In the melancholy cir- Y spared some assistance to Catalonia, to Na. cumstances in which Spain has been placed varre, and other provinces, who have cheerby the most unparalleled treachery recorded fully acred with me, and claimed my proin history, this court has not fulfilled its tection, and I have happily been enabled to duties; many of the individuals of which repel the enemy, which I trust shor!ly to it was composed have most satisfactorily jus- put to fright, if any part of the wreck lified themselves, whilst others, perhaps al shall renain. Then I shall fly to the sacJured by the seducive promises of the enemy, cour of the capital, if needful, which I reor enstrained by the perversity of their dis quest you to represent to the council for position, have either remained irresolute, promulgation.

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Vol. XIV. No. 13.) LONDON, SATURDAY, SEITEMBER 24, 1809. [Price 101



statement respecting the positive amount of CONVENTIONS IN PORTUGAL. There the French force in Portugal. The way, is is zu jekso 'ness iu beginning to write upon which I, were la commander upon such a subject, which has already been fully dis. an occasion, should proceel, would be this: Claused, more especially when the whole of The enemy bid, in this countr;', such and those, to wborn onc's remarks are addressed, such forces; they were distributed thus and h-ve mule np their minds upon it, and when thrus ; my force was such and such, and there a; pears nothing to be offered in oppo. thus and thus was it distributed. Then I sition to tveir opinion. N:vertheless, from should come to an account of my prelimi. the consideration, that th: Register may be pary operations; inext to a detail of tbe enperred, owing to its boekinda temi, some. gagement; and should conclude wiib a view wiat longer than most of the other periodi. of the strengih and situation of each party cilpublications of the political kinil, Isinil after the engagement. This is the course 3 ate no y opinion of those transactions, whichr , uniformly pursued by the French in their are recorded in the Government Gazette, in- accounts of their military operations, which, *tel in another part of this sheer, and in every quality, except that of falsehood,

hich have excited $ ) general a feeling of are well worthy of our imitation, but which, casi faction When we took that view upon this occasion, we have, I am afraid, of the situation of affairs in Portogal, which imitated in the exception and not in 112. was exhibited to as in the official papers of rule. -From such an account, which is Sir Arthur Wellesley (inserted at page 407 too confused to be re. dable were it not for of this rolume); when we beheld the prow- the sake of the exhiliraning substance, one B-s of our soldiers, in the bariles, of which cannot pretend to say what was the exact

papers spenta ; when we were told, force of the French in Portugal. Those that he French had, besides the advantage who liave taken the pains to collect the fact

of : perfect knowledge of the country and from scraps, here and there dispersed, stało ji of long preparation, the still greater advan- the French force at fourteen thousand nen pat lage of an excellent position whence to previous to our attack of them, and at teu

mike, of where to sustain, an aitack ; ihousand men after that attack, which ended when we were told, just in so many words, in a " signal defcat ” on their part. Sir that, “in this action, in which the whole Arthur Wellesley's force was seven'een * of the French force in Portugal was em

thousand men. He did not lose a thousand; ployed under the coinmand of the Duke and, since the battle, he has been joined by " of Abrantes in person, in which the ene. other generals and their troops, raising our "my was certainly superior in cavalry and army to the strength of thirty thousand

artillery, and in which not more than men, or thereabouts. Well, then, if it ľ hall of the British army was actually en- be true, that Sir Arihur Wellesley, with

gaged, the French sustained a signal de. only nine thousand men (the half" of his feat, an: lost thirteea pieces of cannon, army), beat “the u hole" of the French twenty-ihree ashinunition waggons, with force, in spite of all the advantages enjoyed poder, shells, stores of all descriptions, by the former, of previous local faniliarity, and twenty bousand rounds of musket long preparation, open retreat, chuice of

amumunition." When we were told all position, and choice of the moment of at. this, and were informed, that, immediately tack; if this be true, had we not a right to haiter thig brilliant success, our army u'as aug. expect, nay, had we not a right to claim mented 10 marly double what it had before and to demand at the hands of the compeet, we naturally expected, that, by the mander in Portugal, when he bad thirty next arrivil, seeing that the eneiny could thousand men, the cure, or the total ravive no supplies, either by land or by destruction, of the renards of the French Je, we should be informed of his surrender army in Portugal? Had we not a riylit lo

di discretion. ----Sr Arthur Wellesley's ac. demand at his hands, the sending of Junot poant has been praised for its clearness. I and his army prisoners of war to that Enmust confess, that I saw.norbing like clear. gland which they had soften threatened ca pless ia it. I saw no where any explicit invade, or the making of tbem food for

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