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There is one direction where we can scarcely look mainlyexposed sea-coast and navigable inlets against for the tears that blind us. When we see the whole- an updisputed naval ascendency, without more men hearted, unselfish devotion of our Northern people, and unlimited supplies of money? we thank God that we have a country. We thank It is a plain case that they must hurry matters or God for mothers that cheer on their sons, for young succumb, and that they must make an immediate wives that have said “go” to their husbands, for dash at our weakest point, the Federal Metropolis. widows who have given their only sons. It is our If Jeff, Davis and Beauregard are not on the Potosolemn belief that, since the proclamation of the mac within sixty days, their rebellion will stand exPresident, there has been in this country more ear-posed a miserable failure. They must back their nest, unselfish heroism, more high-minded self-de- allies in North Carolina and Virginia by a prompt votion, in one week than in years of ordinary life. display of force and daring, to which end all their

-Independent energies must first be directed. We do not believe

they will even stop to reduce Fort Pickens if it THE UPRISING OF THE COUNTRY.

should be so held as to compel them to besiege it in Let no one feel that our present troubles are de- form. They cannot wait ; we can; and they will plorable, in view of the majestic development of na- show that they cannot, by a speedy advance on tionality and patriotism which they have occasioned. Washington, unless they shall despair of success, But yesterday we were esteemed a sordid, grasping, and desist from serious effort altogether. money-loving people, too greedy of gain to cherish It is cheering then, to know that Washington generous and lofty aspirations. To-day vindicates will be defended by ten thousand men before the us from that reproach, and demonstrates that, be close of this week, and that the number will be neath the scum and slag of forty years of peace, doubled the next, and quadrupled the week after. and in spite of the insidious approaches of corrup- That will be enough until we have tidings that Virtion, the fires of patriotic devotion are still intensely ginia has seceded and Jeff, Davis is this side of the burning. The echoes of the cannon fired at Sumter Roanoke: thenceforth the number of volunteers have barely rolled over the Western hills ere they pouring into Washington for its defence, will be are drowned in the shouts of indignant freemen, de limited only by the ability of the Northern and manding to be led against the traitors who have Western railroads to convey them. plotted to divide and destroy the country. Party

We have a civil war on our hands—there is no lines disappear-party cries are hushed or emptied use in looking away from the fact. For this year, of meaning-men forget that they were Democrats the chief business of the American people must bó or Republicans, in the newly aroused and intense proving that they have a Government, and that consciousness that they are Americans. The ordeal Freedom is not another name for Anarchy. Hunnow upon us may cost our country many lives and dreds of thousands must be temporarily drawn much treasure, but its fruits will be richly worth away from peaceful and productive avocations until them all. But few weeks have elapsed since bab- this point is settled-drawn away just at the time bling demagogues were talking of an Eastern, a

when labor is wanted to sow and plant for the enCentral, a North-western, and a Pacific, as well as a suing harvest. But those who will be left behind South-western and a Border-State Confederacy: let | must work the harder and plant the more, since them now be silent a little, and note the cost of di- years of war are usually years of dear bread. T'armviding the Union barely once before they talk fur-crs! employ all the help you can pay, and put in ther of shivering it into five or six fragments. The all the crops for which you can seasonably and experience will be conclusive. Let but this trial be thoroughly prepare the ground, for a season of surmounted, and no one will again plot the dissolu- scarcity is probably at hand. Let each do his best tion of the Union for at least half a century. toward preparing for it. We feel confident that the President's call for

-X. Y. Tribune, April 17. seventy-five thousand militia from all the loyal

A despatch from Washington says that the PresiStates will be responded to within thirty days by dent will to-day issue a proclamation, calling upon proffers of more than one hundred thousand from the loyal States for seventy-five thousand militia to the Free States alone, and that this number can be aid the General Government in enforcing the laws doubled upon a mere suggestion that the additional and recapturing the forts and other public property number is desired. Any number that may be re- seized by the revolutionists. We have no doubt quired will step forward as fast as they may be the call will be responded to with a good deal of called for, even though it should be judged best to alacrity. We doubt, however, whether as many confront the Secessionists on their frontier with men will be as willing to enlist in the army as are half a million men.

anxious to hold office under the Government, But the Rebels also can muster men enough,

-Buffalo Courier. while they are as yet far ahead of us in arms and munitions; their weak point is that of finance. Of all the wars which have disgraced the human With a notorious and abusive champion of Repudi- race, it has been reserved for our own enlightened ation at their head, they cannot borrow a dollar out- nation to be involved in the most useless and foolish side of their own limits, and their first loan of fifteen one. What advantage can possibly accrue to any millions will exhaust the resources of their banks. one from this war, however prolonged it might be ? That sum will just about suffice to put one hundred Does any man suppose that millions of free white thousand men in the field in fighting array; it will Americans in the Southern States, who will soon bo be utterly exhausted before they shall have been arrayed against us, can be conquered by any efforts two months on foot. Their banks are already two- which can be brought against them ? 'Brave men, thirds broken, and their notes selling slowly in our fighting on their own soil, and as they believe, for Northern cities at fifty per cent. of their face : their freedom and dearest rights, can never be subwhence are their next funds to be obtained? How jugated. The war may be prolonged until we are are they to defend their two thousand miles of ourselves exhausted, and become an easy prey to

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military despotism or equally fatal anarchy; but we | issue the North will fight with the South, the whole can never conquer the South. Admit, if you please, question will be presented in a new aspect, and we that they are rebels and traitors; they are beyond cannot but believe that cool reflection will then our reach. Why should we destroy ourselves in in- also demonstrate the necessity of a pacific policy. juring them?

We leave the question at present for the developWho are to fight the battles of sectional hatred ment of future events. in this sad strife? The Seceders will fight; but will

- Boston Courier. the Abolitionists, who have combined with them to overthrow the Union, make themselves food for

Democrats of Maine! The loyal sons of the powder? If this could be so; if ten thousand South have gathered around Charleston as your picked fire-eaters of either side could be arrayed fathers of old gathered about Boston in defence of against each other, and would fight, until, like the the same sacred principles of liberty—principles Kilkenny cats, all were destroyed, the country

which you have ever upheld and defended with would be the better for it. But while the Seces. your vote, your voice, and your strong right arm. sionist defends himself, the Abolitionist will sneak Your sympathies are with the defenders of the truth in the back ground, leaving those to do the fight and the right. Those who have inaugurated this ing who have no interest in the bloody strife, no

unholy and unjustifiable war are no friends of yours, hatred against their brethren. The best we can

no friends of Democratic Liberty. Will you aid hope is, that, at the end of a fearful struggle, when them in their work of subjugation and tyranny ? the country becomes tired of gratifying the spirit

When the Government at Washington calls for of fanaticism, we shall have a peace, through a treaty olunteers or recruits to carry on the work of subin which both sides must make sacrifices, but each jugation and tyranny under the specious phrase of must agree to respect the rights of the other. How enforcing the laws, ".retaking and protecting the much better to make such a treaty now, before

fur- public property” and “collecting the revenue,” let ther blood is shed, before worse hatreds are en

every Democrat fold his arms and bid the minions gendered.

of tory despotisın do a tory despot's work. Say to -Utica (N. Y.) Obserder.

them fearlessly and boldly, in the language of

England's great Lord, the Earl of Chatham, whose To-day come the tidings that the President has bold words in behalf of the struggling Colonies of made a call upon the Governors of the several America, in the dark hours of the Revolution, have States for seventy-five thousand men, and intimates enshrined his name in the heart of every friend of that if more are offered they will be accepted. freedom and immortalized his fame wherever the Prominent men at Washington are leaving for name of liberty is known—say in his thrilling lantheir respective States, to aid in the organization of guage: “If I were a Southerner, as I am a Norththe troops. In ten days Lincoln will probably have crner, while a foreign troop was landed in my countwo hundred thousand volunteers at his disposal. try, I would never lay down my arms—never, never, With this force he will be enabled to prosecute the

never !" John Brown schemes of his party for a time with

-Bangor (Me.) Union. vigor, and perhaps with success.

The President has issued his proclamation call- Patterson (N. J.) Reporter.

ing Congress to meet on the 4th of July. Also Seventy-fire thousand men have been called for, calling for 75,000 volunteers to aid in carrying on and the War Department will make known the de- a conflict with the South. The news already retails of the service to the State authorities. We ceived from the Border States indicates that they have no doubt that the demands of the Federal will leave the Union, and that the war will be beExecutive will be responded to by the States on tween nineteen free and fifteen slave States. which they may be made. It is the imperative duty Could this war policy possibly save the Union and of all good citizens to desire to see the laws obeyed promote the welfare of the people, we could look and all the constitutional obligations of the States upon it with more complacency. But as it must fulfilled. None but those who invoke a “higher inevitably more completely divide the Union and law," as the rule and guide of their actions, will injure the interests of the whole country, we behesitate to do what the Constitution and the laws lieve it to be an unwise and unsafe policy. To require them to do. Nevertheless, it is to be ex- march soldiers into the Southern country to conpected that there will be but little cheerfulness mani- tend with armies and yellow fever-and to end in fested in the obedience to a call which is intended to no good, but much evil, does not seem to be a disarray in arms citizens of States connected by such creet or a righteous policy. numerous ties as have so recently bound together the A bloody conflict may be continued with the people of this dissevered Confederacy. Painful as South for weeks, for months, or for years. At its has been the suspense in which the President's close a compromise must be made no more favor dubious and vacillating course has held the public able to the North than was the Crittenden commind, it is much more so to find the last lingering promise. But the evils of the unnecessary strife hope of peace dispelled by this sudden call to arms will continue into the long years of the future, and under circumstances so cmbarrassing and humili- be felt by millions. No good whatever can come ating.

out of the shocking conflict. - Trenton (N. J.) True American, War has been commenced, Its origin is the We earnestly pray that the war may be averted. negro agitation. Let the friends of the agitation If the Border States, upon the action of which the point out the spot where a slave has been benefited whole question hinges, determine to remain in the if they can. Great cvils have come, Where are Union, we cannot doubt that they will require a

the benefits ? pacific policy to be pursued. If they join the al.

-Hartford (C1.) Times, ready seceded States, then, as the point to be de- President Lincoln has called an extra session of termined will be whether upon a mere sectional Congress, to meet on the 4th of July, and the meas

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ure will undoubtedly receive the approval of the triotism and independence of character, have been people in all the loyal States.

adverse to the political expediency of any attempt We dislike to believe that the sole wish of the to reinforce Sumter; and when the proposition President is to be supplied with the means of pros- was made to abandon that fortification, upon the ecuting a war against the South, and that Con- urgent request of General Scott, the measure was gress will be asked to do nothing more than pass hailed with joy as a peace-offering. We have force bills and raise money for their execution. never attempted to justify the Secessionists, any

A war based upon a spirit of revenge, or a dis- inore than we have attempted to vindicate tho position to subjugate the States now assuming an clamors of Black Republicanism; but we have simattitude of rebellion, will not long be tolerated by ply disapproved of a line of policy on the part of the people. If we have no nobler purposes than to the administration of President Lincoln, which, if gratify our passions, we shall soon witness a sudden carried out, must entail upon our country all the and overwhelming reaction all over the North, and horrors of a civil war. We did not believe such the Governments of Europe will interfere to bring a policy would restore that Union, but expressed our quarrels to a close.

our opinion that it would forever defeat its reconWe must not long embarrass the commerce of struction. Seriously impressed with the belief that the country. England looks to the South for cot- our opinions upon these subjects were the reflecton, and will not, for any length of time, permit the tion of the sentiments of the people of the country, blockading of Southern ports.

we have given utterance to them. But for so doing The refusal of the Black Republican leaders to we have received from Republican officials and othyield any thing of their contemptible party creed ers in this community coarse abuse and defamation. has weakened, and is still weakening the Govern- Events have demonstrated how well founded were ment. The Border States would have been as our opinions. The attempt has been made at profirmly bound to the Union as Rhode Island herself, visioning Sumter, and what is the result ? Fort if Congress had adopted Crittenden's resolutions, or Sumter is captured by the Southern Confederacy, even the proposition of the Peace Conference at its the Administration is defeated in the first onset. recent session.

The Southern Confederacy has the prestige of vicIn the free States there is a population of nearly tory. Has this defeat demonstrated that we have a 20,000,000 of souls. In the seven Confederate Government? On the contrary, it has clearly deStates there are less than 3,000,000 of white in- monstrated that fanaticism and imbecility rule at habitants. Even if all the Border Slave States Washington. Overriding and disregarding the should be against us, the difference in point of num- counsels of Gen. Scott, the Administration first debers would be as two to one. Under these circum- clares for war, and then, when told by Gen. Scott stances the Christian world looks to us for a mag- that Sumter could not be relieved with a less force nanimous, not to say generous policy. We must than 20,000 men, sends forth an armada of four or be liberal toward the South, in all things, whero five vessels, and less than one-fourth of the number liberality can be deemed a virtue, or we shall be- of men required to insure success. In disregarding come a hissing and by-word in every civilized the advice of Gen. Scott, President Lincoln has encommunity.

tailed upon the country the disgrace of a defeat in Starting with these reflections, which seem to us the first onset. true and appropriate, what shall we say of the duty But the past is past, and cannot be recalled. As of Congress? Is it not to make such offers to the a choice between two evils, we would have prerevolted States as will give reasonable men thero ferred separation to civil war. The

powers that assurances of their safety in the nion's keeping ? | be”, have chosen the latter alternative, and tho Is it not to do what alone can allay the fears of destinies and honor of our country are in the hands those thousands who are now ready to fight against of a weak and imbecile man, the tool of a party us, because dreading their own subjugation and which has, ever since its organization, been arrayed degradation? Is it not to remove, so far as it is in hostility to the Constitution and to the perpetuity in our power, the apprehensions of good men that of the Union. As it is, Abolition fanaticism bids we mean to wage a sectional warfare which shall fair to involve our whole country in the horrors of end only in the overthrow of their institutions? Is a civil war-a war in which brother must meet it not to satisfy the world, by generous acts, that brother in the deadly conflict. While we will stand we still love forbearance and peace ; that we do not by the honor and integrity of our political instituwillingly array brother against brother,

tions and civil authorities to the fullest extent reWe say, let Congress, on the first day of the ses- quired of loyal citizens, we do not feel to rejoice at sion, put the Government right, and put the North the dark clouds which seem to be settling over our right, on the questions which have led to this quar- country. We will leave to Abolition fanatics the rel. Deny it who may, we began this controversy. pleasure of rejoicing over the downfall of the Union, We began this interference with State rights. We and the substitution of the evils of war for the purhave been for thirty years the aggressors. We have suits of peace. produced, by our own wilfulness and bigotry, by our

--Auburn Democrat. exhibitions of hatred and affected superiority, the very state of things from which the country is now suffer- Doc. 68. PROCLAMATION BY THE MAYOR. ing. Let Congress turn the tide which is now setting against us in the minds of thinking men. Let

MAYOR'S OFFICE, NEW YORK, April 15, 1861. & fair, reasonable, liberal, honorable compromise be offered at once, and let the offer be kept before TO THE PEOPLE OF THE City of New York: the South until the controversy is bronght to an

As Chief Magistrate, representing the whole end.

-- Providence Daily Post.

people, I feel compelled at this crisis to call upon

them to avoid excitement and turbulence. WhatMen of all parties, possessing intelligence, pa- lever may be or may have been individual positions



or opinions on questions of public policy, let us should be repelled; Therefore, I, John Letcher, remember that our country now trembles upon the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hare brink of a precipice, and that it requires a patriotic thought proper to order all armed volunteer regiand honest effort to prevent its final destruction. ments or companies within this State forth with to Let us ignore the past, rising superior to partisan hold themselves in readiness for immediate orders, considerations, and rally to the restoration of the and upon the reception of this proclamation to reConstitution and the Union as they existed in the port to the adjutant-general of the State their ordays and in the spirit of our fathers. Whether this ganization and numbers, and prepare themselves is to be accomplished by fratricidal warfare or by for efficient service. Such companies as are not concession, conciliation and sacrifice, men may dif- armed and equipped will report that fact, that they fer, but all will admit that here at least harmony may be properly supplied. and peace should prevail. Thus may we, under the

In witness whereof, I have bereunto set guidance of Divine Providence, set an example of L. S. my hand and caused the seal of the compeace and good will throughout our extended conn

monwealth to be affixed, this 17th day of try. In this spirit and with this view, I call upon April, 1861, and in the eighty-fifth year of the comthe people of New York, irrespective of all other monwealth.

JOHN LETCHER. considerations or prejudices, to unite in obedience

-The World. to the laws, in support of the public peace, in the preservation of order and in the protection of property. FERNANDO Wood, Mayor.

Doc. 60.–VIRGINIA'S ORDINANCE OF SECES-Tribune, April 16,


The following is the "ordinance to repeal the Doc. 69.-GOV. LETCHER'S PROCLAMATION. ratification of the Constitution of the United States

of America, by the State of Virginia, and to resume WHEREAS seven of the States, formerly composing all the rights and powers granted under said cona part of the United States, have, by authority of stitution,” which passed the State Convention on their people, solemnly resumed the powers granted the 17th of April, 1861: by them to the United States, and have framed a The people of Virginia, in the ratification of the Constitution and organized a Government for them. Constitution of the United States of America, selves, to which the

people of those States are yield adopted by them in convention, on the 25th day o ing willing obedience, and have so notified the Pres. June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven ident of the United States by all the formalities inci- hundred and eighty-eight, having declared that the dent to such action, and thereby become to the powers granted under the said constitution were United States a separate, independent and foreign derived from the people of the United States, and power; And whereas the Constitution of the might be resumed whensoever the same should be United States has invested Congress with the sole perverted to their injury and oppression, and the power to “ declare war," and until such declaration Federal Government having perverted said powers, is made, the President has no authority to call for not only to the injury of the people of Virginia, but an extraordinary force to wage offensive war to the oppression of the Southern slaveholding against any foreign power; and whereas, on the States ; 15th inst., the President of the United States, in Now, therefore, we, the people of Virginia, do de. plain violation of the Constitution, issued a procla clare and ordain, that the ordinance adopted by the mation calling for a force of seventy-five thousand people of this State in convention on the twentymen, to cause the laws of the United States to be fifth day of June, in the year of our Lord one duly executed over a people who are no longer a thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, whereby part of the Union, and in said proclamation threat the Constitution of the United States of America ens to exert this unusual force to compel obedience was ratified, and all acts of the General Assembly to his mandates ; And whereas the General As of this state ratifying or adopting amendments to sembly of Virginia, by a majority approaching to said constitution, are hereby repealed and abrogated; entire unanimity, declared at its last session, that that the Union between the State of Virginia and the State of Virginia would consider such exertion the other States under the constitution aforesaid is of force as a virtual declaration of war, to be resist- hereby dissolved, and that the State of Virginia is ed by all the power at the command of Virginia; in the full possession and exercise of all the rights and subsequently, the convention now in session, of sovereignty which belong and appertain to a free representing the sovereignty of this State, has re- and independent State. And they do further deaffirmed in substance the same policy, with equal clare that said Constitution of the United States of unanimity; And whereas the State of Virginia America is no longer binding on any of the citizeus deeply sympathizes with the Southern States, in the of this State. wrongs they have suffered, and in the position they This ordinanco shall take effect and be an act of have assumed; and having made earnest efforts this day, when ratified by a majority of the rotes of peaceably to compose the differences which have the people of this State, cast at a poll to be taken severed the Union, and having failed in that attempt, thereon, on the fourth Thursday in May next, in through this unwarranted act on the part of the pursuance of a schedule hereafter to be enacted. President; and it is believed that the influences Done in convention in the city of Richmond, on which operate to produce this proclamation against tho seventeenth day of April, in the year of our the seceded States will be brought to bear upon this Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, commonwealth, if she should exercise her undoubt- and in the eighty-fifth year of the Commonwealth ed right to resume the powers granted by her peo. of Virginia. ple, and it is due to the honor of Virginia that an

Jso. L. EUBANK, improper exercise of force against her people

Secretary of Convention.

A true copy,


of ten thousand dollars, with condition that the The announcement that the Convention of Vir- owners, officers, and crew who shall be employed ginia had passed an Ordinance of Secession, was

on board such commissioned vessel, shall observe received with the most universal and profound the laws of these Confederate States and the insatisfaction. There are no longer in Virginia two structions given to them for the regulation of their parties. The Union men and the Secessionists are conduct. That they shall satisfy all damages done arrayed in a solid band of brotherhood under the contrary to the tenor thereof by such vessel during flag of Virginia. The only rivalry is which shall do her commission, and deliver up the same when reand suffer most in defence of our common honor voked by the President of the Confederate States. against the monstrous despotism at Washington.

And I do further specially enjoin on all persons Lincoln's Proclamation has accomplished the union holding offices, civil and military, under the authorof all parties in Virginia and the South. The Ordi- ity of the Confederate States, that they be vigilant nance of Secession is the answer of the Convention and zealous in discharging the duties incident thereto that Proclamation, and the action of the Conven- to; and I do, moreover, solemnly exhort the good tion is but the echo of the people's will. The old people of these Confederate States, as they love Union, for which our fathers fought and bled, has their country, as they prize the blessings of free been wilfully sacrificed by a Black Republican government, as they feel the wrongs of the past despot, and he now seeks to wrench from us our and these now threatened in aggravated form by Liberty and Independence. Virginia, which led those whose enmity is more implacable because unthe van in the war of '76, now meets him on the provoked, that they exert themselves in preserving threshold. She has been slow to act, but she will order, in promoting concord, in maintaining the aube slower still to retrace her steps. The Union has thority and efficacy of the laws, and in supporting lost its brightest planet, but it will henceforth beam and invigorating all the measures which may be as a star of the first magnitude in the purer, bright- adopted for the common defence, and by which, er, and grander constellation of the Southern Cross. under the blessings of Divine Providence, we may

- Richmond Dispatch.

hope for a speedy, just, and honorable peace.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my

hand, and caused the Seal of the Confederate Doc. 61.-PROCLAMATION BY JEFFERSON States to be affixed, this seventeenth day of April, DAVIS.


By the President, Whereas, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the President of


JEFFERSON DAVIS. the United States has, by proclamation, announced

R. Toombs, Secretary of State. the intention of invading this Confederacy with an armed force, for the purpose of capturing its fortresses, and thereby subverting its independence, ferring to this proclamation, says: “To avoid any

The Charleston Mercury of the 19th April, in reand subjecting the free people thereof to the domin- misunderstanding and prevent comment arising from ion of a foreign power; and whereas it has thus be the supposition that the President intends to assume come the duty of this Government to repel the the authority and responsibility of issuing these him threatened invasion, and to defend the rights and self, without the action of Congress, we would say liberties of the people by all the means which the that the proclamation is merely

a preparatory indilaws of nations and the usages of civilized warfare cation of what he intends to recommend to Conplace at its disposal; Now, therefore, I, JEFFERSON DAVIS, Prest and ought to do, in the event that war becomes in.

gress, and wbat we have no doubt Congress will do DENT OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, do evitable. The secession of Virginia and the frontier issue this my Proclamation, inviting all those who Southern States may command the peace even from may desire, by service in private armed vessels on the silly fanatics who at present rule Washington. the high seas, to aid this Government in resisting The South does not want war. We stand on the so wanton and wicked an aggression, to make ap: defensive. But if the Northern Government choose plication for commissions or Letters of Marque and Reprisal, to be issued under the Seal of these Con- / to have war, they can and will have it, they may

rest assured." federate States.

And I do further notify all persons applying for Letters of Marque, to make a statement in writing, Doc. 611.–ADDRESS TO THE PEOPLE OF giving the name and a suitable description of the

TENNESSEE. character, tonnage, and force of the vessel, and the name and place of residence of each owner concern- In the perilous times upon which our country is ed therein, and the intended number of the crew, thrown, we trust it will not be deemed presumpand to sign said statement and deliver the same to tuous or improper in us to express to our fellowthe Secretary of State, or to the Collector of any citizens our united opinion as to the duty of the port of entry of these Confederate States, to be by State in this dire emergency. him transmitted to the Secretary of State.

We are threatened with a civil war, the dreadAnd I do further notify all applicants aforesaid ful consequences of which, if once fully inauguthat before any commission or Letter of Marque is rated, no language can depict. In view of such issued to any vessel, the owner or owners thereof, consequences we deem it the duty of every good and the commander for the time being, will be re- citizen to exert bis utmost powers to avert the quired to give bond to the Confederate States, with calamities of such a war. The agitation of the at least two responsible sureties, not interested in slavery question, combined with party spirit and such vessel, in the penal sum of five thousand dol- sectional animosity, has at length produced the lars; or if such vessel be provided with more than legitimate fruit. The present is no time to disone hundred and fifty men, then in the penal sum cuss the events of the past. The awful presence

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