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monstrate to the Executire at Washington the folly | in this hour of extreme peril, but remember us as of attempting the blockading of southern ports, it He did our fathers in the darkest days of the Revowould be the late action of Georgia and Alabama in lution, and preserve our constitution and our Union regard to their forts. Yet it is impossible to tell to the work of their hands—for ages yet to come. what extremities folly and desperation may drive An Omnipotent Providence may overrule existing men. In this view, it is important for the people evils for permanent good. He can make the wrath of Florida to reflect that there are, perhaps, no for- of man to praise Him, and the remainder of wrath tresses along our whole southern coast more im. He can restrain. Let me invoke every individual, portant than those of Florida. These forts can in whatever sphere of life he may be placed, to feel command the whole Gulf trade. And should Mr. a personal responsibility to God and his country for Buchanan carry out what appears to be his present keeping this day holy, and for contributing all in his plan, he certainly must desire to hold possession of power to remove our actual and impending diffithese forts. He may thus, with the assistance of culties.

JAMES BUCHANAN. war-steamers, block up the whole Gulf. But let

WabJINGTON, Loc. 14, 1560. Florida Id these forts, and the entire aspect of affairs is changed. Such vessels, in time of war, will have no port of entry, and must be supplied Doc. 15.–CARRINGTON'S CALL. in every way from a very long distance, and that at sea ; while the commerce of the North' in the Gulf

To the Public: Whereas, the militia of the diswill fall an easy prey to our bold privateers ; and trict is not organized, and threats have been made

that the President-elect shall not be inaugurated in California gold will pay all such little expenses on our part.

Washington, and there is reason therefore to appreWe leave the matter for the reflection and de- hend that on the 4th of March next our city may be cision of the people of Florida.—Charleston Mercury. and, whereas, the undersigned believes that the

made the scene of riot, violence, and bloodshed;

honor of the nation and our city demands that the Doc. 14.-A RECOMMENDATION TO THE PEO- President-elect shall be inaugurated in the national PLE OF THE UNITED STATES.

metropolis, and that the young men of Washington

City are determined not to desert their homes in Numerous appeals bave been made to me by the hour of danger, but to maintain their ground pious and patriotic associations and citizens, in view and defend their families and friends, in the Union of the present distracted and dangerous condition and on the side of the constitution and the laws, of our country, to recommend that a day be set therefore, the undersigned earnestly invites all who apart for humiliation, fasting and prayer through concur with him in opinion, and who are not now out the Union. In compliance with their request, connected with some military company, to join and my own sense of duty, I designate

with him in forming a temporary military organizaFriday, THE 4T1 Day or JANUARY, 1861,

tion, with a view of preserving peace and order in

our midst on the 4th of March next, or whenever for this purpose, and recommend that the people assemble on that day, according to their several forms unite with the volunteer companies of our city,

the emergency requires it—and for that purpose to of worship, to keep it as a solemn fast. The Union of the States is at the present moment worthy of 'our imitation, pledged themselves to

which have, in a spirit of gallantry and patriotism threatened with alarming and immediate danger-the cause of the Union, the constitution, and the panic and distress of a fearful character, prevail laws. It is proper to state that I take this step throughout the land-our laboring population are after consultation with friends in whom I bave the without employment, and consequently deprived of the means of earning their bread—indeed, hope greatest confidence. It is not my object to interseems to have deserted the minds of men.

fere with my brother officers of the militia—the

ANI classes are in a state of confusion and dismay; and the purpose above stated, in which I am willing to

organization proposed is to be purely volunteer, for the wisest counsels of our best and purest men are wholly disregarded.

serve in any capacity. I make the proposition

not In this, thic hour of our calamity and peril, to of Washington, who is prepared to defend his home

as one of the generals of the militia, but as a citizen whom shall we resort for relief but to the God of and his honor, at the peril of his life. our Fathers ? His omnipotent arın only can save us from the awful effects of our own crimes and

* EDWARD C. CARRINGTON," follies-our own ingratitude and guilt towards our Heavenly Father. Let us, then, with deep contrition and penitent


ADDRESS. sorrow, unite in humbling ourselves before the Most High, in confessing our individual and national sins, I firmly believe that a division of this Governand in acknowledging the justice of our punishment. ment would inevitably produce civil war. The Let us implore Him to remove from our hearts that secession leaders in South Carolina, and the fanatfalse pride of opinion which would impel us to per- ical demagogues of the North, have alike proclaimed severe in wrong for the sake of consistency, rather that such would be the result, and no man of sense, than yield a just submission to the unforeseen exi- in my opinion, can question it. What could the gencies by which we are now surrounded. Let us, Legislature do in this crisis, if convened, to remove with deep reverence, beseech Him to restore the the present troubles which beset the Union? We friendship and good will which prevailed in former are told by the leading spirits of the South Carodays among the people of the several States, and, lina Convention that neither the election of Mr. above all, to save us from the horrors of civil war Lincoln nor the non-execution of the Fugitive and "blood guiltiness." Let our fervent prayers Slave law, nor both combined, constituto their ascend to His throne, that He would not desert us grievances. They declare that the real cause of

their discontent dates as far back as 1833. Mary- Doc. 17.-CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN GOV. land and every other State in the Union, with a

ELLIS AND SECRETARY HOLT. united voice, then declared the cause insufficient to justify the course of South Carolina. Can it be

JANUARY 12, 1861. that this people, who then unanimously supported SIR:-Reliable information has reached tbis De. the cause of Gen. Jackson, will now yield their partment, that, on the 8th inst., Forts Johnson and opinions at the bidding of modern secessionists ? | Caswell were taken possession of by State troops I have been told that the position of Maryland and persons resident in that vicinity, in an irregular should be defined so that both sections can under- manner. stand it. Do any really understand her position ? Upon receipt of this information I immediately Who that wishes to understand it can fail to do issued a military order requesting the forts to be 80 ? If the action of the Legislature would be restored to the authorities of the United States, simply to declare that Maryland is with the South which orders will be executed this day. in sympathy and feeling; that she demands from My information satisfies me that this popular outthe North the repeal of offensive, unconstitutional break was caused by a report, very gene. lly credstatutes, and appeals to it for new guarantees; that ited, but which, for the sake of humanity, I hope is she will wait a reasonable time for the North to

not true, that it was the purpose of the adminispurge her statute-books, as to do justice to her tration to coerce the Southern States, and that Southern brethren, and, if her appeals are vain, troops were on their way to garrison the Southern will make her common cause with her sister border ports and to begin the work of subjugation. This States in resistance to tyranny if need be, it would | impression is not yet erased from the publie mind, only be saying what the whole country well knows, which is deeply agitated at the bare contemplation and what may be said much more effectually of so great an indignity and wrong; and I would by her people themselves, in their meetings, than most carnestly appeal to your Excellency to by the Legislature, chosen eighteen months since, strengthen my hands in my efforts to preserve the when none of these questions were raised before public order here, by placing it in my power to them. That Maryland is a conservative Southern give public assurance that no measures of force are State all know who know any thing of her people or contemplated towards us. her history. The business and agricultural classes, Your Excellency will pardon me, therefore, for planters, merchants, mechanics, and laboring men; asking whether the United States forts will be garthose who have a real stake in the community, who risoned with United States troops during your adwould be forced to pay the taxes and do the fight. ministration. ing, are the persons who should be heard in pref- This question I ask in perfect respect, and with erence to excited politicians, many of whom, an earnest desire to prevent consequences which I having nothing to lose from the destruction of the know would be regretted by your Excellency as Government, may hope to derive some gain from much as myself. the ruin of the State. Such men will naturally Should I receive assurance that no troops will be urge you to pull down the pillars of this "accursed sent to this State prior to the 4th of March next, Union,” which their allies at the North have de. then all will be peace and quiet here, and the propnominated a “covenant with hell.” The people of erty of the United States will be fully protected as Maryland, if left to themselves, would decide, with heretofore. If, however, I am unable to get such scarcely an exception, that there is nothing in the assurances, I will not undertake to answer for the present causes of complaint to justify immediate consequences. gecession ; and yet, against our judgments and The forts in this State have long been unoccupied, solemn convictions of duty, we are to be pre- and their being garrisoned at this time will unquescipitated into this revolution, because South Caro- tionably be looked upon as a hostile demonstralina thinks differently. Are we not equals ? Or tion, and will, in my opinion, certainly be resisted. shall her opinions control our actions ? After we bave solemnly declared for ourselves, as every man

Secretary Holt responded, under date of Jan. 15: must do, are we to be forced to yield our opinions “Your letter of the 12th inst., addressed to the to those of another State, and thus in effect obey President of the United States, has by him been reher mandates? She refuses to wait for our coun- ferred to this Department, and he instructs me to sels. Are we bound to obey her commands? The express his gratification at the promptitude with men who have embarked in this scheme to convene which you have ordered the expulsion of the lawless the Legislature, will spare no pains to carry their men who recently occupied Forts Johnson and Caspoint. The whole plan of operations, in the event well. He regards this action on the part of your of the assembling of the Legislature, is, as I have Excellency as in complete harmony with the honor been informed, already marked out, the list of am- and patriotic character of the people of North Carbassadors who are to visit the other States is olina, whom you so worthily represent. agreed on, and the resolutions which they hope .“ In reply to your inquiry, whether it is the pur. will be passed by the Legislature, fully committing pose of the President to garrison the forts of North this State to secession, are said to be already pre- Carolina during his administration, I am directed to pared. In the course of nature, I cannot have say that they, in common with the other forts, long to live, and I fervently trust to be allowed to arsenals, and other property of the United States, end my days a citizen of this glorious Union. But are in the charge of the President, and that if asshould I be compelled to witness the downfall of sailed, no matter from what quarter or under what that Government inherited from our fathers, estab- pretext, it is his duty to protect them by all the lished, as it were, by the special favor of God, I ineans which the law has placed at his disposal. It will at least have the consolation, at my dying hour, is not his purpose to garrison the forts to which that I neither by word nor deed assisted in hasten- you refer at present, because he considers them ening its disruption. (Signed) THOMAS H. HICKS, tirely safe, as heretofore, under the shelter of that


law-abiding sentiment for which the people here

. I of the state, it is not perceived how far the conduct North Carolina have ever been distinguished. Should they, however, be attacked or menaced with you propose to adopt can find a parallel in the hisdanger of being seized or taken from the possession tory of any country, or be reconciled with any other of the United States, he could cot escape from his purpose than that of your Government imposing on constitutional obligation to defend and preserve the State the condition of a conquered province. them. The very satisfactory and patriotic assur

F. W. PICKENS. ance given by your Excellency justifies him, howerer, in entertaining the confident expectation that SECOND COMMUNICATION FROM MAJOR ANDRRSON, no such contingency will arise."

To Ilis Excellency Governor Pickens:

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt

of your communication, and say, that under the Doc. 18.–CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN MAJ. circumstances I have deemed it proper to refer the ANDERSON AND GOV. PICKENS. whole matter to my Government, and intend defer

ring the course I indicated in my note this morning To His Excellency the Governor of South Carolina: until the arrival from Washington of such instruc

Sır: Two of your batteries fired this morning on tions as I may receive. an unarmed vessel bearing the flag of my Govern- I have the honor also to express the hope that no ment. As I have not been notified that war has obstructions will be placed in the way, and that you been declared by South Carolina against the United will do me the favor of giving every facility for the States, I. cannot but think this a hostile act, com- departure and return of the bearer, Lieut. T. TALBOT, mitted without your sanction or authority. Under who is directed to make the journey. that hope I refrain from opening a fire on your bat

ROBERT ANDERSON. teries. I have the honor, therefore, respectfully to ask whether the above-mentioned act-one which I believe without parallel in the history of our coun- “About half-past six o'clock yesterday (Wednestry or any other civilized Government was com- day) morning, the steamer General Clinch discovermitted in obedience to your instructions, and notify ed the steamship Star of the West and signalled the you, if it is not disclaimed, that I regard it as an act fact of her approach to the occupants of the batof war, and I shall not, after reasonable time for the tery on Morris Island. As soon as the signals were return of my messenger, permit any vessel to pass seen by those on guard there, Morris Island was within the range of the guns of my fort. In order astir with men at their posts before the orders could to save, as far as it is in my power, the shedding of be given them to prepare for action. They remainblood, I beg you will take due notification of my ed in anxious suspense, but ready for what they bedecision for the good of all concerned,-hoping, lieved was sure to come, a volley from Fort Sumter. however, your answer may justify a further contin- The Star of the West rounded the point, took the uance of forbearance on my part.

ship channel inside the bar, and proceeded straight I remain, respectfully,

forward until opposite Morris Island, about threeROBERT ANDERSON. quarters of a mile from the battery. A ball was

then fired athwart the bows of the steamer. The GOV. PICKENS' REPLY,

Star of the West displayed the stars and stripes. Gov. PICKENS, after stating tire position of South As soon as the flag was unfurled the fortification Carolina towards the United States, says that any fired a succession of shots. The vessel coutinued attempt to send United States troops into Charleston on her course with increased speed; but two sliots harbor, to reinforce the forts, would be regarded as taking effect upon her, she concluded to retire, an act of hostility; and is conclusion adds, that any Fort Moultrie fired a few shots at her, but she attempt to reinforce the troops at Fort Sumter, or was out of their range. The damage done to the to retake and resume possession of the forts within Star of the West is trifling, as only two out of seventhe vaters of South Carolina, wliich Major ANDER- teen shots took effect upon her. Fort Sumter made SON abandoned, after spiking the cannon and doing no demonstration, except at the port-holes, whero other damage, cannot but be regarded by the the guns were run out bearing on Morris Island."authorities of the State as indicative of any other Charleston Courier, Jan. 10. purpose than the coercion of the State by the armed force of the Government; special agents, therefore, have been off the bar to warn approaching vessels, Doc. 19.—THE ALABAMA ORDINANCE OF armed and unarmed, having troops to reinforce

SECESSION, Fort Sumter aboard, not to enter the harbor, Special orders have been given the commanders at AN ORDINANCE TO DISSOLVE THE UNION BETWEEN THE the forts not to fire on such vessels until a shot STATE OF ALABAMA AND OTHER STATES, UNITED across their bows should warn them of the probibi

UNDER THE COMPACT AND STYLE OF THE UNITED tion of the State. Under these circumstances the

STATES OF AMERICA. Star of the West, it is understood, this morning at- Whereas, The election of Abraham Lincoln and tempted to enter the harbor with troops, after hav- Hannibal Hamlin to the offices of President and ing been notified she could not enter, and conse- Vice-President of the United States of America, by quently she was fired into. This act is perfectly a sectional party, avowedly hostile to the domestic justified by me.

institutions, and peace and security of the people of In regard to your threat about vessels in the bar- the State of Alabama, following upon the heels of bor, it is only necessary for me to say, you must be many and dangerous infractions of the Constitution the judge of your responsibility. Your position in of the United States, by many of the States and the harbor has been tolerated by the authorities of people of the Northern section, is a political wrong the State, and while the act of which you complain of so insulting and menacing a character, as to

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justify the people of the State of Alabama in the Arrived at the Custom House, a lone star flag was adoption of prompt and decided measures for their waved from its walls amid enthusiastic shouts. The future peace and security.

balcony of the Battle House, opposite, was thronged Therefore, be it declared and ordained, by the with ladies and gentlemen, and the street was crowdpeople of the State of Alabama, in convention as-ed with excited citizens. Standing upon the steps sembled, that the State of Alabama now withdraws of the Custom House, brief and stirring addresses from the Union, known as the United States of were delivered by Dr. Woodcock, Gen. Niel RobinAmerica, and henceforth ceases to be one of the son, Gen. Lawler, Gen. Butler, Dr. Lyle, Robert H. said United States, and is and of right ought to be a Smith, Mayor Withers, and Hon. George N. Stewart. sovereign independent State.

It was announced that a despatch had been reSec. 2. And be it further declared and ordained ceived from the Governor, to the effect that he exby the people of the State of Alabama in conven- pected that Mobile would raise a hundred thousand tion assembled, that all powers over the territories dollars for the defence of the city. Gen. Robinson of said State, and over the people thereof, hereto- and Gen. Lawler immediately put down their names fore delegated to the Government of the United for a thousand dollars each, Dr. Lyle, of Mississippi, States of America, be, and they are hereby, with for two hundred and fifty, and other gentlemen for drawn from the said Government, and are hereby other sums. A committee was appointed to canvass resumed and vested in the people of the State of Ala- the city and obtain subscriptions. bama.

The military paraded the streets. The Cadets And as it is the desire and purpose of the people were out in force, bearing the splendid flag which of Alabama, to meet the slavebolding States of the was presented them the day previous, and is a most South who approve of such a purpose, in order to gorgeous banner, and, with the Independent Rifles, frame a revisional as a permanent Government, upon marched to Bienville Square, where they fired conthe principles of the Government of the United tinuous salvos of musketry. States, be it also resolved by the people of Alabama, The demonstration at night was worthy the magniin convention assembled, that ihe people of the tude of the event celebrated. The display was of States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North the most brilliant description. During the whole day Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Missis- the “busy sound of hammers on all sides gave note sippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ken- of preparation for illumination ; and when night fell, tucky and Missouri, bo and they are hereby invited the city emerged from darkness into a blaze of such to meet the people of the State of Alabama, by glory as could only be achieved by the most recktheir delegates in convention, on the 4th day of lessly extravagant consumption of tar and tallow. February next in Montgomery, in the State of Ala- The broad boulevard of Government-street was an bama, for the purpose of consultation with each avenue of light, bonfires of tar-barrels being kindled other, as to the most effectual modo of securing at intervals of a square's distance along its length, concerted, barmonious action in whatever measures and many residences upon it were illuminated. The may be deemed most desirable for the common Court House and other buildings at the intersection peace and security.

of Royal-street shone with a plenitude of candles. And be it further resolved, That the President of Royal street was gorgeous gush of light, the this convention be and lie is hereby instructed great front of the Battle House and other buildings to transmit forthwith a copy of the foregoing pre- being a perfect conflagration of illumination. All amble, ordinance and resolutions to the Governors the newspaper offices were, of course, numbered of the several States named in the said resolutions. among the illuminati of the occasion. Dauphin

Done by the people of Alabama, in convention street, for many squares, was a continuous blaze of assembled, at Montgomery, this 11th day of Janu- light, and the buildings around Bienville Square bined explosion, startling the ear of night with their | just in shore of us, who, as soon as she saw us, mimic artillery of gratulation.

rivalled each other in taste and magnificence of disThe preamble, ordinance and resolutions were play. With a choice epicureanism of triumph and adopted by Ayes 01, Nays 39,

rejoicing, the Custom House was illuminated by a fair show of patriotic candles-Ossas of insult being thus

piled on Pelions of injury to Uncle Sam. Yesterday was the wildest day of excitement in In the remote, unfrequented streets of the city, as the annals of Mobile. The whole people seemed to well as in the more prominent avenues of business be at the top point of enthusiasm from the time that or residence, frequent illuminated buildings could be the telegraphic announcement of the passage of the seen dispersing the gloom of night from about them, secession ordinance in the convention was received, Rockets

blazed and crackers popped, and the people until the hour when honest men should be abed. To hurrahed and shouted as they never did before. The add, if possible, to the excitement, the news of the streets, as light as day, were overflowed with crowds secession of our sister State of Florida was received of ladies who had turned out to see the display, simultaneously with that of the withdrawal Ala- Many of the designs of illuminatory work were exbama.

ceedingly tasteful and beautiful. The “Southern Immediately on the receipt of the news, an im- Cross" was a favored emblematic pattern, and gleammense crowd assembled at the “ secession pole,” at ing in lines of fire, competed with the oft-repeated the foot of Government-street, to witness the spread- “ Lone Star" for admiration and applause from the ing of the Southern flag, and it was run up amid the multitude. In short, the occasion seemed several shouts of the multitude and the thunders of cannon, Fourth of Julys, a number of New Year's eres, vaOne hundred and one guns for Alabama and fifteen rious Christmases, and a sprinkling of other holidays for Florida were fired, and after remarks from Dr. all rolled into one big event. While we write, at a Woodcock, Mr. Lude, and other gentlemen, the late hour, some enthusiastic orator is haranguing a crowd repaired to the Custom House, walking in pro- shouting multitude from the steps of the Custom cession with a band of music at the head, braying House, and all the juvenile fireworks of China and the warlike notes of the “Southern Marseillaise,” the other Indies seem to be on a grand burst of com

ary, 1861.


burned one blue light and two red lights as signals, - Mobile Advertiser, Jan. 12. and shortly after steamed over the bar and into the

ship-channel. The soldiers were now all put below,

and no one allowed on deck except our own crew. Doc. 20.-N. Y. STATE RESOLUTIONS.

As soon as there was light enough to see, we crossed Whereas, The insurgent State of South Carolina, the bar and proceeded on up the channel, (the outer after seizing the Post Offices, Custom House, moneys bar buoy having been taken away,) the steamer ahead and fortifications of the Federal Government, has, by of us sending off rockets, and burning lights until firing into a vessel ordered by the Government to after broad daylight, continuing on her course up convey troops and provisions to Fort Sumter, virtu- nearly two miles ahead of us. When we arrived ally declared war; and,

about two miles from Fort Moultric, Fort Sumter Whereas, The 'forts and property of the United being about the same distance, a masked battery on States Government in Georgia, Alabama and Louisi- Morris Island, where there was a red Palmetto fag ana have been unlawfully seized, with hostile inten- flying, opened fire upon us—distance, about fivetions; and,

eighths of a milc. We had the American flag flying Whereas, Their Senators in Congress avow and at our flagstaff at the time, and soon after the first maintain their treasonable acts; therefore,

shot, hoisted a large American Ensign at the fore. Resolved, That the Legislature of New York is We continued on under the fire of the battery for profoundly impressed with the value of the Union, over ten minutes, several of the shots going clear and determined to preserve it unimpaired; that it over us. One shot just passed clear of the pilotgreets with joy the recent firm, dignified and patri- house, another passed between the smoke-stack and otic Special Message of the President of the United walking-beams of the engine, another struck the ship States, and that we tender to him, through the Chief just abaft the fore-rigging and stove in the planking, Magistrate of our own State, whatever aid in men

while another came within an ace of carrying away and money may be required to enable him to enforce the rudder. At the same time there was a movement the laws and uphold the authority of the Federal of two steamers from near Fort Moultrie, one of them Gorernment; and that, in the defence of the Union, towing a schooner, (I presume an armed schooner,) which has conferred prosperity and happiness upon with the intention of cutting us off. Our position the American people, renewing the pledge given and now became rather critical, as we had to approach redeemed by our fathers, we are ready to devote our Fort Moultrie to within three-quarters of a mile befortuntes, our lives, and our sacred honor.

fore we could keep away for Fort Sumter. A steamResolved, that the Union-loving citizens and rep

er approaching us with an armed schooner in tow, resentatives of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and the battery on the island firing at us all the time, Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, who and having no cannon to defend ourselves from the labor with devoted courage and patriotism to with attack of the vessels, we concluded that, to avoid hold their States from the vortex of secession, are certain capture, or destruction, we would endeavor to entitled to the gratitude and admiration of the whole get to sea. Consequently we wore round and steered people.

down the channel, the battery firing upon us until Resolved. That the Governor be respectfully re

the shot fell short. As it was now strong ebb tide, quested to forward, forthwith, copies of the foregoing and the water having fallen some threo foet, we proresolutions to the President of the Nation, and the ceeded with caution, and crossed the bar safely at Governors of all the States of the Union.

8.50 A. M., and continued on our course for this -N. Y. Times, Jan. 12.

port, where we arrived this morning after a boisterous passage. A steamer from Charleston followed

us for about three fiours, watching our movements. Doc. 21.-CAPT, MCGOWAN'S REPORT. In justice to the officers and crews of each depart

ment of the ship, I must add that their behavior STEAMSHIP STAR OF THE WEST,

while under the fire of the battery reflected great New York, Saturday, Jan. 12, 1861.

credit on them. M. 0. Roberts, Esq.-Sir: After leaving the Mr. Brewer, the New York pilot, was of very great wharf on the 5th inst., at 5 o'clock P. M., we pro- assistance to me in helping to pilot the ship over ceeded down the Bay, where we hove to, and took Charleston Bar, and up and down the channel. on board four officers and two hundred soldiers, with Very respectfully, your obedient servant, their arms, ammunition, &c., and then proceeded to

John McGowan, Captain. sea, crossing the bar at Sandy Hook at 9 P. M.

-- Times, Jan. 14. Nothing unusual took place during the passage, which was a pleasant one for this season of the year.

We arrived at Charleston Bar at 1.30 A. M. on the Doc. 22.-GEORGIA SECESSION ORDINANCE. 9th inst., but could find no guiding marks for the Bar, as the lights were all out. We proceeded with AN ORDINANCE TO DISSOLVE THE UNION BETWEEN THE caution, running very slow and sounding, until about STATE OF GEORGIA AND OTHER STATES UNITED 4 A. M., being then in 41 fathoms water, when we WITH HER UNDER THE COMPACT OF GOVERNMENT discovered a light through the haze which at that

THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED time covered the horizon. Concluding that the lights

STATES. were on Fort Sumter, after getting the bearings of We, the people of the State of Georgia, in Conit, we steered to the S. W. for the main ship-chan- vention assembled, do declare and ordain, and it is nel, where we hove to, to await daylight, our lights hereby declared and ordained, that the ordinancez having all been put out since 12 o'clock, to avoid adopted by the people of the State of Georgia in being seen.

convention in 1788, whereby the Constitution of As the day began to break, we discovered a steamer | the United States was assented to, ratified and



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