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Jan. 18.-In the Massachusetts State Legis- portion of the Brooklyn city military was muslature to-day, a series of resolutions was passed tered to coöperate.Herald, Jan. 22. by a unanimous vote, teudering to the President of the United States such aid in men and money unanimously:

-The Georgia State Convention resolved, as he may request, to maintain the authority

“ As a response to the resolutions of the Legof the general Government. The preamble to

islature of the State of New York, that this the resolution declares that the State of South Convention highly approves of the energetic Carolina, in seizing the fortifications of the and patriotic conduct of the Governor of GeorFederal Government, the Post Office, Custom

gia in taking possession of Fort Pulaski by the House, moneys, arms, munitions of war,

and by firing upon a vessel in the service of the United him to hold possession of said fort until the re

Georgia troops; that this Convention request States, has committed an act of war. The Senate passed a bill authorizing the increase of the ment shall be determined, and that a copy of

lations of Georgia with the Federal Governvolunteer military of the State.-- Boston Jour- this resolution be transmitted to the Governor nal, Jan. 19.

of the State of New York.—Times, Jan. 22. Jan, 19.-Tho State Convention of Georgia

- WENDELL PAILLIPS addressed the Twentyhas adopted the secession ordinance by a vote eighth Congregational Society in Boston this afof two hundred and eight against eighty-nine. ternoon on the “Political Lessons of the Hour.” -Doc. 22.)

He declared himself to be a disunion man, and A motion to postpone the operation of the was glad to see South Carolina and other southordinance until the 3d of March was lost by ern slave States had practically initiated 2 disabout thirty majority.

union movement. He hoped that all the slave Alexander H. Stephens and Herschel v. States would leave the Union, and not stand Johnson are among those who voted against upon the order of their going, but go at once. the ordinance.

He denounced the compromise spirit manifested The ordinance of secession is ordered to be by Mr. Seward and Charles Francis Adams engrossed on parchment, and to be signed on

with much severity of language; and there was Monday at noon.

an occasional stamping of feet and hissing, but

no outbreak. Mr. Phillips was escorted home Jadge Linton Stephens says that, while he

by a few policemen, and a great crowd pushing approves of the ordinance, he sees no reason about him.-Springfield Republican. for its adoption now. He therefore will not vote for or sign it.

-A UNION meeting was held to-night at

Trenton, N. J., Thomas J. Stryker, Cashier of Unusual demonstrations of approbation are

the Trenton Bank, in the chair. being made at Milledgeville to-night in honor

The Committee on Resolutions reported, deof the adoption of the ordinance, including the

ploring the state of the country ; recommendfiring of cannon, the letting off of sky-rockets

, ing, as a means of settling differences, the adopthe burning of torches, and music and speeches. tion by the people of the Crittenden resolutions, -Richmond Enquirer.

or some other pacific measures, with such modiJan. 21.-Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, fications as may be deemed expedient; recomwithdrew from the Senate at Washington to- mending the Legislature of New Jersey to pass day. The ordinance of secession having passed a law to take a vote of the people, yes or no, the Convention of his State, he felt obliged to on the Crittenden resolutions; approving of obey the summons, and retire from all official the course of Virginia in appointing a Commisconnection with the Federal Government.-sion to go to Washington, and recommending (Doc. 23.)

the New Jersey Legislature to do the same. -At the Brooklyn, N. Y., navy yard, the

Speeches were made by Judge Naar, C. W. entire force was put under arms, and held in Jay, and others. readiness to act iminediately, through some ap- Jan. 22.-Sherrard Clemens of Va. made a prehension of an attack by an organized force strong Union speech in the House of Repreof persons in sympathy with secession. The sentatives to-day.—(Doc. 24.) guns of the North Carolina were shotted, and a Jan. 24.-The Charleston Mercury continues

the publication of anonymous incendiary ap-|Toombs, of Georgia, and Fernando Wood, peals, intended to stir up the people to an at- mayor of New York, relative to the seizure of tack on Fort Sumter. One, headed “Fort arms by the police of that city, creates comment Sumter, the Bastion of the Federal Union," and sarprise.—(Doc. 26.) concludes with these words:

Jan. 26.—The Louisiana State Convention “No longer hoping for concessions, let us be passed the ordinance of secession to-day, by a ready for war, and when we have driven every vote of one hundred and thirteen to seventeen. foreign soldier from our shores, then let us take a delay ordinance was proposed yesterday, but our place in the glorious Republic the future

was voted down by a large majority. A gold promises us. Border southern States will

pen was given each member, with which to never join us until we havo indicated our

sign the ordinance of secession.-(Doc. 27.)power to free ourselves—until we have proven Buffalo Courier. that a garrison of seventy men cannot hold the portal of our commerce. The fate of the South

Jan. 27.-The Grand Jury at Washington ern Confederacy hangs by the ensign halliards made three presentments of Ex-Secretary Floyd, of Fort Sumter.”

first, for maladministration in office ; second,

for complicity in the abstraction of the bonds; -The Toronto Leader, the Government pa- and third, for conspiracy against the Governper of Canada, this morning says it is in a po- ment.-N. Y. Tribune. sition to announce in the most positive terms that it is the intention of the English Govern

Jan. 29.- The United States revenue cutter ment to acknowledge the independence of the Robert McClelland, Captain Breshwood (a VirSouthern Confederacy as soon as it is formed.

ginian), was surrendered at New Orleans to

the State of Louisiana.— Times, Feb. 8. -The London Times, in an article on the

-SECRETARY Dıx's dispatch to Hemphill disunion movement in America, asserts that the United States cannot "for many years be

Jones, to "shoot on the spot" any one who to the world what they have been.”—(Doc. 25.) attempts to “haul down the American flag"

caused great enthusiasm.-(Doc. 28.) -An effort was made by the New York po

Jan. 31.—The State of South Carolina, by lice to seize a quantity of fire-arms which were her attorney-general, I. W. Hayne, offered to known to be shipped on board the steamer buy Fort Sumter, and declared that, “if not Montgomery. While the officers were search- permitted to purchase, she would seize the fort ing on board for the arms, the captain ordered by force of arms." The United States, in rethe vessel's fasts to be cut, and she steamed ply, asserted political rights superior to the away from the pier, scarcely giving the police- proprietary right, and not subject to the right men time to jump ashore. The five hundred of “ eminent domain.”—Times, Feb. 9. muskets found on board the schooner Caspian

- The United States branch mint, and the were returned to the captain, the authorities custom-house at New Orleans, seized by the being satisfied that the vessel was bound to

State authorities. In the mint were governCarthagena.-Chicago Tribune.

ment funds to the amount of $389,000, and -The United States arsenal at Augusta, Ga., in the sub-treasury, $122,000—(Doc. 29.)— was surrendered to the State authorities, upon Louisville Journal, Feb. 2. the demand of Governor Brown.-Baltimore

Feb. 1.—The Texas State Convention, at Gal. Sun, Jan. 25.

veston, passed an ordinance of secession, to be -THE Catawba Indians of South Carolina voted on by the people on the 23d of February, offered their services to Governor Pickens, and and if adopted, to take effect March 2.-(Doc. were accepted.-Times, Jan. 25.

30.)-New Orleans Picayune, Feb. 7. Jan. 25.—A large Union mass meeting was Feb. 2.-The United States revenue cutter held at Portland, Mo., this evening; Chief Lewis Cass, Capt. Morrison, a Georgian, was Justice Shepley presided, and the meeting was surrendered by the officer at Mobile to the addressed by many of the ablest speakers of all State of Louisiana.—(Doc. 31.)—N. Y. Times, parties. Union resolutions were passed. Feb. 6.

-A CORRESPONDENCE between Senator Feb. 4.-The Montgomery convention organized with Howell Cobb, president, and Johnson Feb. 19.-Old Fort Kearney, Kansas TerriF. Hooper, secretary.—(Doc. 32.)

tory, was taken possession of by the secession-The North Carolina House of Representa- ists

, and a secession flag raised. It was soon tives passed unanimously a declaration that if after retaken by a party of Unionists.— Times,

Feb. 21. reconciliation fails, North Carolina will go with the other slave States.---Times, Feb. 6.

Feb. 21.–The President of the Southern ConFeb. 5.—The Peace Convention, at Washing his Cabinet:

federacy nominated the following members of ton, organized permanently, with Ex-president John Tyler in the chair; J C. Wright, of Ohio,

Secretary of State-Mr. Toombs. secretary.-Herald, Feb. 6.

Secretary of the Treasury-Mr. Memminger.

Secretary of War-Mr. L. Pope Walker. Feb. 8.-The Congress at Montgomery this evening unanimously agreed to a constitution

They were confirmed.--Tribune, Feb. 22. and provisional government. They will go into -GOVERNOR Brown, at Savannah, Ga., seized immediate operation.—(Doc. 33.)-No propo- the ship Martha J. Ward, bark Adjuster, and sitions for compromiso or reconstruction. After brig Harold, all belonging to citizens of New the vote on the constitution was taken, Jeffer- York. They will be detained until the arms son Davis was elected President, and Alexander are delivered up by the State of New York. H. Stevens Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy, by the Congress.—(Doc. 34.)— Com

- The Congress at Montgomery passed an

act declaring the establishment of the free naviThercial Advertiser.

gation of the Mississippi.-Philadelphia Press, -Bergs W. R. Kibby and Golden Lead; Dec. 23. barks Adjuster and C. Colden Murray; and schooner Julia A. Hallock, all owned in New

Feb. 22.-The people of Charleston, S. O., York, were seized in the harbor of Savannah,

celebrated Washington's birthday with great by order of the Governor of Georgia, in reprisal enthusiasm. The Pickens cadets paraded for for the seizure, in New York, of arms consigned

the first time, and were presented to Governor to Georgia. -Baltimore American.

Pickens by Lientenant Magrath. The Govern

or made the company a brief address, urging -The Little Rock arsenal, Arkansas, with

upon its members the bright and shining ex9,000 stands of arms, 40 cannon, and a large ample of Washington as deserving imitation. amount of ammunition, was surrendered to the

Subsequently a banner was presented to the State of Arkansas.-N. Y. Times, Feb. 11.

Washington Light Infantry, and in the evening Feb. 9.–At Montgomery, Mr. Memminger the company reassembled in Hibernian Hall, presented a flag sent by some of the young la- where it was addressed by Colonel Edward dies of South Carolina to the Convention.- Carroll, in an oration of a rather sanguinary (Doc. 35.)- National Intelligencer.

hue. Other companies also celebrated the day Feb. 10.-The New York vessels seized by in their own way.-Louisville Journal. the State of Georgia were released.- Courier -THE Collector of Charleston gives official & Enquirer.

notice that all vessels from foreign States, exFeb. 13.-Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, and cept Texas, will be treated as “foreign vessels," Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine, were declared by and subjected to the port dues and other charges Vice-President Breckenridge, elected President established by the laws of the Confederated and Vice-President of the United States for the States.-Charleston Courier. four years from March 4, 1861.-(Doc. 36.) Feb. 23.-President-elect Abraham Lincoln Tribune, Feb. 14.

arrived in Washington. The published pro-Eight thousand Sharp's rifle cartridges gramme of his journey had been abandoned at and 10,000 Sharp's rifle primers, were seized Harrisburg, which city he left secretly last by the police in New York city on a Charleston night.-(Doc. 38.)-Commercial, Feb. 23. steamer,- Idem.

-UNITED STATES Property, to a great amount, Feb. 18.-Jefferson Davis was inaugurated together with the various army posts in Texas, President of the Southern Confederacy.—(Doc. were betrayed to that State by General Twiggs. 37.)

-(Doc. 89.)-Times, Feb. 26.

Feb. 26.-Captain Hill, in command of Fort | The feeling between the authorities and Major Brown, Texas, refused to surrender his post as Anderson continues to be friendly, and he is alordered by General Twiggs, and engaged in lowed all the facilities that he could expect. preparations to defend it.—Times, March 6. Fresh provisions and marketing are supplied in

Feb. 27.---The Peace Convention submitted abundance. IIe experienced no difficulty in to the United States Senate a plan of adjust- sending or receiving his mail matter. - · Washment involved in seven amendments to the ington Star. Constitution of the United States.-(Doc. 40.) March 2.-The revenue cutter Dodge was -Herald, March 4.

seized in Galveston Bay, by order of the auFeb. 28.-Mr. Corwin's report from the com- thorities of Texas. The officer in command remittee of thirty-three came up for final passage signed, as Breshwood did at New Orleans, and in Congress this morning. It was agreed to tendered his services to the rebels.—Times, amid thunders of applause from the galleries March 6. and the floor. As the vote proceeded, the ex- March 4.-Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated citement was intense, and on the announcement at Washington, sixteenth President of the of the result, the inexpressible enthusiasm of United States. He kissed the thirty-four States the members and the crowded galleries found of the Union as represented by thirty-four vent in uproarious demonstrations. All feel young ladies. that it is the harbinger of peace.-(Doc. 41.)

Tho inauguration procession proceeded to Commercial, Feb. 28.

the east portico of the capitol, in front of which March 1.-General Twiggs was expelled from a platform had been erected. Every available the army of the United States. The following space in the vicinity was packed with a curious is the official order for his expulsion : crowd of spectators. Every thing being in War DEPARTMENT,

readiness, Senator Baker, of Oregon, came forADJUTANT-GENERAL'S OFFICE, ward and introduced Mr. Lincoln in these sim

WASHINGTOX, March 1, 1861. The following order is published for the in- ple words: “Fellow-citizens : I introduce to formation of the army :

you Abraham Lincoln, the President-elect of

the United States of America." Mr. Lincoln “ WAR DEPARTMENT, March 1, 1861.

then advanced to a small table, which had been “By the direction of the President of the United States, it is ordered that Brigadier-Gen- placed for his accommodation, and proceeded eral David E. Twiggs bo and is hereby dismissed to deliver his inaugural address, every word of from the army of the United States for his which was distinctly heard on the outskirts of treachery to tho flag of his country, in having then administered to Mr. Lincoln by Chief Jus

the swaying crowd. The oath of office was surrendered on the 18th of February, 1861, on the demand of the authorities of Texas, the

tice Taney; the procession was again formed, military posts and other property of the United Mr, Lincoln was escorted to the White House,

and was duly installed in the office of President States in his department and under his charge.

of the United States.-(Doc. 42.) J. Holt, Secretary of War. “By order of the Secretary of War,

-A State Convention declared Texas out “S. COOPER, Adjutant-General.”

of the Union and Governor Houston issued bis -Evening Post, March 4.

proclamation to that effect. -The Secretary of War at Washington re

March 5.---General Peter G. T. Beauregard, ceived a despatch from Major Anderson, in lately a major in the United States Engineer which he contradicts the statement that Presi- Corps, was ordered by Jefferson Davis, President Davis had been to Charleston. He says dent of the Southern Confederacy, to proceed that the report that he had been sick is with to Charleston and take command of the forces out a particle of foundation. He is in good there assembled, and to be assembled for the health, as is also his little band of soldiers. investment of Fort Sumter.Herald, March 7. Affairs in Charleston harbor are arriving at a -In the Texas State Convention, a letter point when further delay on their part will be was received from General Waul, enclosing a impossible. Their extensive works of defence letter from the Secretary of War of the Conand attack are nearly if not quite completed. / federate States, in relation to the military com

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