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confiscation, in the land; to implant upon this our soil the Never, no never, will you succeed until that spirit is once hidcous doctrine of the right of secession, so that when one more manifested and developed which actuated the soldiers State recedes another may socede, and still another, and of Cromwell, who, on the field, invoked the Lord tbeir God still another, so that within forty-eight hours, by the light to arise. So let it be with us. We must be at least one of their reason and the exactness of their judgment, you with Him in spirit. Let us, like Croinwell, invoke the Almay establish on this continent thirty-four independent mighty blessing, and, clothed with the panoply of patriotgovernments. Thirty-four, did I say? Why, no, not thirty- ism and religion, strike for our homes and our country. i Inntour merely, but every county and every city, and every mense cheering.) Let us-oh, let us--without reference to village and hamlet; nay, every person who suffers from in- any differences of the past, keep our eyes steadf.istly on the digestion at the dinner table may claim the same right; great object to be achieved, the nationality and and thus, soldiers, we shall have the confusion and disorder ence of this country, the salvation of civiliation from the which will plunge into dismay and ruin the best and most insults and assaults of barbarism; and then, but not til! benevolent government in tho world. Now, what is our then, will you be worthy to be recognized as a distinguished object? It is simply to arrest the sway of this fell spirit of portion of our great American army. [Long continued secession. It is to maintain our Government, to establish choering from the whole regiment.) and vindicato law and order, without which neither happiness nor prosperity oan exist. You are engaged, too, by the

Upon the conclusion of Colonel Cochrane's sporch, loud strength of your arms, to protect our commerce with other and repeated calls being made for the Secretary of War, Mr. nations, and when victory crowns your dovotion to your Cameron came before the regiment, and said: country's cause--as it hasuredly will-you will be proudly pointed at as the champions of American rights, as men Soldiers : It is too late for me to make you a speech to who havo maintained their dearest principles, and as those night, but I will say that I heartily approve every sentiwho, from this time forward, shall live in the most grateful ment uttered by your noble commander. The doctrines remembrance of the living, and whose names shall descend which he has laid down I approve of as if they were my with marks of imperishable honor to the remotest pos own words. They are my sentiments-sentiments which terity. But, soldiers, to accomplish all this, not merely will not only lead you to victory, but which will in the end arms are necessary, not merely men to carry them, but reconstruct this our glorious Federal Constitution. It is that powerful and overwhelming spirit which constitutes idle to talk about treating with these rebels upon their own and makes us men, that spirit which lifts us above the terms. We must meet them as our enenies, treat them as creeping things of the earth, and brings near the Deity, in enemies, and punish them as enemies, until they shall learn accomplishing his work on earth. Oh, then, let us not to behave themselves. Every means which God has placalin think that the battle is to the strong "-let us not merely our hands it is our duty to use for the purpose of protecting depend on discipline and order, but with that fervidness of ourselves. I am glad of the opportunity to say here, what soul which inspired our fathers at Bunker Hill, and Saratoga, I have already said elsewhere, in these few words, that I and Yorktown, come forward and give effect to all that is approve the doctrines this evening enunciated by Colond Coch valuable in the name of patriotism, and honor, and religion. rane. (Loud and prolonged cheering.)


gress, 140.

States Government, 34; parchaso of Government arms

by, in 1860, 35; resolutions of Legislature of, on mili.
ADAMS, Charles Francis, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con. tary employment of slaves, 282; soldiers in the army,
gress, 48; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53 ;

report of, 57; Secretary Seward's letter to, on Trent ALBANY Evening Journal, adjustment proposition of, 74.
affair, 338

ALDRICH, Cyrus, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
ADAMS, Green, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49. 49; in Thirty-Seventh, 1:22.
ADAYS, James H., Commissioner to Washington, 2; cor ALEXANDER, William C., member of Peace Conference, 67.
respondence with President Buchanan, 29–32.

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, opening of port of, to trade, 119.
ADAMS, Wirt, Commissioner from Mississippi to Louisiana, ALIENS, President's proclamation relative to, 272.
11; received by Convention, 3.

ALLEGED foreign enlistment, 313-315.
ADDRESS of South Carolina Convention to Slaveholding States, ALLEN, Charles, member of Poace Conference, 67.

12; of loyal Governors in favor of Emancipation, 233. ALLEN, Henry, W., rebel Governor of Louisiana, on recon.
ADJUSTMENT, propositions of, in Thirty-Sixth Congress-In struction, 331.

House, by Messrs. Thayer, John Cochrane, Haskin, ALLEN, James C., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
Mallory, Stevenson, English, Kilgore, Holman, Niblack,

gress, 1-10.
McClernand, Noell, Hindman, Larrabee, Anderson of | ALLEN, William, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
Missouri, Smith of Virginia, Sickles, Dunn, Adrain, 49; in Thirty-Seventh., 122; resolutions of, respecting
Morris of Pennsylvania, Stewart of Maryland, Leake, the object of the war, 285; resolution of, not to use
Jenkins, Cox, Hutchins, Sherman, Etheridge, Davis of

money appropriated in emancipating slaves, 287.
Indiana, Florence, Fenton, Kellogg of Ilinois, and Val ALLEN, William J., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
landigham, 53–57 ; report of Committee of Thirty-three gress, 123; in Thirty-Eighth, 110.
and votes upon, 67-62; on Constitutional Convention, Allison, William B., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con.
62–64; on Mr. Kellogg's, 63 ; on Mr. Clemens's, 63.
In Senate, Mr. Pugh's and 'vote, 63 ; Mr. Doolittle's Alley, John B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
and vote, 64 ; Mr. Bingham's and vote, 64; Mr. Grimes's 4%; in Thirty-Seventh, 122; in Thirty-Eighth, 140.
and vote, 64 ; Mr. Powell's amendment to Mr. Critten- ALVORD, Lieutenant Henry E., captured Moseby's military
den's proposition, 65; Mr. Clark's, 68; re-consideration

papers, 119.
and rejection of, 66; final defeat of the Crittenden AMERICA, Central and South, monarchical intrigues in, 343.
proposition, 66 ; remarks of Senators Johnson and La-American, Baltimore, on arrests, 153.
tham thereon, 66, 67; tho Peace Conference, members AMES, James T., purchase of Government arms by, in
and proposition of, votes on, 68, 69 ; Senate Committee 1860, 35.
of Thirteen and votes therein, 70-72; propositions of Ames, Oakes, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140.
Senators Joseph Lane, and Andrew Johnson, Represen- Ames, Samuel, nember of Peace Conference, 67.
tatives Barrett, Pryor, Colfax, Vallandigham, and Mor AMNESTY, President's argument upon, 116; proclamations
ris of Illinois, and Border-States meeting, 73; of New of, 147, 148; accompanying circular of Attorney Gen-
York Representatives, Alex. H. H. Stuart, Natimal eral, 118.
Intelligencer, Albany Evening Journal, and Joseph W. Ancona, Sydenham E., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
Taylor, 74 ; New York Sun, Baltimore Exchange, “A Congress, 1:22; in Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolution of,
Distinguished Carolinian," and a correspondent of the concerning enrollment, 270.
National Intelligencer, 75 ; of Mr. Seward, in commit ANDERSON, Clifford, Representative in Second Rebel Con.
tee, 71 ; Senator Hunter, 86-88; and President Buchanan,

gre?8, 402.

ANDERSON, Fulton, commissioner from Mississippi to Vir-
ADJUSTMENT, Mr. Lincoln's reported opinion on, 67.

ginia, 11; received by Virginia, 6.
ADMINISTRATION of Abraham Lincoln, 105–194.

ANDERSON, Josiah, M., member of Peace Conference, 68.
ADBAIN, Garnett B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- ANDERSON, J. Patton, Deputy in rebel Provisional Congress,

gress, 48; proposition of adjustment by, 54; resolu 11, 400; resigned, 400; vote on secession ordinance, 399.
tion of, on unconstitutional State laws, and vote upon, ANDERSON, Lucien, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

75; on approving Major Anderson's course, 76.
Advertiser, Mobile, comments of, on Floyd's transfer of ANDERSON, Major Robert, Floyd's instructions to, 31; cor-
United States arms South, in 1859-'60, 35.

respondence before firing upon Sumter, 113, 114; report
AFRICAN Slave Trade, propositions respecting and votes, of, 111; resolution approving of course of, 76.

52-72; treaty for the suppression of, 150; modification ANDERSON, Thomas L., Ropresentative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
of, 151; bill to carry out the, 151; bill of rebel Con-
gress concerning, 151; veto of President Davis, 151; | ANDERSON, William C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

intercepted “Coufederate" dispatch upon, 151, 152.
AGNEW, Daniel, Justico Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, ANDREW, John A., Governor of Massachusetts, signer of Al-
decision on enrollment act, 274.

toona Address, 233.
AIKEN, Warren, Speaker of Georgia rebel Honse of Repre- ANTHONY, Henry B., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49;

sentatives, 329; Representative in Second Congresy, 102. Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Lighth, 140; proposition
ALABAMA, vote of, for President, 1; members of Thirty-Sixth of, to repeal proposed constitutional amendment of 1861,

Congress, 48, 49; deputies in rebel Provisional Con 258.
gress, 11, 400; members of First Congress, 401; of ANTHONY, Lieutonant Colonel D. R., order on fugitive slaves,
Second, 102; secession movement in Convention and 251.
Legislature of, 4; ratified Confederato Constitution, 4; APPEAL for recognition to Earl Russell by rebel commis-
Inter-State Commissioners of, 11; makes a loan to the sioners, extract from, 27; Russell's letter to Lyons re-
Provisional Government, 12; seizures and surrenders, specting, 27; President Lincoln's appeal to Border State
in, 27 ; commissioner sent from, to treat with United Representatives and their replies, 213-220.


gress, 140,

gress, 19.

gress, 49.

APPLETON, William, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con gress, 140; resolution of, denouncing negotiation with
gress, 122: resigned, 123.

the rebel leaders, and votes. 294, 299.
ARGUELLES Case, proceedings in Congress respecting, 354, BALDWIN, Roger S., member of Peace Conference, 67 ; prop
355 ; letter of the Captain General of Cuba, 355.

osition for Constitutional Convention, 69.
ARKANSAS, vota of, for President, 1; members of Thirty- BALTIMORE, special election in, in 1861, 9; arrest of Police

Sixth Congress, 48, 49; claimants in Thirty-Eighth, Marshal and Commissioners by General Banks, aad
141; Deputies in rehel Provisional Congress, 11, 400; proceedings concerning, 152; further proceedings to
members of First Congress, 401; of Second, 402; seces specting, 179; Emancipation Resolutions of the City
sion movement in Convention and Legislature, 4; Union Convention of, 226; Fair, President Lincoln's
seizures and surrenders, 28; free Stato government, remarks at, 280, 281; Minutes of Police Commissioners
320, 321 ; report of Lyman Trumbull en admission of in April 1861, 323, 394; Report in Councils on the ex-
Senators from, and vote, 320, 321 ; officers of new Stato penditure of $500,000 appropriation, same period, 396
government, :21; Representatives and Senators from, 396; Union National Convention in, 403.
fail to obtain seats, 321 ; President Lincoln's letters to BALTIMORE American on arrests, 153.
Major General Steele and William M. Fishback respect. BALTIMORE Evening Transcript, suppression of, 192
ing election in, 322; soldiers in the army, 399.

BALTIMORE Exchange, adjustment proposition of, 75.
ARMS, United States, transfer of, South in 1859–60, 34: pur. BANISHMENT, proclamation of, by Jefferson Davis, 121.

chase by Alabama and Virginia in 1860, 35; purchase BANKING System, proceedingy on repealing tbe, 365.
of, by Governor of Virginia prior to secession, 36; sale BANK Notes, small, President Lincoln's veto of bill for, 350;
of, to States, 36; Jefferson Davis's bill to authorize such proposed issue of, 363.
sale, 36; discussion and vote on in the Senate, 36, 37; BANKS, A. P., coupected with rebel commissioners, 1n8.
Mobile Advertiser's comment on Floyd's transfers, 35; BANKS, Nathaniel P., Major Genoral, instructions to Lieut

Burch's resolution relative to California's quota of, 41. Col. Ruger, respecting arrests of Maryland legislatura,
ARMY, rebel, strength of, 117, 121, 399.

153; arrest of Police Commissionera, Marshal Kane,
ARNOLD, Isaac N., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con and others, in Baltimoro, and reasons therefor, 152

gress, 1:22; in Thirty-Eighth, 140; bili of, respecting BARKSDALE, Ethelbert, Reprosentative in First Rebel Con
the President's emancipation proclamation, 229, 230; gress, 402; in Second, 402.

proposition to amend the Constitution and vote, 258. BARK DALE, William, Representative in the Thirty-Sixth
ARNOLD, Samur G., member of Peace Conference, 67; Sen Congress, 49; sent telegram south, 37;

withdrer, 3.
ator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 123.

BARNWELL, Robert W., commissioner to Washington, 2;
ARRESTS of citizens, 152-154; President Lincoln's and Secre and correspondence with President Buchanan, 29-32;

tary Stanton's orders respecting, 154; of Vallandigham, deputy to Provisional Congress, 2, 11, 400; Senator in
162; Mr. Pendleton's resolution in Honse denouncing, First Congress, 401; in Second, 402; vote on secession,
182; proceedings respecting sumdıy, 179-181; resolu-

tions, votes, and legislation respecting persons in ar- BARR, Martin W., arrest of, 153.
rest, 18-185; (eneral Augur's order respecting military, Barr, Thomas J., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
187; W. Situlsbury's amendment respecting, and vote, 48; adjustment proposition of, 74.
236, 237,

BARRETT, J. R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress
ARRINGTON, A. H., Representative in First Rebel Congress, 49; adjustment proposition of, 73; member of Border

States Committee, 73.
ARTICLE of War, new, 237, 238.

BARRINGER, David M., member of Peace Conference, 68.
AsBoth, Brigadier General, orders of, respecting the election Barrow, Washington, Commissioner of Tennessee in leaga
in Kentucky, 313.

ing her with tho * Confederate" States, 5.
ASRE, Tuomas S., deputy in rebel Provisional Congress, Barry, Capt. G., purchase of Government arms by, in 1800,

ASHLEY, James M., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, BARRY, Wm. S., deputy in rebel Provisional Congress, 11,
49; in Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; in Thirty-Eighth, 140.

ASEMORE, John D., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, BARTOW, Francis S., deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
49; withdrew, 1.

11, 400.
ATKINS, John D. C. deputy in rebel Provisional Congress, BATES, Daniel M., member of Peace Conference, 67.

400; Representative in First Congress, 402; in Second, Bates, Edward, Attorney General, 109; circular of, respect

ing annesty, 118, 119; opinion of, concerning habeas
ATLANTA (Georgia) Intelligencer on reconstruction with the corpus, 159-161; letter of, respecting execution of fo-
Northwestern States, note, 303.

gitive slave law, note, 235; opinion of, concerning pay
ATTORNEY General, circular of respecting amnesty, 149, 149; of colorca chaplains, 279, 280; citizenship, 378-8St; pay

opinion of respecting the President's powers, 51, 52; of colored soldiers, 384, 385.
concerning habus corpus, 158-161; concerning execu- BATES, James P., member of bogus legislative council of
tion of fusitive slave law, 23); concerning pay of col Kentucky, 8.
ored chaplains, 279, 290; concerning citizenship, 378- Batson, Felix I., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
381; on pey of colored soldiers, 381, 355.

401; Second, 102.
AUGUR, C. C. Major General, order of respecting military BATTLE, Judge, North Carolina, view on habeas corpul,
arrests, 187.

AVERELL, A. A. General, order of, to prohibit slaves leaving BATTELLE, Robbins, member of Peace Conference, 67.
the city of Washington, 245.

BAXTER, Elisha, claimer seat as Senator from Arkansas in
AVERY, William T., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140.

BAXTER, II. lleury, member of Peace Conference, 67.
AVERY, William W., deputy in rebel Provisional Congress, BAXTER. Portus Representative in Thirty-Serenth Con

gress, 122; in Thirty-Eighth, 140.
AYER, L. M., member of First Rebel Congress, 400; of Sec- BAYARD, Jumes A., Senator in 'Thirty-Sixth Congrere, 43;
ond, 402; vote on secession ordinance, 398.

Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Lighth, and resignation of,

110; resolution respecting the arrozt of the Baltimore

Police Commissionere, 179; proposition on enrullment,

BABBITT, Elijah, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, BAYLOR, A. R., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, 402.
48 ; in Thirty Sevenih, 122.

Beale, Charles I. Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
BACKUS, Franklin T., member of Peace Conference, 68.

Bail, bill for, of persons arrested, 183.

BEAMAN, Fernando C., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
BAILEY, Goldsmith F., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1:22; in Thiriy-Eighth, 110.
Congress, 1:22; Death of, 123.

BEAUFORT (8. C.) opened to trade, 149.
BAILY, Joseph. Representative in Thirty-Soventh Congress, BEAUREGARD, G. T., correspoudence of, with Major Ander
1:22; in Thirty-Eighth, 140.

son, before bombarding Fort Suunter, 113, 11t.
BAKER, Edward D., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48 ; Bee, San Francisco, on a Paciñc Republic, 12.

in Thirty evenih, 122 ; death of, 123; colloquy with BELL, Casper W., Deputy in rebui Provisional Congres
Senator llunter, January 11, 1861, 88.

BAKER, Jante: M., Sepator in First Rebel Congress, 401; | BELL, II. P., Representative in First Rebel Congress, 401;
Second, 102; vote on secession ordinance, 319.

in Second, 102.
BAKER, Stophen, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con Brll, John, roto for President, 1.
greve, 122.

BELL, Joshna F., meinbus of Peace Conference, 68.
BALDWIN, Aukustus C., Representative in Thirty-Eighth BENJAMIN, Judlah P., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Coor, 18;
Congress, 140.

telegram South, 37; withdrew, ti Attoruny (Derai and
Baldwin, Jobn B., vote on secession ordinance in Virginia Secretary of War in Rebel Prorisional Grernment, 12

Convenion, nole, 7; Representative in First Rebel Con 400; Secretary of War, and Secretary of State in Per
gress, 402; in Second, 402.

manent Governmeut, 401; interested dispatch to
BALDWIN, Jobu D., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con Lamar, 151, 152; order of arrest of Judge Patterson

gress, 48.

and Crlonel Pickens, of East Tennessee, 187; order on gross, 49; withdrew, 1; appointed on Committee of
bridge burping, 157.

Thirty-three and declined, 53; deputy to Rebel Pro
BexniNo, I dry L., Commissioner from Georgia to Virginia, visional Congress, 2, 11, 400: member of First Congress,
11; received ly Convention, 0.

402; second, 402; statement respecting forts in Charles-
Bestox, Thomas II., on the disunion conspiracy, 390.

ton harbor, 30; voto on secession ordinance, 398.
BERNARD, General of Engineers in the service of the United Boyn, Sempronius H., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Cod-
States, a citizen of France, allusion of Attorney General

gress, 140.
Bates, 378.

BOYLE, Brigadier General, order on impressments, 315.
BERRETT, James G., arrest and release of, 153.

Boyle, Llewellyn, request of, for special session of Legisla-
BEKKY, N. S., Guvernor of New llampshire, and signer of ture of Maryland, 8.
the Altoon Address, 233.

BRADSON, Robert B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
BIDDLE, Charles J., Rr presentative in Thirty-Seventh Con-

gress, 49.
gress, 122.

BRADFORD, Alexander W., member of Peace Conference, 68;
BIGLER, William, Sepator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Governor of Maryland, election affairs of, 309-311,

member of Committee of Thirteen, 70; proposition of BRADLEY, Benjamin F., Representative in Second Rebel Con-
wijustment and votes, 71, 72

gress, 402.
BILLUPS, Jobn, Speaker of Georgia Rebel IIouse of Repre- BRAGG, Braxton, reported offered, and declined, rebel Secre-
sentatives, 329.

taryship of War, 402.
BINGHAM. John A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- BRAGG, Thomas, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congrega, 48.

gres, 49; iu Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1:22; proposition BRANCH, A. M., Representative in Second Rebel Congress,
of a ljustment, 50; bill of, to collect duties on imports, 402.
78: substituto of, for emancipation bill, and vote npon, BRANCH, Lawrence O'B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth

Congress, 49; on select committee of investigation, 80;
BINGHAM, Kingsley S., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; resolution on keeping troops in the District of Colum-

in Thirty-Seveuth, 122; death of, 123; proposition of, bia, 81; reports on disposition of the navy and resigna
respecting amendment of the Constitution, 6t.

tions therein, on militia bill, Buchanan's correspondence
BINNEY, Ilorace, views of, on suspension of writ of habeas with rebel commissioners, and secession, 84, 85.
corpus, 161.

BRANDEGEE, Augustus, Representative in Thirty-Eighth
BLACK, J. S., Attorney General and Secretary of State, 28; Congress, 140.

opinion of, upon the powers of the President, 50. BRAYTON, William D., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
BLAINE, James G., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

gress, 140; resolution respecting amendment of the BRECKINRIDGE, Robert J., Jr., Representative in First Rebel
Constitution, 259.

Congress, 401.
BLAIR, Austin, Governor of Michigan, and signer of Altoona BRECKINRIDGE, Robert J., Sr., temporary chairman of Balti-
Address, 233.

more Union Convention, and remarks, 403-405.
BLAIR, Francis P., jr., Representative in Thirty-Seventh BRECKINRIDGE, John C., vote of, for President, 1; Vice Pres-

Congress, 122; in Thirty-Eigbth, 140; unseated, 141; ident, Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Senator in Thirty-
amen.Iment of, to the emancipation will, and vote upon, Seventh, 122; expulsion, 123; escape, 153; proposition
199, 200; on select committee on conipensated emanci to withdraw troops from rebellious States, 290; candi-
pation, 213; letter of General Ialleck to, note, 248; date for Rebel Congress and views on reconstruction,
Senato resolution supposed to refer to his case, 375;

report of Ilouso Comiittee of Elections in case of, and BRESH WOOD, Captain, surrender of his vessel to rebels, 28.
proceedings upon, 375.

BREWER, T. N., arrest of, 153.
BLAIR, Jacob B., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, BRIDGE-Burners, in East Tennessee, Benjamin's order for

122; in Thirty-Eighth, 141 ; substitute of, for the en hanging, 187.
rollment bill, and vote, 267; resolutions of, relating to BRIDGERS, John L., commissioner from North Carolina to
the war, 293.

Rebel “Provisional” Congress, 12.
BLAIR, Montgomery, Postmaster General, 108; report of, on BRIDGERS, Robert R., Representative in First Rebel Con-
exclusion of newspapers, 188-191.

gress, 402; Second, 402.
BLAIR, Sumuel S.. Representative in Tlıirty-Sixth Congress, BRIDGES, George W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
48 ; Thirty-Seventh, 122.

gress, 122,
BLAKE, Harrison G., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cop- BRIGGS, George, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,

gress, +9; in Thirty-Seventh, 122; resolution of, relating 48; adjustment proposition of, 74.
to the prosecution of the war, 292.

BRIGHT, Jesse D., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
BLANFORD, Mark II., Represontative in Second Rebel Con Thirty-Seventh, and expulsion, 123.
gress, 102.

BRISTOW, Francis S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
Bliss, George, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, gress, 49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53.

BROCKENBROUGH John W., member of Peace Conference, 68;
BLOCKADE, President's proclamations of, 149; proclamations deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.
raising, of certain ports, 119.

BRONSON, Greene C., member of Peace Conference, 67.
Blow, Henry T., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- BROOKE, John B., in favor of meeting of Legislature of Mary-

laud, 9.
BOCOCK. Thomas S., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- BROOKE, Walter, deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11,

gress, 49; address to people of Virginia, 40; member of 400; views on re-construction, 329; see MEM. 401.
rebel “Provisional" Congress, 400; member and Speaker Brooklyn Eagle, presented by grand jury and excluded from
of First Rebel Congress, 401; of second, 402.

the mails, 188-192.
Boxds of United States, proposed State taxation of, 359, 360. BROOKS, James, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congrese,
BONHAM, Milleuge L., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con 140; letter of George N. Sanders to, 330.

gress, 19; withdrew, 1; Commissioner to Mississippi, 11; BROOMALL, John M., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
statement of respecting forts in Charleston liurbor, 30; Congress, 140; substitute for enrollment bill, 266; res
member of First Rebel Congress, 100; elected Governor olution concerning, 270; substitute of, for Mr. Colfax's
of South Carolina, 402.

resolution to expel Alexander Long, 387.
BORDEK Slave State Representatives, interviews of President Browy, Albert Gallatin, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
Lincoln with, 210, 211, 213-220.

48; telegram south, 37; withdrew, 5; on protecting
BOKDER State embassies, Charleston Mercury on, 3.

slavery in the Territories, 90; captain in rebel service,
BORDER States meeting, and adjustment proposition of, 73. 401 ; Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401; Second, 402;
BOTELER, Alexander R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con on repealing substitute law, 121.

gress, 49; motion for adjustment committee of thirty- Brown, B. Gratz, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 140;
three, 52; bopeful despatch of, 39; remarks on ro-con Indian enlistments, 264; substitute for roconstruction
struction, 329; menber of rebel Provisional Congress, bill, 318.
401; of First Ceugress, 102.

Brown, George William, police commissioner and Mayor of
BOUDINOT, E. C., Delegate from the Cherokee Nation at sec Baltimore, arrest of, and reasons for, 152; minutes of
ond session of First Rehel Congress, 402.

the board, 393, 394.
Botidin, ooil, inotion in Virginia Convention, 7; vote on BROWN, James S., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
secension ordinance, note, 7.

greys, 140; resolutions respecting reconstruction, 319,
BOCLIONY, Jolin E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con 320.
gresy, 19; refusal to withdraw, 4.

BROWN, John Young, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
BOUTWELL, Georgo S., Incmber of Peace Conference, 67 ;

Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140; remarks BROWN, Joseph E., Governor of Georgia, 2; proclamation
on issue of emancipation proclamation, 232; resolutions of, concerning northern indebtedness, 2; call for non
on re-construction, 328.

groes, 282.
Bowden, Lemuel J., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, and Brown, William G., vote on secession ordinance, note, 7;
death of, 140.

Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122; This
BOYCE, William W., kepresentative in Thirty-Sixth Con ty-Eighth, 140; resolutions relating to the War, 293.

gress, 110.

gress, 19.


BROWNE, George II., member of Pence Conference, 67 ; Rep 69; of the Thirty-Seventh, 588; of the Thirty-Eight,
resentative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1:22.

141; secession-attempt in, 41; Union resvlutions of the
BROWNE, William M., rebel Assistant Secretary of Stato, 12. Assembly, 41.
BROWNING, O. H., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122; Call for ne roes, of General Joseph E. Brown of Georgia,
superseded, 123 ; amendments to militia bill, 275.

282; of General Magruder, 283.
BROWNSVILLE, port opened, 149.

Calls for troops, the President's, 114, 115, 270.
BRUCE, E. M. , member of bogus legislative council of Ken Calvert Charles B., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Coo-

tucky, 8; member of First Rebel Congress, 401; Sec gress, 1:22: viewson compensated emancipation, 213-217;
ond, 402.

peace resolution,235.
Betce, H. W., member of bogus legislative council of Ken Cameron, Simon, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congresa, 48;

tucky, 8; member of First Rebel Congress, 401 ; Second, Secretary of War, and resignation of, 108: orier of ar-

rest of the members of the Maryland Legislature, 153;
BRUCE, James C., Commissioner of Virginia in making mili letters of, to General Butler, 215; instructions of, töten

tary league, 8; vote on Secession ordinance, note, 7. eral Sherman, 247-218; extract from Keport of, and no.
BRUNE, John C , arrest of, 162.

ification of, by the President, 219; letter of, to General
BRYAN, T. S., Assistant Secretary of Russellville (Ky.,) Con. McClellan respecting the Marylan'l election, 209; Pres
gress, 8.

ident's Message respecting the House resolution of cente
BUCHANAN, James, changes in Cabinet of, 28 ; letter to the suro of, 333, 334; remarks, November 13, 1801, on col-

South Carolina Commissioners, 29, 32-34 ; report of ored troops, 416.
special committee on, 85; declines to receive Commis. CAMPBELL, James, opinion, as Postmaster General, on excla-
sioner from Alabama, 34 ; last annual message of, 49; ding newspapers from the mails, 189.
the power to coerce a state discussed ip, 49; explana- CAMPBELL, James H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
tory amendment to the Constitution rec immended by, gress, 48; in Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Com-
60 ; message of January 8, alluded to, 80; public credit mittee of Thirty-three, 53; resolution of, recommend
during his administration, 365, 266; proposed censure of, ing confiscation of slaves, &c., of rebels, 287.
and proceedings in the Senate, 387.

CAMPBELL, John A., letters of, to Secretary Seward, 110, 111;
BUCKALEW, Charles R., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, to Jefferson Davis, 111.

140; amendment to civil appropriation bill, respecting CAMPBELL, J. A. P., deputy in Rebel Provisional Congresa,
testimony of colored persuns, parties to suits, and vote,
243; amendment of, io national currency bill, and vote, CAMPBELL, J. Mason, Senator Mason's desire to sec, 393.

CANBY, E. R.S., General, President's order through, for C.L.
BUCKNER, Aylett H., member of Peace Conference, 68.

Vallandigham's deportation, 102.
BUELL, Don Carlos, Brig. Gen., letter of, to J. R. Underwood, CANNON, William, member of Peace Conference, 68; Gover.
offering to return fugitive slaves, 250.

nor of Delaware, proclamation of, 312.
BUFFINTON, James, Representative in Tbirty-Sixth Congress, CAPERTON, Allen T., vote on secession ordinance in Virginia
48 ; in Thirty-Seventh, 122.

Convention, 7, note; Senator in First Rebel Congress,
BURCH, John C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 401; Second, 402.

49'; resolution relative to California's quota of arms, 41; Carlile, John S., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report of,

gress, 122; Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 13;
58; proposition for Constitutional Convention, 62; for a in Thirty-Eighth, 110; offer of Peace Conference prop-
Pacific republic, 41.

osition in Virginia Convention, and vote, 7; vote of, on
BUREAU of Freedmen's Affairs, bill to establish, and vote

secession ordinance, note, 7; substitute of, for indemnity
upon in House, 259, 260; bill reported in Senate, bill and vote upon, 185; on compensated emancipation,
amendment of W. Saulsbury, and vote, 260 ; W. T. Wil-

213-217; resolution of, relating to the prosecution of the
ley's amendment, and vote, 260; Henry Wilson's war, 290 ; resolutions of, on the relations of the rebel
amendment, and vote, 260; postponement of bill to De-

lious States to the Government, 326.
cember 20th next, 260.

CARROLL, James, of Maryland, Disunion letter of, 9.
BURKE, Martin, Col., refusal of, to obey writ of Judge Gar- CARTER, Luther C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
rison, 152,

BURLINGAME, Anson, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- CAREY, John, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49.
gress, 48.

CARUTHERS, Robert L., member of Peace Conference, 63.
BURNETT, Theodore L., Representative in First Rebel Con- CABE, Charles, Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Congress,

gress, 401 ; Second, 402.
BURNHAM, Alfred A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- CASEY, Samuel L., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
gress, 48 ; in Thirty-Seventh, 123.

gress, 123; on Select Committee on compensated eman-
BURNS rescue caso, resolution concerning, and Col. T. W.

cipation, and views on, 213, 217, 218.
Higginson, 244.

Cass, Lewis, Secretary of State, and resigned, 28.
BURNSIDE, A. E., Brig. Gen., proclamation of, to the people CHAMBERLAIN, Jacob P. Representative in Thirty-Seventh
of North Carolina, 249, 250; order No. 38, 162 ; desig.

Congress, 123.
nation by, of Fort Warren for confinement of “r. Val. CHAMBERLAIN, Levi, member of Peace Conference, 67.
landigham, 162.

CHAMBERS, Ezekiel F., proposed member of Board of Public
BURNSIDE, I. P., member of bogus legislative council of

Safety in Maryland, 9; vote on emancipation in Mary-
Kentucky, 8.

land, 227.
BUTLER, Benjamin F., Maj. Gen., letter of Governor Hicks CHAMBERS, Henry C., Representative in First Rebel Con-

to, reply of, and Governor Hicks's protest to, 9; to Gen-
eral Scott, 244; affair with Brig. Gen. Phelps, 232 ; ex- CHAMBLISS, John R., vote on Socession Ordinance in Vir-
tract from Davis's proclamation of outlawry, note, 283.

ginia Convention, note, 7; Representative in First Rebel
BUTLER, Pierce, arrest of, 153.

Congress, 401.
BUTLER, William 0., member of Peace Conference, 68.

CHANDLER, L. II., claimant for seat as Representative in
BUTTERFIELD, Martin, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.

Thirty-Eighth Congress, 141.

CHANDLER, Theophilus P., member of Peace Conference, 67.
gress, 48.
BURNETT, Henry C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

CHANDLER, Zachariah, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congres,
gress, 49; expulsion of, 123 ; Chairman of Russell 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; amend-
ville (Ky.) Congress, 8; deputy in Rebel Provisional

ment to enrollment bill, 264.
Congress, 400 ; Senator in First Congress, 401; in Sec-CHANLER, John W., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

ond, 402.
BURTON, Governor, of Delaware, reply of, to President's call CHAPLAIN, Alexander, resolutions in the Legislature of
for troops, 114.

Maryland, 398.

Charlotte. Bulletin, Clingman's telegram to, 11.

CILABE, Salmon P., member of Peace Conference, 68; Secre-

tary of the Treasury and resignation, 108; letter on
CABINET of Mr. Buchanan, 28; Mr. Lincoln, 108; Jeff. Davis, “Legal Tenders," 358, 339; National Curtbey will,
400, 401.

note, 365; redemption of Treasury loans and notes,
CADWALADER, George, General, refusal to obey a writ in notr, 367.

the Merryman case, 154; remarks of Chief Justico Ta- CHESNUT, James, Jr., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
ney, 155.

resigned, 2; deputy in Rebel Provisional Congo,
CADWALADER, John, Judge United States, decision on en 2, 11, 400; Aid to Beauregard, 113; vote on Secession
rollment act, 273.

Ordinance, 398.
CALHOCY, A. P., commissioner from South Carolina to Ala- Chilton, William P., depnty in Rebel Provisional Cose
bama, 11 ; received by Convention, 4.

gress, 11, 400; Representative in First Rebel Congress,
Calhoun, John C., bill of, relative to security of the mails, 401; Secondl, 402.

CHITTENDEN, Lucius E., member of Peace Conference, 67.
CALIFORNIA, vote of, for President, 1; not represented in CARISMAX, James S., member of bogus legislative council of

Peace Conference, 60; members of Thirty-Sixth Congress, Kentucky, 8; deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,

gress, 402.

gress, 140,

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