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The Enrollment Acts.

May, Morris, Noble, Norton, Nugen, Pendleton, Perry, Por

ter, Price, Riddle, Robinson, Edward H. Rollins, James as ACT OF MARCH 3, 1863.

Rollins, Shanks, Sherman, Shiel, John B. Steele, William G. Third Session, Thirty-Seventh Congress.

Sterle, Stiles, Vallandigham, Van Wyck, Voorhees, Wads

worth, Wall, Ward, Washburne, Albert S. White, Chillon The bill passed the Senate without a call of A. White, Wickliffe, Wilson, Windom, Wood, Worcester,

Yeaman-67. the yeas and nays.

YEAS-Messrs. Aldrich, Arnold, Ashley, Babbitt, Baily, IN HOUSE.

Baker, Baxter, Biddle, Bingham, Jacob B. Blair, William G.

Brown, Buffinton, Calvert, Campbell, Casey, Chamberlain, February 25--Mr. Cox moved to insert the Clark, Frederick

A. Conkling, Crisfield, Cutler, Delano, Dunn, word "white" so as to limit th@enrolment to Edgerton, Edwards, Ely, English, Fenton, Samuel C. Fessen"white" able-bodied males.

den, Thomas A. D. Fessenden, Fisher, Flanders, Frank,

Gooch, Goodwin, Gurley, Hahn, Harrison, Hickman, Mr. Lovejoy called the yeas and nays, but Hooper, Horton, Kelley, Killinger, Lansing, Lazear, Leary, they were not ordered. And the amendment Lehman, Loomis, Lovejoy, Low, McIndoe, McKean, Mewas disagreed to-yeas 53, nays 85.

Knight, Marston, Maynard, Moorhead, Anson P. Morrill,

Nixon, Olin, Patton, Timothy G. Phelps, Pike, Pomeroy, Mr. WICKLIFFE, of Kentucky, moved to add Alexander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Sargent, Sedgwick, Segar, the following to the thirteenth section:

Shejjield, Shellabarger, Sloan, Smith, Spaulding, Stratton, Provided, That the men thus called into the service sball Benjamin F. Thomas, Francis Thomas, Train, Trimble,

Trowbridge, Van Horn, Verree, Walker, Wallace, Walton, be by the Governor of the State organized into companies Webster, Wheeler, Woodruff, Wright87. and regiments, and officers to command them shall be appointed and commissioned by authority of the State accord

Mr. Holman moved a substitute, the leading ing to the provisions of the constitution and laws thereof, features of which are embodied in these secand in obedience to the Constitution of the United States.

tions : Which was negatived-yeas 55, nays 104.

That such militia of the several States shall be enrolled The Yeas were:

under the authority of the respective States, and when any Yk49--Messrs. William Allen, William J. Allen, Ancona, number thereof shall be called out by the President of the Baily, Biddle, Clements, Conway, Corning, Cox, Crarens, United States as authorized by law, the same shall be orCrittenden, English, Fisher, Fouke, Granger, Grider, Hale, ganized into companies and regiments by the Governor of Hall, Harding, Holman, Johnson, Kerrigan, Killinger, such State, subject to the regulations established by the Knapp, Law, Lazear, Mallory, May, Menzies, Morris, Noble, President of the United States in pursuanco with existing Norton, Nugen, Pendleton, Perry, Price, Robinson, James law, and the company, field, and staff officers of the forces S. Rollins, Shiel, Smith, John B. Steele, William G. Steele, so organized shall be commissioned by such Governor as Stiks, Valandigham, Voorhees, Wadsworih, Ward, Webster,

now provided by law for commissioning officers for the volWhaley, Chilton A. White, Wicklife, Wood, Woodruff, unteer forces: Provided, That such militia shall not bo Wright, Yeaman-55.

called out for a period of more than one year: And pro

vided further, That the President of the United States in TIE $300 COMMUTATION CLAUSE. *

calling out the militia shall apportion the number from Mr. Holman moved to strike out the thir- number of volunteers or militia already furnished by the

each State according to population, having regard to the teenth section, which provides for a commuta- States respectively: tion, not exceeding $300, where parties are

That the pay of the privates in the regular army and volan

teers and militia in the service of the United States shall be drafted; which was disagreed to-yeas 67, $15 per month, from and after the 1st day of March, 1863, Days 87, as follows:

until otherwise provided by law. YEAS-Messrs. William Allen, William J. Allen, Alley, An Which was negatived-yeas 44, nays 108. cona, Beaman, Samuel 8. Blair, Blake, Clements, Colfax, The yeas were : Roscoe Conkling, Conway, Corning, Cox, Cravens, Davis, Dawes, Delapluine, Diven, Eliot, Fouke, Franchot, Granger,

YEAs-Messrs. William Allen, Ancona, Biddle, Conway, Hall, Holman, Hutchins, Johnson, Julian, Francis W. Kel Corning, Cox, Crarens, Crittenden, Delaplaine, English, logg, William Kellogg, Kerrigan, Knapp, Law, McPherson, Fouke, Granger, Hall, Harding, Holman, Johnso, Kerrigan,

Killinger, Knapp, Law, Mallory, May, Menzies, Morris, * Pending the engineer bill in Senate,

Noble, Norton, Nugen, Pendleton, Price, James S. Rollins, March 2–Mr. TRUMBULL offered a section repealing the Shiel, Smith, John B. Steele, William G. Steele, Stiles, Voor commutation clause; which was rejected-yeas 10, nays hees, Wadsworth, Ward, Whaley, Chilton A. White, 'Wood, 25, as follows:

Woodruff, Wright, Yeaman-44. YEAS-Messrs. Grimes, Harlan, Howe, Lane of Indiana, The bill then passed-yeas 115, nays 49, as Peroel, Saulslnury, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Wilkinson, Wilson

follows: of Missouri-10.

NAYE-Messrs. Arnold, Chandler, Clark, Coilamer, Cowan, Yeas—Messrs. Aldrich, Alley, Arnold, Ashley, Babbitt, Davis, Dixon, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Harris, Hender- Baily, Baker, Baxter, Beaman, Bingham, Jacob B. Blair, son, Hicke, Howard, Kennedy, King, Lane of Kansas, Mor Samuel 8. Blair, Blake, William G. Brown, Buffinton, rill, Nesmith, Pomeroy, Sherman, Sumner, Turpie, Willey, Calvert, Campbell, Casey, Chamberlain, Clark, Colfax, Wilson of Massachusetts-25.

Frederick A. Conkling, Roscoe Conkling, Crisfield, Cutler,

Davis, Dawes, Delano, Diven, Dunn, Edgerton, Edwards, these was the following substitute for the 27th
Eliot, Ely, Fenton, Samuel C. Fessenden, Thomas AD section, as reported :
Fessenden, Fisher, Flanders, Franchot, Frank, Gooch,
Goodwin, Granger, Gurley, Hahn, Haight, Hale, Ilarrison,

Hickman, Hooper, Horton, Hutchins, Julian, Kelley, Fran-

Sec. 27. That nothing contained in this act shall be so cis W. Kellogg, William Kellogg, Killinger, Lansing, Leary, construed as to prevent or prohibit the enlistment

of me Lehman, Loomis, Lovejoy, Low, McIndoe, McKean, Mc- in the States in rebellion under the orders of the War DeKnight, McPherson, Marston, Maynard, Mitchell, Moor

partment. head, Anson P. Morrill, Justin S. Morrill, Nixon, Olin, Pat And in lieu thereof insert: ton, Timothy G. Phelps, Pike, Pomeroy, Porter, Alexander

All able-bodied male persons of African descent, between H. Rice, John H. Rice, Riddle, Edward H. Rollins, Sar

ages of twenty and forty-five years of age, whether gent, Sedgwick, Segur, Shanks, Sheffield, Shellabarger, citizens or not, resident in the United States, shall be enSherman, Sloan, Spaulding, Stevens, Stratton, Benjamin rolled according to the provisions of the at to which this F. Thomas, Francis Thomas, Train, Trimble, Trowbridge, is a supplement, and form part of the national forces; and Vandever,' Van Horn, Verree, Walker, Wall, Wallace, when a slave of a loyal citizenshall be drafted and mustered Walton, Washburne, Webster, Wheeler, Albert S. White, into the service of the United States his master shall have a Wilson, Windom, Worcester-115.

certificate thereof. The bounty of $100, now payable by NAY8-Messrs.' William Allen, William J. Allen, Ancona, law for each drafted man, shall be paid to the person to Biddle, Clements, Conway, Corning, Cor, Cravens, Critten- whom such drafted person owes service or labor at the time den, Delaplaine, Dunlap, English, Fouke, Grider, Hall, Har- of his muster into the service of the United States, on free ding, Holman, Johnson, Kerrigan, Knapp, Law, Lazear, ing tho person. The Secretary of War shall appoint a com Mallory, May, Menzies, Norris, Noble, Norton, Nugen, Pen- mission in each of the slave States represented in Congr's dleton, Perry, Price, Robinson, James S. Rollins, Shiel, John charged to award a just compensation, not exceeding $500, B. Steele, William G. Sterle, Stiles, Vallandigham, Voorhees, to each loyal person to whom the colored volunteer may Wadsworth, Ward, Whaley, Chillon A. White, Wickliffe, owe service, who may volunteer into the service of the Wood, Woodruff, Yeaman-49.

United States, payable out of the commutation money upoo IN SENATE.

the master freeing the slave.

Which was agreed to-yeas 84, nays 71, 23 February 28—The Senate resumed the con- follows: sideration of the amendments made by the

YEAs-Messrs. Alley, Allison, Anderson, Arnold, Ashley, House, as recommended by the Military Com- John D. Baldwin, Baxter, Beaman, Jacob B. Blair, Boutmittee, when, after debate,

well, Boyd, Brandegre, Broomall, William G. Brown, Cobb, Mr. BAYARD moved to postpone the bill inde-Creswell, Henry Winter Davis, Thomas T. Davis, Dawes,

Deming, Dixon, Driggs, Eckley, Eliot, Frank, Garfield, finitely, which was negatived-yeas 11, nays Gooch, Grindell, Hale, Ilooper, Hotchkiss, Asahel W. Habe 35, as follows:

bard, John H. Hubbard, Hulburd, Julian, Kasson, Kelley, YEAS—Messrs. Bayard, Carlile, Davis, Kennedy, Latham, Marvin, McBride, McClurg, McIndoe, Samuel F. Miller

Francis W. Kellogg, Orlando Kellogg, Loan, Longyear, Powell, Rice, Richardson, Suulsbury, Wall, Wilson of Mis- Moorhead, Morrill, Daniel Morris, Amos Myers, Leonard souri-11. Nays-Messrs. Anthony, Arnold, Chandler, Clark, Colla- Pike, Pomeroy, Alexander H. Rice, John II. Rice, Edward

Myers, Norton, Charles O'Neill, Orth, Patterson, Perbam, mer, Cowan, Dixon, Doolittle, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, H. Rolling, Schenck, Scofield, shannon, Sloan, Smith, Grimes, Harding, Harlan, Harris, Henderson, Hicks, How- Smithers, Spalding, Starr, Stevens, Thayer, Thomas, Trary, ard, Howe, King, Lane of Indiana, Lane of Kansas, Mc Dou- Upson, Van Valkenburgh, Elibu

B. Washburne, William gall, Morrill, Nesmith, Pomeroy, Sherman, Sumner, Ten B. Washburn, Webster, Whaley, Williams, Wilder, Wilson, Eyck, Trumbull, Wade, Wilkinson, Willey, Wilmot, Wilson Windom, Woodbridge-84. of Massachusetts-35.

NAYS-Messrs. James C. Allen, William J. Allen. Ancarct, The amendments of the House were then Baily, Augustus C. Baldwin, Bliss, Brooks, Janics & Broern, concurred in, and the bill was declared passed. Eden, E'lgerion, Eldridge, Finck, Gunson, Grider, Grisuold

Chanler, Coffroth, Cole, Cox, Crarens, Darson, DeniBUN,

Hall, Harding, Harrington, Benjamin G. Harris, Herrick, THE SUPPLEMENT

THE ENROLLMENT ACT, Iligby, Holman, Hutchins, William Johnson, Kalbfieisch, FEBRUARY 24, 1864.

Kernan, King, Knapp, Law, Lazear, Le Blond, Long, Xullory,

Marcy, McDocell, McKinney, James R. Morris, Morrison, First Session, Thirty-Eighth Congress. Nelson, Noble, Odell, John O'Neill, Pendleton, Radford,

Samuel J. Randall, William II. Raudall, Robinson, Reni, 1864, January 18—The bill passed the Sen-James S. Rollins, Ross, Scott, John B. Steele, Wm. G. Steele ate-yeas 30, nays 10, as follows:

Stilcs, Strouse, Stuart, Sueat, Voorhees, Wadsworth, Wheeler, YEAS-Messrs. Anthony, Clark, Collamer, Conness, Cowan, Wood-71.

Chillon A. While, Joseph W. White, Winfield, Fernando Davis, Dixon, Doolittle, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Hale, Harding, Harlan, Harris, Iloward, Johnson, Lape of Kansas, The bill passed-yeas 94, nays 65, as follows: Morgan, Morrill, Nesmith, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sprague, Sum YEAS-Messrs. Alley, Allison, Anderson, Arnold, Ashner, Ten Eyck, Van Winkle, Wade, Willey, Wilson-30.

ley, Baily, John D. Baldwin, Baxter, Beaman, Jacob B. NAY8- Messrs. Buckalew, Carlile, Grimes, Hendricks, Blair, Boutwell, Boyd, Brandegee, Broomall, William G. Howe, Lane of Indiana, Powell, Suulsbury, Wilkinson, Brown, Cobb, Cole, Creswell, Henry Winter Davis, Thomas Wright10.

T. Davis, Dawes, Deming, Dixon, Driggs, Eckley, Eliot, The bill contained a provision that colored Farnsworth, Frauk, Garfield, Gooch, Grinnell, Grisudd, troops enlisted and mustered into the service of Halo, Higby, Hooper, Hotchkiss, Asahel W. Hubbard,

John H. Hubbard, Hulburd, Jenckes, Julian, Kasson, Kelthe United States in any State shall not be ley, Francis W. Kellogg, Orlando Kellogg, Loan, Longyear, credited upon the quota of any other State ; Marvin, McAllister, McBride, McClurg, McIndoe, Saniel F. which was adopted-yeas 27, naye 11, as fol. Leonard Myers, Norton, Oddll, Charles O'Ne11, Orth, rat

Miller, Moorhead, Morrill, Daniel Morris, Amos Myers, lows:

terson, Perbam, Pike, Pomeroy, William H. Randall, Ales. YEAS-Messrs. Brown, Buckalew, Conness, Cowan, Davis, ander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Edward H. Rollins, Scheuck, Doolittle, Foot, Grimes, Hale, Harding, Harlan, Honderson, Scofield, Shannon, Sloan, Smith, Smíthers, Spalding, Start, Hendricks, Howe, Johnson, Lane of Indiana, Lane of Kan Stevens, Thayer, Thomas, Tracy, I'pson, Van Valkenburgh, bag, Morgan, Morrill, Nesmith, Pomeroy, Ranısey, Sauls- Ellihu B. Washburne, William B. Washburn, Webster, bury, Sherman, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Wright--27.

Whaley, Wherler, Williams, Wilder, Wilson, Windom, NAYS--Messrs. Anthony, Clark, Dixon, Fessenden, Foster,

Woodbridge-94. Harris, Howard, Sprague, Sumner, Wilkinson, Wilson-11.

Nays-Messrs. James C. Allen, Willian J. Allen, Am

cona, Augustus C. Ballwin, Bliss, Brooks, James S. Braton, February 1–The House considered, in Com- Chanler, Coffroth, Cor, Cravens, Dauson, Denison, Elen, Ed mittee of the Whole, the substitute for the gerton, Euridige, Finck, Ganson, Gridler, Hall, Harding, Senate bill reported by the House Committee ins, William Johnson, Kalbfleisch, Kernan, King, Knapp

Harrington, Benjamin G, Harris Herrick, Helman, Hugh on Military Affairs.

Law, Lazear, Le Blond, Mallory, Marcy, McDowell, xckin February 11 - The House agreed to the ney, William H. Miller, James R. Morris, Morrison, Nelma, amendments made by the Committee of the Noble, John O'Neill, Pendleton, Radford, Samuel J. Rendall

Robinson, Rogers, J. S. Rollins, Ross, Scott, John B. Steele, Whole, reserving a few for special vote; among W. G. Siecle, Stiles, Strouse, Stuart, Sweat, Voorhees, Mads


worth, C. A. While, Joseph W. While, Winfield, Fernando | proved March 3, 1863, and the acts anendatory thereof, ag Wood-65.

authorizes the discharge of any drafted person from liability February 15—The Senate non-concurred in to inilitary service by reason of the payment of $300 for the

procuration of a substitute, or otherwise, be, and the same the amendments of the House.

is hereby, repealed: Provided, That nothing contained in February 16—The House insisted on its this act shall be construed to alter the provisions of existamendments, and asked a Committee of Confer- ing laws relative to persons actually furnishing substitutes.

Sec. 2. Thut nothing in the act approved February 24, ence.

1864, amending the act approved March 3, 1863, for enrollFebruary 19—The Senate concurred in the ing and calling out the national forces, shall be construed report of the Committee of Conference-being to repeal that part of the said act approved March 3, 1813, the law as it now is-yeas 26, nays 16, as fol- drafts, shull make a draft of the required number and fitty lows:

per centum in addition." YEAR_Messrs. Anthony, Clark, Dixon, Doolittle, Fessen calling out the national forces, and for other purposes, ap

Sec. 3. That section twelve of the act for enrolling and den, Foot, Foster, Grimes, Halo, Harding, Harris, Hender: proved March 3, 1863, bo, and is hereby, so amended that 800, Johnson, Land of Kansas, Morgan, Morrill, Nesmith, the notice to be served on drafted men may be served within Rams y, Sherman, Sprague, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Van Win. ten days after such draft or at any time within six months kle, Wade, Willey, Wilson---26.

therefrom. NAYS–Messrs. Buckalew, Carlile, Chandler, Conness, Daris, Harkun, Hendricks, Howard, Howe, Lane of Indiana, June 9—Mr. COLLAMER moved the following Prell, Rildle, Seulsbury, Trumbull, Wilkinson, Wright, additional sections : -16.

That all calls for drafts hereafter made under the act enFebruary 19—The House concurred in the titled "An act for enrolling and calling out the national report of the Committee of Conference-yeas 71, forces, and for other purposes," approved March 3, 1863, and

of any act in addition to or amendment thereof, shall be nays 23, as follows:

for a term not exceeding one year. YEAS Messrs. Alley, Allison, Andorson, Arnold, John D. That this act shall not extend to or include drafts to be Baldwin, Buxter, Btainan, Francis P. Blair, Blow, Boutwell, made in any district or subdivision thereof, to fill its quota Brandegee, Broomall, Ambrosu W. Clark, Cobb, Cole, Heury on calls already made, but the same shall be completed unWinter Davis, Dawes, Deming, Dixon, Dumont, Eckley, der the laws in force before the passage hereof. Eliot, Farnsworth, Fenton, Frank, Gooch, Grinuell, Hale, That no person drafted on future calls shall be liable to Higby, Hooper, Asabel W. Hubbard, Jonckes, Julian, Kas: be again drafted until the present enrollment shall be exSop, Kelley, Orlando Kellogg, Loan, Longyear, Marvin, hausted. McBride, McClurg, Samuel F. Miller, Moorhead, Amos

That the number of men furnished from any district for Myers, Leonard Myers, Olell, Charles O'Neil, Orth, Patter the service of the United States beyond and above its quota son, Perbam, Piko, Pomeroy, Price, William H. Randall, on calls heretobefore made, and the term of service of such Alexander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Edward H. Rollins, men, shall be considered and allowed to said district in calls Schenck, Scofield Shannon, Smithers, Spalding, Starr, Sleb hereafter made. bins, Cpson, Van Valkenburgh, Ellibu B. Washburne, Wil The first section of the amendments was liams, Wilder, Wilson, Windom-71.

Nars_Messrs. Aujustus C. Baldwin, Brooks, Chanler, agreed to-yeas 22, nays 17, as follows: Com, Nawaon, Elgerton, Elridge, Benjamin G. Harris, YEAS — Messrs. Anthony, Buckalew, Clark, Collamer, Le blond, Long, McDowell, Mckinney, James R. Morris, Morriso, Noble, John O'Neill, Pendleton, Samuel J. Ran- it is contemplated to make the draft for a comparatively dall, James S. Rollins, Ross, Ward, Chillon A. White, Jo. short term. The burden of military service will thereforo &oph W. White--23,

be lightened, but its certainty of furnishing troops is an
absolute essential to success.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

To the PRESIDENT. 1864, June 8–The Senate took up this bill reported from the Military Committee :


PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAL'S OFFICE, That so much of tho actentitled "An act for enrolling and

WASHINGTON, D. C., June 6, 1864. calling out the national forces, and for other purposes," ap Sir: In accordance with the amended enrollment act ap* Additional legislation is asked by the President, Secre- proved February 24, 1867, and your orders on the subject,' I

am now conducting a draft in various sub-districts for their tary of War, and Provost Marshal General, whose communi

respectivo deficiencies on quotas of troops heretofore as. cations art appended:

signed. The results of this draft, so far as shown by reports To the Senale and

of this date, are worthy of attention. They are, briefly, as House of Representatires :

follows: I have tho honor to submit for tho consideration of Con- Number of drafted men examined

14,741 gress a letter and inclosure from the Secretary of War, with Number exempted for physical disability....... 4,374 my concurrence in the recordmendation therein made.

Number exempted for all other causes ...... 2,632


Total exempted.....

7,016 WAR DEPARTMENT, Number paid commutation money...... 5,050

WASHINGTON CITY, June 7, 1864. Number who have furnished substitutes......... 1,416 SIR: I beg leave to submit to you a report made to me Number held for personal service... by the Provost Marshal General, showing the result of the draft now going on to all the deficiency in the quotas of (This last includes some who may yet pay certain Stite, and recommanding a repeal of the clause in commutation money.) the enrollment act commonly known as the $300 olause. Total not exempted .......................

7,725 The recommendation of the Provost Marshal General is approved by this Department, and I trust that it will be These reports come from sub-districts in eight different recominonded by you to Congress.

States. I invite your attention to the small proportion of The rocent successes that have attended our arms lead to soldiers being obtained under the existing law." I see no the hope that hy maintaining our military strength and reason to believe that the army can be materially strengthgiving it such an increase as the extended field of opera-ened by draft so long as the $300 clause is in force, nor do I tions inay require, an early termination of the war may be think it safo to assume that the commutation paid by a attained. But to accomplish this it is absolutely necessary drafted man will enable the Government to procure a volthat officient means be taken, with vigor and promptners, unteer or substitute in his place. I do not think that large to keep the Army up to its strength and supply deficiencies bounties by the United States should be again resorted to ccasioned by the losses sustained by casualties in the field. for raising troops. I recommend that the $300 clause, as it To that end resort must be had to a draft, but ample expe- is known, be repealed. rience has now shown that the pecuniary exemption from I

am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, service frustrates the oluject of the enrollment law by fur

JAMES B. FRY, nishing money instead of men.

Provost Marshal General.. An additional reason for repealing the $300 clause is that Hon. E. M. STANTON, Secretary of War.

...... 1,259

Davis, Doolittle, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Harris, Howard, | an, Davis, Dixon, Foot, Foster Harris, Hendricks, Johnson, Howe, Lane of Kansas, Morrill, 'Powell, Richardson, Sum- McDougall, Morrill, Powell, Richardson, Riddle, Saulsbury, ner, Van Wiukle, Wade, Wilkinson, Willey, Wilson--22. Van Winkle, Willey, Wilson-21.

Nays-Messrs. Brown, Carlile, Chandler, Conness, Grimes, NAYS—Messrs. Anthony, Brown, Chandler, Connese, Fe Harlan, Henderson, Johnson, McDougall

, Morgan, Nesmith, senden, Grimes, Harlan, Howe, Lane of Indiana, Lade of Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sherman, Sprague, Ten Eyck, Trum- Kansas, Morgan, Nesmith, Ramsey, Sherman, Sprague, ball-17.

Sumner, Ten Eyck, Trumbull-18. The remainiog sections were agreed to. Pending other propositions, the bill was reENLISTMENT OF INDIANS.

committed to the Committee on Military Affairs, June 20-Mr. Brown moved this new section: and all the amendments fell by the recommit:

ment. That in any draft which may hereafter take place, all In

June 23–The Senate considered the bill, dian tribes with whom treaties have been made by the United States and who are receiving annuities from the Gov- which was reported back in the shape in which ernment shall be required to furnish their respective quota cf it was originally reported. men; and that the duties of enrollment, or ascertaining the approximate numbers of said tribes, shall, whenever the

Mr. Morgan moved to amend by adding this same is necessary, be performed by the Indian agents as section: part of their appropriate duty, without further compensa That in the calls for drafts hereafter made under the act tion, under instructions from the Provost Marshal General. “for enrolling and calling out the national forces," and the And in the event that any tribe receiving annuities as afore-acts in addition to or amendatory thereof, the same may be said shall refuse or fail to furnish its required quota, then made for such term of time as the President shall direct, and in that event the whole or such part of their said an- not exceeding one year. nuities as the Secretary of the Interior shall deem adequate to provide substitutes shall be withheld from the annual

Mr. Wilson moved to amend the amendment payment, and shall be placed in the Treasury along with by making it read “shall be made for one the commutation fund heretofore paid for a like purpose: year;" which was rejected-yeas 12, nays 18, And provided further, That the force thus raised may be employed by the Government for the purpose of maintain

as follows: ing peace and protecting from hostile incursion the Indian YEAS-Messrs. Clark, Collamer, Davis, Dixon, Foot, Har and other Territories, and of relieving such troops as are ris, Hendricks, Howe, Johnson, Sumner, Willey, Wilson-12 now engaged in that duty.

NAY8-Messrs. Brown, Chandler, Foster, Grimes, Harlan, Mr. DOOLITTLE moved this substitute for the Howard, Lane of Kansas, Morgan, Pomeroy, Porcell, Ram

sey, Riddle, Saulstury, Sherman, Sprague, Ten Eyck, above:

Trumbull, Wade-18. That the Secretary of War is authorized to receive into

Mr. CHANDLER moved to amend the amend. the military service of the United States Indians of tribes in treaty with the United States, to be employed as a part ment by striking out."not exceeding one year," of the military forcu of the United States for the purpose of and inserting "not less than one or more than maintaining peace and protecting from hostile incursion the three years;" which was rejected-yeas 16, or invading force is in whole or in part composed of hostile nays 23, as follows: Indians.

YEAS — Messrs. Anthony, Brown, Chandler, Connese, Which was agreed to-yeas 24, nays 12, as

Grimes, Harlan, Howard, Howe, Land of Kansas, Pomeroy, follows:

Ramsey, Sherman, Sprague, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Wilkin

son-16. Yeas-Messrs. Chandler, Clark, Collamer, Conness, Dixon,

Nays-Messrs. Buckalew, Carlite, Clark, Collamer, Daris, Doolittle, Foot, Foster, Harlan, Harris, Howard, Lane of Dixon, Doolittle, Foot, Foster, Hale, Harris, Hendricks, Indiana, Lane of Kansas, McDougall, Morgan, Pomeroy,

Johnson, Morgan, Morrill, Powell, Riddle, Suulsbury, SumSherman, Sprague, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Van Winkle,

Wade, ner, Van Winkle, Wade, Willey, Wilson-3. Nays-Messrs. Brown, Buckalew, Carlile, Davis, Grimes, then agreed to-yeas 25, nays 14, as follows:

The amendment offered by Mr. MORGAN was Hendricks, Johnson, Powell, Ramsey, Richardson, Saulsbury, Wilkinson-12.

YEAS—Messrs. Buckalew, Clark, Collamer, Cowan, Dazpis, The amendment, as amended, was then reject- Johnson, Lane of Kansas, Morgan, Morrill, Pomeroy, Porce

Dixon, Doolittle, Foot, Hale, Harris, Hendricks, Howe, ed-yeas 10, nays 29, as follows:

ell, Richardson, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Van Winkle, Wade, YEAS-Messrs. Brown, Doolittle, Grimes, Harlan, Lane of

Willey, Wilson-25. Indiana, Lane of Kausas, McDougall, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Grimes, Howard, Me Douall, Ramsey, Kiddle, Sherman,

NAYS-Messrs. Brown, Carlile, Chandler, Conness, Foster, Sprague-10.

Nars-Messrs. Anthony, Buckalew, Carlile, Chandler, Sprague, Trumbull, Wilkinson–14.
Clark, Collamer, Cowan, Davis, Dixon, Foot, Foster, Harris, Mr. COLLAMER moved to strike out the first
Hendricks, Howard, Joanson, Morgan, Powell, Richardson, section and insert this :
Riddle, Saulsbury, Sherman, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Trum-
bull, Van Winkle, Wade, Wilkinson, Willey, Wilson-29. That the thirteenth section of the act entitled " An act

for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for NO SUBSTITUTION.

other purposes," approved March 3, 1863, is hereby so Mr. McDougall moved to insert this provi- Government for the procuration of a substitute shall not

amended that the sum to be paid by a drafted man to the sion :

exceed $500, instead of $300. And from and after ten days from the passage of this act Which was rejected without a division, substitutes shall not be allowed in place of persons subject

Mr. Grimes moved a new section, which was to draft and regularly drafted into tho service of the United States.

agreed to: Which was rejected-yeas 6, nays 35, as fol That the number of men furnished from any district for lows:

the service of the United States beyond and above its quota

on calls heretoforo made, and the term of service of such YEAS—Messrs. Chandler, Doolittle, Grimos, McDougal, men, shall be considered and allowed to said district in calls Ramsey, Wilkinson–6.

hereafter made. Nays-Messrs. Brown, Buckalew, Carlile, Clark, Collamer,

Mr. Wilson offered this new section, which Conness, Cowan, Davis, Dixon, Foot, Foster, Harlan, Harris, Hendricks, Howard, Howe, Johnson, Lane of Indiana, Land he afterwards withdrew, decided opposition to of Kangus, Morgan, Morrill, Nesmith, Pomeroy, Powell, it being manifested: Richardson, Riddle, Sherman, Sprague, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Van Winkle, Wade, Willey, Wilson-35.

That any persons resident in the States of Virginia, North Mr. HENDRICKS moved to strike out the first sissippi, Louisiana, Texas, or Arkansas, who may voluntarily

Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mis section ; which was agreed to-yeas 21, nays enlist in the military servico of the United states for the 18, as follows:

term of three years or during the war, shall be entitled to

the benefits and privileges of existing laws, and such per YEAS–Messrs. Buckalew, Carlile, Clark, Collamer, Cow- sons shall be mustered into the regiments or other angan

zations of whatsoever State they may elect, or, in the case senden, Foot, Foster, Hale, Lane of Kansas, Morgan, Morrin, of colored troops, shall be assigned as now provided by law. Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sumner, Van Winkle, Wade, Wilkinson, And the States or subdivisions of States procuring such en Wilson-18. listmonts shall receive credit for such persons, in accordance NaYg-Messrs. Buckalero, Carlile, Daris, Doolittle, Harlan, with the laws in other cases; but such enlistments as are Harris, Henderson, Hendricks, Howe, Lane of Indiana, Mc authorized in any State, under the provisions of this act, Daugal, Powell, Riddle, Saulsbury, Sherman, Trumbull, shall only continue until such State shall have been made Willey-17. subject to a call for troops.

IN HOUSE. Mr. Grimes offered the following new section, which was agreed to:

1864, June 13--Mr. SCAENCK introduced this That po person drafted on future calls or who shall volo

bill amendatory of the conscription act: unteer to fill the same shall be liable to be again drafted,

Sec. 1. That so much of the act entitled "An act for enuntil the existing enrollment shall be exhausted.

rolling and calling out the national forces, and for other The bill, as amended, passed-yeas 24, nays sixty-three, and of the soveral acts amendatory thereof, as

purposes," approved March three, eighteen hundred and 7, as follows:

provides for a commutation in money, to be paid by persons YEAS-Messrs. Anthony, Brown, Chandler, Clark, Doolittle,

enrolled or drafted for military service, in lieu of actually Foot, Poster, Grimes, Harlan, "Howard, 'Howe, Lano of rendering such military service, be, and the same is hereby, Kansas, Morgan, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sherman, Sprague, repealed; and hereafter no payment of money shall be acTen Eyck, Trumbull, Van Winkle, Wade, Wilkinson, Wil? cepted or received by the Government to release any enley, Wilson-24.

rolled or drafted man from obligation to perform military Nays-Messrs. Buckalev, Carlile, McDougall, Powell,

duty. Richardson, Riddle, Saulsiury-7.

Sec. 2. That hereafter no person shall be received or ac

cepted to serve in the army of the United States, as a subJune 29--The House having returned a new stitute for any other person liable to military duty and who bill, it was considered in the Senate and amend. may have been enrolled or drafted for that purpose, unless

such substitute be the father, brother, or son of the person ed by substituting the former Senate bill, with so enrolled or drafted, and for whom ho proposes to become an additional section or two.

such substitute. Mr. SHERMAN ofered this new section :

8rc. 3. That the President of the United States may, at

his discretion, at any time hereafter, order a draft under the That for the purpose of paying the bounties and of en provisions of the "Act for enrolling and calling out the naforcing the draft provided for in this act, there be levied and tional forces, and for other purposes," approved March collected in addition to the duties imposed by law, a special third, eightoon hundred and sixty-three, and of the several duty of five per cent. on all incomes exceeding $600, accru acta amendatory thereto, for soldiers to serve for a less peing during the year 1861, which duty shall be assessed and riod than three years: Prorided, however, That no such collected in the mode and according to the provisions, penal- draft shall be for a less term of service than one year. ties, and restrictions provided in the act approved —, en SEC. 4. That the President shall accompany any order for titled "An act to provide internal revenue to support tho a draft of men for military service with a notice that he will Government, to pay interest on the public debt, and for accept volunteers in lieu of such drafted men prior to the other purposes.” And this duty shall be payable on the 1st day appointed for the draft, to fill the quota or any part day of October next, and the Secretary of the Treasury is thereof of any town, township, precinct, or election district; authorized to prescribe euch rules and regulations as to the and every person so volunteering, in lieu of a man to be time and mode of assessment as will secure the collection drafted, shall bo credited to such town, township, precinct, of this special tax.

or election district; and if he volunteers and is accepted and Which was agreed to-yeas 25, nays 7, as

mustered into the service for a term of one year, unless follows:

sooner discharged, shall receive and be paid by the United

States a bounty of one hundred dollars, and if for a term of YEAB-Messrs. Anthony, Brown, Chandler, Clark, Con two years, unless sooner discharged, a bounty of two hunDess, Doolittle, Foot, Foster, Grimes, Hale, llarlan, Howe, dred dollars, and if for a term of three years, unless sooner Lane of Indiana, Lane of Kansas, Morgan, Pomeroy, Ram- discharged, a bounty of three hundred dollars, one half of soy, Sherman, Sprague, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Wave, Wilkin which said bounty shall be paid to the soldier at the time BOD, Willey, Wilcon-25.

of his being mustered into the service, one fourth at the NAYS-Messrs. Buckalew, Davis, Harris, Hendricks, Mc- expiration of one half his term of service, and one fourth at Dougall, Powell, Ridulo-7.

the end of his term of service; and the President in any call Mr. Powell offered this, which was agreed to: for which euch draft is to be made, and the volunteers ac

or order for a draft shall specify the exact time of service That no officers or persons engaged in the military service cepted in lieu of tho whole or any part of the quotas to be of the United States shall enlist, recruit, or muster into the provided under that draft shall be for not less than the military service of the United States any person in any Stato

term of service for which that drast is ordered. of the United Stat.. to fill the quota of any State in which Sec. 5. That section three of an act entitled "An act to the person so enlisted, recruited, or mustered into the ser- amend an act entitled on act for enrolling and calling out vice of the United States does not reside. Any recruiting the national forcee, and for other purposes," approved Febor military officer who shall violate this section shall be ruary 24th, 1861, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as dismissed the service of the United States with forfeiture of to authorize and direct district provost marshals, under the all pay and allowances, and shall be subject to such further d rection of the Provost Marsbal General, to make a draft punishment as a court-martial may direct.

for fifty per centum in addition to the number required to

fill the quota of any district, as provided by said section. The bill then passed the Senate.

SEC. 6. That, instead of travelling pay, all drafted persons June 30 — The Senate, after receiving the reporting at the place of rendezvous shall be allowed transmessage from the House stated in House pro- portation from their places of residence; and persons disceedings of this date, reconsidered their action, portation to their places of residence.

charged at the place of rendezvous shall be allowed trans and struck out the tax section.

Mr. Schenck demanded the previous quegThe bill went to a Committee of Conference, tion ; but the House refused to second it-yeas whose report being the law as passed (page 116) 45, nays 60. The bill was laid over. the Senate, June 2, first rejected it-yeas 16,

June 21—The subject was resumed. On & Days 18, as follows:

motion to reject the bill, the yeas were 75, nays
YEA9-Messrs. Anthony, Clark, Foot, Foster, Hale, John75—the SPEAKER voting nay.
Bon, Lane of Indiana, Lane of Kansas, Morgan, Morrill,
Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sumner, Wade, Wilkinson, Wilson-16. VOTE ON SECTION REPEALING THE $300 COM-
NAYS--Moxars. Burkalru, Carlile, Conness, Cowan, Davis,

Houderson, Jlcndricks, licks, McDougall, Powell, Riddle,
Saulstury, Sherman, Sprague, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Van

The first section was then stricken out-yeas Winkle, Willey-18.

100, nays 50, as follows: Afterward the vote was reconsidered, and YEA8-Messrs. James C. Allen, William J. Allen, Alley, the report adopted-yeas 18, Days 17, as fol- Ames, Ancona, Baily, Augustus C. Baldwin, Job D. Bald lows:

win, Blaine, Bliss, Boutwell, Brooks, Broomall, James &

Brown, William G. Brown, Chanler, Freeman Clarke, Cof. YEAS-Meßsts. Anthony, Chandler, Clark, Conness, Fes-frothy Cruvens, Thomas T. Davis, Dawes, Dawson, Deming,

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