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THE SUNDAY SCHOLARS OF MANCHES. royal parents, in October 1851, when
TER AND SALFORD AND THE ROYAL 80,000 Sunday school teachers and

scholars assembled, in Peel Park, to give
Ar a meeting of the superintend-, them a hearty and loyal welcome, and
ents and teachers of the various Sunday would fain believe that your Royal High-
schools in Manchester and Salford, ness, then present, participated in the
held in the Town Hall, King-street, interest which, we have every reason to
the copy of the Bible, which has been know, was so deeply felt by our gracious
purchased by the children's pence for Queen, and your late revered father, the
presentation to the Prince of Wales, was illustrious Prince Consort. It is the
submitted for inspection. The Mayor grateful remembrance of this interesting
was in the chair. The Bible, which was event which emboldens us on this aus-
enclosed in a glass case, is a very ele- picious occasion to ask the acceptance,
gantly-bound copy of Baxter's edition. by your Royal Highness, of a copy of
On the two clasps are the arms of the God's Holy Word, purchased with the
Prince of Wales and of the Princess Alex- pence of our Sunday-scholars, and to ex-
andra. On a scroll, beautifully indented press an earnest hope, that when at some
on the gilt edges are inscribed the words: distant period your Royal Highness shall
_"My word is truth ; " " Seek ye the be exalted to rule over the destinies of
Lord;" “Meditate on these things.” this great nation, its precepts may guide
Inside the Bible is the following inscrip- all your actions, and its promises be a
tion :—"To His Royal Highness the source of lasting consolation to yourself
Prince of Wales, on the occasion of his and your Royal Consort. - We remain
marriage with the Princess Alexandra of with feelings of dutiful and loyal attach-
Denmark; from the Sunday scholars of ment.”
Manchester and Salford. 10th March, i The Bible was sent through Mr.
1863. The Lord bless thee, and keep Bazley, M.P. It is intended to take
thee: the Lord make bis face to shine photographs of the Bible and the address,
upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; for distribution among the Sunday-
the Lord lift up his countenance upon school children,
thee, and give thee peace.'-Numbers,
vi. 24, 25, 26."
Together with the Bible, the following

GUILDHALL STREET SCHOOL., address was presented :

CANTERBURY. " As the representatives of the teach- On Tuesday, February 24th, the aners and scholars of the Sunday schools of nual tea-meeting was held in the schoolManchester and Salford, we venture to rooms adjoining the Congregational address Your Royal Highness on your chapel. At five o'clock, upwards of approaching marriage with feelings of 130 sat down to an excellent ten; after affectionate congratulation, and earnestly which, a public meeting was held, prepray that both yourself and your future sided over by the Rev. H. Cresswell. Consort may be endued with God's Holy The secretary, Mr. Taylor, read the Spirit, enriched with his heavenly grace, annual report, which was, on the whole, and prospered with all happiness. We a very favorable one,--shewing an inhave a lively and grateful recollection crease of teachers and scholars during of the visit paid to this city by your the past year. During the evening,

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addresses were delivered on the follow

A MELODY EUNG BY THE ing subjects, viz. : By Mr. Taylor, on CHILDREN OF QUEENBOROUGH, “ The Sunday School a Garden;" Mr. On the Wedding day of their Royal Highnesses Bryson, of Dover, (the late secretary,)

the Prince of Wales and the Princess Alex.

andra, Tuesday, March 10th, 1863. on “ Senior Classes;" Mr. W. T. Sidders, on “ The Infant Class ;” Mr.

CHILDREN of Britain's Isle,

On whom Heaven deigns to smile, Warman, on Union;" ;" Mr. Blair, on

Your voices raise ! System ;' Mr. Joyce, on “ The Sun

A Prince and Princess too, day school a Nursery for the Church ;" With joy all people view; Mr. Bristow, the superintendent, on To God our thanks are due, “ The Influence of Sunday Schools :"

And Him we praise ! Mr. Matthews, on Preparation ;' and While Bride and Bridegroom stand, Mr. Sapwood, on “Prayer.” It may be

United heart and hand,

We would rejoice! somewhat interesting to know, that two

On this bright Bridal Day, of the above speakers are under 18

The call we will obey, years of age, and have each been con

And strike a joyful lay, nected with the school upwards of 13

Each tuneful voice! years.

God bless this youthful pair,
Long may they live to share

Each other's love ;

Be Thou their constant guide, CHILDREN'S NATIONAL ANTHEM,

For all their wants provide,

Let them in Thee confide, Sung by the Children of the Bedminster, Schools,

Till raised above! on the Prince of Wales's Wed ling day.

Thou who at Cana's feast,

Became a welcome guest,
God bless the Prince of Wales !

With them be found;
A Nation's prayer prevails,

From thy abundant store,
He will be blest;

The best of blessings pour,
Long may his Royal Bride

Let their full cup run o'er,
Live happy by his side ;

And joys abound !
Nor e'er a cloud divide
Their peaceful rest.

When judgment shall appear,

And closed is time's career,
God bless the Royal Dane !

For evermore!
A people's loud acclaim

With those who Christ confess,
Her welcome shows;

In robes cf righteousness,
With heart and voice we pray,

The heavenly wedding dress
May this auspicious day

Let them adore !
Beam with yet holier ray,

As memory grows.

God bless our much-loved Queen!
May joy now intervene

And gild the scene ;
Dark shadows pale away,
Yield to the rising day,
Love shall thy care repay,

Mother and Queen,

Raise now a joyous shout!
Children! a glorious shout,

God save them all :
The Royal Circle bless,
Here-give them great success,

God save them all.

TONGUE END, LINCOLNSHIRE. The hamlet of Tongue End is situated at the junction of two navigable rivers about four miles eastward from Bourn, and consequently is in the Fens of Lincolnshire. In the summer months, wlien the weather is dry, and the country not overcharged with water, it may be approached with comparative ease, but in the winter season it is all but isolated. The peculiarity of its position, the difficulty of access, and the sparsity of the population, are great hindrances to the

J. F, NichoLLS.

establishing, or carrying on of any re- | Pike, and W. Bishop, of Bourn, H. ligious efforts. But a Christian man Bell, Esq., of Grantham, Messrs. J. named Jackson, in the spring of 1853, Longbottom, C. Roberts, W. Brett, &c. established a Sunday school, and opened The scholars were not forgotten. Imhis house for preaching on the Lord's- mediately after the arrival of the barges day, which was supplied by local agency at the landing place, many of the voyfrom the Free Methodist Church at agers made their way to the school room, Thurlby. These efforts were continued where an address was delivered to the until he removed from the locality. scholars by Mr. Lord, from Matt. XVIII. From that time, until recently, there 14; after which they were regaled with existed at Tongue End neither place of tea and cake, and then were joined by worship nor Sabbath instruction. This their teachers and friends in innocent play, utter destitution of spiritual improve- The peculiar feature of the gathering ment suggested to Christian friends at was, that it was not confined to the rural Bourn, the desirability of establishing or labouring classes, but all grades mixed some means by which the Sabbath might freely and amicably together, -doctors, be revered, and the people brought under merchants, farmers, labourers,—and to the influence of the Gospel. Considera- crown all, a gang of navvies left their tion nerved to action; and at an aggre- work to join in the festivities. It was an gate meeting of the teachers and friends exemplification of the means by which of Sunday schools in the town, twenty- the mission is carried on. The preachers four of their number volunteered as are not of one body, the teachers are not teachers of a school to be at once estab- exclusively of one sect. Begun in union lished in the hamlet. On Lord's-day it has been carried on by united effort, morning, April 22nd, 1860, five volun- and is a proof that when one particular teers inaugurated the work by receiving body cannot find the necessary appli70 children as scholars.

ances for furthering the spread of the In connection with this school, and in Gospel, much may be done by a forgetthe same hired room, divine service has fulness of minor differences, and a striving been held in the afternoon during the together for the faith. winter, and both afternoon and evening in the summer months.

On Wednesday, July 9th, 1862, the Annual Festival of this Fen Mission

Extracts from the Fifteenth Annual was held.

Barges were kindly lent by a friend, which were freighted with

Report, 1862. about 400 persons, anxious to display The numerical strength of the Firsttheir interest and sympathy with the day Schools of various descriptions conwork, or to enjoy the novelty of the ducted by Friends in England and day. Though the day was very un- Ireland, may be stated nearly as follows: favorable, and the assemblage was con- 38 associated schools, in 31 places, sequently much smaller than it would with 609 teachers, and 6,732 scholars. have been with fine weather, yet it is 25 other schools, in 25 places, with computed that 700 friends and visitors 202 teachers, and 1,725 scholars. sat down to tea in a large marqué, pro- 5 private schools, &c., in 5 places, vided for the business of the day. Tea with 14 teachers and 128 scholars. despatched, a public meeting was held Total, 68 schools, in 61 places, with in the evening, presided over by R. 825 teachers, and 8,585 scholars. Johnson, Esq., of Louth, who was sup- Comparing these figures with those ported by the Revs. Dr. Knowles, of presented last year, a large increase in Grantham, W. Lord, of Brigstock, J. B. the number of schools and scholars is



apparent, with an addition also to the scholars, and now number 160, a school number of teachers.

on First-day afternoon is carried on for As the work grows and expands, the their benefit, with an attendance of difficulty of reducing into a compact about forty. The results of these and systematic form the various com- schools have been of an exceedingly enplex details of its operations somewhat couraging character. The teachers are increases. The Committee will, how- not all members of our Society. ever, endeavour to place before their A Friend and her son in Essex have friends as clear a summary of the his- collected classes of boys, many of them tory of the past year as may be prac- employed on their own farm, on weekticable.

day and First-day evenings; and again The importance of personal inter- we find the members of a Friends' family course with friends in their various in London converting a large vacant localities by means of deputations is room on their premises into a school strongly felt by the Committee. Some-room, and collecting in it a number of thing has been done in this way during poor ignorant children from the neighthe year, though not so much as they bourhood on First-day afternoons; and desired.

in a large town we hear of a cottage At Doncaster a school was opened meeting of a few elderly persons, conon the 24th of 11th month last, with ducted by a woman Friend. A small one scholar and two teachers, but the adult class has also been conducted by number has gradually increased. The Friends at Charlbury. scholars are adults. This school is held A conference of Friends from various in the morning. On First-day even- places, having for its object the extension ings a meeting of children (for it has of the First-day School movement in not been denominated a school) is con- Ireland, was held in Dublin in the 5th ducted by two or three young friends at month last. Several Friends from Engthe women's Meeting-house. About a land were present. The difficulties year and a half ago, Bible reading meet- arising from the religious condition of ings were begun in the Meeting-house. the country were largely discussed: and A considerable number of children came whilst it appeared to many Friends to these meetings, whose company was doubtful whether much could be accomrather disturbing to the other attenders, plished amongst the Roman Catholic and the friends alluded to were induced population, it was acknowledged that to take charge of them. The time is there were in most places, poor Protesoccupied with a Bible-lesson, the recital tants, towards whom the Christian care of hymns, and instructive reading. The of Friends might, in the first place, most attendance at one time was about 120, advantageously be directed. The subbut the number being inconveniently ject of adult teaching was prominently large it has since been restricted. It is brought forward. In the course of two remarkable that most of these children long and interesting sittings, minutes attend school elsewhere twice during were adopted by the conference, strongly the same day.

urging upon Friends in Ireland the earSome particulars of labours of a nest consideration of the whole subject. rather different description, or of a more It was mentioned in the last report private character, may here be added. that an application had been received

The young women employed in the from Friends at Melbourne for some ascotton factories at Carlisle have obtained sistance in the establishment of a Firstthe Christian care of some Friends there. day School there. The Committee have In addition to week-day evening classes accordingly sent a supply of books and which began four years ago, with two other school requisites, the receipt of

which has been gratefully acknowledged, the teachers are yet only feeling their with the information that arrangements way, often through painful failures, into were in progress for beginning opera- their proper path of service, it is untions.

wise to lay down precise plans of action. The most interesting feature of the But there is a time, when the necessary First-day School movement in America, experience having been acquired, it beduring the past year, has been the con- comes an important duty to organise and ference of teachers, which met at Cin- consolidate all the various departments cinnati in the 10th month, 1861. Dele- of the work, not in the chilling manner gates were present from all the Yearly of official routine, but in that genial spirit Meetings on the American continent. A of order, which is the necessary condireport of the proceedings of the confer- tion of success and happiness in our ence has been published, which will be labours. found well worthy of an attentive peru- Where order and system are kept in sal by teachers in this country, although view, not as an end but a means, not as the remarks of the various speakers were a power but a contrivance for economismainly directed to the management of ing and distributing power, they are of schools for the children of Friends. incalculable benefit. The Committee are Whilst the instruction of adults is claim- very anxious that the teachers and ing so large a share of attention amongst officers of our schools should be imFriends in this country, it is interesting pressed with the need of doing their to find the Cincinnati conference devot- work with the utmost regularity and ing much time to the careful consider- efficiency. “Whatsoever thy hand findation of infant class teaching. On this eth to do, do it with thy might,” is a subject some valuable hints will be found word of heavenly wisdom which we canin the report. The importance of Biblical not afford to forget. And how solemn study was largely dwelt upon. In some is the reason added, " for there is no cases the teachers' meetings appear to work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor assume very much the character of wisdom in the grave whither thou goest." Bible classes. Amongst the indirect The shortness and uncertainty of life are benefits which have attended the exten- an irresistible argument for a diligent sion of First-day Schools amongst and economical use of all the powers Friends in America, is mentioned the which are bestowed upon us. Man, who marked improvement in the mode of has little at most, and he knows not how spending the First-day, by Friends, both little, is often negligent and wasteful. older and younger.

The great Creator and Disposer of all, With some notable exceptions, it must suffers nothing, either of matter or force, be admitted that our schools, as a whole, to be lost or wasted, or to fall into disare somewhat deficient in systematic or- | order. The God of nature and of grace ganization. To a certain extent this is is ever saying in effect, " Gather up the not a fault, but the necessary result of fragments that remain, that nothing be their present position. Yet the Com- lost.” How well would it be for us to mittee would venture to call the atten- dwell more in the remembrance of this tion of their friends to the importance of Divine economy as an example to us! systematic arrangements. They are not How well for us to endeavour so to speaking so much of the maintenance of regulate the disposition of all with which quiet and order in the schools, though we have been entrusted, naturally and this is involved in the consideration, as spiritually, that nothing be lo st! of the general management of the whole It is apparent that the promotion of business, and the strict supervision of all schools for adults has engrossed a large its details. Whilst a school is new, and share of the interest and attention of

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