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work we have met with great encourage

For the Missionary Society ment, at least 16 have been induced to

For the Lancashire Fund attend York Road Chapel, who seldom For our Tract Society went to any place of worship, and we

Making a total of have every reason to hope they will be

The Treasurer's Account is as come regular attendants, having expres- follows: sed deep interest in the ministry of our Collected for the Tract Society, Pastor. We have met with very little opposition, and that only where Roman Balance brought forward last year I 113 Catholics have resided. A poor woman,

Making the total Receipts £5 7 0 who is a lodger in one of the houses,

Expenditude asked for one of the little books to be Leaving a Balance in hand of £1 5 10 left for her, as she had two in the house A donation of 10s., included in the and thought them very interesting; we above, was kindly procured for us by our are happy to say that we frequently meet esteemed pastor, and we feel it a duty with such requests.

and privilege to express our gratitude for We feel it exceedingly desirable that his kindness in this instance, and for the as many of our number as possible should earnest and loving appeals made by him be present at our monthly morning pray- on occasions like the present,and we trust er meeting, as those who cannot assist that we may have for many years to in the work of tract distribution, may come, the sympathy and co-operation of greatly help us by uniting their prayers one whose ministry is so highly appreciwith qurs. The few who have met for ated, and whose name will be ever dear this object have found the moments to us all. "sweet and rich in blessing," which they The members of the Class cannot close have spent together at the throne of this brief Report without expressing their grace, and God in his mercy has per- grateful sense of the continued diligence mitted us to see that our hearts' desires and kindness of their beloved teacher, have not been expressed in vain. Miss Sherratt, and earnest prayers that

The following has been collected her valuable life may be long spared for during the year:

increased usefulness.

Passing Ebenis.


The event which has absorbed the marriage of the heir apparent of these interest of the whole country during realms, inasmuch as it is possible, and the past month, has been the MARRIAGE even probable, that he will at some of His Royal Highness the Prince of future period occupy the throne, and Wales with the Princess Alexandra, that it is of vital concern to the nation daughter of Prince Christian of Den- that the throne should be shared by mark. We spare our readers a repe- who will maintain the high moral tone tition of the many titles of the Royal by which the British Court has for Bridegroom, or the almost equally many years been distinguished. In the numerous names of his Bride.

Queen of William IV., as well as in Queen While the country takes a lively Victoria, an example has been set, the interest in all that concerns the family influence of which cannot be estimated. of our beloved widowed Queen, there is The present marriage constrains is a special importance attached to the to look backward to the last marriage of


a Prince of Wales, and when we re- to the Prince's income, and have also member the disgraceful circumstances settled £10,000. a year on the Princess, under which that marriage was so as to enable them suitably to support tracted—the unfavourable omens which their high station. attended it--and its lamentable results, The seclusion in which her Majesty we cannot but feel devoutly thankful has remained ever since her great loss, that we can look upon the present union and which she still feels herself unable with feelings of unmingled satisfaction. to leave, has cast much gloom over the We are assured that it is what every the country, and especially over the marriage should be—an union of affec- metropolis—the tradesmen of which feel tion; and all that has been made public severely the absence of that stimulus relative to the Princess Alexandra, en- which the presence of the Court occourages the hope that that affection casions. All parties, therefore, seemed will be an enduring one. In answer to desirous to take the opportunity of an enquiry made in the House of rendering the arrival of the Princess an Commons as to whether the Princess occasion for allowing the people a season was a Protestant, our lively Premier not of relaxation and enjoyment, and most only gave a satisfactory answer to that thoroughly did they enjoy it. The question, but amused the House with suffering ribbon weavers of Coventry a little more information. Lord Palmer- were set to work to manufacture wedston said:

ding favours to be generally worn; and "When the question arose as to the the carpenters and decorators of London selection of a Princess to be the wife of were engaged in preparing the means the Prince of Wales, the following con- for enabling its inhabitants to display ditions were held to be requisite. First, their loyalty and affection. It would be that she should be young. Secondly, in vain for us to attempt any detail of that she should be handsome. Thirdly, the pageant which extended from Marthat she should be agreeable. Fourthly, gate to Windsor; and, thanks to the that she should be amiable. Fifthly Penny Press, probably all our readers that she should have been well brought have already been made familiar with up; and lastly, that she should be a it. The intimations of unfavourable Protestant. All these conditions, I am weather led to the departure of the happy to say, are united in the Princess Princess from Antwerp, on Thursday, Alexandra."

March 5th, instead of the following day; In making the pecuniary arrange- on that night her yacht anchored in ments necessary in connection with this Margate Roads. This afforded the Cormarriage, fresh proofs have been afforded poration of that town an opportunity of how much the Queen and her children, getting up an address, and they were as well as the whole nation, have been thus the first to welcome her Royal indebted to the late lamented Prince Highness on her arrival in England. Consort for his industry and prudence. On Friday, she proceeded to the Nore, It appears that the revenues of the and on Saturday, to Gravesend, where the Duchy of Cornwall, which belong to Prince of Wales met her. There they disthe Prince of Wales, have been so care- embarked and proceeded through the fully managed during his minority, that town, which had been uniformly decorated, they now amount to £60,000. per annum. to the Railway Station, where the carriThere has also been an accumulation of ages were waiting, which speedily conabout £550,000. which has been princi- veyed the Royal party to the South pally expended in the purchase of the Eastern Station in the Kent Road. Sandringham • estate in Norfolk. The There lunch was provided, and the Lord legislature have added £40,000. a year Mayor and Sheriffs of London attended to receive them. The Corporation of the Royal Pair, and joined heartily in the Metropolitan City, left nothing undone plaudits which greeted their advance. to do honour to the occasion. In addition | It must have been intensely gratifying to presenting the Princess with a neck to the parents of the Princess, who were lace and pair of ear-rings valued at seated in the carriage with her, to wit£10,000., they determined that no effort ness such a spontaneous effusion of should be wanting on their part to make affectionate greeting, and her younger the procession one of great interest. In sisters, who were in the preceding carrithis they had much difficulty to encoun- age, appeared highly amused at the ter from the Government, who feared scene. that the labour thus imposed on the We can only mention that the Royal Princess might be too great for her. It party passed through the lines of 17,000 was a trying time for a young lady of volunteers in Hyde Park, reached the nineteen, to be thus made the object of Great Western Railway Station at Padspecial observation and criticism, by dington, at five minutes past five, and hundreds of thousands during a slow alighted at the Slough Station at thirteen progress of seven miles; but yet it was minutes after six; where they were met so glorious a sight to witness the enthu. by several members of the Royal Family, siasm of the whole body of the people, and entering their carriages proceeded from the highest to the lowest, that we through Eton to Windsor. The shades are glad she was not hurried through of evening were now gathering, and the city, and have no doubt the Princess somewhat heavy rain had set in; but herself fully concurs in this, now that neither of these were sufficient to prethe trying ordeal has been passed. We vent the hearty welcome of those asconsidered it our duty on the Saturday sembled to greet them, including the morning to pass through the triumphal boys belonging to the Eton School. arch in Southwark, to inspect the We have left ourselves no space to arrangements which had been made to speak of the actual marriage, which do honour to the occasion, in the decora- took place on Tuesday, March 10th, at tion of London Bridge, the splendid arch St. George's Chapel, Windsor, and at forming the entrance to the City, the which the Queen was present, but prigay apparel which the ordinarily dingy vately. It would be in vain to say more Mansion House had put on, and the splen- about it, unless we were to copy out the did ranges of seats provided by the Cor- programme, which would not be very poration in St. Paul's Churchyard for the edifying. The Archbishop of Canterbury. accommodation of 10,000 of their friends, officiated, and our readers will join with and then quietly took up a convenient us in earnest prayer that the union thus station in Ludgate Street, provided by auspiciously formed may be a long and the kindness of a friend, and quietly happy one. awaited the arrival of the mingled pro

The Committee of the British and Focession of constables, soldiers, banners, reign Bible Society have prepared a footmen, and carriages, which occupied magnificently bound copy of the Holy about hour and ten minutes in Bible to be presented by their President, passing. We did not of course see the the Earl of Shaftesbury, to the Prince of Lady Mayoress descend from her balcony Wales on his marriage. A similar preand present the bouquet ; nor did we sent will be made by the Sunday scholars witness the departure of the civic pro- of Manchester, the subscription from cession at old Temple Bar, which had each being limited to one penny. Many been cased with scarcely appropriate meetings of scholars were held in varidrawing room decorations, but we ous parts of the country on the wedhad a most satisfactory view of the ding-day to celebrate the event. At


Devonport the following adaptation of Mr. Tennyson, the Poet Laureate, has the National Anthem was sung:

written a welcome to the Princess, which

we have pleasure in preserving in our
"God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,

pages :
God save the Queen :
Send her victorious,

Sea-kings' daughter from over the sea,

Happy and glorious,

Saxon and Normar and Dane are we,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen."
But all of us Danes in our welcome of thee,

God bless her Royal Son,
Still be thy favour shown,

Welcome her, thunders of fort and of fleet!
To England's Heir.

Welcome her, thundering cheer of the street ! God of his childhood's days,

Welcome her, all things youthful and sweet,
Guide all his future ways,

Scatter the blossom under her feet!
Shield him with truth and grace Break, happy land, into earlier flowers !
From every snare.

Make inusic, o bird, in the new-budded bowers !

Welcome her, welcome her, all that is ours !
Smile on the young Princess, Warble, O bugle, and trumpet, blare !
And with thy presence bless
Their wedded love.

Flags, flutter out upon turrets and towers!
Long may the Royal Pair

Flames, on the windy headland flare !
Earth's purest pleasures share, Utter your jubilee, steeple and spire !
Then, crowns of glory wear

Clash, ye bells, in the merry March air!
In Heaven above !

Flash, ye cities, in rivers of fire!

Welcome her, welcome the land's desire.
Thy choicest gifts in store,

On our Victoria pour;
• Long may she reign;

Sea-kings' daughter as happy as fair,
May she defend her Laws,

Blissful bride of a blissful heir,
And ever give us cause

Bride of the heir of the kings of the sea,
To sing, with heart and voice,

Ojoy to the people and joy to the throne !
God save the Queen.

Come to us, love us and make us your own : On the Sunday morning we listened For Saxon or Dane or Norman we, to an excellent sermon from Eph. v. 32, We are each all Dane in our welcome of thee,

Teuton or Celt, or whatever we be, in which the event which had so much

Alexandra! interested the public on the preceding day was made the means of spiritual in- A pleasing coincidence was noticed struction. Doubtless this was the case in a meeting of Christian friends, where in many other places.

the arrival of the Princess in England On Monday afternoon, March 9th, spe- formed the subject of conversation. cial prayer-meetings were held in Willis's The captain of the vessel in which WilRooms, King Street, St. James's, and liam Carey, the Founder of the Baptist in Exeter Hall, to supplicate the Divine Mission, had engaged his passage to Inblessing on the union to be formed on dia, alarmed at the risk he ran, compelthe following day. We did not attend led him and his companions to leave the either of them, but in the evening joined vessel. He returned to London disconwith much pleasure in one of a similar solate, and went to the Jerusalem Coffee description. May the prayers thus offered house, to seek some captain to take them, bring down abundant blessings on those but in vain. He was, however, referred on whose behalf they were especially to the agents of a Danish ship, and in presented!

the “ Cron Princessa Maria," Carey and his colleagues proceeded on their Godlike enterprise. When the East India Company sought to drivethem from India,

the Danish Governor of Serampore had provided themselves with carriages, gave them shelter, and refused to yield all descriptions of which were called into to the repeated applications of the Com- requisition on the occasion, speedily pany for their expulsion. Many years found their hopes disappointed. The have since passed, and now a Danish vehicles which issued from every direcPrincess comes to take up her abode tion to the line of road leading from amongst us, and the first man who greets London Bridge to Hyde Park Corner, her on her arrival, is the deacon of a soon rendered it impossible either to adBaptist Church, who, in his official sta- vance or retreat, and very few of their tion, as Mayor of Margate, has the hon- occupants accomplished their object, of our of presenting to her an address from witnessing the brilliant splendour which the Corporation of that town, and of lit up that thoroughfare. receiving from her a hearty shake of the The Birmingham Sunday School Union hand.

published a very pretty little Memorial The happy couple were not allowed of the Marriage for the perusal of much uninterrupted enjoyment of each scholars, under the title of “ To-day, and other's society, as an evening party was a Thousand Years Ago," referring to the announced at St. James's for the 20th conflicts of Alfred with the Danes. We March, for the purpose of the Princess of quote the following from it:Wales's introduction. Probably so early "The joy and gratitude of Sunday a day was fixed, to accommodate her Scholars are very seemly on this occaroyal relatives, who would naturally de- sion. They have much reason to thank sire to be present on so interesting an God for the difference there is between the occasion. Even on their wedding-day, circumstances of England to-day and of the Prince and Princess, while speeding a thousand years ago. They have great their way to Osborne, the place selected interest in the future piety and prosperity for their temporary sojourn, had to en- of the Prince and Princess of Wales. dure the infliction of Addresses at Read. The children of to-day must think of the ing and Southainpton; no doubt, greatly Prince and Princess as their future King to their annoyance, but such is the and Queen, whom they will have to penalty which attends exalted rank. At obey and revere and love in the years length, however, they reached their re- that are to come. The happiness of the tirement in safety, while London pre- nation much depends upon the character pared to light up in their honour. The of those who rule in it, therefore the great increase in the population of the Bible teaches us to pray for Kings and metropolis, and the facilities afforded by for all that are in authority, that we may the railways for bringing into it an lead a quiet and peaceable life, in all enormous accession of visitors from the godliness and honesty. In these prayers country, combined to fill all the principal for the future, as well as in thanksgirthoroughfares with an innumerable mul- ings for the past, the voices of children titude. Those who had the resolution to must blend.”' view the splendid illuminations on foot generally succeeded, after much conflict Amongst the contributions during the and the endurance of considerable bodily last month to the SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION pressure, in accomplishing their object; Cotton DistrrcTS RELIEF Fund, we but it is lamentable to have to record notice fifty-six pounds from the Calcutta that, at the cross-ways at Farringdon - Sunday School Union, shewing the instreet and the Mansion House, nine terest taken in the subject by the schopersons lost their lives, and about 100 lars and teachers in our Indian metroposerious cases of injury also occurred. lis. The amount received to the present But those who with greater prudence time is £3,063. 148. 11d.

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