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OUR first quarterly meeting for prayer to Almighty God to bless our endeavours, was held at Uley in July 1813, when three of the members engaged in prayer, and an appropriate address was delivered by a minister, suitable hymns were sung before each prayer.

Second meeting in October, was held at Cam, conducted on the same plan (as they all are.)

Third meeting in January, was held at the Tabernacle, Dursley,
When the secretary delivered the following report:

At the Tabernacle Sunday School are taught 290 children.
Chapel, Dursley Sunday School.........









136 of that number admitted since the second quarterly meeting. After the third meeting, it was unanimously agreed to extend the services of the Union to neighbouring villages, namely, Halmore, Cambridge, and Nymphsfield, to be regularly supplied by two teachers from the Union, at which places schools have been established with great success.

Fourth meeting in April, was held at the chapel, Dursley.

Fifth meeting, July, Uley chapel; when the secretary delivered the following report of the number of children taught by the Union:

Dursley Tabernacle, including 10 adults.
Ditto, Chapel........ ditto..16





..ditto.. 3

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Halmore 65; Cambridge, 74; Nymphsfield.... 103







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Sixth meeting in October, was held at Cam meeting, after which it was agreed to establish a school at Kingscote, under the direction of the Union, which was accomplished beyond our expectations.

Seventh meeting in January 1815, was held at the Tabernacle,
Dursley, when the secretary delivered the report:
Dursley Tabernacle School

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Eighth meeting in April was held at the Chapel, Dursley, where it was resolved to extend the Union to Shortwood, from the solicitation of the teachers belonging to the Sunday School long since established there, therefore the next quarterly meeting in July will be held there.

It is worthy of remark, that the children of the three village schools, Halford, Nymphsfield, and Kingscote, have subscribed upwards of three thousand pence for Bibles and Testaments. I rejoice to mention, that at all the village schools established by the Union, the Lord has brought forward some who have kindly lent their hand in the work, particularly Kingscote, where our endeavours have been seconded beyond our most sauguine expectations.

I am happy to say our quarterly meetings have been productive of much good to the institution, by animating our efforts, strengthening our hands in the work, and uniting all in bonds of love and peace. You will perceive by the reports, that the number of children under the teaching of the Union, have very considerably increased since the commencement; but it is not in the number of children I would congratulate my associates in labour, but on the number of those to whom they have been made instuments of impressing on their tender minds a lively concern for their immortal souls. I flatter myself there are many that have, through the grace of God have, imbibed serious impressions; pray with us that their number may be increased, and that in these our imperfect labours, a single eye may be kept to the glory of God.

THE Reports of the Sunday School Unions previously Established, are become increasingly interesting, as will be evinced by the following extracts:



THE committee of this Union, hail with great satisfaction, the return of the anniversary of an institution which they are persuaded, has contributed very materially to promote the cause of Sabbath Schools, the best interests of the rising generation, and the enlargement of the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And, while they reflect with pleasure on the fruit which has been already produced, they look forward, with an animating expectation, and with a firm reliance upon the Divine blessing, to


a period when that fruit shall be increased an hundred, and even a thousand fold. Union is strength; the great law of the New Covenant is love; and the more those who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, esteem, and love each other, the more they strive together for the things by which they shall edify one another, and to promote the cause of their common Lord, the more abundant will be the blessing of God, and the more extensive will be their success. It will be recollected, that, at the last annual meeting, it was reported, that the first edition of the Hymn Book, consisting of 5,000 copies, had been sold, and that a sub-committee was appointed to prepare a second edition for the press; that edition, consisting of 7,000 copies, which was published in August last, is also nearly disposed of; and a third edition, intended to coa sist of 10,000 common, and 500 fine copies, is now going through the press-The society will perceive the growing influence and utility of the Depository, when they are informed, that 2892 Easy Lessons and Spelling Books, 960 Copy Books, 3141 Hymn Books, 600 Catechisms, besides Slates and Quills, have been sold during the last year; beside which, 160 Easy Lesson Books have been given to Adult Schools, and 60 to two new schools for children.➡ The committee take this opportunity to express, that they and the society are under the greatest obligation to Mr. Roworth, for the great and unremitting exertions he has used in promoting the interests of this useful establishment.

Considering the excellency and the useful tendency, of the sermon delivered at the last annual meeting, by the Rev. Mr. Stevenson, of Loughborough, your committee requested him to publish it; that publication has accordingly taken place, and it is now sold at the society's depository.

The Union becoming increasingly extensive, and, in consequence, the duties of the secretary proportionably heavy, it was resolved at the meeting of the committee, held on the 30th of December last, on the motion of Mr. A. Barnett, the present secretary, seconded Mr. N. Barnsdall, that Mr. Thomas Smith be appointed joint secretary with Mr. Barnett; and Mr. Smith has, since that time, signified his willingness to accept that appointment for the ensuing year.

Your committee are concerned to state, that their exertions to promote the establishment and success of Adult Schools have not been attended with a greater measure of success; they trust that the subject will not be lost sight of by the society, or by its future committees, and that persevering and patient exertions, will be crowned with more encouraging success, until the happy period shall arrive, when through the universal influence of early education, the necessity of Adult Institutions shall be wholly superseded.

The committee have been happy if their services should have proved in any way acceptable to the society; and have contributed to promote the very interesting objects of it; they have

felt anxious that the duty they have discharged should be progressively divided with the other friends of the institution, and that in a way least calculated to retard the important duties of their official situation; they have therefore determined, and beg leave to recommend that determination to be adopted by the society, That the senior member of the committee, selected from each congregation, shall annually retire from his station, and that the vacancy shall be filled up by some other person from the same society.

The society will observe, with pleasure, not only the increase of Sabbath School institutions, but the many gratifying and encouraging instances of success which annually multiply upon us. The immortal spirits of many children are doubtless now in heaven, who have been conducted there by the fostering hand of Sabbath School education; and many young persons are now occupying honourable and useful places in our churches,-many are devoting their Sabbaths to the worship of God, and spending their weeks in his fear, who, but for these institutions, had been now in the darkness of ignorance, and in the broad road to destruction. These are the first fruits, and but the first fruits, They are sufficient for an encouragement, but not sufficient for our satisfaction.-Let us go on, till our tens shall become thousands, till the knowledge of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.-Unto him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Summary of the Sunday Schools, comprising the Nottingham

Sunday School Union.

Religious Denominations,

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Methodist New Itinerancy... 14

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General Baptist...


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Particular Baptist

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Various ....

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Clear Increase... .....10

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The reports of the schools, in reference to general improvement and moral and religious instruction, are very encouraging.

The following Statement exhibits the progressive Increase of the Union, from its Commencement to the last Annual Meeting.

Schools, containing Children instructed by Teachers,

August 14th, 1810,....32

April 15th, 1811,37




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Among the many advantages that have resulted from this Union; the following may be particularly noticed:-increased attention to Sunday School institutions in the town and neighbourhood; the establishment of many new schools; considerable improve. ment in some formerly established; increased attention to the religious instruction of children; some attention to the instruction of ignorant adults; and a greater degree of cordiality and affeetion in Christians of different denominations towards each other.

REPORT of the HAMPSHIRE SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. THE Committee of the Hampshire Sunday School Union, being now in possession of returns from nearly all the Sunday School Societies with which they stand connected in the county, are enabled to report, that although there are several instances of declension, there are more of increase both with regard to teachers and scholars and, notwithstanding it is a subject of regret, that comparatively so few are to be found willing to make a sacrifice of ease and comfort, for the benefit of the rising race; yet there is reason to rejoice, that the number of benevolent young persons, of both sexes, engaged in this most important work, has greatly increased, and is still increasing.

The returns which have been received, enable the committee to put the meeting in possession of the following animating facts, which they are sure will come home to the bosom of every one present. The numbers of children and teachers in connexion with the Union, were:

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There is a fact which the committee are enabled to bring before the meeting, and which they wish to impress deeply on every friend to the infant poor-it is, that notwithstanding all that has

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