Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 40

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Page 249 - Illegitimate children shall follow, and have the settlement of their mother at the time of their birth, if she then has any within the state ; but neither legitimate nor illegitimate children shall gain a settlement by birth in the place where they may be born, if neither of their parents then has a settlement therein.
Page 83 - ... such executor or administrator to show cause why he should not be required to mortgage, lease or sell the real estate of the deceased for the payment of his debts...
Page 552 - ... is a law impairing the obligation of contracts within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States...
Page 34 - But where the offense is merely malum prohibitum, and is in no respect immoral, it is not against the policy of the law to inquire into the relative delinquency of the parties, and to administer justice between them although both parties are wrongdoers.
Page 325 - ... if the court should be of opinion that the plaintiff was entitled to recover.
Page 229 - Commonwealth shall, at the annual meeting thereof, for the choice of town officers, choose by written or printed ballots, a School Committee consisting of three, five, or seven persons, who shall have the general charge and superintendence of all the public schools in said town, which are supported at the expense thereof.
Page 544 - November in every year ; but meetings may be adjourned, if necessary, for the choice of representatives, to the next day, and again to the next succeeding day, but no further. But in case a second meeting shall be necessary for the choice of representatives, such meetings shall be held on the fourth Monday of the same month of November.
Page 76 - They can exercise no powers but those which are conferred upon them by the act by which they are constituted, or such as are necessary to the exercise of their corporate powers, the performance of their corporate duties, and the accomplishment of the purposes of their association.
Page 335 - Massachusetts, providing that every act of incorporation passed after a named day "shall be subject to amendment, alteration, or repeal, at the pleasure of the legislature.
Page 240 - I have warned all the legal voters in said district to meet at the time and place and for the purposes within mentioned," was an insufficient return ; and the proceedings of the meeting were held to be illegal.

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