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discharge of every duty. The regiment crossed to the south side of Argyle Island, and remained on the dyke all night, awaiting an opportunity to


December 22.-Commenced crossing the river in small boats at nine A.M., by crossing to the sand-bar and walking across it, and thence to the main shore. The regiment was all over the river at twelve м. Marched at four o'clock to Savannah, and encamped about two miles out of the city, near the Savannah River, second regiment from the left of our brigade.

MAJOR FRED. H. HARRIS'S REPORT. HEADQUARTERS THIRTEENTH NEW-JERSEY VOLUNTEERS, NEAR SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, December 24, 1864. Captain J. R. Lindsay, Acting Assistant Adju tant-General, Second Brigade, First Division, Twentieth Army Corps:

SIR: In accordance with circular from brigade headquarters, of December twenty-third, and accompanying instructions from division headquar ters, I have the honor of making the following report of operations of the Thirteenth regiment, New-Jersey volunteers, from the occupation of Atlanta to the present date.

As an approximate estimate of the amount of provisions secured on this march by the One Hundred and Fiftieth regiment, I would say two pounds potatoes per day per man, from November eighteenth to and including December eighth, twenty days; gross amount of potatoes, 20,200 October 5.-Regiment moved about two miles pounds; fresh meat, aside from issue, 15,000 | to the left of the Atlantic and Western Railroad, pounds; syrup, 640 gallons; honey, 300 pounds; and encamped near the large post on the Marietta bacon and salt meat, 3000 pounds; salt, 500 pounds; sugar, 1000 pounds; flour, 1000 pounds; corn meal, 1000 pounds. Forage for public and private horses and mules: corn, 11,340 pounds; fodder, 13,860 pounds.


There have been, as above stated, forty-seven head of cattle captured by the regiment, and turned over to the brigade commissary, the net weight of which would be about fourteen thousand pounds.

September 2.-Entered Atlanta at eight P.M., and went into the enemy's works on the east of the city, to the left of and near the Georgia Railroad.

October 9.-Moved about two miles further to the left, and encamped near the Sandtown road. October 11.-Marched off on Decatur road, in a south-easterly direction; afterward struck off to right, on road to Flat Rock, halting at eight P.M., near South River, a distance of fifteen miles.


October 12.-Crossed South-River at Clark's Mill, Flat Rock, De Kalb County, marching southeasterly five miles to border of Henry County, where the regiment assisted quartermasters in gathering corn, loading the wagons, and guarded the train during the day, and returned with them to encampment of night previous, recrossing South-River.

October 14.-Marched five miles to camp in Atlanta, Georgia.

October 22.-Marched fifteen miles, to near South-River, to reënforce forage expedition against a threatened attack.

Casualties from September second to December twenty-second inclusive: Privates, Thomas Benham, Co. A, taken prisoner October thirteenth; William Adlum, Co. B, taken prisoner October thirteenth; William Hoerhold, Co. B, committed suicide October twentieth; Thomas October 13.-Crossed South-River again after Duffy, Co. C, taken prisoner October twenty-forage, loaded and guarded train, and after sunthird; sergeant Edward Tuttle, Co. A, accident- set marched ten miles on road to Atlanta, and ally shot in hand November ninth; privates, encamped at three A.M. of next morning. Gilbert Shaw, Co. B, taken prisoner November eighteenth; John H. Stroker, Co. B, taken prisoner November eighteenth; George Snyder, Co. B, taken prisoner November eighteenth; Frederick F. Dewy, Co. C, taken prisoner November twentysecond; William H. Foster, Co. G, taken prisoner November twenty-second; Augustus Kuhfuss, Co. G, taken prisoner November twenty-second; Albert W. Townsend, Co. G, taken prisoner November twenty-second; Simon Aigner, Co. G, taken prisoner November twenty-second; Philip Bowman, Co. F, taken prisoner December fifth; Sergeant Isaac T. Sweezy, Co. I, severe wound in leg, December thirteenth; privates, Horatio Showerman, Co. F, stunned by solid shot December eleventh; William Palmatier, Co. C, killed December twentieth; Noah Wixon, Co. H, killed December twentieth; Colonel John H. Ketcham, severe wound in left leg December twenty-first. One officer wounded, and three enlisted men; three enlisted men killed, and twelve enlisted men captured. The conduct of the men and officers of this regiment in this campaign, deserves the highest commendation.

October 23.-Marched twenty-seven miles along South-River in a northerly and westerly direc tion; encamping for night one and a half miles south-east of Decatur.

October 24.-Marched eight and a half miles to Atlanta, passing through Decatur.

November 5.-Marched three miles on the McDonough road, in a south-easterly direction, and encamped for the night.

November 6.-Returned to Atlanta.

I am, most respectfully, your obedient servant,
Major Commanding Regiment.

November 9.-Awakened at daylight by discharges of artillery on our left in front of Second division, Twentieth army corps, which continued and increased, with some musketry, until nine A.M. Regiment formed line, throwing out four companies to our left, to cover a road between us and right of the Second division. Third Wisconsin volunteers came up to cover our right. About nine A.M. firing ceased, said to have been caused by an attack of some one thousand dismounted cavalry. At ten A.M., received orders to report at once on Marietta road, in light marching order.

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