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Interesting at first sight only
because of its age and the fineness
of its workmanship, this map by
Mercator is a rare and almost for-
gotten museum piece. Hardly a
book mentions it.

Yet in its day it had an influence
that few works of the human mind
have had in all the history of the

It was first to give the name of North America to the continent on which we live. And it indicated a Northwest Passage around this continent through which Europeans might sail to the Indies.

Thus it served to perpetuate a belief that might otherwise soon have died. Directly, therefore, it was largely responsible for a number of important voyages of discovery, notably Drake's, Frobisher's, Hudson's. Indirectly, it was in part responsible for the spread of empire on this continent.

For great indeed is the inspiration of maps for the human imagination.

The maps of today, it is true, have led to few important discoveries. Our planet has been pretty well explored already. Yet maps today still have the power, as they had in the sixteenth century, to arouse in us a desire to see and to know other parts of the world than our own.

Fascinating, packed with the delights of unexpected finds, rich in historical and literary suggestion, maps and atlases have all the charm and cultural value of the world's best books.

Why not acquire the excellent and stimulating habit of reading them? Study them frequently. Teach your children to enjoy them.

Rand McNally Maps, Globes, and Atlases are always scientific, accurate, up to date. Obtainable at leading booksellers' and stationers', or direct.

The habit of scrupulous accuracy down to the last detail required in the making of maps extends to all Rand McNally & Company's greatly varied activities.

Map Headquarters

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At last a Long Felt Human Want is Filled by the Invention of this Great Necessity-Dr. Farrington's Portable

Reading Table for the Lap

Conserves and Prolongs the

Here is the helper you have always needed. It saves
your eyes-conserves your energy-permits concen-
tration with real relaxation and absolute comfort. The
Farrington supports books, magazines, reading mat-
ter,typewriter, writing materials,etc., at just the right
angle to insure correct vision, regardless of position.

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Can You Clear The Mental Hazards

Of Middle Life?

Why do so many minds "snap" after the age of forty? Can't something be done to prevent it? Read the answer to this timely question as set forth by Dr. Clifford B. Farr in the December number of HYGEIA, the health magazine of the American Medical Association. He has some excellent advice to give on mental health.



That treatment by electricity can be as dangerous or as useful as fire, is the contention in this article on facts and fallacies about electrotherapy.

Is the Male Inferior?

The author of this article is a man, who makes out a case for the constitutional superiority of the female of the human species. Find out why, in the December HYGEIA.

It Hurts!

Why an attack of pain may be one of the kindest things that ever happened to you is explained in, "It Hurts!" a most interesting article on pain as nature's cry for help.

Dangers of

How tattooing is done, why it spreads disease, how it can be removed, is told in this fascinating article. Pictures of men and women amusingly tattooed illustrate it.


Health Posters in Color

Posters from China, India, Germany, France, Russia, reproduced in their original colors will appear in HYGEIA for December as our Christmas gift to readers. With these drawings will be an article by Dr. S. B. Blakely on prenatal and child care.

These are only a few of the major features for the big Christmas number, but they are typical of the practical, authentic articles appearing every month in HYGEIA. Here is a special offer which will bring you six valuable issues for only one dollar! The yearly rate is $3.00. Send the coupon today, as the offer is limited.

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The most startling of the profound writings
of SWEDENBORG the renowned
theologian, philosopher and
scientist. 632 page book
treating of the Life after
Death, sent without further
cost or obligation on receipt of
Write for complete list of publications
Room 1219, 18East 41st St., New York

REE 352-Page Catalog

Books of all Publishers

e time and money when buying books. Here is one tral source carrying books of all publishers. Quantity ing permits lowest prices to you. Send for our 33rd ual Illustrated Catalog describing over 25,000 books; used by lic, private and school librariesand individuals everywhere. It ee. Write today.

THE BOOK SUPPLY COMPANY, DEPT. 10 233 West Monroe Street

Chicago, Illinois

The Copley Prints

Fine Art Reproductions of
Distinguished American Art

(for 32 years a hall-mark of good taste in pictures)

for Gifts, your Home, and Schools

PICTURES THAT GIVE beauty and distinction to your walls. Wide range of subjects to choose from. Also Abbey's Holy Grail, gloriously depicting the Triumph of Right over Evil. Prices $2.00 to $100.00 GET COPLEY PRINTS direct from the makers. We Send On Approval with no obligation to you.


Vestal Virgin

Also YOUR FAMILY PORTRAITS RESTORED AND REPRODUCED from old daguerreotypes, faded photographs, tintypes, snapshots, etc.

They make unique keepsake gifts to your relatives. Valued originals should be copied if only to provide against fire, loss, damage, or fading.

Also Portraits Painted on Canvas, Originals restored. Send for free Portrait Circular with Prices Typical of hundreds of letters: -"I can't tell you how delighted I am. They are exquisite!"

Send 25 cents for Illustrated Catalogue Send Money Order or Stamps- NOT COIN It is a little Handbook of American Art CURTIS & CAMERON, Dept.AC, 221 Columbus Ave., BOSTON

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Unusual opportunities for enjoying and appreciating the artistic and cultural life of Paris. French is the language of the school. All subjects elective. Traveling during vacations. Riding, golf and tennis. Pupils may enter whenever a vacancy occurs.

Summer Residence from July 1st to October 1st For booklet address MISS IRENE JAMIESON 6, Avenue de Villars, Paris (7e), France

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