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The new play in Paris. The new novel in
London. The new opera in Milan.

These are the topics of the moment. On these
subjects and on all other important phases of
life and politics abroad the intelligent Ameri-
can, the American of the world, must be well

You hold the whip hand on every question of foreign affairs, foreign literature, science and art when you can quote from the native press. There you discover at first hand what foreign peoples think.


Brings you the really big features from the press of the whole world. It translates and reprints complete articles not excerpts

from the Berliner Tageblatt, Le Temps, the China Weekly Review, the London Times, Moscow Pravda and three hundred other foreign publications.

The Living Age is neither an editorial digest nor a special pleader for any clique or party. In its pages ministers and dictators, radicals and Tories tell their own stories in their own words. You are the sole judge. Back up your opinions on foreign life with intimate testimony and direct quotation. Read the semi-monthly Living Age. Published the 1st and 15th of the month

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The Living Age Company, 10 Ferry Street, Concord, N. H. or

8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass.

Gentlemen: Enclosed find $2.00 for which please enter my name for a six months' subscription to the Living Age.



A.M. 7-27

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This book, published by Brentano's, answers your every question about foreign travel.
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OW much to tip the ship's stewards, the handling of baggage, the class to travel on different railroads-these and every other point you are in doubt about are covered in "ALL ABOUT GOING ABROAD" by the world-famous traveler, Harry Franck.

This new book is pocket size and contains useful maps and pages for a diary and expense account. A complimentary copy will be given to those who purchase A.B.A


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'HE day is full of voices - meaningless, insistent. They drone upon the street, chatter at parties, hurl snatches of themselves at you from passing automobiles, rise up and down dramatically from open-air platforms, end with question marks at the office, trail after you on street cars. . . . Your ears, forever open, almost have to hear.

YET in this same room with you are voices of utmost silence, whose every word concerns you. You control them more surely than you control telephone or radio. Open a page they talk to you quietly. Close a page they are through. They are the voices of the advertisements. They talk direct to you. Tell of better roofing for your home, more protective paint for its walls. Shoes your youngsters can't scuffle out easily. Salads, delicious drinks, to gratify you. Reinforced hosiery, cooler underwear, purer soaps. You believe in these voices, for they have to be sincere. Else they would not be in these pages could not have the nation's belief. You buy the goods they proffer, for you know already what those goods will do. And wide belief has lowered their prices. They are economical - sure!

LOOSE products everywhere in stores are crying out, "Buy me!" But behind the voice of the advertised product is the voice of authority. The voice that tells the why, what, when, where and how of the goods you buy.

Heed these courteous voices often. Read the advertisements in this magazine

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