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HOTEL Belmont

Magnificent New

Overlooking Belmont Yacht Harbor, Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park.. In beart of exclusive North Side residential district, yet only 15 minutes to center of business. theatre, shops. Motor bus passes door.

650 luxuriously furnished rooms with bath, single or en suite. Single $4.00-double $5.00 a day and up. Garage. Perfect cuisine and service.

WM. A. BUESCHER, MANAGER Formerly of The Lake Shore Drive Hotel, Chicago, and Ritz Carlton, New York

Sheridan Road at Belmont

Opposite the Belmont Yacht Harbor



One Way Round Trip

†CLEVELAND and DETROIT $3.50 $ 6.00 †BUFFALO and DETROIT.... $6.00 $11.00 *Berth and meals included. †Berth and meals extra


For Reservations or further information, address E. H. McCracken, Gen. Pass.

Agt., Dept. 6, at Detroit, Mich.

No surcharge. Unlimited stopover privileges at all ports.

Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co.


Reproduction of Hadley Fitton's Etching of Le Pont Marie, Paris


Instead of shuttlecocking between your office and the same old places

JNNING along in the same dull ruts-day after day-is merely existing. Get away this summer hose enchanting playgrounds across the sea, that your imagination-renew your youth-and send back abrim with fresh energy. Deauville, Dinard, Fritz-the whirl of fashion in its gayest mood. And en you've done with gayety-loiter through the teau country-the valley of Loire-swimming in its den haze-where dream towers crown each hill...Or her afield-to Dauphine and the French Alps... e your car-uncrated-and from the very dock-skim to those smoothly flowing white roads to France. The joyous holiday spirit of these playgrounds vraps you directly you board "the longest gang

plank in the world."... The French Line inaugurates a weekly express service between the old world and the new-with the de Luxe Liners, Paris and France, and the splendid new flagship, Ile de France. Six days only-calling first at Plymouth, England-docking a few hours later at Le Havre de Paris. . . Four oneclass cabin liners sail direct to Le Havre... New YorkVigo-Bordeaux Service, three Liners to Southern France and Spain.

At Le Havre just another gangplank. . . a waiting special express-no long drawn out train ride .. three hours through beautiful Normandy... Paris-the terminus to all capitals and playgrounds of Europe.

French Line

Illustrated booklets or information from any French Line Agent or Tourist Office, or write to 19 State Street, New York Cit

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'N Hotel Cleveland-the most modern successor to a long line of famous hotels-you'll find the same hearty hospitality, the same friendly helpfulness of those old coaching days. We like to see to it that you enjoy your Stay here.

Hotel Cleveland is convenient to all
parts of the city. Every room has pri-
vate bath in connection. Servidor serv
ice; floor clerks. Room rates from $3.00.




Carl Sandburg says:


ARL CHRISTIAN JENSEN'S book "Ar American Saga" is a book of our time. Compare it with another life's story by another Dane, Jacob Riis, of twenty-five years ago Jensen is restless, dissatisfied, a traveler on twisted pathways ever meeting fresh surprises Life for him has many and mystic keys, and he is a seeker, while for Riis the stuff and structure of life was not so puzzling, and to tell right from wrong was easy. For Riis, the factors of life always divided themselves into the right and the wrong ones. Jensen is different. They are two men in two epochs not at all alike, and each a child of his epoch.

One of our favorite paragraphs in Jensen's book is where he is contemplating his finger nails. My finger nail alone was a living library. The stuff of which the nail was made always was, and would forever be. Some fifty inches I had trimmed throughout my life; the trimmings were somewhere still always would be. Weeks and months and years ago my nail was in the food I ate; ages back, it the horse's hoof, the eagle's beak, the fish's scales, or in a thousand other things perhaps My finger nail was tougher than my reason and feelings. It would be the last of me to die; it would even grow in the grave -- unless I be cremated.

AN AMERICAN SAGA, $2.50 At All Booksellers


*The Voyage of Your Dreams"


Jan.7 1928



AROUND the WORLD 5th Cruise s.s.RESOLUTE"


Cruise on the luxurious Resolute, to the wonderlands of the world. The colorful Mediterranean, the Holy Land, Egypt, little-known East Africa, mysterious India, fantastic China and Japan in cherry-blossom time.

In 140 days, you cover 37,849 miles on land and sea-visiting 63 fascinating cities in 30 chosen countries each at the ideal season. All the Oriental Ports of all other world cruises plus Borneo and French Somaliland. One experienced management on ship and shore.

The Resolute-built for tropical service-is the ideal cruising steamer with magnificent public rooms; large, airy cabins; sunlit tiled

swimming pool and spacious decks.

Rates, including shore excursions, $2,000 upward.
Descriptive literature will be sent on request.


United American Lines, Inc., General Agents
28 Broadway, New York

Branches in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and

local steamship agents

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TESTED by Bureau of Standards at Washington. See miles away! Conquer distance! Bring people, ships, game, scenes-right to your Feet! Explore vistas of nature! Double the thrill of dashing sports! You'll find these Binoculars a never-ending pleasure-a life-time treasure! Usually sell from $40.00 to $50.00. As Importers, selling "Direct-by-Mail," our price represents BIG saving. We are selling thousands to Army, Navy Officers, Explorers, Motorists, Tourists, Yachtsmen, Big Game Hunters, Globe Trotters, Naturalists, Men and Women all over the World at this Bargain Price..


10 Days' Trial Absolutely FREE

Our Plan
is Different!

It is arousing nation-wide comment. We ask for NO money in advance! NOTHING on Delivery. BINOCULARS are sent to responsible persons for 10-Days' Trial Absolutely Free.

If pleased you may pay on Budget Plan: $5.00 MONTHLY

or if you prefer to pay cash at end of 10 Days, deduct $1.75 and send Check or Money Order for $21.75 in Full Settlement. Otherwise returnthem. Order Nowatthis Special Price! Send No Money! Pay Nothing on Delivery!


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HIS DANISH BOY fought for a sheepskin as an American boy fights only for a pigskin. He got it and it has given him a career as teacher, psychologist and writer.

AN AMERICAN SAGA proves that our system of higher education works if the students will. Carl Jensen came to the University of Minnesota hungering and thirsting after knowledge and got everything he hoped for and more. If the English faculty at Minnesota taught Jensen to write English as he does, it should be the mecca of students from all parts of the country. But we suspect him of being a born writer.

This story will shake the most complacent Menckenite out of his serene confidence that all's wrong with America. K. P. in THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS.

$2.50 at all booksellers

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