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by any court of competent jurisdiction to imprisonment in any county jail, it shall be lawful for the Governor, on the application of such infant, her parent, guardian or any other person, to commute her punishment, by substituting therefor the commitment of such infant to the Reformatory Department of the institution created by this act, during the minority of such infant, unless sooner lawfully discharged by the Board of Managers or otherwise.

8292. (6197.) PAY OF MANAGERS. 37. Said managers shall be allowed for their services, the sum of one hundred and sixty dollars per annum, payable quarterly, on the warrant of the Governor, out of the Treasury of the State; and no traveling expenses or other allowances shall be paid to said managers or any of them.

8293. (6198.) INSTRUCTION. 38. It shall be the duty of . said Board of Managers to provide teachers and, as far as practicable, instruct the inmates of said institution in reading, writing and arithmetic.

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8294. (6199.) FURNISHING. 2. Whenever said institution, or any portion or department thereof, is ready to be furnished, the Board of Managers thereof shall present to the Auditor of State an itemized estimate of the articles needed for that purpose, with the estimated cost of each item or article, which estimate or statement shall be verified by the oath of the President of said Board. Upon the presentation of said estimate or statement to the Auditor of State, said Auditor shall, as soon as practicable, notify the Governor, Secretary and Treasurer of State of the filing of such statement, and if a majority of said officers shall be of the opinion that the proposed expenditure, or some part thereof, is necessary for the proper furnishing of said institution, or any part or department thereof, they shall direct, in writing, the Auditor of State to draw his warrant for the amount so estimated, or such part or portion thereof as they may approve, on the Treasurer of State, who shall pay the same to the President of said Board or to her order out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.


( 6200.) CURRENT EXPENSES. 3. The current expenses of said institution shall be estimated for, allowed and drawn from the Treasury as follows: At the commencement of

each month the Superintendent of the institution shall prepare, and verify by her oath, an estimated itemized statement, in writing, of the amounts that will be required to meet the current expenses of such institution during such month, and present the same to the Auditor of State, who shall notify the Governor, Secretary and Treasurer of State thereof; and if a majority of said officers shall approve and allow said estimate, or a part thereof, they shall direct, in writing, the Auditor of State to draw his warrant on the Treasurer of State for the amount which may be allowed by said State officers, or by a majority of them; and said Treasurer shall pay said warrant out of any of the moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Every such estimated itemized statement shall set forth the number of inmates in each of the departments of the institution and also the number of officers and persons employed therein.

8296. (6201.) SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT. 4. The Board of Managers and Superintendent of said institution shall, at the end of every period of six months (commencing with the first money which may be drawn from the Treasury on any estimate made under either of the previous sections of this act), make an itemized report of the expenditure of the money which may have been so drawn from the Treasury under this act; and the Auditor shall carefully examine such report, and if, in his opinion, any money shall have been improperly expended in the purchase of unnecessary articles or by paying too much therefor, or otherwise, said Auditor shall immediately notify the Governor, Secretary and Treasurer of State, who, in conjunction with such Auditor, shall immediately proceed to investigate the matter; and in accordance with the decision of a majority of these officers the amount shall be audited : Provided, however, That rendering an adverse decision upon any such amount or any part thereof, they shall notify the disbursing officer, and allow her to present such explanations or adduce such testimony as she may desire, in regard to the matter; and they shall have the same power to summon and require the attendance of witnesses as are given to the Criminal Courts of this State.

(Acts 1889, p. 322.

In force March 9, 1889.)

8298. (E. S. 2000.) INSANE-TRANSFER.

4. If any girl committed to the “Girls Reform School,” or any woman committed to the “Womans Prison," shall, while therein, become insane, such woman or girl may be transferred to the Asylum for the Insane,” under the same rules and modes of procedure as those prescribed for other insane persons.

Admission to insane hospitals, Sections 3209-3249.

(FROM ACTS OF 1903.)

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Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, That Section nineteen (19) of the above entitled act be amended to read as follows: Section 19. Whenever said institution shall have been proclaimed to be open for the reception of girls in the reformatory department thereof, it shall be lawful for said Board of Managers to receive into their care and management in the said reformatory department, girls under the age of fifteen years, who may be committed to their custody, in either of the following modes, to wit:

First. When committed by any Judge of a Circuit Court, either in term time or vacation, on complaint and due proof by the parent or guardian, that by reason of her incorrigible or vicious conduct, she has rendered her control beyond the power of such parent or guardian, and made it manifestly requisite that from regard to the future welfare of such infant and for the protection of society she should be placed under such guardianship.

Second. When such infant shall be committed by such Judge as aforesaid, upon complaint by any citizen, and due proof of such complaint, that such infant is a proper subject for the guardianship of said institution in consequence of her vagrancy or incorrigible or vicious conduct, and that from moral depravity or otherwise, of her parent or guardian, in whose custody she may be, such parent or guardian is incapable or unwilling to exercise the proper care or discipline over such incorrigible or vicious infant.

Sec. 2. All laws or parts of laws in conflict with this act are hereby repealed.

Sec. 3. Whereas an emergency exists for the immediate taking effect of this act, the same shall be in force from and after its passage.


(H. 431. Approved March 7, 1905.)

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For the Industrial School for Girls and Womans Prison, at Indianapolis: Regular. Maintenance, thirty-eight thousand dol

lars; repairs, three thousand dollars; discharge, clothing and parole, seven hundred dollars; library, three hundred dollars. Specific. Repairs on heating plant, six thousand dollars.

(Acts 1905, page 106.) An Act to amend section 13 of an act entitled “An Act authoriz

ing and providing for the separation of the Indiana Industrial School for Girls from the Womans Prison, for the purchase of land and construction of buildings for the Industrial School for Girls, for appointing commissioners and making appropriations therefor, defining the plan to be pursued, authorizing the appointment of a Board of Managers and a Superintendent for the Girls Industrial School, repealing all laws in conflict therewith and declaring an emergency," approved March 11, 1903.

(S. 64. Approved March 1, 1905.) AMENDMENT. Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, That Section 13 of the above entitled act be amended to read as follows:

INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS-SEPARATIONAPPROPRIATION. Section 13. There is hereby appropriated from the State Treasury out of any funds not otherwise appropriated $235,000.00, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the erection and equipment of the buildings and expense of the commissioners authorized by this act; $75,000 of which shall be available on and after June 1, 1905, and the remaining $160,000 shall be available on and after November 1, 1905. The said buildings shall be erected and equipped and made ready for occupancy as soon as practicable, and when completed, turned over to the Board of Managers of the Industrial School for Girls provided for in this act. When this shall have ben done by said commissioners, and final settlement made with the Auditor of State, then the duties of said commissioners shall end.


(H. 713. Approved March 16, 1907.)

For the Woman's Prison, at Indianapolis: Regular. Maintenance, fourteen thousand dollars, and one hundred and fifty dollars per capita per annum for each person actually present over a daily average number of fifty-six inmates each month, which sum is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated; said excess amount to be approved by the Board of State Charities. Repairs, three thousand dollars.

(Acts 1907, page 139.)

Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, That the Board of Trustees of the Indiana Industrial School for Girls and the Indiana Womans Prison shall hereafter consist of four trustees. One additional trustee shall be appointed by the Governor to each of said boards as the same are now constituted, within thirty days from the taking effect of his act, and each of such additional trustees so appointed shall serve for a term of four years. The names of said board of control of the Indiana Industrial School for Girls and the Indiana Womans Prison shall each be known hereafter as the Board of Trustees of said institutions respectively.

Sec. 2. The name of the Indiana industrial school for girls is hereby changed to the Indiana girls' school.

Sec. 4. The Board of Trustees of the Indiana Womans Prison "and of the Indiana Girls' School shall consist of women only. No other qualifications, except fitness, and those hereinbefore specified shall be considered in the making of such appointments. Each member of any such board of trustees hereafter appointed shall qualify by giving a bond with surety in the sum of ten thousand dollars to the approval of the Governor. At the meeting of said boards following the appointments provided for in section one (1) of this act, they shall proceed to elect a president, vicepresident, treasurer and secretary, and thereafter annually the organization shall be at the April meeting of each of said boards. Such treasurer shall qualify by executing a bond in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, with surety to the approval of the Governor.

Sec. 5. Such trustees shall receive as compensation three hundred dollars a year each and their reasonable expenses, not to exceed one hundred and twenty-five dollars a year each, which shall be paid quarterly as other expenses of the institutions are paid.

Sec. 7. In the purchase of all supplies that enter into the maintenance of any of the institutions covered by this act, it shall be the duty to invite competitive bids through sealed proposals to the president of the board of each institution, and the lowest and best responsible bidder shall be awarded the contract, and

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