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Received by the Governor, examined and referred to the Auditor of State for verification of the financial statement.

INDIANAPOLIS, DecemberTai, 1907. }

The within report, so far as the same relates to moneys drawn from the State Treasury, has been examined and found correct.


Auditor of State.

DECEMBER 27, 1907.

Returned by the Auditor of State, with above certificate, and transmitted to Secretary of State for publication, upon the order of the Board of Commissioners of Public Printing and Binding.


Secretary to the Governor.

Filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Indiana, December 27, 1907.


Secretary of State.

Received the within report and delivered to the printer December 28, 1907.


Clerk Printing Bureau.

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Report of Work Accomplished at Forest Reservation.
Report-Fred A. Miller

15- 80

Statistical Tabulations of Experiments-E. E. Davis.

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Fig. 1. Work of Hickory Bark Beetle....

20 Fig. 2. Section of wood cut from white walnut which has been entirely girdled

27 Fig. 3. Brood-galleries of Ash Bark-Beetle

26 Fig. 4. Work of Locust Borer

29 Fig. 5. Work of Pine Beetle on Branch of Red Cedar.

32 Fig. 6. Work of Borer on Hickory.

36 Fig. 7. Work of Powder Post Beetle

38 Fig. 8. Work of Timber-worms

39 Fig. 9. Young Yellow Poplar so weakened by timber-worms that it had been easily blown over by the wind........

40 Fig. 10. Section of Yellow Cedar injured by timber-worms.

42 Fig. 11. Section of Railroad Cross-tie injured by timber-worms. 43 Fig. 12. Work of White Ants or Termites...

41 Fig. 13. Leaflet from small Ash sprout where damage from leaf-eating insects is most noticeable.

45 Fig. 14. Leaf-folder on American Linden

46 Fig. 15. Sugar Maple attacked by leaf-roller.

47 Fig. 16. Leaf-roller on Shellbark Hickory Fig. 17. Effects of defoliating insects on Elm.

49 Fig. 18. Chestnut–Leaf-roller and effect upon foliage.

50 Fig. 19. ' Cock's Comb Gall on leaf of Elm.....

51 Fig. 20. Outcropping of limestone rock near Paoli, Ind.

56 Fig. 21. Washed and eroded condition of a low hill from which all timber and underbrush had been removed....

60 Fig. 22. Young growth of Red Cedar on hillside, showing nature's

method of soil binding against the agencies of erosion.... 62 Fig. 23. Catalpa planting on farm of Rockhill Bros.

70 Fig. 24. Catalpa planting, three years old, on farm of A. K. Kennert, north of Fort Wayne, Ind.

72 Fig. 25. Planting of Black Locust in edge of woods on farm of J. H. Gerding, west of Fort Wayne, Ind...

74 Fig. 26. Fifteen-year-old black walnut planting on farm of Anna

Congleton, three miles southwest of Frankfort, Ind...... 76 Fig. 27. Wind-break or shelter belt of Cottonwood on farm of James Mackentire, two miles southeast of Frankfort..

77 Fig. 28. Black Walnut planting on farm of J. C. Birdsell, two miles east of South Bend, Ind.

78 Fig. 29. Same as Fig. 28

79 Fig. 30. Same as Figs. 28 and 29.

17 Administration Building at State Forest Reservation

80 Governor J. Frank Hanly


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INDIANAPOLIS, IND., December 1, 1907.

Hon. J. FRANK HANLY, Governor:

Dear Sir, In compliance with the legal requirements, we have the honor to submit herewith the manuscript of the Seventh Annual Report for the Department of Forestry. It contains papers of discussion and explanation of the various work accomplished by the office and of experiments and forestry work at the State Forest Reservation and Forestry Experimental Station at Henryville, Clark County, Indiana.

We express our sincere appreciation of your courtesy and cooperation in the cause represented by this Department, and feel that the subject of forestry and the work accomplished should receive from the people an intelligent and thoughtful observance as affecting the best interests of all.

Yours very truly,

F. C. CARSON, President. W. H. FREEMAN, Secretary.

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