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Review of the Battle of Chancellorsville.-Two Defects in the Victory of the Con-

federates." The Finest Army on the Planet."-Analysis of the Victory.-General-

ship of Lee.-Services and Character of the great Confederate Leader.-His Com-

monplaces and his Virtues.-The Situation in Virginia.-Lee's Preparations for the

Summer Campaign.-Hooker to be Maneuvered out of Virginia.-Reorganization of

Lee's Army.-The Affair of Brandy Station.-THE CAPTURE OF WINCHESTER.—The

Affair of Aldie's Station.-Lee's Army Crossing the Potomac.-Invasion of Pennsyl-

vania.-Alarm in the North.-Hooker Out-Generalled and Removed.-The Mild

Warfare of the Confederate Invaders.-Southern "Chivalry."-General Lee's Error.

-His Splendid March from Culpepper Court House to Gettysburg.-Feverish Anti-

cipations in Richmond.-THE Battle of GettySBURG.-First Day's Engagement.—

A Regiment of Corpses.-Charge of Gordon's Brigade.-The Nine Mississippi

Heroes.-The Yankees Driven through Gettysburg.-A Fatal Mistake of the Con-

federates.-General Lee's Embarrassments.-THE SECOND DAY.-Cemetery Hill.—

Early's Attack Almost a Success.-Adventure of Wright's Brigade.—THE THIRD

DAY.-Sublime Terrors of the Artillery.--Heroic and Ever-Memorable Charge of

Pickett's Division on the Heights.-Half a Mile of Shot and Shell.-Pickett's Sup-

ports Fail.-The Recoil.-General Lee's Behavior.-His Greatness in Disaster.-Im-

mense Carnage.-Death of General Barksdale," the Haughty Rebel."-General Lee's

Retreat. The Affair of Williamsport.-Lee Recrosses the Potomac.-Success of his

Retreat.-Yankee Misrepresentation.-Review of the Pennsylvania Campaign.-Half

of Lee's Plans Disconcerted at Richmond.-Results of the Battle of Gettysburg Ne-

gative.-Lee's Retreat Across the Potomac an Inconsequence.-Disappointment in

Richmond.-The Budget of a Single Day in the Confederate Capital........ PAGE 13


The Defences of Vicksburg.-Pemberton's Force.-His Troops Reinspirited.-A

Memorable Appeal.-Grant's Assault on the Works.-Confidence of the Yankees.-

Their Repulse and Losses.-Commencement of Siege Operations.-Confidence in

Richmond.-Johnston's Secret Anticipation of the Fall of Vicksburg.--His Alleged

Inability to Avert it.-Critical Condition of the Confederate Armies in Numbers.-

Secret Correspondence of Richmond Officials.-Mr. Seddon's Bait of Flattery.-Suf-

ferings of the Garrison of Vicksburg.-Johnston's Attempt to Extricate them.-Pro-

posed Diversion in the Trans-Mississippi.-Its Failure.—A Message from Pemberton.

A Gleam of Hope.-An Important Despatch Miscarries.-The Garrison Unable to

Fight Their Way Out.-But Their Condition not Extreme.-Pemberton's Surrender

on the Fourth of July.-Surprise in Richmond-Mendacity of the Telegraph.-—The

Story of the Rats and Mules.-Pemberton's Statement as to his Supplies.-His Ex-

planation as to the Day of Surrender.-The last Incident of Humiliation.--Behavior

of the Vicksburg Population.-A Rival of "The Beast."-Appearance and Manners

of the City under Yankee Rule.-Consequences of the Fall of Vicksburg.—THE YAN-

KEE REOCCUPATION OF JACKSON.-Johnston's Second Evacuation.-The Enemy's Rav-

ages in Mississippi.-How they Compared with Lee's Civilities in Pennsylvania.—

THE FALL OF PORT HUDSON, &c.--Enemy's Capture of Yazoo City.--THE BATTLE

of Helena.--THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.-Repulse of the Confederates.-Abandonment

of Little Rock.-The Trials and Sufferings of the Trans-Mississippi Department.-

Hindman's Memorable Rule.-Military Autocracy.-The Generous and Heroic Spirit

of the Trans-Mississippi..

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Contrast between our Military Fortunes in the East and in the West.-Some

Reasons for our Success in Virginia.-Her Hearty Co-operation with the Confederate

Authorities. Her Contributions to the War.-General Bragg's Situation in Tennes-

see.-Confederate criticisms on General Rosecrans.-Opinion of the "Chattanooga

Rebel."-An Extensive Movement Contemplated by Rosecrans.-Bragg's Retreat to

Chattanooga. The Yankees on a Double Line of Operations.-Buckner's Evacuation

of Knoxville. THE SURRENDER OF CUMBERLAND GAP.-President Davis's Comment

on the Surrender.-THE BATTLES OF CHICKAMAUGA.-Braggs' Evacuation of Chatta-

nooga. Topography of the Battle-field.-Thomas's Column of Yankees in McLemore's

Cove.-Disobedience of Orders by Lieutenant-general Hill of the Confederates.--

Bragg's Orders to Lieutenant-general Polk.-Two Opportunities Lost. Note:

Bragg's Secret and Official Report of the Miscarriage of His Plans.-The First Day's

Engagement on the Chickamauga.-Second Day.-General Polk's Fight on our

Right.-Longstreet's Successful Attack on the Left.-The Grand Charge.-Rout of

the Enemy.-Longstreet's Message to Bragg.-Forrest Up a Tree.-Bragg Declines to

Pursue. His Hesitation and Error.-His Movement upon Chattanooga.-Boast of

Rosecrans.-An Empty Victory for the Confederates.-Bragg's Awkward Pause.-

Discussions of the Campaign.-His Supposed Investment of Chattanooga.-Two

Blunders of the Confederate Commander.-Chickamauga a Second Edition of Bull

Run. Note: Observations of a General Officer of the Confederate States Army on

the Campaign in the West...
..PAGE 106


The President's Declaration to the Confederate Congress of 1868-64.-" Want of

Capacity" in the Confederate Authorities.-Character of Jefferson Davis.-Official

Shiftlessness at Richmond.--Early Prognostications of the War.-The "Statesman-

ship" of the Confederates.-Ludicrous Errors of Confederate Leaders.-What "King

Cotton" might have done.-Gross Mismanagement of the Confederate Finances.-Mr.

Memminger's Maladministration.-The Moral Evils of an Expanded Currency.-The

Military Situation in December.-Secretary Seddon's Shameful Confession.-"De-

magogism" in the Confederate War Department.-Seddon's Propositions.-Military

"Substitutes."-An Act of Perfidy.-Bullying in Congress.-Spirit of the Confederate

Soldiery. LINCOLN'S "PEACE PROCLAMATION."-Its Stupidity, Insolence, and Out-

rage. How the Confederates Replied to it.-A New Appeal Against "Recon-

struction."-THE SLAVERY QUESTION IN THE WAR.-A French Opinion.-The

Abolitionists Unmasked.-Decay of European Sympathy with Them.-Review of

Lincoln's "Emancipation" Policy.-The Arming of the Blacks.-The Negro Coloni-

zation Schemes.-Experiments of New England "Civilization" in Louisiana.——

Frightful Mortality of "Freedmen."-The Appalling Statistics of Emancipation.-

The Contraband Camps in the Mississippi Valley.-Pictures of Yankee Philanthropy.

-"Slavery" Tested by the War.-The Confederates the True Friends of the African

Laborer.-The System of Negro Servitude in the Confederacy.-The "War-to-the-

Knife" Party in the North.-HISTORY OF THE "RETALIATION" POLICY.-The Outrages

of Yankee Warfare.-President Davis's Sentimentalism.-The Record of his Unpar-

donable and Unparalleled Weakness.-A Peep into Yankee Prisons.-The Torture-

Houses of the North.-Captain Morgan's Experience Among "the Convict-Drivers."

-President Davis's Bluster.-His Two Faces.-Moral Effects of Submission to Yankee

Outrage. The Rival Administrations in December 1863.-Richmond and Washing-

ton. Mr. Lincoln's Gaiety.-New Issues for the Confederacy........ . PAGE 174

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