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countenanced and maintained by the civil magistrate (i): that the ordinances of Christ may be purely dispensed and made effectual to the converting of those that are yet in their sins, and the confirming, comforting, and building up of those that are already converted (k): that Christ would rule in our hearts here (1), and hasten the time of his second coming, and our reigning with him for ever (m): and that he would be pleased so to exercise the kingdom of his power in all the world, as may best conduce to these ends (n).

Q. 192. What do we pray for in the third petition?

A. In the third petition, which is, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven (0), acknowledging that by nature we and all men are not only utterly unable and unwilling to know and do the will of God (P), but prone to rebel against his word (9), to repine and murmur against his providence (r), and wholly inclined to do the will of the

ri) 1 Tim. 2. 1. I exhort, Spirit in the inner man. therefore, that first of all, suppli- cm) Rev. 22. 20. He which rations, prayers, intercessions, testifieth these things saith, Sure. and giving of thanks, be made for ly I come quickly. Amen. Even all men: v. 2. For kings, and for so, come Lord Jesus. all that are in authority ; that we (n) Isaiah 64. 1, 2. Oh that may lead a quiet and peaceable life thou wouldest rend the heavens, in all godliness and honesty. that thou wouldest come down,

(k) 2 Thes. 1. 11. Where- that the mountains might flow fore also we pray always for you, down at thy presence : As when that our God would count you the melting fire burneth, the fire worthy of his calling, and fulfill all causeth the waters to boil, to the good pleasure of his goodness, make thy name known to thine and the work of faith with power. adversaries; that the nations may 2 Thes. 2. 16, 17. Now our Lord tremble at thy presence. Jesus Christ himself, and God CO) Matthew 6. 10. even our Father, which hath lov- CP) Rom. 7. 18. For I know, ed us, and hath given us everlast- that in me, (that is, in my flesh) ing consolation, and good hope dwelleth no good thing: for to through grace, Comfort your will is present with me, but how hearts, and stablish you in every to perform that which is good, I good word and work.

find not. (1) Eph. 3. 14–16. For this ca) Rom. 8. 7. Because the cause I bow my knees unto the carnal mind is enmity against God: Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for it is not subject to the law of Of whoin the whole family in God, neither indeed can be. heaven and earth is named, That (1) Exod. 17.7. And he call. he would grant you, according to ed the name of the place Massah, the riches of his glory, to be and Meribah, because of the chi. strengthened with might by his ding of the children of Israel, and

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flesh, and of the devil (3); we pray, that God would by his Spirit take away from ourselves and others all blindness (t), weakness (v), indisposedness (w), and perverseness of heart (x); and by his grace make us able and willing to know, do, and submit to his will in all things (y), with the like humility (2), cheerfulness (a), faithfulness (b), diligence (c), zeal (d), sincerity (e), and constancy (f), as the angels do in heaven (g).

Q. 193. What do we pray for in the fourth petition ?


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ner man.

because they tempted the Lord, ry) Psal. 119. 1. Blessed are saying, Is the Lord among us, or the undefiled in the way, who not?

walk in the law of the Lord. (8) Eph. 2. 2. Wherein, in (z) Mic. 6. 8. He hath shewtime past, ye walked according to ed thee, O man, what is good; and the course of this world, according what doth the Lord require of to the prince of the power of the thee, but to do justly, and to love air, the spirit that now worketh mercy, and to walk humbly with in the children of disobedience,

thy God? (t) Eph. 1. 17. That the God (a) Psal. 100. 2. Serve the of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Fa- Lord with gladness : come before ther of glory, may give unto you his presence with singing. the spirit of wisdom and revela- (6) Isa. 38. 3. And said, Rction, in the knowledge of him. member now, O Lord, I beseech

(v) Eph. 3. 16. That he would thee, how I have walked before grant you, according to the riches thee in truth, and with a perfect of his glory, to be strengthened heart, and have done that which with might by his Spirit in the in- is good in thy sight: and Hezekiah

wept sore. (w) Mat. 26. 40, 41. And he (c) Psal. 119. 4, 5. Thou hast cometh unto the disciples, and commanded us to keep thy prefindeth them asleep, and saith un- cepts diligently. O that my ways to Peter, What, could ye not were directed to keep thy stawatch with me one hour? Watch tutes ! and pray, that ye enter not into (d) Rom. 12. 11. Not slothful temptation : the spirit indeed is in business, fervent in spirit ; willing, but the flesh is weak. serving the Lord.

( x) Jer. 31. 18, 19. I have rey Psalms 119. 80. Let my surely heard Ephraim bemoaning heart be sound in thy statutes; himself thus, Thou hast chastised that I be not ashamed. me, and I was chastised, as a bul- (S) Psal. 119. 112. I have inlock unaccustomed to the yoke : clined mine heart to perform thy turn thou me, and I shall be turn- statutes alway, even unto the end. ed; for thou art the Lord my God. (g) Psal. 103. 20, 21. Bless Surely after that I was turned, I the Lord, ye his angels; that excel repented ; and after that I was in- in strength, that do his commandstructed, I smote upon my thigh : ments, Frearkening unto the voice I was ashamed, yea, even con- of his word. Bless ye the Lord, founded, because I did bear the all ye his hosts, ye ministers of reproach of my youth.

his that do his pieasure

A. In the fourth petition, which is, Give us this day our daily bread (h), acknowledging, that in Adam, and by our own sin, we have forfeited our right to all the outward blessings of this life, and deserve to be wholly deprived of them by God, and to have them cursed to us in the use of them (i); and that neither they of themselves are able to sustain us (k), nor we to merit (1), or by our own industry to procure them (m); but prone to desire (n), get (o), and use them unlawfully (p): we pray for ourselves and others, that both they and we, waiting upon the providence of God from day to day in the use of lawful means, may, of his free gift, and as to his fatherly wisdom shall seem best, enjoy a competent portion of them (9); and have the same continued and blessed unto

(h) Mat. 6. 11.

(m) Deut. 8. 17, 18. And thou (i) Gen. 2. 17. But of the say in thine heart, My power and tree of the knowledge of good and the might of my band hath gotevil, thou shalt not eat of it: for ten me this wealth. But thou shalt in the day that thou eatest there. remember the Lord thy God, for of, thou shalt surely die. Gen. 3. it is he that giveth thee power to 17. And unto Adam he said, Be- get wealth, that he may establish cause thou hast hearkened unto his covenant which he sware unthe voice of thy wife, and hast to thy fathers, as it is this day, eaten of the tree of which I com. (n) Jer. 6. 13. For from the manded thee, saying, Thou shalt least of them even unto the greatnot eat of it ; cursed is the ground est of them, every one is given to for thy sake': in sorrow shalt thou covetousness: and from the proeat of it all the days of thy life. phet even unto the priest, every Rom. 8. 20. For the creature one dealeth falsely. was made subject to vanity, not (0) Hos. 12. 7. He is a mer. willingly, but by reason of him chant, the balances of deceit are who hath subjected the same in in his hand : he loveth to oppress. hope.

(p) James 4. 3. Ye ask, and (k) Deut. 8. 3. And he hum- receive not, because ye ask amiss, bled thee, and suffered thee to that ye may consume it upon your hunger, and fed thee with manna lusts. (which thou knewest not, neither ca) Gen. 28. 20. And Jacob did thy fathers know), that he vowed a vow, saying, if God will might make thee know that man be with me, and will keep me in doth not live by bread only, but this way that I go, and will give by every word that proceedeth me bread to eat, and raiment to out of the mouth of the Lord put on. Eph. 4. 28. Let him that doth man live.

stole, steal no more ; but rather (1) Gen. 32. 10. I am not let him labour, working with his

rthy of the least of all the mer- hands the thing which is good, cies, and of all the truth, which that he may have to give to him thou bast shewed upto thy servant. that needeth

us, in our holy and comfortable use of them (r), and contentment in them (s); and be kept from all things that are contrary to our temporal support and comfort (t).

Q. 194. What do we pray for in the fifth petition ?

A. In the fifth petition, which is, Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors (v), acknowledging that we and all others are guilty both of original and actual sin, and thereby become debtors to the justice of God; and that neither we, nor any other creature, can make the least satisfaction for that debt (v): we pray for ourselves and others, that God, of his free grace, would, through the obedience and satisfaction of Christ apprehended and applied by faith, acquit us both from the guilt and punishinent of sin (x), accept us in his Beloved (y), continue his favour and grace to us (z), pardon our daily failings (a), and fill us with peace and joy, in giving us daily more and more assurance of forgiveness (b); which we

Prj 1 Timothy 4. 8. Forbid- through faith in his blood, to deding to marry, and commanding clare his righteousness for the reto abstain from meats which God mission of sins that are past, bath oreated to be received with through the forbearance of God: thanksgiving of them which be. To declare, I say, at this time his

I lieve and know the truth.

righteousness: that he might be (s) 1 Timothy 6. 6. But god- just, and the justifier of him which liness with contentment is great believeth in Jesus. gain.

(y) Eph. 1. 6,7. To the praise (t) Prov. 30. 8. Remove far of the glory of his grace, wherein from me vanity and lies: give me he hath made us accepted in the neither poverty nor riches ; feed belored : In whom we have reme with food convenient for me. demption through his blood, the (v) Matthew 6. 12.

forgiveness of sins, according to (7) Rom. 3. 9, 10. What then? the riches of his grace. Are we better than they? No, in (z) 2 Pet. 1. 2.

Grace and no wise : for we have before pro- peace be multiplied unto you, ved both Jews and Gentiles, that ihrough the knowledge of God, they are all under sip ; As it is and of Jesus our Lord. written, There is none righteous, (a) Hos. 14. 2. Take with no not one. Psalms 130. 3, 4. If you words, and turn to the Lord; thou, Lord, shouldest mark iniqui- say unto him, Take away all inities, O Lord, who shall stand ? quity, and receive us graciously : But there is forgiveness with so will we render the calves of thee, that thou mayest be feared. our lips.

(3) Rom. 3. 24-26. Being (6) Rom. 15. 13. Now the justified freely by his grace, God of hope fill you with all joy through the redemption that is in and peace in believing, that ye Jesus Christ : Whom God hath may abound in hope through the set forth to be a propitiation, power of the Holy Ghost.

are the rather emboldened to ask, and encouraged to expect, when we have this testimony in ourselves, that we from the heart forgive others their offences (c).

Q. 195. What do we pray for in the sixth petition?

A. In the sixth petition, which is, And lead us not into templation, but deliver us from evil (d), acknowledging that the most wise, righteous, and gracious God, for divers holy and just ends, may so order things, that we may be assaulted, foiled, and for a time led captive by temptations (e); that Satan (f), the world (g), and the flesh, are ready powerfully to draw us aside, and ensnare us (h); and that we even after the pardon of our sins, by reason of our corruption (i), weakness, and want of watchfulness (k), are not only subject to be tempted, and forward to expose ourselves unto temptations (1), but also of ourselves unable and unwilling to resist them, to recover out of them, and to improve them (m); and worthy to be left under the power of them (n): we pray, that God would so over-rule the world and all in it (0), subdue the flesh (P),

(c) Luke 11. 4. And forgive are contrary the one to the other; us our sins; for we also forgive so that ye cannot do the thi gs every one that is indebted to us.

that ye would (1) Matthew 6. 13.

(k) Mat. 26. 41. Watch and le) 2 Chron. 32. 31. Howbeit, pray, that ye enter not into tempo in ihe business of the ambassadors tation : the spirit indeed is willing, of the princes of Babylon, who but the flesh is weak. sent unto him to inquire of the (1) Matthew 26. 69, 70. Now wonder that was done in the land, Peter sat without in the palace ; God left him to try him, that he and a damsel came unto him, say might know all that was in his ing, Thou also wast with Jesus of heart.

Galilee. But he denied before (f) 1 Chron. 21. 1. And Satan them all, saying, I know not what stood up against Israel, and pro- thou sayést. voked David to number Israel. (m) Rom. 7. 23. But I see

(8) Luke 21. 34. And take another law in my members, war. heed to yourselves, lest at any ring against the law of my mind, time your hearts be overcharged and bringing me into captivity to with surfeiting and drunkenness, the law of sin which is in my and cares of this life, and so that members. day come upon you unawares. (n) Psal. 81. 11, 12. But my

(h) James i. 14. But every people would not hearken to my man is tempted, when he is drawn voice : and Israel would none of away of his own lust, and enticed. me. So I gave them up unto their

() Gal. 5. 17. For the flesh own hearts' lust: and they walkJusteth against the spirit, and the ed in their own counsels. spirit against the flesh; and these (0) John 17. 15. I pray not

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