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[blocks in formation]

capture of,

See Sherman's Campaign,
at the battle of Franklin, Tenn.

See Sherman's Report of the Sur-

render of Johnston, Doc. 627, 633
noticed, Doc. 47, 348, 362, 378, 380
SCRIBNER, B. F., Col., noticed, Doc. 39
SEARCH, A. F., Capt. 4th Illinois, Doc. 435
SEATON, THOMAS L, Lieut. 12th
U. S. C. I.,
Doc. 106
Second Army Corps. See Grant's
Operations in Virginia, Doc. 571
SEDGWICK, JOHN, in the Wilderness,
Doc. 443, 447
death of,
Doc. 330
Selma, Ala. See Robert H. G. Minty,
Doc. 678
Doc. 358, 654
SEWARD, W. H., Secretary of State.
See Suffolk Va.,

Doc. 339

Doc. 344

letter to Gen. J. B. Hood in refer-
ence to the removal of the in-
habitants of Atlanta, Doc. 315
petition of the citizens of Atlanta
Doc. 317
reply of, to the citizens of Atlanta,


Doc. 249

Doc. 54

SMITH, G. W., Gen., capture of, Doc. 506
SMITH, KIRBY, Gen., rebel, operations

of, west of the Mississippi, Doc. 351
the bad faith of,

Doc. 358

SMITH, M. L, at Rocky Face Ridge,

Doc. 318

Doc. 34

[blocks in formation]

at Walthall's Farm,

Doc. 570

Doc. 123

answer to the address of the Gen-

[blocks in formation]

suspension of hostilities between
him and Johnston,
report of the campaign of the Caro-
Doc. 374
correspondence with Wade Hamp-
Doc. 387
movements of the inhabitants of
Atlanta on the approach of, Doc. 526
letter to Gen. Burbridge in refer-
ence to Morgan's raid in Ken-
Doc. 594
report of the surrender of John-
Doc. 627
See Wilson's Cavalry Expedition,
Doc. 714
SHIRK, GEORGE, noticed, Doc. 71
Shoal Creek Bridge, Tenn., skirmish
Doc. 360
SHOEMAKER, W. W., Capt., report of
Wilson's cavalry expedition,
Doc. 685
Shreveport, La., expedition against,
Doc. 327
SIBLEY, C. C., Gen. See Pope's Re-
Doc. 403
SICKLES, D. E., Gen. See Resacca,
Doc. 53
SIGEL, FRANZ, Gen., in West Vir-
Doc. 329
operations of, in West Virginia,
Doc. 333

Doc. 357

his order to the troops,
Smithfield, gunboat, destroyed, Doc. 332
Snake Gap, Ga., occupation of, Doc. 28
Snicker's Ferry, Md., battle at, Doc. 336
Snicker's Gap, Va., fight at,
Sommerton, Va., fights near,
Suffolk, Va.,
"Sons of Liberty," list of the names
of prominent members in Illi
South Anna River, Va., bridge over,

Doc. 571

Doc. 448


Doc. 123

Doc. 417

destroyed by Gen. Wilson's cav.

Doc. 332

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 335

assigned to command in West
Virginia, etc.,
his gallantry at Cedar Creek, Va.,
Doc. 338
operations in the Shenandoah Val-
Doc. 351

Doc. 337

[blocks in formation]

SPOONER, JOHN A. See Recruiting in

SPOONER, —, Col., 83d Indiana, Doc. 234
Spottsylvania Court House, battle at,

a Southern account of the attempt,

Doc. 188

Doc. 331

Doc. 446

Doc. 545

Doc. 546

Doc. 364

[blocks in formation]

STANSBURY, - Capt. 19th regulars,


Capt. 24th

Doc. 419
STURGIS, S. D., Gen., report of the
battle of Brice's Cross Roads,
Doc. 162
See Sheridan's Atlanta Campaign,
Doc. 314
defeat at Guntown, Tenn., Doc. 340

capture of Fort Fisher, Doc. 632
THOMAS, FRANCIS, Gov., authorized to
raise three regiments, Doc. 145
THOMAS, GEORGE H., Gen., report of
the operations of the army under
his command, from Sept. 7, 1864,
to January 20, 1865,

Doc. 259

official report, from Jan. 20 to


June 1, 1865,

Doc. 504

order in reference to the Atlanta

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 115
Doc. 55
Doc. 29
Doc. 182


[blocks in formation]

Doc. 87
Suffolk, Va., Gen. Peck's report of
the siege of,
Doc. 121
Sugar Valley, Ga., the battle of, Doc. 48
SULLY A., Gen. See Pope's Report,
Doc. 399
report of the battle of Tah-kah-o-
kuty Mountain,
Doc. 417
Sulphur Branch, Tenn., the skirmish
Doc. 342
SUMAN, J. C. B., Col. 9th Indiana,
Doc. 113
SUMNER, E. V., Gen., at Falmouth,
Doc. 2
Swannano Gap, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 507
SWEENEY, -, Gen., at Resacca,
Doc. 37
Gen. See Atlanta,
Doc. 204

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Doc. 403

Doc. 48

; operations in Arkansas,

at Jenkins' Ferry,

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 341

Doc. 341

Doc. 328

Doc. 450

State Sovereignty,

arrest of,

Steen's Peak, Arizona, fight at, Doc. 518

STEPHENS, ANN S., noticed,

STEPHENS, H. H., Lieut., report of a

fight with the Apache warriors,

SWEET, B. J., Gen., report of the
Chicago conspiracy to release the
prisoners at Camp Douglas,
Doc. 413
SWIFT, ERN., Surgeon. See Olustee,
Switzerland. See Geneva,
SYKES, GEORGE, Gen., noticed,
SYLVESTER, R. G., Lieut. 12th
C. L.,

ations in Tennessee, under Gen.

Doc. 104


Doc. 89

THOMPSON, C. G., Lieut.-Col., report

Doc. 461
Doc. 198
Doc. 9
U. S.

Doc. 106

of Wilson's cavalry expedition,

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 683

Doc. 362

Doc. 413

Doc. 182

Doc. 139

Doc. 660

Thornhill, Ala., fight at,

Doc. 372

Doc. 19

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

TAYLOR, RICHARD, Gen., defends Mo-
bile, Ala.,

Doc. 1

Doc. 417, 418, 420-423
TAYLOR, B. F., noticed,
Doc. 29
TAYLOR, GEORGE A., Capt., bravery
Doc. 44
TAYLOR, GEORGE, Lieut., death_of,
Doc. 107
TAYLOR, JAMES, Gen., wife of, noticed,
Doc. 20
Doc. 351
surrenders his command to Gen.

at Hanoverton, Va.,

Doc. 332

report of operations in the Shenan-
doah Valley,

Doc. 732

report of operations in the Shenan-

doah Valley,

Doc. 739

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 358

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Trevillian Station, Va.,

Doc. 610

Doc. 349

Ten Island, Coosa River, fight at the,

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 192

TRIGG, ROBERT, Col. 54th Virginia
regiment, noticed,

[blocks in formation]

TOWNSEND, E. D., Ass't Adj't-Gen.,

fight at the,

Tunnel Hill, Ga., Sherman's troops

Doc. 1, 150

Doc. 335

Doc. 59


Doc. 371

nesty in,

Doc. 149


Doc. 24, 30

Stone River, Col. Grose's

report of

See Breckenridge,

Doc. 345

Tupelo, Miss., accounts of the battles

the battle of,

Doc. 69

[blocks in formation]

Doc. 199

See Murfreesboro', Tenn., Doc. 70
Stony Creek, N. C., fight on the,

Doc. 335

Tennessee volunteers, 3d regiment

Gen. Steedman's report of opera-
tions in,

the battles at,

Doc. 340

Doc. 86

[blocks in formation]

St. Philip's Parish, Atlanta, Ga., ad-


Doc. 56

Col. McMillin's report,

Doc. 405

dress to the ladies of,

Doc. 526

[blocks in formation]

Col. Wilkin's report,

Doc. 408

Strasburg, Va., fight at,

Doc. 338

4th regiment of,

Strawberry Plains, Tenn., operations

8th regiment of,


Doc. 366

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Col. Karge's operations near, Doc. 435
TURCHIN, J. B., Gen., at Resacca,
Doc. 35, 49
TURNER, - See Operations of Gen.
Doc. 495
Tuscaloosa, Ala., destruction of, Doc. 358
Twentieth Army Corps. See Sher-
man's Campaign, Doc. 213, 223
Twenty-Third Army Corps. See Sher-

man's Campaign,

Doc. 213

Doc. 192

Doc. 214

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