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April 30.

LINCOLN'S INN.-Thomas Key, Frederick Thomas Curtis, Joseph William Chitty, John George Smith, Christopher Cheevers M'Donnell, Cholmcley Austen Leigh, John William Church, Reginald John Cust, Bruce Lockhart Burnside, William Edward Baker, John Gwyn Jeffreys, and Samuel Elgar Sloper, Esqrs.

MIDDLE TEMPLE.-James Prendergast, William Frederick Ward, Samuel M'Culloch, George Greenway Little, and George Collier, Esqrs.

INNER TEMPLE.-William Emerson Laslett, Edward Headlam, M.A., Robert Harcourt Chambers, B.A., Henry Smith, George John Shaw Lefevre, B.A., John Walker, B.Á., James Edwin Cole, Ford North, B.A., George Wells, B.A., Henry Casson, B.A., and Robert Baron Templer, B.A., Esqrs.

June 6.

LINCOLN'S INN.-Wells Butler, Edward Poste, Francis Henry Bacon, Athelstane Wilcock, Edward Pardoe, Cotton Hanson, Henry Walthall Walthall, Robert Stuart, Spencer Perceval Butler, Russell Duckworth, and Benjamin Bickley Rogers, Esqrs.

INNER_TEMPLE.-John Wood, B.A., Charles Ashbrook Wright Crump, B.A., William Stevenson Owen, Herbert Crompton Herries, M.A., William Markby, B.A., and Richard Hoper, Esqrs.

MIDDLE TEMPLE.-Wm. Lambert Dobson (certificate of honour, first class), Henry Bull Templer Strangways, Edward Yardley, John Haddy, Edmund James, B.A., London University, John Metcalfe, and Leonidas Gautier, Esqrs.

GRAY'S INN.-Adolphus John D'Allain, Henry Nicol, and Clement Dale, Esqrs.


Trinity Term, 1856. Public Examination of the Students of the Inns of Court, held at Lincoln's-Inn Hall, on the 19th, 20th, and 21st days of May, 1856.


William Lambert Dobson, Student of the Middle Temple, and Wells Butler, Student of Lincoln's Inn, Esqrs., Certificates of Honour of the first class.

Edward Bullock, Inner Temple, Charles A. W. Crump, Inner Temple, Charles Beard Izard, Lincoln's Inn, William Markby, Inner Temple, Frederick Seebohm, Middle Temple, and Athelstane Wilcock, Lincoln's Inn, Esqrs., Certificates that they have satisfactorily passed a Public Examination.



3rd. WALKER, James, Esq., one of the Principal Clerks of Session, Edinburgh.

4th. OWENS, John, Esq., solicitor, London, aged 44. 6th. MAYNARD, Jonas Alleyne, barrister-at-law, aged 52. 6th. Low, Archibald M'Arthur, Esq., solicitor, London, aged 38. 12th. FELLOWES, John Butler, Esq., solicitor, Bristol, aged 30. 12th. WILSON, Alexander, Esq., solicitor, London, aged 70. 14th. BELLAMY, Charles, barrister-at-law, Esq., Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford.

15th. GROVE, Edward E. D., Esq., solicitor, London, aged 42. 23rd. HODGKINSON, George, Esq., solicitor, Newark, aged 69.

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4th. HOLLOWAY, Benjamin, Esq., solicitor, Woodstock, aged 52. 5th. THURSTANS, Esq., solicitor, Newport, Salop, aged 66. 8th. MEAD, J. C. S., Esq., of Bedford-row, aged 36.

10th. JONES, Alfred Alexander, Esq., solicitor, London, aged 30. 13th. BARRON, Arthur, Esq., barrister-at-law, aged 55. 18th. CHOPPIN, Charles, Esq., solicitor, London.

19th. At Neuilly, near Paris, Graham WILLMORE, Esq., Q.C., Judge of the County Court of Somersetshire, and Recorder of Wells.

25th. WILSON, John, Esq., barrister-at-law, aged 65.

30th. M'DONALD, Thomas, Esq., Writer and Procurator Fiscal, Fort William, Inverness-shire.


11th. BRYAN, George Bryan, Esq., barrister-at-law, London, aged 27. 15th. HOLME, Bryan, Esq., solicitor, London.

List of New Publications.

Bainbridge-The Law of Mines and Minerals. By W. Bainbridge, Esq., Barrister. Second Edition, carefully revised, and much enlarged by additional matter relating to Manorial Rights; Rights of Way and Water, and Mining Easements; the Sale of Mines and Shares; the Construction of Leases; Cost-book and General Partnerships; Injuries from Undermining and Inundations; Barriers and Working out of Bounds: with an Appendix of Forms and Customs, and a Glossary of English Mining Terms. 8vo. 24s. cloth.

Chitty-The Commercial and General Lawyer; being a plain Exposition of the Law of England in all its departments, and especially of those branches relating to Commerce, Trade, and Manufactures. By E. Chitty, Esq., Barrister. The Eleventh Edition, by T. G. Western, Esq., Barrister. 8vo. 24s. cloth.

Cooke-The Acts for Facilitating the Inclosure of Commons in England and Wales, with a Treatise on the Laws of Rights of Commons, in reference to these Acts, and on the Jurisdiction of the Inclosure Commissioners, in Exchanges and Partition, &c. &c., with Forms as settled by the Commissioners. By G. W. Cooke, Esq., Barrister. Third Edition. 12mo. 15s. boards.

Cushing-The Law and Practice of Legislative Assemblies in the United States of America. By L. Cushing. Royal 8vo. 25s. cloth.

Dart-A Compendium of the Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Real Estate. By J. H. Dart, Esq., Barrister. The Third Edition. 8vo. 26s. cloth.

Dax-A Book of Costs in the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer; the Crown and Queen's Remembrancers' Offices, in Bankruptcy, and the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, Conveyancing, Miscellaneous, &c. &c. By R. Dax, Esq., Barrister. Post 8vo. 15s. cloth.

Locke The Game Laws: comprising the whole of the Laws now in force on the subject, brought down to the present time. By J. Locke, Esq., Barrister. New Edition. 12mo. 8s. cloth.

By J. Macgregor, M.A.,

Macgregor-The Language of Specifications of Letters Patent for Inventions. By J. Macgregor, M.A., Barrister. 12mo. 5s. boards.

Macgregor-The Law of Reformatories. Barrister. 12mo. 5s. boards.

Mayne-A Treatise on the Law of Damages, comprising their Measure, the mode in which they are Assessed and Reviewed, the Practice of Granting New Trials, and the Law of Set-off, and compensation under the Lands Clauses Act. By J. D. Mayne, Esq., Barrister. 8vo. 16s. cloth.

Pratt The Law of Contraband of War; with a Selection of Cases from the Papers of Right Hon. Sir George Lee, LL.D., and an Appendix from Treaties, Miscellaneous Papers, and Forms of Proceeding, with all the Cases to the present time. By J. T. Pratt, D.C.L., Advocate. 8vo. 14s. boards.

Pratt-The Law Relating to Lighting and Watching of Parishes (3 & 4 Wm. 4, cap. 90), with the additional Statutes, Forms, Index, &c. By W. T. Pratt, Esq., Barrister. Third Edition. 12mo. 4s. boards.

Pycroft-Arena Cornubia; or the Claims of the Commissioners of Woods and Forests to the Sea-coast and Banks of Tidal Rivers in Cornwall and Devon, examined and considered. By J. W. Pycroft, Solicitor. 4to. 21s. boards.

Scott-Costs in the Superior Courts of Common Law and in Conveyancing, also in Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Proceedings in the Crown Office, and on the Crown side, on Circuit and at Sessions, &c. By John Scott, Esq., Barrister. 8vo. 16s. cloth.

Smith-A Manual of Equity Jurisprudence (founded upon "Story's Equity Jurisprudence"). By Josiah W. Smith, B.A., Barrister. Fifth Edition. 12mo. 10s. 6d. boards.

Stannaries-Procedure in the Court of the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries, New Orders, Rules, and Forms, with an Introductory Notice on the Jurisdiction of the Court in relation to Mining Companies, and an Appendix of Statutes. 12mo. 9s. cloth.

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