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indication of perfidy. This is the flag of truce under whose protection we would trust ourselves. None other would be heeded by Abraham Lincoln.

This same man is engaged now in another fraud. He tells us that the thirty thousand mercenaries that defile the Capital are for its defence-nothing more. Who believes him? Not we. They are designed for offensive operations. They are intended to menace Virginia, and will make a descent somewhere upon our soil. Very well. Let the drunken mutineers at Washington drive on in their crazy craft. The breakers are ahead, and they must evince more statesmanship than they have yet indicated if they weather the storm that is gathering.— Lynchburgh Virginian.

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MORE SOUTHERN RASCALITY. The following is a copy letter received by a manufacturer of boots and shoes in Haverhill:


RICHMOND, Va., April 18, 1861.

Haverhill, Mass.:


Owing to the declaration of war against our beloved South, and the necessity of our arming and fighting, instead of pursuing the peaceful avocations of commerce, we have given up ourselves fully and freely to the work before us, and our resources are to be held at the disposal of the State until the issue is finally determined, when, if we have sufficient availabilities or assets left to meet our liabilities, it shall be done.

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“But untilt his fratricidal war is closed, we shall decline paying any of our debts due to parties in the North, where they have drawn the sword against us. Hence the protest of ou note in your favor this day, which we have the funds in bank to meet. Very truly yours,



This is an exact copy, underlined as they underlined it. They owe different parties here to the amount of several thousand dollars.- Boston Journal.

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Is the North peopled with Christians or with savages? Is the light that shone from Calvary's bloody summit extinguished, and are our Northern foes only guided by the dark and lurid flame that pilots devils to their carnivals? Has the Congress of Hell had its session, and have they commissioned all the legions of the damned to demonize our enemies? Has Lucifer given a furlough to all his infernal cohorts? Has he established his church in every Black Republican's heart, and has he ordained Belial and Moloch his high priests? Are we to have war with men or with devils? These questions must be answered. Our implacable foes, goaded on by a hatred that is remorseless and unrelenting, because they have insulted and injured us, have already answered them. They have inaugurated a war of extermination—a war in which no mercy is to be shown or quarter given. Let it be so! The South has never asked a favor of her enemies. She asks none now. Vicksburg Whig.


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VIRGINIA is invaded. The horde of thieves, robbers and assassins in the pay of Abraham Lincoln, commonly known as the army of the United States, have rushed into the peaceful streets of a chief city of the State, and stained the hearth of Virginian homes with the blood.of her sons.

One trait of true heroism has signalized this unhappy affair. A citizen of Alexandria, named Jackson, lacked the prudence to haul down the flag of his country, which streamed over his dwelling. That band of execrable cut-throats and jail-birds, known as the "Zouaves," of New York, under the chief of all scoundrels, called Col. Ellsworth, surrounded the house of this Virginian, and broke open the door to tear down the flag of the South. The courageous owner of that house neither fled nor submitted. He met the favorite hero of every Yankee there in his hall, he alone, against thousands, and shot him through the heart! - Richmond Examiner.

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