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narrates in his lecture on the last days of the Confederacy. rugged and ragged veteran was riding along the street on a horse which, in good times, would have been worth $100 in good money, when a gentleman hailed him and offered him $3,000 for his horse. The rider looked at the bidder rather severely, and replied, "Go to (Halifax) with your $3,000; I've just paid a fellow $1,000 for currying him."

It is hard to exaggerate the worthlessness of the " currency" during the last six months of the war. But for the fact that the Government supplied "rations" (such as they were), neither patriotism nor pride, nor their love for General Lee, would have kept his handful of devoted followers, within his call from the beginning of 1865. till the surrender at Appomattox in April. As it was, however, this old company maintained its high character for discipline and fidelity and courage to the last, and ninety-six men and officers answered to the final roll-call of the orderly.

The number of survivors has diminished rapidly since the close of the war. Had they been blessed with the favor of the best government the world ever saw, and been encouraged by liberal pension laws, the number of survivors would, no doubt, have been much greater than it is.


The following were the officers of the company present when it surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse April 9, 1865:

Captain: Archibald Graham, Jr.

Lieutenants: J. Cole Davis, John W. Jordan.

Sergeants: Samuel C. Smith, William L. Strickler, David E. Moore, Norborne S. Henry, and John E. McCauley.

Corporals: A. S. Whitt. William M. Wilson, William F. Johnston, William N. Bumpass, Jr., Henry T. Darnall, William Careen, and Henry Boteler.

The following roster contains the names of all the men who ever served with this company, so far as their names could be ascertained. As explained in the foregoing pages, in March, 1862, a large number of men, perhaps seventy-five, enlisted and were enrolled, but before the next pay-roll was made, many of these, by order of the Secretary of War, were distributed among other commands, and the pay

roll which contained all their names, and what distribution of them was made, was lost. The new pay-roll was made from memory, hence this roster is probably not complete. The asterisk (*) affixed to names, indicates those who were present at the surrender as members of this company.† Some of its members were absent, sick, or wounded; and many whose names appear were present, but belonged at the time to other commands:

The first captain, William N. Pendleton.

Adams, Thomas T.
*Adkins, Blackburn
*Agner, Augustus W.
Agner, John T. (or D.)
Agner, Jonathan
Agner, Joseph S.
*Agner, McD.
Agner, Samuel S.
Alexander, Edgar S.
Alexander, Eugene
Alexander, John McD.
Anderson, Samuel D.
*Armistead, Charles J.
Arnold, Abner E.

Ayers, Napoleon B.
*Bacon, Edloe P.
*Bacon, Edloe P., Jr.
Bacon, Philip E., Jr.

*Baldwin, William Ludlow

Bane, Samuel R.

*Barger, William G.

Barton, David R.
Barton, Robert T.
Beard, John R.
Beard, William B.
Bedinger, George R.
Bealle, Jesse T.

Bell, Robert S.

*Black, Benjamin F.

Blackford, Launcelot M.
*Blain, Daniel

Bolling, William H.

Boteler, Alexander R., Jr.
Boteler, Charles P.
*Boteler, Henry
Boyd, E. Holmes
Brockenbrough, J. Bowyer
Brockenbrough, Willoughby N.

Brooke, Pendleton

Brown, Henry C.

Brown, John L.

Brown, John M.
*Brown, John M., Jr.
Brown, William M.
Bryan, Edward
*Bumpass, William N., Jr.
Burwell, Lewis P.
*Byers, G. Newton
Byrd, William H.
Careen, William
*Carson, William
Caruthers, Thornton R.
Chapin, William T.
Clark, James Gibson
Clark, James Gregory
Coffee, Whitfield A.

*Cooke, Richard D.
*Compton, Robert K.

†There were also eighty-one privates present with the battery, who were paroled. For their names, see "PAROLES OF THE ARMY Of Northern VIRGINIA," Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XV, pp. 33-34.—Ed.

Fuller, John
Garnett, James M.
Gay, Charles
Gay, Erskine M.

*Conner, Alexander Conner, Daniel

Conner, Fitzhugh G.

*Conner, Henry C. Conner, George W. Conner, James A.

*Conner, John C.
Conner, Robert P.
Cox, William H.

*Craig, John B.
Craig, Joseph E.
Croeken, Francis J.

Crosen, William G.
Curran, Daniel

Dandridge, Stephen A.

Darnall, Andrew M.

*Darnall, Henry T.

*Davis, J. Cole

*Davis, Charles W.

*Davis, James M. M.

Davis, John E.
Davis, Mark

Davis, Richard G.

*Dixon, William H. H.

*Dold, Calvin M.

Doran, John
Dudley Robert M.
Effinger, William H.

Emmett, Michael J.
Eppes, W. H.

*Estill, William C.

Gerard, Edward
+Gibbs, John T., Jr.
Gibson, Henry B.

Gibson, John T.
*Gibson, Robert A.
Gilliam, William T.

*Gilmer, James B.

Gilmore, J. Harvey

*Ginger, George A.

Ginger, William L.
Gold, Alfred

Gold, John M.

*Gooch, J. T.

Gordon, William C.

*Graham, Archibald, Jr.
Goul, John M.


Gregory, John M., Jr.
Grosch, Charles

Hall, John F.
Harris, Alexander
Harris, Bolin

*Heiskell, J. Campbell
Heiskell, J. P.

*Henry, Norborne S.
Herndon, Francis T.

Hetterick, Ferdinand
Hitner, John K.

Holmes, John A.
Hostetter, George W.
Houston, James Rutherford

Houston, William W.

Hughes, William

Fairfax, Randolph

Faulkner, E. Boyd Fishburne, Clemt. D. Font, Henry

Ford, Henry F.

Ford, James A.

Frazer, Robert

Hummerickhouse, John R. *Hyde, Edward H.

*Friend, Benjamin C. M.

+ Died at Chimborazo hospital, of diphtheria, on September 6, 1864.

Johnson, Lawson W.

*Magruder, Davenport D.

*Magruder, Horatio E.
*Marshall, John J.
Marshall, Oscar M.
Martin, Thomas
Massie, J. Livingston
*Mateer, Samuel L.

Johnson, Thomas E.
*Johnstone, William F.
Jones, Beverly R.
*Jordan, John W., Jr.
*Kean, Otho G.
Kean, William C.
Lacy, Richard B.
Lacy, William S.
Lawson, Joseph
Lawson, William
*Leathers, John P.
Lecky, John H.
Lee, Robert E., Jr.

*Leech, James M.
Lepard, James N.
*Letcher, Samuel H.


Maury, Magruder
Maury, Thompson B.
*Meade, Francis A.
Merrick, Alfred D.
Michaels, Benjamin F.
Minor, Charles
Minor, Carter N. B.
Minor, Launcelot
*Moore, David E., Jr.
*Moore, Edward A.
Moore, John D.
Moore, John H.
*Moore, John L.
Moore, Samuel R.
*Mootespan, William
*Montgomery, Benjamin T.
Montgomery, William G.
Morgan, George W.
*Myers, John M.
Nelson, Francis K.

*Lewis, Henry P.
Lewis, Robert P.
*Lewis, James P.
Lewis, Nicholas H.
Leyburn, John
Link, David
Luke, Williamson
McAlpin, Joseph
McCampbell, David A.
*McCampbell, William H.
*McCauley, John E.
McCauley, William S.
*McClintic, William S.

Nelson, Kinloch

McCluer, John G.
McCorkle, John B.
McCorkle, Tazewell E.
*McCorkle, Thomas E.

Nelson, Philip
Nick, William
Nicely, George H.
Nicely, James W.
Nicely, John F.
O'Rourke, Frank
Otey, William M.

*McCorkle, William A.

*McCrum, R. Barton
McGuire, Hugh H., Jr.

Packard, Joseph
Packard, Walter J.

McKim, Robert B.
McLaughlin, William
Macon, Lyt. S.

Page, Richard C. M.
Page, R. Powell

Paine, Henry M.

Paine, Henry R.
Paine, James A.
Paxton, James L.
Paxton, Samuel A.
Paxton, Samuel W.
Pendleton, Dudley S.
Phillips, Charles S.
Pleasants, Robert A.
Poague, William T.
*Pollard, James G., Jr.
Porter, Mouina G.
Preston, Frank
*Pugh, George W.
*Pugh, John A.
Rader, Daniel P.
Raines, Archibald G.
Rawlings, James M.
Reintzell, George W.
Rhodes, Jacob N.
*Robertson, John W.
Robinson, Arthur
*Root, Erastus C.
*Ruffin, Jefferson R.
Rutledge, Charles A.

*Sandford, James
Saville, John
*Shaner, Joseph F.
*Shaw, Campbell A.
*Shoulder, Jacob M.
*Silvey, James A.
Singleton, William F.
Schermerhorn, John G.
Smith, Adam

Smith, J. Howard

Smith, James P.

Smith, James Morrison

Smith, Josiah

Smith, Joseph S. *Smith, Samuel C.

Smith, Summerfield
Stewart, George W.

Strickler, James A.
*Strickler, John, Jr.
*Strickler, William L.
*Stuart, William C.
*Swann, Minor 'W.

Swann, Robert W. *Swisher, Benjamin R. *Swisher, George W. *Swisher, Samuel S. *Tate, James F.

Taylor, Charles S. *Taylor, Stevens M. Tharp, Benjamin F. Thompson, Ambrose *Thompson, John A. *Thompson, Lucas P. Thompson, Samuel G. *Tidball, Thomas H. Timberlake, Francis H. Tomlinson, James W. Tompkins, John F. *Trevey, Daniel J. *Trice, Leroy F. Trueheart, Charles W. *Tyler, D. Gardner *Tyler, John Alexander Van Pelt, Robert Veers, Charles O. Vest, Andrew *Wade, Thomas M. Walker, George A.

Walker, James S.

Walker, John W.

Wallace, John

*Whitt, Algernon A. *White, William H.

Williams, John J.

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