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Dutton, S. W. S.-Steamships to Libe-Dwight, B. W.—The History of Modern

ria. African Colonization, IX, 70. Philology, XVI, 465.
Sketch of the Life and Character of The True Style and Measure of the

the Hon. David Daggett, IX, 296. Higher Education, XVII, 1.
Sketch of the Life and Character of Review of Hadley's Greek Grammar,

the Hon. Simeon Baldwin, IX, 426. XIX, 234.
The Maine Temperance Law, X, 63.
Thomas H. Gallaudet, and Deaf-Mute Dwight, T.-The Financial Aspect of
Instruction, X, 415.

Great Britain, VI, 147.
Vicarious Religion. Review of Whate- England and the United States. Agri.

ly's “Errors of Romanism, traced culture, Manufactures and Railroads,
to their Origin in Human Nature,” VI, 281.

X, 511.
The "New Themes” Controversy- Dwight, W. T.-Repudiation, I, 534.

the Relation of Christianity to
Poverty, XI, 571.

DWINELL, I. E.-Claims of Religion on
Life and Works of Stephen Olin, the State, XII, 525.
XII, 124.

Self-Development, not Aggression, the
Note.—The Church Review on “A true Policy of our Nation, XIII,
disputed Fact,” XII, 159.

The Relation of the Atonement to Spiritualism tested by Christianity,
Holiness, XIII, 493.

XV, 553.
Slavery. Its Effects on the Prop.

erty, Intelligence and Morals of Edwards, B. B.- Review of M. Stuart's
the Whites. Review of Olmsted's Hints on Prophecy, I, 103,

Seaboard Slave States, XIV, 264. Prophecies of Daniel, I, 231.
Prof. Huntington's Sermons, XIV, Review of R. H. Dana's Writings, IX,

Review of Jos. P. Thompson's Slavery

and the Bible-Albert Barnes's EDWARDS, T.-Review of Dr. Gardiner
Slavery and the Church-W. W. Spring's Power of the Pulpit, VI,
Patton's Slavery and Infidelity, XV, 499.

Review of President Edwards
Southern Writers on Slavery. Help- Charity and its Fruits, X, 222.

er Against Slavery-Stiles Against
Anti-Slavery, XV, 634.

EGGLESTON, N. H.- Review of Mrs. H.B.
Review of Prof. Fisher's Historical Stowe's Mayflower, I, 556.

Discourse, “The Church of Christ Chironomia, V, 546.

in Yale College,” XVI, 434. Review of Ruskin's Seven Lamps of
Review of Dr. Cleaveland's Twenty- Architecture, VIII, 418.

fifth Anniversary Sermon, XVI,841. Review of A. J. Downing's Architect-
Review of Dr. Cleaveland's Reply to ure of Country Houses, IX, 57.

the New Englander, with respect The World's Advance, IX, 438.
to the Misrepresentations charged The Relation of Ministers to their
upon his Twenty-fifth Anniversary People, X, 236.
Bermon, XVII, 164.

The Church and its Ministry, XI, 112.
Coöperation in Home Missions. The

Chicago Theological Seminary, XVII,
American Home Missionary Society 335.
and the Presbyterian Church Ex.

tension Committee, XVII, 1016. ELDRIDGE, J.-The Relation of Baptized
Discourse Commemorative of Charles Children to the Church, IX, 372.

Goodyear the Inventor, XVIII, 774. Notes from the Unpublished Travels
The Duties to their Country in the of a Clergy man in Edinburgh, Hol-

present Crisis, of those who re- land, and Venice, XII, 457.
inain at Home while their Brethren

go down to the War, XIX, 674. ELY, I. M.-Review of Wilson's Church
Address Commemorative of the Life Identified, IX, 564.

and Services of Eli Ives, M. D., Redemption as related to the Fall of
XIX, 930.

the Angels, XI, 375.


Eustis, W. T.-The Middle Kingdom, (Fowler, W. C.-The Dangers of our
VII, 215.

Country, I, 492.
The Railroad Enterprise, its Pro- Life and Eloquence of Sylvester Lar.

gress, Management, and Utility, ned, V, 70.

IX, 321.
The Corruption of the Lord's Supper Fyre, R. 4-Review of Charles Kings*
into the Latin Mass, XI, 420.

ley's Yeast, X, 177.
Johu Wesley, XII, 82.
Utah and the Mormons, XII, 553.

Gage, W.L.-Frederick Perthes, XVIII,
C. A. Bartol's Pictures of Europe

Framed in Ideas, XIII, 595. GAJANI, G.–The Two Powers of the
The November Number of the New

Pope, XVI, 271.
Englander and Prof. Huntington,
XIV, 295.

GALE, (Mrs. Martha TYLER). - Review
Review of Charles Kingsley's Two of “The Marble Faun." An Alle
Years Ago, XV, 448.

gory, with a Key to its Interpre-
Unchastity, XVII, 469.

tation, XIX, 860
FIELD, H. M.—The Ministry favorable GEIKIE, A.-The Lives of the Haldanes,

to the highest Development of as illustrating the Rise of Congre-
Mind, III, 44.

gationalism in Scotland, XIX, 269.
The Italian Revolution in 1848, VII,

Gibbs, J. W.-Resemblance of Certain
Writings and Opinions of Thomas Languages to the Latin, I, 140.
Carlyle, VIII, 46.

Vowel Changes in the English Lan-

guage, I, 434.
FISHER, G. P.-Prof. Shedd's "Dis. Messianic Prophecies, X, 102.

courses and Essays," XIV, 363. Catholic Complaints against the Early
Review of Mrs. Stowe's “Dred,” XIV, Protestant Versions of the Serip-

tures, X, 300.
Is Protestantism Responsible for Mod- The Jewish Kabbala, X, 433.
ern Unbelief? XVI, 1.

Philological Miscellany, X, 472–XI,
Review of Mansel on the Limits of Re- 320.
ligious Thought, XVII, 601.

The Use of Testament for Covenant,
Dr. Bellows on the Suspense of Faith, XV, 242.
XVII, 968.

Critical Miscellanies, XV, 666.
Dr. Osgood on the Broad Church, The Ante-Mosaic Origin of the Sab-
XVII, 980.

bath, XVI, 691.
Original Sin. The State of the Ques- Common Version and Biblical Revis.
tion, XVIII, 694.

ion, XVII, 489.
Discourse commemorative of Prof. The Latin Question, XVII, 801.

Josiah Willard Gibbs, XIX, 605. Hints on Lexicograpiy, XVIII, 926.
Review of Prof. E. A. Park's Me- Common Schools and the English

moir of Nathaniel Emmons, XIX, Language, XVIII, 429.

GILMAN, D. C.- The Editorial Pro-
Fisk, F. W.—The Forces of the Pulpit fession, XI, 210.

and their Relation to its Power, Barth and Livingstone on Central
XVII, 632.

Africa, XVI, 347.

Art Exhibition in Yale College,
FISKE, N. W.-A Letter explanatory of XVI, 807.

a Case of Optical Illusion in Sick- IIumboldt, Ritter and the New
ness, III, 199.

Geography, XVIII, 277.

Disunion Conspiracy, XIX, 754.
Fitch, E. T.-Emmons as Sermonizer,

Theologian and Metaphysician, I, GILMAN, E. W.—The Permanence of

the Pulpit, XIII, 435.
On Perfect Intonation and the Eu- Revision of the English Bible, XVII,
harmonic Organ, VIII, 278.



Goodrich, C. A.—Review of Sprague's HAMILTON, D. H.—The Kantian Phi-

Annals of the American Pulpit, losophy, XV, 61.
XV, 169.

HAMMOND, C.-American Puritanism,
GOODRICH, W. II.—The Preaching for I, 352.
the Age, XII, 1.

Review of Denison Olmsted's Life

and Writings of E. P. Mason,
GOODWIN, II. M.-Review of Horace III, 313.

Bushnell's Sermons for the New Common Schools and their Relations
Life, XVII, 382.

to Higher Seminaries, VI, 313.
The Divine Humanity of Christ,
XVIII, 851.

HARRIS, S.-Cause and Cure of Secta-
Review of Horace Bushnell's “ Chris- rianism, V, 78.
tian Nurture,” XIX, 474.

Dependence of Popular Progress upon

Christianity, V, 433.
GRIDLEY, A. D.-Imagination in the Upham's Life of Madam Guyon,
Preacher, III, 548.

VI, 165.

The Necessity of Completeness in
Grosvenor, L.-Review of 0. Dewey the Christian Life, VII, 369.
on Claims of Seamen, III, 481. Professor N. W. Fiske, VIII, 67.

The Conditions of Missionary Suc-
GUERNSEY, J.-The Hand of God in the

cess, VIII, 489.
Gold Region, VIII, 80.

Review of Gobat's Abyssinia, VIII,

GULLIVER, J. P.-Physiology in Schools, Endless Punishment Result of
XIII, 276.

Character, IX, 186.

The Harmony of Natural Science
HADLEY, J.-Review of Alfred Tenny- and Theology, X, 1.
son's Princess, VII, 193.

Louis Kossuth, X, 109.
Review of Mure's Critical History of The Complete Academic Education

the Language and Literature of of Females, XI, 295.
Ancient Greece, IX, 161.

Politics and the Pulpit, XII, 254.
The Number Seven, XVI, 742. Infidelity. Its Erroneous Principles
Notice of the Journal of the Oriental

of Reasoning, XII, 341.
Society, (Vol. VI, No. I, 1859,) Development and Evolution, XVII,
XVII, 830.

Notice of the Sûrya Siddhânta, XVII,

Hart, B.-Human Government a Di.
832, XIX, 168.
Notice of Dwight's Modern Philology,

vine Institution, III, 625.

The Results of Modern Missions
XVII, 1089

Permanent, IX, 207.
HALL, E. E.-The Church Review and

The New Northwest, XVII, 995.
New England Theology, XI, 92.

The Acquisition of the Amoor, XIX,

ILALL, E. F.-Italy and the War, Hart, J. C.-Ohio Congregationalism,
XVII, 708.

XIII, 607.
IIALL, G.-Christian Simplicity, XII, HASTINGS, T.--Church Music, VI, 424.

Music in Worship, VII, 367.
Symptoms Modifying our National
Joy, (1855,) XIII, 19.

HAVEN, J. Jr.—The Doctrine of the
The Hypothesis. Directions and Trinity, VIII, 1.

Cautions with respect to its Use
in Reasoning, XIV, 481.

HEQUEMBOURG, C. L.—The Necromancy

of the Nineteenth Century, XII, 33.
Hall, J. G.–Review of Mark Hop-

kins's Sermon on the Subjection of HITCHCOCK, E.-A Letter respecting
the Creation to the Bondage of a Case of Optical Illusion in Sick-
Corruption, IV, 40.

ness, III, 192.

HOLLISTER, G. H.-Review of Long- KINGSLEY, J. L-Review of the Report
fellow's Evangeline, VI, 548.

of the Corporation of Brown Uni.

versity, VIII, 470.
HOOKER, W.-Truth in our Intercourse
with the Sick, III, 66.

KIRKWOOD, D.-The New Planets,
Mutual Influence of Mind and Body XVIII, 582.
in Disease, III, 493.

Solar Phenomena, XIX, 51.
The Present Mental Attitude and
Tendencies of the Medical Pro- KITCHEL, II. D.—Religious Toleration,
fession, X, 648.

VI, 194.
Nature of Evidence in Practical The Congregational Convention at
Medicine, XI, 649.

Albany, (1852,) XI, 72.
Insanity and Crime, XIV, 32.
Norwich Free Academy, XV, 428. Knight, J.-The Nervous System,

IV, 433.
HUMPHREY, H.-Review of Daniel Web-

ster's Plea in the Girard Will Case, LARNED, J. G. E.-Controversy Be.
III, 89.

tween Massachusetts and South

Carolina in respect to the Rights of
Hunt, E. B.-Modern Warfare: its Free Persons of Color, III, 411, 606,
Science and Art, XVIII, 908.

-IV, 195.

Review of Horace Bushnell's Speech
Johnson, S. W.-Spiritualism tested by for Connecticut, X, 161.
Science, XVI, 225.

LARNED, W. A.-Dorr's Rebellion in
Jones, E. C.Saul and the Woman at

Rhode Island, 1, 85.
Endor, XIV, 75.

Review of J. Perkins's Residence

among the Nestorians, I, 285.
Jones, J. H.-The Sepoy Mutiny, XVII,

Henry Clay as an Orator, II, 105.

Annexation of Texas, II, 453.

Shall we Vote to Perpetuate Slavery?
JUDSON, E. -Evangelization of the West, II, 589.
IV, 29.

A Review of Whately, Mill, and

Tappan, on Logic, IV, 457.
KINGSLEY, H. C.—The American Tract' Discourses at Cambridge and New
Society, XVI, 612.

Haven, at the Inaugurations of
Roman Catholic Contributions and President Everett and President
Missions, XVII, 93.

Woolsey, V, 196.
Daniel Lord and the American Tract The English Reviews and the French
Society, XVII, 618.

Revolution, VII, 153.
The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue, Sanitary Surveys, VII, 310.
XVII, 687.

The Slave Compromises of the Con-

stitution, VII, 329.
KINGSLEY, J. L.-Early History of Con- Lieutenant Lynch's Expedition, VII,
necticut, I, 224.

Review of John Frost's Pictorial Hugh Miller, VIII, 237.

History of the United States, I, The Bards of the Bible, by Gilfillan,

reviewed, IX, 198.
Sketch of the Life of Gurdon Salton- Review of the Life, Letters and
stall, II, 495.

Writings of Thomas Campbell,
Chronology. Review of Jarvis's Chro- IX, 261.

nological Introduction to the Histo- Plank Roads, IX, 290.
ry of the Church, V, 215.

Review of Campbell's Age of Gospel
Chronology, V, 531.–VI, 378.

Light, IX, 544.
Review of Eliot's History of Har- Review of Longfellow's Golden Le
vard College, VII, 140.

gend, X, 90.
Review of the “Motto" of Jubilee Joseph Story, X, 147.
College, VII, 470.

Review of the Life and Letters of

Niebuhr, X, 526.

LARNED, W. A.-Review of the “Bards! MCKEEN, S.-Review of Dr. Lord's
of Scotland,” XII, 161.

Letter of Inquiry, XIII, 397.
Review of Lieut. Herndon's Explora-

tion of the Valley of the Amazon, MOLANE, J. W.-Influence of Calvinism
XII, 362.

and Arminianism on Civil Liberty,
Review of Gurowski's Russia as it is, compared, III, 509.
XII, 424.

Christian Uni IV, 632.
Sandwich Island Notes, XIII, 1. The Influence of Great Men, XI, 247.
Autobiography of the Rev. William
Jay, XIII, 145.

McWHORTER, A.-Review of the Life
Negro Citizenship, XV, 478.

and Correspondence of John Foster,
Sir William Hamilton's Lectures on V, 259.

Metaphysics, XVIII, 167.
Constitutional History of Athenian MAGILL, S. W.-National Sins and their
Democracy, XVIII, 651.

Retribution, XIV, 527.

LAW, S. D.-Anti-Rent Disturbance in Magoun, G. F.-A Conservative View
New York, IV, 92.

of the Nebraska Question, XII, 536.

LAWRENCE, E. A.-A Glimpse of Ger- MARCH, D.-Review of Bailey's Festus,
man Theology, XV, 202.

V, 175.
Dr. Tyler and his Theology, XVII, Pronunciation of Proper Names, V,


Review of J. G. Whittier's Voices of
LEARNED, R. C.-The Separatists of Freedom, VI, 58.

Eastern Connecticut, XI, 195. The Biglow Papers, VII, 63.
Ministerial Biography, XII, 191. Christian Biography, VII, 399.
The Baptists in Connecticut, XVIII, Popular Lectures, Emerson and Giles,

VIII, 186.

Physical Science and the Useful Arts
LEAVITT, J.-Post Office Reform, VI, in their Relation to Christian Civili-

zation, IX, 481.
The British System of Postage, VI, Question and Answer, X, 493.

Our Post Office, VI, 393.

Marcu, F. A.—The Relation of the
American Democracy, XIV, 62, and Study of Jurisprudence to the

Origin and Progress of the Bacon-

ian Philosophy, VI, 543.
Loomis, E.-Modern Astronomy, II, 3.

MARTIN, B. N.-Review of Bledsoe's
Loomis, H. Jr.—The Religious Awaken- Examination of Edwards's Inquiry,
ing of 1858, XVI, 646.

V, 337.

Review of Dewey's Controversial
Love, W. DEL.-Revivals of Religion, Writings, VI, 67.
XIII, 90.

Review of Dr. Bellows on the Moral
The Fact and the Doctrine of the Government of God, VI, 249.
Resurrection, XV, 185.

Examination of Mill's Philosophy of
The Reopening of the African Slave Necessary Truth, and of Causation,
Trade, XVIII, 90.

VIII, 161.

Review of Guyot's “Earth and Man,"
LYMAN, C. S.—California, VIII, 585. VIII, 365.
The Literature of Spiritualism, XVI, The Original Unity of the Human

Race. Review of Pickering, Bach-
Worcester's Dictionary, XVIII, 412. man and Agassiz, VIII, 542.

Review of Dr. Taylor on Moral Gov-
MCCLELLAND, G.–The Fine Arts: Their ernment, XVII, 903.

Proper Sphere, and the Sources of Review of Professor Lewis's New
Excellence Therein, XVIII, 605. Work, “ The Divine Human in the

Scriptures,” XVIII, 120.

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