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Carlyle, (Thomas), Critical and Miscel. Chadbourne, (P. A.), Lectures on Natu-

laneous Essays, noticed, XVIII, 1128. ral History, noticed, XVIII, 1103.
Carlyle, (Thomas), Cromwell, reviewed, Chaldea and Susiana, Travels and Re-

by Merrill Richardson, IV, 211. searches in, by Wm. K. Loftus, no-
Carlyle, (Thomas), French Revolution, ticed, XV, 335.

reviewed, by Merrill Richardson, II, Chaldee Language, A Manual of, by

Elias Riggs, noticed, XVI, 923.
Carlyle, (Thomas), Past and Present, Chalmers, (Thomas), Institutes of The-

reviewed, by Merrill Richardson, II, ology, reviewed, by W. I. Budington,

VIII, 203.
Carlyle, (Thomas), Sartor Resartus, Chalmers, (Thomas), Introductory Es-

Chartism, and Past and Present, re- say to Thomas A. Kempis's Imitation
viewed, VIII, 46.

of Christ, noticed, by °C. W. Clapp,
Carpeuter, (William B.), Principles of XVI, 452.

Physiology, General and Compara- Chalmers, (Thomas), Miscellanies, no-
tive, reviewed, by H. A. Carrington, ticed, VI, 309.
XI, 1.

Chalybaus, (Heinrich Moritz), Histori.
Carrol, (D. L.), Sermons and Addresses, cal Survey of Speculative Philosophy
noticed, VI, 600.

from Kant to Hegel, noticed, XIII,
Cartoons of Raphael, noticed, XVIII, 488.
552; XIX, 254,

Chambers' Educational Course, by D.
Cass, (Lewis), Speeches in the Senate, M. Reese, noticed, VIII, 326.

1850, on the Subject of Slavery, re. Chambers' Encyclopedia of English

viewed, by G. 1. Wood, VIII, 292. Literature, noticed, V, 324.
Catacombs of Rome, noticed, XIII, 319. Chambers' Encyclopedia of Universal
Catechism, Shorter, by John Todd, no. Knowledge, noticed, XIX, 537.
ticed, VI, 152.

Chambers, (Robert), Life and Works of
Catherine, noticed, XVII, 815.

Robert Burns, noticed, X, 489.
Catholic and Protestant Nations com- Champlin, (J. T.), Text-Boek in Intel-

pared, by N. Roussell, noticed, XIII, lectual Philosophy, noticed, XVIII,

Catholic Chapter in the History of the Channing, (William Ellery), Memoir of,

United States, by John Hughes, no. reviewed, by P. Blakeman, VIII, 345.
ticed, X, 482.

Channing, (William Ellery), Works of,
Catholic Church in Germany, Samuel reviewed, by P. Blakeman, VIII, 345.

Laing's Notes on the Progress of the Channing, (W. H.), Memoir of J. H.
Schism in the, reviewed, by Edward Perkins, reviewed, by Noah Porter,
R. Tyler, V, 136.

Jr., IX, 359.
Catholic Church, The Path which led a Chanoine, (R. P. M. J.), Histoire cri-

Protestant Lawyer to the, by Peter tique et apologétique de l'Ordre des

H. Burnett, noticed, XVIII, 502. Chevaliers du Temple de Jerusalem,
Catholic Directory, by Battersley, no- dits Templiers, noticed, IX, 388.
ticed, VI, 459.

Chapel and Church Architecture, by
Catholicism, Trials of a Mind in its George Bowler, noticed, XIV, 477.

Progress to, by Bishop Ives, review- Chapin, (A. B.), Classical Spelling Book,

ed, by D. L. Ogden, XIII, 363. reviewed, by H. N. Day, II, 350.
Catullus, Selections from, by G. G. Chapin, (A. B.), Letter on Sectarian
Cookesley, noticed, VII, 625.

Worship, noticed, I, 606.
Caucasus, Á Tour to the, by G. L. Dit- Chapin, (A. B.). Primitive Church, re-

son, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, IX, viewed, by Leonard Bacon, I, 390.

Chapin, (Aaron L.), Discouree at the
Cecil, (E.), Life of Lafayette, noticed, Inauguration of, as President of Be-
XVIII, 553.

loit College, reviewed, by Noah Por.
Cemeteries, Rural, of America, review- ter, Jr., IX, 110.

ed, by T. D. Woolsey, VII, 489. Chapin, (E. H.), Select Sermons, no-
Certeanial Celebration of Litchfield ticed, XVIII, 499.
County, noticed, X, 76.

Chapin, (Jeremiah), Evening of Life,
Central Idea of Christianity, by J. T. noticed, XVII, 571.
Peck, noticed, XV, 733.



Character of Jesus, by H. Bushnell, no-1 Chemistry, First Book of, by John A.
ticed, XIX, 519.

Porter, noticed, XVI, 218.
Charge to his Clergy, by W. R. Whit- Chemistry, First Principles of, by Foster,

tingham, (1843), reviewed, by Leon- noticed, XIII, 489.
ard Bacon, I, 545.

Chemistry, First Principles of, by Berja-
Charge to the Clergy of Connecticut, min Silliman, Jr., noticed, V, 326.

by T. C. Brownell, reviewed, by Hor- Chemistry, Recent discoveries in, and
ace Bushnell, II, 143.

outlines of its application to Agricul-
Charitable Collections, Thomas Smyth ture and the Arts, by John A. Porter,
on, noticed, IV, 299.

noticed, XIV, 618; XVI, 217.
Charity and its Fruits, or Christian Cherokee and Choctaw Missions, Cor

Love as manifested in the heart and respondence with, in the Thirty-ninth
life, by Jonathan Edwards, review- Annual Report of the A, B, C. F. M.,

ed, by Tryon Edwards, X, 222. reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton, VII,
Charity of the Primitive Churches, by 273.

S. Chastel, noticed, XVI, 211. Chess, Science and Art of, by J. Mon.
Charles the First, History of, by J. roe, noticed, XVII, 828.
Abbott, noticed, VIII, 648.

Chicago, History of, by the Democratic
Charles the Second, History of, by J. Press, reviewed, by W. A. Nichols,
Abbott, noticed, VIII, 648.

XII, 510.
Charles XII, History of, by Voltaire, Chicago Theological Seminary, Trien-
noticed, XVII, 1098.

nial Congregational Convention, held
Charleston, S. C., Proceedings of a meet- in connection with, 1858, noticed,

ing at, on the Religious Instruction XVII, 335.
of Slaves, reviewed, by S.W. S. Dut. Chief of the Pilgrims, or Life and Times
ton, IV, 45.

of William Brewster, by A. Steele,
Charlotte Elizabeth, Posthumous and ticed, XV, 747.

other Poems, noticed, VI, 602. Child, (L. Maria), Autumnal Leares, Do-
Chartism, Past and Present, and Sartor ticed, XV, 323.

Resartus, by Thomas Carlyle, re. Child, (L. Maria), Progress of Religious

viewed. by H. M. Field, VIII, 46. Ideas through Successive Ages, no-
Chase, (Irah), A Notable Corruption of ticed, XIV, 319.

the Bible, reviewed, by J. L. Kings. Child of the Covenant, or Duty of Par.
ley, VII, 470.

ents, by J. R. Waterbury, noticed,
Chase, (Irah), Apostolical Constitutions, XIII, 632.

translated from the German, noticed, Child, (Thomas), Letters to Rer. Williams
VI, 304.

W. Patton, reviewed, by C. W. Clapp,
Chase, (Irah), Remarks on the Book of XV, 135.
Daniel, noticed, II, 334.

Child's History of England, by Charles
Chastel, (S.), Charity of the Primitive Dickens, noticed, XII, 338.

Churches, noticed, XVI, 211. Child's Matins and Vespers, noticed,
Chateaubriand, The Martyrs, noticed, XI, 477.
XVIII, 267.

Childhood and the Church, by T. F. R.
Cheever, (George B.), Edition of the Mercein, noticed, XVI, 903.

Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Chile con Carne, or the Camp and Field
reviewed, by Joseph P. Thompson, by Samuel C. Smith, noticed, XVI,
VII, 109.


, (George B.), on Capital Pun- China, Five Years in, by Charles Tay.
ishment, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, lor, noticed, XVIII, 1075.
IV, 581.

China and Japan, Narrative of Lord
Cheever, (George B.), Right of the Elgin's Mission to, noticed, XVIII,

Bible in our Common Schools, no- 819.
ticed, XII, 336.

China Mission, by William Dean, no-
Cheever, (George B.), Windings of the ticed, XVII, 810.

River of the Water of Life, noticed, China Monumentis, etc., Athanasii kir.
VII, 637.

cheri E. Soc. Jesu, reviewed, by J. L.
Cheever, (Henry T.), Autobiography and Dimon, XI, 481.

Memorials of Obadiah Congar, no- Chinese Empire, A Journey through,
ticed, IX, 466.

by M. Huc, noticed, XIII, 491.


Chinese Empire, A Survey of the, by S., Christian Church, A. Neander's II story

W. Williams, reviewed, by William of the, reviewed, by E. E. Salisbury,
T. Eustis, VII, 215.

II, 267.
Chipman, (R. M.), History of Harwin-Christian Consolations, by A. P. Pea.

ton, Conn., noticed, XVIII, 1097. body, noticed, IX, 157.
Choate, (Rufus), Discourse Commemora. Christian Contemplated, by William Jay,

tive of Daniel Webster, reviewed, by noticed, IV, 601.
A. P. Marvin, XI, 606.

Christian Doctrine of Forgiveness of Sin,
Choate, (Rufus), Reminiscences of, by by J. F. Clarke, reviewed, by G. M.

Edward G. Parker, noticed, XVIII, Porter, XI, 24.

Christian Doctrine, Restatements of, by
Christ a Friend, by N. Adams, noticed, H. W. Bellows, noticed, XVIII, 214.
XIII, 154.

Christian Doctrines, Hubbard Winslow
Christ and Christianity, by W. L. Alex- on the, reviewed, by Edward R. T'y.
Christian Spirit and Life, Discourses on, Chrysostom, (John). Life of, by F. M.

ander, reviewed, by W. H. Corning, ler, V, 321.
XIV, 250.

Christian Duty, by J. A. James, noticed,
Christ and his Church in the Book of X, 158.

Psalms, by A. A. Bonar, noticed, Christian Examiner, characterized, I, 4.
XVII, 1079.

Christian Gift, or Pastoral Letters, by
Christ and the Inheritance of the Saints, F. D. W. Ward, noticed, XI, 473;

by Thomas Guthrie, noticed, XVII, XIII, 318.

Christian Graces, by Joseph P. Thomp-
Christ, Benefits of the Death of, by A. son, noticed, XVII, 784.

Paleario, noticed, XIX, 191, 518. Christian, Inner Life of the, by F. A.
Christ, Character and Works of, by W. Rauch, noticed, XV, 337.
B. Hayden, noticed, VIII, 1.

Christian Inquirer, Criticism on the
Christ, Glory of, by Gardiner Spring, New Englander by the, noticed, V,
noticed, X, 486.

Christ in History, by Robert Turnbull, Christian Life, Memorials of, in the Early

noticed, XII, 171; XVIII, 505. and Middle Ages, by A. Neander, re.
Christ in Theology, by Horace Bush- viewed, by Edward Strong, XI, 171.
nell, noticed, IX, 310.

Christian Memorial of Two Sisters, by
Christ, Meditations on the last days of, J. McVickar, noticed, XVI, 458.

and on Seventeenth Chapter of St. Christian Ministry, Bridges on the, no.
John, by W. G. Schaufiler, noticed, ticed, IV, 456.
XII, 174.

Christian Nurture, Discourses on, and
Christ, Moral Character of, by P. Schaff, Argument upon, by Horace Bushnell,
noticed, XIX, 519.

noticed, V, 613.
Christ our Life, by C. F. Hudson, no- Christian Nurture, Bushnell's Views on,
ticed, XIX, 174.

reviewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., VI,
Christ, Second Coming of, Will it be 121; H. M. Goodwin, XIX, 474.

Pre-Millennial? by David Brown, no- Christian Pulpit, Schmucker on the, no-
ticed, IX, 152.

ticed, V, 322.
Christ, The Dead in, by John Brown, Christian Religion, History of the, during

reviewed, by W. De Loss Love, XV, the first t!ıree centuries, by A. Nean.

der, reviewed, by E. E. Salisbury,
Christ, The Sufferings of, by George II, 267.

Griffin, reviewed, by S. W. Š. Dutton, Christian Religion and Church, General
V, 415.

History of, by A. Neander, noticed,
Christendon, Evangelical, its State and IX, 622.

Prospects, September, 1851, to Feb. Christian Retrospect and Register, a
ruary, 1852, noticed, X, 309.

Summary of the Scientific, Moral, and
Christian Aspects of Faith and Duty, Religious Progress of the first half of

by J. J. Taylor, noticed, X, 158. the Nineteenth Century, by Robert
Christian Believing and Living, Sermons Baird, reviewed, by N. H. Eygleston,

by F. D. Huntington, reviewed, by W. IX, 438; noticed, XIII, 312.
1. Brulington, XVIII, 190.

Christian Science, Elements of, by Wm.
Christian Brotherhood, by Baron Stow, Adams, noticed, IX, 619.
noticed, XVII, 631.

Christian Spectator, characterized, I, 4.

by C. A. Bartol, reviewed, by Noah Perthes, noticed, XII, 668.
Porter, Jr., VIII, 434.

Church, (Samuel), Historical Address at
Christian Spiritualist, noticed, XVI, 666. Litchfield, Conn., Centennial Celebra-
Christian Theism, by R. A. Thompson, tion, noticed, X, 83.
noticed, XIV, 627.

Church, A Presbyterian Clergyman look-
Christian's Daily Treasury, The, by ing for the, reviewed, by Leonard

Ebenezer Temple, noticed, V, 332; Bacon, VIII, 106.
X, 157.

Church, Acts and Monuments of the, by
Christianisme dans son application aux John Foxe, noticed, XIV, 318.

Questions Sociales, Conférences sur le, Church, Aggressive Power of the, or
par E. de Pressensé, reviewed, by Primitive Piety Revived, by H. C.

Joseph P. Thompson, VIII, 264. Fish, reviewed, by S. D. Clark, IV,
Christianity and Christ, by W. L. Alex. 221.

ander, reviewed, by W. H. Corning, Church among the Slave population of
XIV, 250.

the South, The Church Review on the
Christianity, Early Conflicts of, by Wm. October, 1854, reviewed, by Leonard
I. Kip, noticed, VIII, 316.

Bacon, XII, 627.
Christianity essential to Liberty, by Church and Science, The Debate be.

Joseph P. Thompson, noticed, X, 167. tween, noticed, XIX, 175.
Christianity, Evidences of, by Mark Church and Slavery, by Albert Barnes,

Ilopkins, reviewed, by Noah Porter, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton, IT,
Jr., IV, 401.

Christianity, Evidences of, by Baden Church and State, Essay on the Union

Powell, reviewed, by Joseph P. Thomp- of, by B. W. Noel, reviewed, by
son, XIX, 84.

Joseph P. Thompson, VII, 254.
Christianity, Evidences of, Lectures on, Church before the Flood, by John Cum.

at the University of Virginia, 1850– ming, noticed, XII, 339.
51, noticed, X, 485.

Church of Christ, History of the, in
Christianity Exemplified in the Life of Chronological Tables, by H. B. Smith,

the Primitive Christians and in the noticed, XVIII, 216.
Original Institutions of the Church, Church Discipline, Sarvey of the Samme

by Lyman Coleman, noticed, XI, 155. of, by Thomas Hooker, quoted, by
Christianity in India, by D. O. Allen, Edward R. Tyler, IV, 180.

reviewed, by W. Barrows, XV, 39. Church, General History of the, by A.
Christianity in the United States, Pro. Neander, reviewed, by Edward R.

gress and Prospects of, by R. Baird, Tyler, V, 472; noticed, VI, 307;

reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, X, 309. XIII, 616.
Christianity, Is it from God? by John Church Government, Lectures on, by L.

Cumming, noticed, VIII, 158; XIII, Woods, noticed, III, 159.

Church History, Text-Book of, by J. C.
Christianity, Murdock's edition of Mo- L. Gieseler, noticed, XV, 717.

sheim's first three Centuries of, quoted, Church History, Text-Book of, by d.
XI, 425.

H. Kurtz, noticed, XIX, 186.
Christianity, Organic, by L A. Sawyer, Church, History of the Anti-Nicene pe
noticed, XII, 668.

riod of the, by Philip Schaff, noticed,
Christianity, Relation of, to Human Na. XVII, 263.

ture, by H. W. Bellows, reviewed, by Church, History of the Apostolie, by
B. N. Martin, VI, 249.

Philip Schaff, noticed, XII, 176; XVI,
Christianity Revived in the East, or 186; reviewed, by Leonard Bacon,

Work of God among the Armenians XII, 237.
of Turkey, by H. G. 0. Dwight, no- Church, History of the first six Cento-
ticed, IX, 153.

ries of the, by H. E. F. Guericke,
Christianity, The True Theory of, a Con. translated by W.G. T. Shedd, noticed,

sistent System, by Wm. S. Grayson, XV, 716.
noticed, XII, 174.

Church, History of the first three Cen-
Chronological History of the Church, Jar- turies of the, by Alvan Lamson, DO-

vis's Introduction to, reviewed, by J. ticed, XVIII, 795.
L. Kingsley, V, 215; V,531; VI, 378. Church, History of the First, in Charles-


town, Mass., by W. I. Budington, no-Circle, Quadrature of the, by John A.
ticed, IV, 288

Parker, noticed, X, 155.
Church Identified, by W. D. Wilson, re City of the Great King, or Jerusalem,

viewed, by I. M. Ely, IX, 564. by J. T. Barclay, noticed, XVI, 462.
Church, Introduction to the Chrono-Civil Liberty and Self-Government, by

logical History of the, by Samuel F. Francis Lieber, reviewed, by T. D.
Jarvis, reviewed, by J. L. Kingsley, Woolsey, XIV, 329.
V, 215, 531; VI, 378.

Civilization, General History of, by Gui.
Church, John Foster on Missions; with zot, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, XIX,
an Essay on the Skepticism of the, by

409, 871.
Joseph P. Thompson, reviewed, by Civilization, Lectures on, by Guizot, no-
Burdett Hart, IX, 207.

ticed, V, 440.
Church Music, adopted by St. Peter's Claiborne, (J. F. II.), Life of General

Church, Rochester, N. Y., noticed, John A. Quitman, noticed, XIX, 213 ;
XIII, 637.

reviewed, by D. C. Gilman, XIX, 764.
Church, Primitive, A Manual for the Clark, (J. Henry), Sight and Hearing,

help of those who seek the Faith of, how Preserved and how Lost, noticed,
The Berean, by John H. Noyes, no. XVII, 826.
ticed, VI, 177.

Clark, (Joseph S.,) H. M. Dexter, and A.
Church Review, New England Theclogy H. nt, Editors of the Congrega on-

and the, reviewed, XI, 261; reviewed, al Quarterly, noticed, XVII, 287.
by E. E. Hall, XI, 92.

Clark, (R. W.), Life Scenes of the Mes.
Church Review for July, 1853, review. siah, noticed, XIII, 154.
ed, XVI, 893.

Clark, (S. W.), Practical Grammar, no.
Church Review, October, 1854, Article ticed, XIII, 159.

VII, The Church among the Slave Clark, (Willard), Peport of the Trial of,
Population of the Southern States, re- for the Murder of R. W. Wight, re-
viewed, by Leonard Bacon, XII, 627. viewed, by Worthington Hooker, XIV,
Church Review for October, 1855, 110-

ticed, XIII, 631.

Clarke, (C E.), Letter on Plank Roads,
Church Union, Evan M. Johnson on, no- reviewed, by William A. Larned, IX,
ticed, IV, 303.

Church Universal, by Dr. J. S. Stone, re- Clarke, (James Freeman), Christian

viewed, by S.W. S. Dutton, V, 247. Doctrine of Forgiveness of Sin, re-
Churches' Quarrel Espoused, a Reply to viewed, by G. M. Porter, XI, 24.

Certain Proposals, by John Wise, no Clarkson, (Thomas), Gov. Hammond's
ticed, XVIII, 1065.

Letter on Slavery to, reviewed, by S.
Churchman, (The), Claims with regard W. S. Dutton, IİI, 567.

to Apostolical Succession, reviewed, Classic Melodies, by J. G. Percival, re-
by William Patton, II, 273.

viewed, by Erasmus D. North, II, 81.
Churchman, (The), on the Ordination of Classical Dictionary of Greek and Ro.

Arthur Carey, reviewed, by Leonard man Biography, Mythology, and Geog-
Bacon, I, 586.

raphy, by Willian Smith, noticed, IX,
Churchman's, (The), Editorial Respect- 318.

ing the New Englander, noticed, III, Classical Spelling Book, by A. B. Chapin,

reviewed, by H. N. Day, II, 350.
Cicero de Officiis, etc., Harper and Classical Studies, Sears, Edwards, and

Brothers' reprint from Bohn's Classic- Felton on, reviewed, by T. D. Wool.
al Library, noticed, XIV, 322.

sey, I, 580.
Cicero de Officiis, edition of Thomas A. Classification, An Essay on, by Louis
Thacher, noticed, VIII, 655.

Agassiz, reviewed, by Joseph P.
Cicero's Oration for Cluentius, by E. A. Thompson, XIX, 84.
Johnson, noticed, II, 492.

Clay, (Henry), Last Seven Years of the
Cicero, Select Orations of, by E. A. Life of, by Calvin Colton, reviewed,
Johnson, noticed, VIII, 653.

by D. F. Bacon, XIV, 543.
Circassia, or a Tour to the Cancasus, by Clay, (Henry), Life and Speeches, re-
G. L. Ditson, reviewed, by 7. D. viewed, by William A. Larned, II, 105.
Woolsey, IX, 88.

Clay, (Henry), Speech of, on the Com-

promise Resolutions on the Subject of

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