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on the “

of the Church, by E. A. Lawrence, Bible, Dictionary of the, noticed, XVII,
reviewed, IX, 14.

Bengel, (John A.), Gnomon of the New Bible, Dictionary of the, comprising its

Testament, translated by C. T. Lewis Antiquities, Biography, Geography,
and M. R. Vincent, noticed, XIX, and Natural History, by William

Smith, noticed, XIX, 186.
Benton, (T. H.), Thirty Years' View, re- Bible Dictionary, The Union, noticed,

viewed, by Joshua Leavitt, XIV, 62, XIV, 316.

Bible, Egypt a Witness for the, by F.
Belief, The Restoration of, reviewed, L. Hawks, reviewed, by E. Strong,
by Noah Porter, Jr., XI, 277.

IX, 1.
Belisle, (B. W.), History of Independ- Bible Examiner, by J. Panton, review-
ence Hall, noticed, XIX, 226.

ed, by W. Bement, XI, 362.
Bell, (J. D.), A Man, noticed, XIX, 256. Bible for the Family, Vol. II, Psalms to
Bellows, (Henry W.), Address to the Malachi, by Dr. Edwards, noticed,

Alumni of the Divinity School of XV, 342.
Harvard University, July 19th, 1859, Bible, Geography of the, by Charles A.

Suspense of Faith,” review- Goodrich, noticed, XIV, 316.
ed, by George P. Fisher, XVII, 968. Bible, Historical Geography of the, by
Bellows, (Henry W.), Relation of Christ- L. Coleman, noticed, VII, 476.

ianity to Human Nature, reviewed, Bible History of Prayer, by Charles A.
by B. N. Martin, VI, 249.

Goodrich, noticed, XIV, 322.
Bellows, (Henry W.), Restatements of Bible Illustrations, Daily, by John

Christian Doctrine, noticed, XVIII, Kitto, noticed, VIII, 320, 654, IX,

627, X, 488; XI, 480; XII, 337.
Beloit College, Discourses at the Inau- Bible in our Common Schools, Right of,

guration of A. L. Chapin, as Presi- by G. B. Cheever, noticed, XII, 336.
dent of, reviewed, by Noah Porter, Bible in Spain, The, by George Borrow,
Jr., IX, 110.

noticed, I, 278.
Berean, The, A Manual for the help of Bible in the Levant, or Life and Letters

those who seek the Faith of the of C. N. Righter, by Samuel J. Prime,
Primitive Church, by John H. Noyes, noticed, XVII, 814.
noticed, VI, 177.

Bible in the Work Shop, by John W.
Bertha and her Baptism, noticed, XVI, Mears, noticed, XV, 338.

Bible, Key to the, by David Dobie, no-
Beman, (Nathan S. S.), on Collegiate ticed, XIV, 624.

and Theological Education at the Bible Light from Bible Lands, by Joseph
West, noticed, V, 330.

Anderson, noticed, XIV, 154.
Beulah, by Augusta J. Evans, noticed, Bible, Literary Attractions of the, by
XVIII, 264.

LeRoy J. Halsey, noticed, XVI, 903.
Bible, Complete Analysis of, by Nathan- Bible, Notable Corruption of, pointed

iel West, reviewed, by E. Strong, out by Bishop Chase, reviewed, by
XII, 44.

J. L. Kingsley, VII, 470.
Bible, Analytical Concordance to, by Bible Society, American, Thirty-third

John Eadie, noticed, XVI, 197. Annual Report of, noticed, VII, 369.
Bible and Reason, by M. P. Squier, Bible Society, American, Statements
noticed, XIX, 171.

and Documents concerning the recent
Bible and Science, by J. D. Dana, re- action of the Board of Managers of,
viewed, XVI, 74.

reviewed, by E. W. Gilman, XVII,
Bible, The, and Social Reform, by R. 144.

H. Tyler, noticed, XVIII, 813. Bible, Strict Agreement with God in
Bible, Annotated Paragraph, Genesis to the, or Uncle Nathan, noticed, XIII,
Canticles, noticed, XI, 473.

Bible, Annotated Paragraph, noticed, Bible, The Illustrated Domestic, by
XVII, 784.

Ingraham Cobbin, noticed, IX, 156.
Bible, Authenticity and Inspiration of Biblical Commentary on the New Testa
the, noticed, IV, 456.

ment, by H. Olshausen, noticed, XV,
Bible, Bards of the, by George Gilfillan, 162, 720; reviewed, by E. Strong,

reviewed, by W. 4. Larned, IX, 198. XV, 301.

Biblical Commentary on the New Testa-| Blackwood's Magazine on the Sepoy

ment, by H. Olshausen, continued, by Mutiny, reviewed, by J. Henry Jones,
J. H. A. Ebrard, and A. Wiesinger, XVII, 357.
noticed, XVI, 698.

Blake, (George W.), Memoir of, noticed,
Biblical Geography and History, Text- XIX, 949.

Book of, by L. Coleman, reviewed, Blake, (Mortimer), Centurial History of
by Joseph P. Thompson, XVII, 192. the Mendon Association of Congrega-
Biblical Literature, John Kitto's Cyclo- tional Ministers, noticed, XI, 475;

pedia of, noticed, I, 605; IX, 627. reviewed, by R. C. Learned, XII, 191.
Biblical Reason Why, The, noticed, Blair, (Hugh), Sermons, with a Memoir
XVIII, 498.

by James Finlayson, noticed, 1II, 311.
Biblical Repertory and Princeton Re- Bledsoe, (Albert T.), Examination of

view upon Dr. Baird's Elohim Re- Edwards's Inquiry, reviewed, by B.
vealed, reviewed, by G. P. Fisher, N. Martin, V, 337.
XVIII, 694.

Bledsoe, (Albert T.), Theodicy, noticed,
Biblical Repository, characterized, I, 4. XVII, 260; XIX, 949.
Bibliorum Sinaitici Codicis, notitia Edi- Boardman, (H. A.), Prelatical Doctrine

tionis, ab A. F. C. Tischendorf, no- of the Apostolical Succession, noticed,
ticed, XIX, 177.

II, 490.
Bibliotheca Sacra, noticed, I, 297; III, Boardman, (W. E.). Higher Christian

Life, noticed, XVII, 532.
Bickersteth, (Edward), Memoir of, by T. Bobbin Boy, The, by William M. Thay-
R. Birks, noticed, IX, 627.

er, noticed, XVIII, 1114.
Bickersteth, (Edward), Treatise on Pray- Body of Divinity, by Thomas Ridgeley,
er, noticed, XIV, 476.

noticed, XIV, 155.
Bickersteth ,(Edward H.), Water from the Body, Use of the, in Relation to the
Well-Spring, noticed, XI, 644.

Mind, by George Moore, noticed, IX,
Bigelow, (John), Jamaica in 1850, no. 223.
ticed, IX, 155.

Bonar, (A. A.), Christ and his Church
Biglow Papers, reviewed, by Daniel in the Book of Psalms, noticed, XVII,
March, VII, 63.

Biographical Dictionary of Americans, Bonar, (A. A.), Letters of the Rev.

by William Allen, noticed, XV, 534. Samuel Rutherford, noticed, VIII, 476.
Biographical Essays, by Thomas De Bonar, (A. A.), Memoir of David Sande-
Quincy, noticed, VIII, 649.

man, noticed, XIX, 524.
Biographical History of Philosophy, by Bonar, (Horatius), Desert of Sinai, no-

G. H. Lewes, noticed, XV, 742; re- ticed, XV, 336.

viewed, by 0. W. Wight, XVI, 540. Bonnet, (Jules), Edition of the Letters
Biographies of Distinguished Scientific of John Calvin, noticed, XVI, 183.

Men, by Francois Arago, noticed, Bonnet, (Jules), Olimpia Morata, re-
XVII, 541.

viewed, by J. W. De Forest, XIII, 216.
Biographies of Remarkable Women, no- Book and its Story, The, noticed, XVIII,
ticed, XVI, 922.

Biography and Criticism, Essays in, by Boone, (Daniel), Life of, by G. C. Hall,

P. Bayne, noticed, XV, 747; XVI, noticed, XVIII, 554.

Borrow, (George), Bible in Spain, no-
Biography, Christian, Studies in, by ticed, I, 278.

Samuel Osgood, noticed, VIII, 486. Borrow, (George), Lavengro, noticed,
Biography, Hand Book of Universal, by IX, 319.

Parke Godwin, noticed, X, 331. Boston Association, Theodore Parker's
Biography of Self-Taught Men, by B. B. Letter to the reviewed, by Noah
Edwards, noticed, XVIII, 241.

Porter, Jr., III, 450.
Birrell, (Charles M.), Life of the Rev. Boston Miscellany, noticed, by Donald

Richard Knill, noticed, XVIII, 239. G. Mitchell, II, 96.
Bishop, Looking Glass for High Church- Boston, (Thomas), Select Works,noticed,
men, noticed, I, 606.

XIV, 154.
Bitter Sweet, a Poem, by J. G. IIolland, Bossuet, Exposition of the Doctrines of
noticed, XVII, 276.

the Roman Catholic Church, noticed,
Black Ship, noticed, XIX, 637.

II, 419.

Botta, (Anne C. Lynch), Hand-Book of of the Atlantic Telegraph, noticed,

Universal Literature, noticed, XIX, XVI, 790.

Brigham, (Amariah), Biographical Sketch
Bowen, (Francis), Lowell Lectures on of, noticed, XVII, 544.

Applications of Metaphysical and Brightwell, (C. L.), Pallissy, the Hugue-
Ethical Science to the Evidences of not Potter, noticed, XVII, 544.
Religion, noticed, VIII, 157.

Brinton, Daniel G.), Notes on the Florid.
Bowler, (George), Chapel and Church ian Peninsula, noticed, XVII, 809.

Architecture, noticed, XIV, 477. Brisbane, (Albert), on the Doctrine of
Bowring, (Sir John), Kingdom and Association, reviewed, by I. N. Tar.

People of Siam, noticed, XVIII, 250. box, IV, 56.
Boyd, (H.), Recreations of a Country British Eloquence, Select, by C. A.

Parson, noticed, XIX, 250; reviewed, Goodrich, noticed, XI, 157.
by W. E. Boies, XIX, 882.

British Novelists and their Styles, by
Boyd, (James R.), Memoir of Philip David Masson, noticed, XVII, 1095.

Doddridge, noticed, XVIII, 1085. Brittan, (S. B.), and Richmond, (B. W.)
Boyd, (James R.), Westminster Shorter Discussion of the Facts and Philoso-

Čatechism, with practical inferences, phy of Ancient and Modern Spiritu-
noticed, XIII, 318.

alism, reviewed, by C. S. Lyman, XVI,
Boys, History for, by J. G. Edgar, no- 666.
ticed, XIII, 490.

Broad Altar Pulpit, by Samuel Osgood,
Brace, (C. L.), Address on the Indus- reviewed, by George P. Fisher, XVII,
trial School Movement, noticed, XVI,


Brocklesby, (John), Elements of Meteo-
Brace, (C. L.), Norse Folk; or a Visit rology, noticed, VI, 599.

to the Homes of Norway and Sweden, Brodie, (David), Healing Art the Right-
noticed, XVI, 216.

Hand of the Church, noticed, XVII,
Brace, (Jonathan), Scripture Portraits,

noticed, XIII, 158.

Brooke, (Henry), The Fool of Quality,
Bradford, (W. J. A.), Notes on the or History of Henry, Earl of More
Northwest, noticed, V, 148.

land, noticed, XVIII, 531.
Brainerd, (Thomas), Sermon on Roman- Brookfield, (F.), First Book in Compo-

ism, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, II, sition, noticed, XIII, 490.

Bronson, (Henry), History of Water-
Brazil and the Brazilians, by D. P. bury, Connecticut, noticed, XVII,

Kidder and J. C. Fletcher, noticed, 553.
XV, 746.

Brougham, (Lord), Essays, reviewed, by
Breckinridge, (Robert J.), Discourse on T. L. Cuyler, II, 256.

the Union to be Preserved, reviewed, Brougham, (Lord), Works in four Vol.
by T. D. Woolsey, XIX, 731.

umes of, noticed, XI, 11.
Breckinridge, (R. J.), The Knowledge Brown, (A. Morton). Wreath around
of God Objectively Considered, no- the Cross, noticed, X, 158.
ticed, XVI, 188.

Brown, (David), Christ's Second Com-
Bremer, (Frederika), Life in the Old ing, Will it be Pre-Millennial? no-
World, noticed, XIX, 520.

ticed, IX, 152.
Brewster, (Charles W.), Rambles about Brown, (John), Analytical Exposition

Portsmouth, noticed, XVII, 1102. of the Epistle to the Romans, no-
Brewster, (William), Life and Views of, ticed, XVI, 195.

or the Chief of the Pilgrims, by A. Brown, (John), Dead in Christ, noticed,
Steele, noticed, XV, 747.

XIII, 490; reviewed, by W. De Loss
Bridges on the Christian Ministry, no- Love, XV, 185.
ticed, IV, 456,

Brown, (John), Discourses on 1st Peter,
Bridges, (Charles), An Exposition of noticed, IX, 243.

the Book of Ecclesiastes, noticed, Brown, (John), Sufferings and Glories
XIX, 184.

of the Messiah, noticed. XII, 170.
Brief Biographies, by Samuel Smiles, Brown, (Thomas), Lectures, noticed,
noticed, XVIII, 1085.

XIII, 516.
Briggs, (Charles F.), Authentic History Brown, (W. Wells), Sketches of Places

and People abroad, noticed, XIII, 154.

Brown University, Report to the Corpo-| Bunyan, (John), Jerusalem Sinner Saved,

ration of, on Changes in the System noticed, IV, 455.
of Collegiate Education, examined, Burder, (George), Village Seamons, no-
by J. L. Kingsley, VIII, 470; by Noah ticed, XV, 339.
Porter, Jr., ix, 110.

Burgess, (E.), Translation of the Sûrya

, (Thomas C.), Charge to the Siddhanta, a Text Book of Hindoo
Clergy of Connecticut, reviewed, by Astronomy, noticed, XIX, 198.
Horace Bushnell, II, 143.

Burgess, (George), Stranger in the
Brownell, (Thomas C.), Charge to his Episcopal Church, reviewed, by Leon-

Clergy defended from the Criticisms ard Bacon, VII, 143.
of the New Englander, reviewed, by Burkitt, (William), Expository Notes on
Leonard Bacon, II, 309.

the New Testament, noticed, II, 638.
Browning, (Elizabeth Barrett), Aurora Burnett, (Peter H.), The Path which
Leigh, reviewed, XV, 159.

led a Protestant Lawyer to the Cath-
Brownson, (0. A.), The Convert, noticed, olic Church, noticed, XVIII, 502.
XVI, 198.

Burns, (Robert), Life of, by Prof. John
Bruin, The Grand Bear Hunt, by Mayne Wilson, noticed, XIX, 949.
Reid, noticed, XIX, 259.

Burns, (Robert), The Life and Works
Bryant, (Alfred), Attractions of the of, by Robert Chambers, noticed,

World to Come, noticed, XII, 172. X, 489.
Buchanan, (James), Message to Con- Burr, (Aaron), Life and Times of, by J.

gress, December, 1857, reviewed, by Parton, noticed, XVI, 214; reviewed,
J. S. Ropes, XVI, 312.

by I. N. Tarbox, XVI, 291.
Buchanan, (James), New Haven Cor. Burritt, (Elihu), Thoughts and Things

respondence, reviewed, by Leonard at Home and Abroad, noticed, XII,
Bacon, XV, 675.

Buckingham, (J. T.), Personal Memoirs Burrowes, (George), Commentary on

and Recollections of an Editorial the Song of Solomon, noticed, XVIII,
Life, noticed, X, 660.

Buckingham. (J.T.), Specimens of News- Burton, (Richard F.), The Lake Regions

paper Literature and Personal Me. of Central Africa, noticed, XIX, 199.
moirs, noticed, XI, 210.

Bushnell, (Horace), Alumni Discourse,
Buckminster, (Joseph and Joseph Ste- reviewed, I, 597.

vens), Memoir by Eliza B. Lee, re- Bushnell, (Horace), Christ in Theology,

viewed, by W. B. Sprague, VIII, 30. noticed, IX, 310.
Budington's, (W. I.), First Church in Bushnell, (Horace), Discourses on Christ-

Charlestown, Mass., noticed, IV, 288. ian Nurture, noticed, V, 613; re-
Bullineh's, (Thomas), Age of Chivalry, viewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., VI, 121;
noticed, XVII, 568.

reviewed, by H. M. Goodwin, XIX,
Bulwer Lytton, (Sir Edward), Novels, 474.
noticed, XIX, 265.

Bushnell, (Horace), God in Christ, no-
Bulwer Lytton, (Sir Edward, )and Forbes, ticed, VII, 324; reviewed, by Joseph

(Jobn), on the Water Treatment, by Haven, Jr., VIII, 1.

R. S. Houghton, noticed, VII, 635. Bushnell, (Horace), Nature and the
Bulwer Lytton, (Sir Edward), Lucile, Supernatural, reviewed, by Noah Por.
noticed, XVIII, 1112.

ter, Jr., XVII, 224.
Bungener, (L. F.), History of the Coun- Bushnell, (Horace), Parting Words, no-

cil of Trent, noticed, XIII, 624. ticed, XVII, 787.
Bunker Hill, Doubts concerning the Bat- Bushnell, (Horace). Phi Beta Kappa Ora-

tle of, by C. Hudson, noticed, XVI, 204. tion, Cambridge, August, 1848, no-
Bunsen, (Christian Charles Josias), A ticed, VI, 597.

Preface to Debt and Credit, noticed, Bushnell, (Horace), Sermon at the
XVI, 459.

Litchfield County Centennial Celebra.
Bunsen, (Christian Charles Josias,) God tion, noticed, X, 88.

in History, noticed, XV, 530. Bushnell, (Horace), Sermon on Uncon-
Bunsen, (Christian Charles Josias), Life scious Influence, noticed, IV, 451.

and Letters of Barthold George Nie- Bushnell, (Horace), Sermons for the New
buhr, reviewed, by W. A. Larned, X, Life, noticed, XVI, 450; reviewed,

by H. M. Goodwin, XVII, 382.

Bushnell, (Horace), Speech for Con.|California, Speech of W. H. Seward on

necticut, reviewed, by J. G. E. Lar. the Admission of, 1850, reviewed,
ned, X-161.

by S.W. S. Dutton, VIII, 378.

, (Horace,) Spiritual Economy California, Three Years in, by Walter
of Revivals of Religion, reviewed, Colton, reviewed, by C. S. Lyman,
by W. DeLoss Love, XIII, 90.

VIII, 585.
Bushnell, (Horace), The Character of Calvert, (James), Fiji and the Fijians,
Jesus, noticed, XIX, 519.

noticed, XVIII, 253
Bushnell, (Horace), Theories of Incar. Calvin, (John), Letters of, edited by J.

nation and Atonement, Review of, Bonnet, translated from the Latin

by R. Turnbull, noticed, VII, 324. and French by D. Constable, noticed,

, (Horace), What does he mean? XVI, 183.
from the New York Evangelist, no-Calvin, (John), Life and Times of, by
ticed VII, 324.

Paul Henry, noticed, IX, 621.
Business-Man, by J. W. Alexander, Cambridge Essays, (England), noticed,

John Todd, W. B. Sprague, S. H. XV, 528.
Tyng, I. Ferris, J. F. Stearns, noticed, Campbell, (A. J.), Power of Jesus to
XV, 162.

Save to the Uttermost, noticed, XVIII,
Butler, (Bishop), Analogy of Natural and 505.

Revealed Religion, Edition of J. T. Campbell, (Thomas), Complete Poeti-

Champlin, noticed, XVIII, 483. cal Works, reviewed, by W. A. Lar.
Butler, (Bishop), Ethical Discourses and ned, IX, 261.

Essays on Virtue, noticed, XVII, 791. Campbell, (Thomas), Life and Letters
Butler, (Fanny Kemble), A Year of of, by William Beattie, noticed, VIII,

Consolation, reviewed, by H. M. Field, 647; reviewed, IX, 261.
VII, 72.

Campbell, (2.). Age of Gospel Light,
Butler, (T. B.), Philosophy of the reviewed, IX, 544.

Weather, noticed, XIV, 617; review- Canadian Forest, Stories of, by Mrs.
ed, XVI, 925.

Trail, noticed, XV, 163.
Butler, (Wm. Allen), Two Millions, no-Canon and Interpretation of the Holy
ticed, XVI, 927.

Scriptures, by A. McClelland, 110-
Butler, (Wm. Archer), Lecture on the ticed, XVIII, 1053.

History of Ancient Philosophy, no- Canterbury Tales, by Harriet Lee, no-
ticed, XVI, 206.

ticed, XV, 342.
Butler, (Wm. Archer), Sermons Doctri- Canticles, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes,

nal and Practical, noticed, XVI, 200. A New Translation of, by George R.
Buttman, (Philip), Greek Grammar, for Noyes, noticed, IV, 600.

the use of High Schools and Univer- Cantu, (Cæsar), Histoire Universelle, re-
sities, noticed, IX, 459.

viewed, by A. D. White, XV, 398.
Byrne, (Oliver), Dictionary of Machines, Capital Punishment, Tayler Lewis and
Mechanics, Engine work, and Engi. George B. Cheever en, reviewed, by

neering, noticed, VIII, 325, 485. Leonard Bacon, IV, 581.
Cabbalah, Jewish, System of, by Theoph. Capital Punishment, Joseph P. Thomp-

Rubinsohn, reviewed, by J.W. Gibbs, son's Sermon on, reviewed, by Ed.
X, 433.

ward R. Tyler, I, 28.
Cæsar's Commentaries, Literally trans- Capron, (E. W.), Modern Spiritualism,
lated, noticed, XIV, 322.

noticed, XVI, 666.
Cæsar, Life of, noticed, V, 479. Captive, Orphan, by Stephen H. Tyng,
Calhoun, (John C.), Speeches on the noticed, XVII, 1085.

Subject of Slavery in the Senate, Carey, (Arthur), Account of the Ordi-
1850, noticed, VIII, 292.

nation of, reviewed, by Leonard Ba-
Calhoun, (John C.), Speeches of, edited con, I, 586.

by R. K. Cralle, noticed, XÍ, 642; Carey, (Henry C.), Letters to the Presi-
XII, 339.

dent of the United States, reviewed,
Calhoun, (John C.), Disunion Sentiments by Joseph S. Ropes, XVI, 312.

in the Works of, exposed, by D. C Carleton, (Henry!, Liberty and Neces-
Gilman, XIX, 764.

sity, noticed, XVII, 1087.
California, Constitution of the State of, Carlyle, (Alexander), Autobiography,
noticed, VIII, 80.

noticed, XIX, 203.

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