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Analogy of Natural and Revealed Re- viewed, by Henry C. Kingsley, XVII,

lion, by Bishop Butler, Edition of J. 93.

T. Champlin, noticed, XVIII, 483. Annan, (William), Difficulties of Armi.
Analysis and Classification of Sentences, nian Methodism, noticed, XVIII,

by Samuel S. Greene, noticed, VIII, 1053.

Annual of Scientific Discovery, or Year
Analysis of the English Sentence, by Book of Facts in Science and Art,

A. S. Welch, noticed, XIII, 159. noticed, IX, 481; XVIII, 515; XIX,
Analysis of the Holy Bible, by Nathan- 534.

iel West, reviewed, by E. Strong, XII, Anthon, (Charles), Ancient and Mediæ.

val Geography, noticed, VIII, 158.
Analyst, Latin, by J. W. Gibbs, noticed, Anthon, (Charles), Edition of Cornelius
XVII, 279; XIX, 612

Nepos, noticed, XI, 159.
Anarchiad, by D. Humphreys, J. Bar- Anthon, (Charles), Edition of the First

low, J. Trumbull, and L. Hopkins, Three Books of Homer's Iliad, noticed,
noticed, XIX, 779.

III, 216.
Ancient Church, The, by W. D. Killen, Anthon, (Charles), Latin-English, and
noticed, XVIII, 797.

English-Latin Dictionary, noticed, X,
Ancient Geography and History, by

Pütz and Arnold, noticed, VII, 633. Anthon, (Charles), Manual of Greek
Ancient History, by Edward Farr, no. Literature, noticed, XI, 644.
ticed, VIII, 315.

Anti-Slavery Society, American and
Andersen, (Hans Christian), Sand Hills Foreign, Ninth Annual Report of,

of Jutland, noticed, XVIII, 1105. noticed, VII, 369.
Anderson, (Charles John), Lake Ngami, Apelles and his Cotemporaries, noticed,

or Explorations and Discoveries in XVIII, 534.
the Wilds of Southwestern Africa, Apocalypse, Exposition of the, by D. N.
noticed, XV, 166.

Lord, noticed, V, 585.
Anderson, (Joseph), Bible Light from Apocalypse, Exposition of the, by

Bible Lands, noticed, XIV, 154. Moses Stuart, reviewed, by Edward
Anderson, (R.), Memorial Volume of R. Tyler, IV, 139.

the A. B. C. F. M., noticed, XIX, Apocalypse, Exposition of the, by

Thomas Wickes, noticed, IX, 628.
Andes, Twenty Months among the, or Apocatastasis, or Progress Backwards,

New Granada, by I. F. Holton, no- noticed, XVI, 667.
ticed, XV, 165.

Apostles, Lives of the, by D. F. Bacon,
Andover Theological Seminary, Memo- noticed, IV, 599.

rial of the Semi-Centennial Celebra. Apostles' Creed, by J. W. Nevin, no.
tion (in 1858) of the Founding of the, ticed, VII, 487.
noticed, XVII, 825.

Apostolical Age, Sermons and Essays on
André, (Major John), Life and Career the, by A. P. Stanley, noticed, XV,

of, by Winthrop Sargent, noticed, 719.
XIX, 783, 946.

Apostolical and Primitive Church, by
Andrews, (E. A.), Latin English Lexicon, Lyman Coleman, reviewed, by Enoch
noticed, IX, 144.

Pond, IV, 182.
Andrews and Stoddard's Latin Gram- Apostolic Church, History of the, by
mar, noticed, XVI, 460.

Philip Schaff, noticed, XII, 176; XVI,
Animals, Geographical Distribution of, 186, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, XII,

by Louis Agassiz, reviewed, by B. N. 237.
Martin, VIII, 542.

Apostolic Baptism, by C. Taylor, no-
Annals of the American Pulpit, by Wm. ticed, VIII, 159.

B. Sprague, reviewed, by Ray Palm- Apostolical Constitutions, translated from
er, XIV, 497; by 0. A. Goodrich, the German, by Irah Chase, noticed,
XV, 169; noticed, XVI, 455; XVII, VI, 304.
286, 1089; XIX, 762.

Apostolical Succession, by H. A. Board-
Annals of the Rescued, by Mrs. C. E. man, noticed, II, 490.

L. Wightinan, noticed, XIX, 635. Apostolical Succession, The Churchman's
Annales de l'Association de la Propaga. claims with regard to, reviewed, by

tion de la Foi, Tomes I, XXV, re- William Patton, II, 273.

Apostolical Succession, Essays on, by Art Recreations, noticed, XVII, 1101.
Thomas Powell, reviewed, by William Art, Scenery, and Philosophy in Eu-
Patton, II, 273.

rope, by H. B. Wallace, noticed,
Appeal to the People, by Miss C. E. XIII, 312.

Beecher, noticed, XVIII, 485. Artists of America, by C. Edwards
Appleton, Dictionary of Machines, &c., Lester, noticed, IV, 301.
noticed, IX, 625.

Ashton, (Robert), Life and Works of
Appleton, Popular Library of the Best John Robinson, reviewed, by Leon-
Authors, noticed, X, 332.

ard Bacon, XI, 136.
Arago, (Francis), Biographies of Dis-Ashton, (Mrs. Sarah G.), Mothers of

tinguished Scientific Men, noticed, the Bible, noticed, XIII, 155.
XVII, 541.

Asia and Australia Described, noticed,
Architecture of Country Houses, by A. XI, 156.

J. Downing, noticed, VIII, 649; re. Association, Worcester Central, Report

viewed, by N. H. Eggleston, IX, 57. on American Slavery read to, (1847),
Architecture, Seven Lamps of, by noticed, V, 614.

John Ruskin, reviewed, VIII, 418. Astié, (J. F.), Louis Fourteenth and the
Arctic Boat Journey, by Isaac I. Hayes, writers of his Age, noticed, XIII,
noticed, XVIII, 519,

Armenia, by Robert Curzon, noticed, Astraea, The Balance of Illusions, by
XII, 670.

0. W. Holmes, noticed, VIII, 656.
Armenia, Smith and Dwight's research. Astronomy, Popular, by O. M. Mitchell,

es in, reviewed, by Joseph P. Thomp- noticed, XVIII, 836.
son, IV, 410.

Astronomy, Practical, Introduction to,
Armenians of Turkey, Work of God by Elias Loomis, noticed, XIII, 483.

among the, by H. G. 0. Dwight, no- Astronomy, Recent Progress of, by
ticed, IX, 163.

Elias Loomis, noticed, VIII, 651.
Arminian Methodism, Difficulties of, by Athanasii Kircheri E. Soc. Jesu China

William Annan, noticed, XVIII, 1053. Monumentis, reviewed, by J. L. Di-
Armstrong. (George D.), Doctrine of mon, XI, 481.

Baptisms, noticed, XV, 325. Atherton, (Anna), Here and Hereafter,
Armstrong, (George D.), Theology of or the Two Altars, noticed, XVI, 224.

Christian Experience, noticed, XVIII, Atkinson, (T. W.), Oriental and West-

ern Siberia, reviewed, by Burdett
Arnold, (Thomas), Lectures on Modern Hart, XIX, 352.
History, noticed, V, 364.

Atkinson, (T. W.), Travels in the Regions
Arnold, (Thomas), Life and Correspond. of the Upper and Lower Amoor, re-
ence of, noticed, V, 364.

viewed, by Burdett Hart, XIX. 352.
Arnold, (Thomas), Roman Common- Atoning Work of Christ, by William
wealth, noticed, V, 364.

Thompson, noticed, XV, 529.
Arnold, (Thomas), History of Rome, Atonement. Christian, Manual of the, by
noticed, V, 364, IX, 623.

Thomas Lupe, poticed, X, 159.
Arnold, (Thomas), Rugby Sermons, Atonement, Discourses on, by the Bishop
noticed, V, 364.

of Gloucester and Bristol, Thomas
Arnold, (Thomas), Miscellaneous Works, Chalmers, W. A. Butler, Robert Hall,
noticed. V, 364.

Jonathan Maclaurin, noticed, XVII,
Arnold, (T. K.), Cornelius Nepos, no. 779.
ticed, IV, 699.

Atonement, Discourses on, by Edwards,
Arnold, (T. K.). English Latin Lexicon, Smalley, Maxcy, Emmons, Griffin,
noticed, VIII, 155.

Burge, and Weeks, with an Intro-
Art and Poems, Lectures on, by W. ductory Esssay, by E. A. Park, no-

Allston, Edition of R. H. Dana, Jr., ticed, XVII, 776.
reviewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., VIII, Atonement, The, Edwardean Theory of

the, noticed, XVII, 572.
Art, Catalogue of Works of, exhibited Atonement, Letter on, by E. B. Hall, re-

in the Alumni Building in Yale Col- viewed, by Win. T. Eustis, XIV, 295.

lege, (1868), noticed, XVI, 807. Atonement, Second Letter on, by E. B.
Art, Political Economy of, by John Hall, reviewed, by Wm. T. Eustis,
Ruskin, noticed, XVI, 459.

XIV, 295.


Atonement, Nature of, by Thomas H. and Times of Alvah Hovey, noticed,
Skinner, noticed, VI, 249.

XVII, 269; reviewed, by R. C. Learn.
Atonement in its Relation to God and the ed, XVIII, 695.

Universe, Extent of, by Thomas W. Bacon, (D. F.), Lives of the Apostles,
Jenkyn, noticed, XVII, 537.

noticed, IV, 599.
Atonement, in its Relations to Law and Bacon, (Leonard), Address before the

Moral Government, by A. Barnes, no- Society of Christian Alliance, noticed,
ticed, XVII, 530.

IV, 302.
Atonement to Holiness, The Relation of, Bacon, (Leonard), Essays on Slavery, no-

by S. W. S. Dutton, reviewed, by Wm. ticed, IV, 447.
T. Eustis, XIV, 295.

Bacon, (Leonard), Life and Character
Attractions of the World to Come, by of James Hillhouse, Article in “ Bar-

Alfred Bryant, noticed, XII, 172. nard's Journal of Education," for
Atwater, (L. H.), Justification by Faith, June, 1859, noticed, XVII, 811.
noticed, IX, 618.

Bacon, (Leonard), Life and Public Ser-
Audubon, Adventures and Discoveries vices of Hon. James Hillhouse, no.

of, by Mrs. Horace St. John, noticed, ticed, XIX, 210.
XV, 342.

Bacon, (Leonard), Memorial of N. W.
Augustine-A Biographical Memoir-by Taylor, D. D., reviewed, by Joseph P.

John Baillie, noticed, XVII, 535. Thompson, XVI, 373.
Aunt Phillis's Cabin, or Southern Life as Bacon, (Leonard), Sermon at Ordination

it is, by Mrs. Mary H. Eastman, no- of President Woolsey, noticed, V, 204.
ticed, X, 588.

Bacon, (Leonard), Sermon on Christian
Aurora Leigh, by Mrs. E. B. Browning, Unity, reviewed, by Joseph P. Thomp-
reviewed, XV, 159.

son, IV, 132.
Anstria, Empire of, its Rise and Present Bacon, (Lord). Essay on, by T. B.

Power, by J. S. C. Abbott, noticed, Macaulay, reviewed, by D. A. Wasson,
XVII, 550.

X, 333.
Authors, The Best, Popular Library of, Bacon, (Lord), Personal History of, by

by the Appletons, noticed, X, 332. W. H. Dixon, noticed, XIX, 201.
Authors, Half-hours with the Best, by Bacon, (Lord), The Works of, by Basil

Charles Knight, noticed, VII, 637. Montagu, reviewed, by D. A. Wasson,
Autobiography of P. T. Barnum, no. X, 333.
ticed, XIII, 158.

Bacon, (Lord), Works, Brown and Tag.
Autobiography of Alexander Carlyle, gard's Reprint of Spedding's Edition,
noticed, XIX, 203.

noticed, XVIII, 551, 1126 ; XIX, 263,
Autobiography of Ashbel Green, re. 640, 777.

viewed, by J. F. Tuttle, VIII, 89. Baudouin, (J.), Histoire des Chevaliers
Autobiography of William Jay, review- de l'Order de S. Jean de Hierusalem,

ed, by Wm. A. Larned, XIII, 145. noticed, IX, 388.
Autobiography of William Jerdan, no- Bail, (Louis), Human Head, noticed,
ticed, XI, 210.

XVII, 1103.
Autobiography of J. Blanco White, re- Bailey, (John), Confessions of a Con-

viewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., IV, 238. verted Infidel, noticed, XII, 668.
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, by 0. Bailey, (Philip J.), Festus, reviewed, by

W. Holmes, noticed, XVII, 277. D. March, V, 175.
Autumnal Leaves, by Mrs. L. M. Child, Baillie, (John), Memoir of St. Augustine,
noticed, XV, 323.

noticed, XVII, 535.
Babylon and Nineveh, Discoveries Baillie, (John), Memoir of Capt. W. T.

among the Ruins of, with Travels in Bate, noticed, XVIII, 234.
Armenia, Kurdistan, and the Desert, Baillie, (John), Memoir of the Rev. W.
by A. H. Layard, reviewed, by Leon- H. Hewitson, noticed, IX, 626.
ard W. Bacon, XI, 457; noticed, XI, Baillie, (John), A Memoir of Alexander

Paterson, Missionary of Kilmany, no.
Bachman's, (John), Doctrine of the Unity ticed, XI, 644.

of the Human Race, examined on the Baird, (Henry M.), Modern Greece, no-
Principles of Science, reviewed, by B. ticed, XV, 341.
N. Martin, VIII, 542.

Baird, (Robert), Sketch of the Life of
Backus, (Isaac), A Memoir of the Life Merle D'Aubigné, quoted, IV, 344. .

Baird, (Robert), Christian Retrospect Banking Department of the State of

and Register, reviewed, IX, 438; no. New York, Annual Report of the
ticed, XIII, 312.

Superintendent of, for 1857, reviewed,
Baird, (Robert), Introduction to De by J. S. Ropes, XVI, 312.

Gasparin's Science versus Modern Banvard, (Joseph), Romance of Ameri-
Spiritualism, reviewed, by C. S. Ly- can History, noticed, XI, 160.
man, XVI, 667.

Baptism, Apostolic, by C. Taylor, no-
Baird, (Robert), Progress and Prospects ticed, VIII, 169.

of Christianity in the United States, Baptism, Doctrine of, by G. D. Arm.

reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, X, 309. strong, noticed, XV, 323,
Baird, (Robert), Protestantism in Italy, Baptism in Case of Infants, The Doctrine
noticed, IV, 298.

of the Church of England as to the
Baird, (Robert), Religion in America, Effects of, by William Goode, noticed,
reviewed, XIV, 609.

VIII, 319.
Baird, (Robert), Sketches of Protestant. Baptism, Infant, Sprinkling the only
ism, noticed, III, 480.

Mode of, and the Scripture warrant for,
Baird, (Robert), Visit to Northern Eu- by A. Peters, noticed, VI, 601.
rope, noticed, I, 326.

Baptism, The Law of, by Edwin Hall,
Baird, (Samuel J.), Elohim Revealed, noticed, IV, 699; reviewed, by J.

Princeton Review on, reviewed, by Eldridge, IX, 372.

George P. Fisher, XVIII, 694. Baptist Churches, Principles and Prac-
Baird, (Samuel J.), The First Adam and tices of, by F. Wayland, noticed, XV,
the Second, noticed, XVIII, 480.

Baker, (George E.), Life of William H. Baptists and their Principles, in Nor.
Seward, noticed, XIII, 317.

wich, Ct., Notes of, by F. Denison,
Baldwin, (Thomas), Pronouncing Ga- noticed, XVII, 270; reviewed, by R.

zetteer, reviewed, by Daniel March, C. Learned, XVIII, 595.
V, 466.

Barclay, (J. T.), City of the Great King,
Balfern, (W. P.), Glimpses of Jesus, noticed, XVI, 462.
noticed, XVI, 904.

Bard, (Samuel A.), Waikna, or Adren-
Balfern, (W. P.), Lessons from Jesus, tures on the Mosquito Shore, noticed,
noticed, XVII, 1084.

XIII, 636.
Bampton Lectures for 1853, on the Bards of the Bible, by George Gilfillan,

Atoning Work of Christ, by William reviewed, by Wm. A. Larned, IX,
Thomson, noticed, XV, 629.

Bampton Lectures for 1856, on the Mo. Bards of Scotland, reviewed, by W. A.

saic Dispensation Considered as In- Larned, XII, 151.
troductory to Christianity, by E. A. Barnard, (Henry), American Journal of
Litton, noticed, XV, 528.

Education, noticed, XV, 741.
Bampton Lectures for 1858, on the Lim- Barnard, (Henry), Educational Biogra-

its of Religious Thought, by H. L. phy, noticed, XVII, 568.
Mansel, reviewed, by G. P. Fisher, Barnard, (Henry), Reformatory Educa
XVII, 601 ; reviewed, by E. A. Walk- tion, noticed, XVI, 212.
er, XIX, 323.

Barnard, (Heory), Tribute to Gallau-
Bampton Lectures for

on the

det, reviewed, by S. W. 8. Dutton, X,
Historical Evidences of the Truth of 415.
the Scriptures, by George Rawlinson, Barnard, (Henry), School Architecture,
noticed, XVIII, 483.

noticed, VII, 318.
Bancroft, (George), History of United Barnes, (Albert), Closet Companion, no-

States, Vol. VIII, noticed, XVIII, ticed, XII, 669.

Barnes, (Albert), Notes on Daniel, po-
Bancroft, (George), Literary and His- ticed, XII, 671.

torical Miscellanies, noticed, XIII, 481. Barnes, (Albert), Notes on Isaiah, no
Bancroft, (George), Necessity, Reality, ticed, VI, 311.

and Promise of the Progress of the Barnes, (Albert), Notes on Job, noticed,
Human Race, reviewed, by T. H. III, 164.
Skinner, Jr., XIII, 509.

Barnes, (Albert), Notes on the Book of
Banker's Magazine, edited by J. S. Ho. Revelation, noticed, X, 487.
mans, noticed, V, 326.

Barnes, (Albert), on the Atonement, in

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its Relations to Law and Moral Gov-|Bayonet Exercises, by George B. Mc.
ernment, noticed, XVII, 530.

Clellan, noticed, XIX, 958,
Barnes, (Albert), on the Relation of the Beard, (J. R.), Actual Condition of Uni.

Church to Slavery, reviewed, by S. tarianism, reviewed, by Joseph P.
W. S. Dutton, XV, 102.

Thompson, V, 21.
Barnes, (Albert), Plea for Western Col- Beattie, (William), Life and Letters of
leges, noticed, IV, 450.

Thomas Campbell, noticed, VIII, 647;
Barnes, (Albert), Revivals of Religion, reviewed, by W. A. Larned, IX, 261.

reviewed, by W. De Lo88 Love, XIII, 90. Beautiful City and the King of Glory,
Barnes, (Albert), “Scriptural Views" by Woodbury Davis, noticed, XIX,

of Slavery, reviewed, by S. W. S. 192.
Dutton, IV, 384.

Beck, (Madame A. L.), Quelques Mots sur
Barnes, (Albert), Sermon on Home Mis- l'Euvre des Diaconesses, noticed, XV,

sions, reviewed, by Samuel Harris, 739.
VIII, 489.

Beckwith, (George C.), Peace Manual,
Barnum, (P. T.), Autobiography, no- noticed, V, 480.
ticed, XIII, 158.

Beckwith, (John H.), Immersion not
Barrett, (B. F.), Letters on the Divine Baptism, noticed, XVI, 904.

Trinity, noticed, XVIII, 800, 865. Bee Keeper's Manual, by L. L. Lang.
Barron, (William), Elements of Logic, stroth, noticed, XII, 168.
noticed, XV, 329.

Beecher, (Catherine E), Appeal to the
Barrow, (Isaac), The Works of, reviewed, People, noticed, XVIII, 485.
IX, 498.

Beecher, (Catherine E.), Common Sense
Barth, (Henry), Travels and Discove- Applied to Religion, noticed, XV,

ries in North and Central Africa, no- 725.
ticed, XV, 746; reviewed, by D. C. Beecher, (Catherine E.), Duty of Ameri.
Gilman, XVI, 347; by W. De Loss can Women to their Country, noticed,
Love, XVIII, 90.

IV, 304.
Bartlett, (W. H. C.), Elements of Natu- Beecher, (Catherine E.), Letters to the

ral Philosophy, noticed, IX, 158. People on Health and Happiness, no-
Bartol, (C. A.), Discourses on the Christ- ticed, XIII, 625.

ian Spirit and Life, reviewed, by Beecher, (Charles), Review of Spiritual
Noah Porter, Jr., VIII, 434.

Manifestations, reviewed, by C. S.
Bartol, (C. A.), Pictures of Europe Lyman, XVI, 666.

Framed in Ideas, noticed, XIII, 595. Beecher, (Edward), Concord of Ages,
Barton, (W. S.), High School Grammar, noticed, XVIII, 208.
noticed, XVIII, 549.

Beecher, (Edward), Conflict of Ages,
Bate, (W. T.), Memoir of, by John noticed, XII, 160.
Baillie, noticed, XVIII, 234.

Beecher, (Henry Ward), Life Thoughts,
Bates, (W. G.), Speech on Free Schools, noticed, XVI, 699.
noticed, V, 331.

Beecher, (Henry Ward), Letters to, on
Bateman, (Josiah), Life of Daniel Wil- the Divine Trinity, by B. F. Barrett,

son, D. D., noticed, XVIII, 541. noticed, XVIII, 800.
Battersly, Complete Catholic Directory, Beecher, (Mrs. H. W.), From Dawn to
noticed, VI, 459.

Daylight, noticed, XVIII, 264,
Battles of the World, from Marathon Beecher, (Lyman), Sermon on Missions,

to Waterloo, Fifteen Decisive, by E. noticed, IV, 453.
S. Creasy, reviewed, by T. D. Wool- Benedictions, or The Blessed Life, by
sey, X, 56.

John Cumming, noticed, XII, 339.
Bauer, (Juliette), Lives of the Brothers Beneficence, Divine Law of, by Par-

Humboldt, Alexander, and William, sons Cooke, reviewed, by J. G. Davis,
noticed, XI, 643.

IX, 14.
Bautain, (M.), Art of Extempore Preach- Benefit of Christ's Death, by A, Pale-
ing, noticed, XVII, 826.

ario, noticed, XIX, 191, 518.
Baxter, (Richard), The Reformed Pastor, Benevolence, Christian Power of, as
noticed. XVIII, 1063.

illustrated in the Life and Labors of
Bayne, (Peter), Essays in Biography

Mary Lyon, by Edward Hitchcock,
and Criticism, noticed, XV, 747 ; XVİ, reviewed, by J. P. Cowles, X, 259.

Benevolence, Systematic, or The Mission

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