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Preaching, Political, Instance of, by Prolegomena of the New Englander,

Paul, Article, by Leonard Bacon, XV, (1843), with Notices of Existing

Reviews, by Leonard Bacon, I, 4.
Preaching, The Divine Method of Spread. Promises, Article, by Edward R. Tyler,

ing Gospel Truth, Article, by E. W. II, 503.
Gilman, XIII, 435.

Pronunciation of Proper Names, Arti:
Preaching, The, for the Age, Article, cle, by Daniel March, V, 466.
by W. H. Goodrich, XII, 1.

Pronunciation and Spelling, Review
Preaching the Gospel, The Instrument of Soule and Wheeler's Manual of,

of the World's Conversion, Article, by W. D. Whitney, XIX, 913.
by 8. D. Clark, XII, 604.

Propagation of the Faith, Roman
Preaching. The Power of, as an Agent Catholic Association for the, Princi-

for the Advancement of Christ's King- ples and Method of Operation of
dom on Earth, Article, by F. W. Fisk, the, Article, by H. C. Kingsley,
XVII, 632.

XVII, 93.
Preaching, What is Essential to the Im- Prophecies of Daniel, Article, by B. B.

pressiveness of, Articl ,, by 0. E. Edwards, I, 231.
Daggett, V, 90.

Prophecies, Messianic, Article, by J.
Presbyterian and Congregational Sys- W. Gibbs, X, 102.

tems Compared, Article, by Edward Prophecy, Stuart's Hints on, re-
R. Tyler, III, 438.

viewed, by B. B. Edwards, 1, 103.
Presbyterian Views of the Unity of Prospectus of the New Englander

the Church, Hodge on, reviewed, by (1843), by E. R. Tyler, I, 1.
Leonard Bacon, XIV, 1.

Prostitution, Sangers History of, re-
Presbyterianism, History of, in Ameri. viewed, by W. T. Eustis, XVII, 469.

ca, commented upon, by J. F. Tuttle, Protestant Principle, The, Article, by &
VIII, 89.

W. S. Dutton, İs, 66.
Presbyterianism, Logical Tendency of, Protestantism in America, Article, by

in Respect to Denominationalism, J. M. Sturtevant, XV, 537.
XV, 543.

Protestantism, Its Origin in Religious
Presbyterians and Congregationalists, Feeling, XVI, 2.

Working of the Plan of Union be- Protestantism, Is it Responsible for
tween, commented upon, Article, by Modern Unbelief? Article, by G. P.
H. D. Kitchel, XI, 79.

Fisher, XVI, 1.
Presbyterians, New School, Coöperation Protestantism, Relations of, to Religious

in Home Missions, Article XVIII,969. Toleration, Article, by H. D. Kitche,
President's Message of December, 1846, VI, 194.

and Other Public Documents, re- Protestantism, The “Sect System" not

viewed, by Leonard Bacon, V, 306. to be Accepted as the Ultimate
President's Message, Pierce's, The, at Development of, XV, 647.

the Commencement of the Third Protestantiem, The Tendency of, To-
Session of the Thirty-Fourth Con- wards Local Church Government,
grees, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, XV, 549.
XV, 1.

Provinces, Zoological, of the Earth, In-
Primitive Church, A. B. Chapin on the, determiuate yet iu extent and cum-

reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, I, 390. ber, VIII, 570.
Princeton Review, The, on Dr. Taylor Psalmody, Article, by F. A. Adams,

and the Edwardean Theology, Arti- II, 335.

cle, by Noah Porter, Jr., XVIII, 726. Psalmody, Church, Principles of, dis-
Princeton Theory of Original Sin Ex- cussed, by Joseph S. Ropes, XVII,
amined, XVIII, 697.

Prior, Swift ,and Dryden, reviewed, by Psalmody. Congregational Singing,
J. C. Dabney, XII, 198.

Article, by F. A. Adams, VII, 55.
Privateering, Provisions of the Treaty Psalms, History of English Versions of

of Paris Respecting, examined, by the, Article, by 0. E. Daggett, IV,
T. D. Woolsey, XIV, 566.

Professor, The, at the Breakfast Table Psalms in Worship, History of the use

and the Atlantic Monthly, reviewed, of, Versions, Paraphrases, Imitations,
by Noah Porter, Jr., XVII, 771. Article, by O. E. Daggeti, IV, 312.

Psalms and Hymns, Prepared by the Punishment, Endless, a Result of Char.

General Association of Connecticut, acter, Review of John Foster's Views,

reviewed, by 0. E. Daggett, IV, 422. by Samuel Harris, IX, 186,
Psychology, Recent Works on, noticed, Punishment, Future, Argument from

by Noah Porter, Jr., XIII, 129. Reason in Support of, Article, by
Public Affairs, I, 151, 299.

T. M. Post, XIV, 116.
Public Affairs, January, 1846, IV, 148. Punishment, Future, Argument from
Public Affairs, October, 1846, by T. D. Scripture in Support of, Article, by
Woolsey, IV,588.

T. Ñ. Post, XIV, 161.
Pulpit, Sprague's Annals of the Ameri- Punishment, Future, Doctrine of, Arti-

can, reviewed, by C. A. Goodrich, XV, cle, William Bement, XI, 362.

Punishment of the Wicked, Plutarch
Pulpit, Sprague's Anpals of the Ameri- on the Delay of the Deity in the,

can, Congregationalists, reviewed, by Article, by T. D. Woolsey, II, 631.
Ray Palmer, XIV, 497.

Puritan Element in the American
Pulpit, The, Architecturally consider. Character, Article, by Royal Robbins,

ed, Article, by J. S. Sewall, XIX, IX, 531.

Puritan Ritual, The, Article, by Leon-
Pulpit, The, and the Crisis, Article, by ard Bacon, XIII, 450.
Leonard Bacon, XIX, 140.

Puritans, Coit on the, reviewed, by
Pulpit, Importance of Elocution in the, Leonard Bacon, IV, 288.

Article, by N. H. Eggleston, V, 546. Puritanism, (American,) Article, by
Pulpit, Forces of the, and their Rela- Charles Hammond, I, 352.

tion to its Power, Article, by F. W. Puritanism, Early History of, till the
Fisk, XVII, 632.

Beginning of Separatism, Article, by
Pulpit Eloquence, (Henry C. Fish's), Leonard Bacon, XIX, 126.
History of the, reviewed, by W. W. Puseyism, Its Causes and Cure, Arti-
Woodworth, XIV, 345.

cle, by Edward R. Tyler, V, 452.
Pulpit, The Permanence of the, Arti- Puseyism as Related to the Episcopal

cle, by E. W. Gilman, XIII, 435. Church, Article, by Albert Barnes,
Pulpit, The, in its Relation to Politics, III, 333.

Article, by Samuel Harris, XII, 254. Putney Perfectionism, analyzed, by I.
Pulpit, Gardiner Spring's Power of P. Warren, VI, 177.

the, reviewed, by T. Edwards, VI, Quietism in its Relation to Christianity,

Article, by A. S. Chesebrough, V. 348.
Pulpit, The, its Power Enhanced by a Race, Human, Original Unity of the,

Wise and copious use of Scripture, Article, by B. N. Martin, VIII, 542.

Article, by Edward Strong, XII, 44. Races of Men Classified, VIII, 544.
Pulpit, The Is it Losing its Power Races of Men, Distribution of, not Con.

Article, by C.W. Clapp, XIV, 409. formed to that of the Organic Provin-
Pu!pit, The Sphere of the, Article, by ces of the Globe, VIII, 570.
C.W. Clapp, XV, 135.

Races of Men, Geographical Distribu.
Pulpit, The, Article, by 0. E. Daggett, tion of, VIII, 570.
XII, 298.

Races of Men, Common Relation of, to
Punishment, Capital, J. P. Thompson God and to the Gospel, VIII, 584.

on, reviewed, by Edward R. Tyler, Races of Men not Physically Related
I, 28.

to the Organic Species amid which
Punishinent in Capital Offenses, Diffi- they occur, VIII, 569.

culty of Securing, Article, by Henry Railroad Management, Article, by W.
Dutton, II, 346.

T. Eustis, IX, 321.
Punishment, Capital, Right of Civil Railroads of England and the United

Government to Inflict, Article, by States, compared, by Timothy Dwight,
Edward R. Tyler, III, 562.

VI, 281.
Punishment, Corporal, Its Advisability Railroads, Results of the Increased

in Common Schools, Article, by Emer- Facility and Celerity of Inter-Com-
son Davis, V, 520.

munication by Means of, Article, by
Punishment, The Design and Nature of, H. L. Wayland, XVI, 790.

under the Divine Government, Arti- Rationalism in the Church of England,
cle, by C. W. Clapp, XIX, 63. XIX, 341.

Rationalism, (German), As an Antece-, Represensative Men, R. W. Emerson on,

dent of Modern German Theology, reviewed, by D. March, VIII, 186.
XV, 202.

Repudiation, Article on, by William T.
Rationalist, Autobiography of a, (J. Dwight, I, 534.

Blanco White), reviewed, by Noah Rest, The Philosophy of, Article, by
Porter, Jr., IV, 238.

Joseph P. Thompson, XIII, 353.
Reading, Duty in Regard to, Article, Resurrection, The Fact and the Doc.
by Tertius S. Clarke, X, 188.

trine of, Article, by W. De Loss Love,
Realism Revived, Article, by Thomas XV, 185.
H. Skinner, Jr., XIII, 509.

Reviews, American, characterized, by
Realistic Theology, Prof. Shedd's Theo. Leonard Bacon, I, 4.

ry of the, Explained and Criticised, Revision of the English Bible, Arti-
XIV, 371.

cle, by Edward W. Gilman, XVII,
Reason, The Use of, Legitimate in

Theological Inquiry, XIX, 332. Revival, The, of 1858, Article, by H.
Reason, Truths of Pure, Article, by Loomis, Jr., XVI, 646.

Miss C. J. Beecher, II, 359. Revivals of Religiou, Article, by Wia.
Rebellion of 1861, Duties to their De Loss Love, XIII, 90.

Country in the Present Crisis, of Revivals of Religion, Theodore Parker
those who Remain at Home during on, reviewed, by I. N. Tarboz, XVI,
the, Article, by S. W. S. Dutton, 575.
XIX, 674.

Revolution, Right of, discussed, by
Rebellion of 1861, Lessons of our Na- Leonard Bacın, XV, 474.

tional Conflict during the, Article, by Revolution, The Italian, in 1848, Arti-
J. J. Sturtevant, XIX, 894.

cle, by H. M. Field, VII, 72.
Recreations of a Country Parson, re- Revolutionary Spirit in Europe, (1848),

viewed, by W. E. Boies, XIX, 882. Article, by Ray Palmer, VIII, S29.
Redemption, as Related to the Fall of Revolutions, Defense of the Necessity

the Angels, Article, by I. M. Ely, of, Article, by William A. Larned
XI, 375.

VII, 153.
Reeder, (A. H.), Character of, as Gov- Rhetoric, Natural, Distinguished from

ernor of Kansas, sketched, by Leonard Artificial, Professor Shedd on, re-
Bacon, XV, 676.

ferred to, XIV, 367.
Reform, Philosophy of, Article, by Rhode Island Rebellion, (1842), Arti-
William Clark, XIII, 28.

cle, by William A. Larned, I, 85.
Reform and Reformers, Article, by S. Ritter, Humboldt and the New Geogra-
W. S. Dutton, VIII, 507.

phy, Article, by Daniel C. Gilmas,
Reformation, The, in Italy, as Illustra- XVIII, 277.

ted by the Life of Olimpia Morata, Ritual, The Puritan, Article, by Leonard
Article, by J. W. DeForest, XIII, Bacon, XIII, 450.

Rivers, Navigable, Provisions of the
Reforms, as Dependent upon Christ- Treaty of Paris Respecting the use

ianity, Article, by Samuel Harris, of the examined, by T. D. Woolsey,
V, 448.

XIV, 560.
Regeneration, (Baptismal), Article, by Roads, Plank, Article, by William A.
Bennet Tyler, II, 397.

Larned, IX, 290.
Reid as a Metaphysician, characterized, Robertson's, (F. W.), Sermons, Lectures

Article, by W. A. Larned,XVIII, 168. and Memoirs, reviewed, by W. I.
Religion, Morell's Philosophy of, re- Budington, XVII, 858.

viewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., VII,566. Robinson, (John), Life and Works of,
Religion, Its Claims upon the State, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, XI,

Article, by I. E. Drinell, XII, 525. 136.
Religious Affairs, January, 1843, 1, 145. Roman Catholic Church in Ireland,
Religious Affairs, July, 1843, I, 440. Account of, VI, 457.
Religious Controversy, Ethics of, by Roman Catholic Church, The, as Re
Edward R. Tyler, VI, 534.

lated to Infidelity, Article, by Noah
Representative, Is a, bound by the Porter, Jr., IV, 238,

Will of his Constituents? Article, by Roman Catholic Church, The American,
T. D. Woolsey, I, 193.

Article, by Edward R. Tyler, V, 136.

Roman Catholic Complaints Against Sailor's Home in New York, Letter

the Early Protestant Versions of from J. Spaulding Respecting, IV,
the Scriptures, Article, by J. W. 151.
Gibbs, X, 300.

Saltonstall, (Gurdon), Sketch of the
Roman Catholic Contributions and Life of, by James L. Kingsley, II,

Missions, Article, by Henry C. Kings- 495.
ley, XVII, 93.

Sandwich Island Notes, reviewed, by W.
Roman Catholic Errors Traced to their A. Larned, XIII, 1.

Origin in Human Nature, Review of Sanitary Surveys, Report of Joint Com-
Whately on, by S.W. S. Dutton, X, mittee of Massachusetts Legislature

upon, reviewed, by W. A. Larned,
Roman Catholic Faith, Article, by VII, 310.

Joseph P. Thompson, II, 414, 568; Sawyer's, (L. A.), Translation of the
III, 125, 172.

New Testament, criticised, by E. W.
Roman Catholicism, Opposition to the, Gilman, XVII, 144.

in Germany, by Ronge and Czerski, Criticised, by J. W. Gibbs, XVII, 522.

by Joseph P. Thompson, V, 277. Saxons in England, J. M. Kemble's
Roman State, The, Article, by Gugliel- History of the, reviewed, by T. D.
mo Gajani, XVI, 271.

Woolsey, VII, 547.
Romanic Languages, Origin of, Article, Saybrook Impost, Palfrey's Account of,
by T. D. Woolsey, V, 183.

examined, by Leonard Bacon, XVIII,
Romanism, Tendencies to, in the Epis- 1022.

copal Church, Article, by D. L. Saybrook Platform, referred to, IV, 266.
Ogden, XIII, 363.

Scepticism, Modern, Article, by Noah
Romanists and the Roman Catholic Porter, Jr., XI, 277.

Controversy, T. Brainerd's Sermon Schaff's, (Philip), Church History, re.
Respecting, reviewed, by Leonard viewed, by Leonard Bacon, XII, 237.
Bacon, II, 233.

Schaff's, (Philip), Views Respecting Re-
Ronge, (Johannes), and the German ligion in America, criticised, by J. M.

Anti-Papal Movement of 1847, ac- Sturlevant, XV, 537.
count of, by Joseph P. Thompson, Schism in the Church, High-Churchism
V, 277.

the Cause of, Article, IV, 333.
Ronge, (Johannes), Schism from the Schlegel, (Augustus W.), Memoirs of,

German Roman Catholic Church, In- Article, II, 185.
stituted by, referred to, by Edward Scholarship, Classical, as Influenced by
R. Tyler, V, 136.

the use of Translations, Article, by
Rousseau's Assaults upon Christianity, T. A. Thacher, XVI, 762.

characterized, by James Murdock, School, Norwich Free, Account of, by
I, 179.

Worthington Hooker, XV, 428.
Ruskin's Seven Lamps of Architecture, School, Common, System of Massachu-

reviewed, by N. H. Eggleston, VIII, setts, Article, by B. G. Northrop,

XIII, 43.
Russia as it is, Review of Gurowski on, Schools, Common, of Connecticut, Arti-
by W. A. Larned, XII, 424.

cle, by J. A. Root, IV, 522.
Russians in Caucasus before 1850, Arti. Schools, Common, and the English
cle, by T. D. Woolsey, IX, 88.

Language, Article, by J. W. Gibbs,
Russian Acquisitions upon the Amoor, XVIII, 429.

Article, by Burdett Hart, XIX, 352. Schools, Common, and their Relation to
Sabbath, The, Anti-Mosaic Origin of, Higher Seminaries, Article, by Charles

Article, by J. W. Gibbs, XVI, 691. Hammond, VI, 313.
Sabbath, Evidence of Divine Origin Schools, High, The Policy of Massachu-
of, XIX, 596.

setts Concerning, Article, by W. Bar-
Sabbath, The, its Divine Origin, Arti- rows, XVI, 854.

cle, by C.W. Clapp, X, 207. Schools of the Highest Order, Unfitness
Sabbath Schools, Lofluence of, Article, of Political or Ecclesiastical Bodies to
V, 162.

Control them, XVIII, 71.
Sacraments, Article, VIII, 117. Schools, Physiology in, Article, by J.
Sacraments, Nature of the Christian, P. Gulliver, XIII, 276.

Article, by L. H. Atwater, III, 325. "Schools, The Proposed Substitution of

Sectarian, for Public, examined and Separatists of Eastern Connecticut, Arti.
condemned, Article, by S. W. S. cle, by R. C. Learned, XI, 195.
Dutton, VI, 230, 299.

Sepoy Mutiny, The, Article, by J. H.
Science and Art in their Relation to Jones, XVII, 357.

Christian Civilization, Article, IX, Sermons, Exaggeration in, V, 95.

Sermons, Formality in, V, 96.
Science, Changes in the Earth conse- Sermons, The Permanent Interest of, V,

quent upon the Progress of, Article, 92.
by Leonard Bacon, VII, 1.

Sermons, Written and Unwritten, com-
Science, Harmonies of, with the Bible, pared, the latter recommended, ad-
XIX, 585.

vantages, methods, examples, Article,
Science, Influence of Modern, upon The- by 0. E. Daggett, XVI, 47.

ology, Article, by Edward A. Walker, Seven, The Number, Article, by James
XIX, 323.

Hadley, XVI, 742.
Science, Does it Tend to Materialism ? Shady-Side Literature, reviewed, by L.

Article, by Joseph P. Thompson, Sabine, XII, 54.
XIX, 84.

Shannon, (Wilson), Character of, as
Science, An Apology for Physical, Arti- Governor of Kansas, noticed, by Leon-
cle, IV, 542.

ard Bacon, XV, 677.
Science, Natural, its Harmony with Shedd's, (W. G. T.), Discourses and

Theology, Article, by Samuel Harris, Essays, reviewed, by G. P. Fisher,
X, 1.

XIV, 363.
Scotland, The Bards of, reviewed, by Wm. Shedd's, (W. G. T.), Nature and Influ-
A. Larned, XII, 151.

ence of the Historic Spirit, reviewed,
Scotland, The Lives of the Haldanes, as by Thomas H. Skinner, Jr., XIII,

Illustrating the Rise of Congrega- 509.
tionalism in, Article, by Archibald Sherman, (Roger Minott), Sketch of the
Geikie, XIX, 269.

Life of, by L. H. Atwater, IV, 1.
Scriptural Allusions and Quotations, Sick, Lying to the, I, 190.

their Value in the Pulpit, Article, by Sick, Truth in our intercourse with the,
Edward Strong, XII, 44.

Article, by Worthington Hooker, III,
Scriptures, Catholic Complaints against 66.

the Early Protestant Versions of the, Sickness, Influence of the Body upon

reviewed, by J. W. Gibbs, X, 300. the Mind during, Article, by Wor.
Seamen, Claims of, Article, by L. Gros- thington Hooker, III, 493.
venor, III, 481.

Sickness, A case of Optical Illusion in,
Search, The Right of, Article, by T. D. explained, Article, III, 192.
Woolsey, XVI, 594.

Silliman's, (Benjamin, Sr.), Visit to Eu-
Secession, The Southern Apology for, rope in 1851, reviewed, by Denison

Article, by T. D. Woolsey, XIX, Olmsted, XII, 24.

Sin, Effects of, upon the Elements, Arti-
Sects and Hierarchies, vs. Christ's Char- cle, by J. G. Hall, IV, 40.

tered Church, J. B. Turner on, re- Sin, Review of J. F. Clarke on the For-

viewed, by Edward R. Tyler, V, 592. giveness of, Article, XI, 24.
“ Sect System," A Logical Result of Sin indispensable to the Highest Happi-

Centralized Church Government, XV, ness of the Universe, as held by Bella-

my, Hopkins, Stephen West, Wesley,
Sectarian Control of Colleges Tends to and others, XVII, 942.

make them Feeble, XVIII, 86. Sin of Man, Anticipated in Nature, Arti-
Sectarianism, Cause and Cure of, Arti- cle, by James D. Dana, XVII, 293.

cle, by Samuel Harris, V, 78. Sin, The Origin of, The Methodist Quar-
Seeds, Means by which they are Diffused, terly Review on Wesley's views re-
VIII, 561.

specting, reviewed, by B. N. Martin,
Self-Love, N. W. Taylor's Theory re- XVIII, 473, XIX, 621.

specting presented, by Joseph P. Sin, Original, Various Theories of, his-
Thompson, XVI, 390.

torically considered, Article, by G.
Self-Love, N. W. Taylor's Views re- P. Fisher, XVIII, 694.

specting, defended, by B. N. Martin, Sin as made Tributary to the Highest
XVII, 920.

General Good of God's Government,

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