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Another said:

ing at his place of duty, as an officer of the "Let the Federal authority make the issue law-when treason run riot in Massachusetts, and test the fact whether we will execute OUR the New York Tribune thus came to the resLAWS. They know not how soon the smoul- cue” of the rescuers : dering volcano will burst under their rotton carcases."

"The Rev. T. W. Higginson, of Worcester,

Massachusetts, is on bail for $3,000 to respond One of the resolutions passed by that mob to the charge of inciting a riot in Boston, at declared:

the time of the attempted rescue of Antony

Burns. We don't know that Mr. H. did any"That the enforcement of such laws (the thing toward effecting the rescue of Burns, Fugitive law) against an unwilling people, is but he doubtless would have done it if he could, productive only of evils threatening the public and now regrets that he did not succeed. order and stability of governmental institu- When U. Š. marshals find it necessary to tions."

surround themselves with armed cohorts of jail This reminds us of the ancient maiden, when birds, blacklegs, and brothel bullies, in order stoves were first put up in buildings and who crowd the streets, it is pretty safe to pre

to prevent à rescue by the honest yeomanry churches. She had heard that stoves were un

sume that every real minister of the gospel healthy, and insisted on fainting in church one stands opposed to the blacklegs and because the majority of the Society would When kidnappers are the chief saviors of the insist on putting up one of them pesky Union, of course evangelists will be rebels and stoves." It turned out that there was no fire

Thus, when the courts were protecting the in the stove at the time of fainting, but nevertheless, the anti-stove party insisted that the authority of the Government, and endeavoring

to prevent rebellion from usurping the throne stove was the cause of the church difficulty, and the church was actually split up and di- of law, this leading organ of the exclusively vided because the stubborn majority would in- loyal” party was endeavoring to overthrow

the constitutional powers by the gospel of sist on patronizing the stove. But the seceders would never own that the rebellion that riot,” and to evangelize the heathens of legal broke hearts and religious ties, was in any de- power with "thirty thousand bayonets” in the gree attributable to them, when if they had hands of an “honest yeomanry,” and by disnot created dissensions without cause, all placing provost marshals with pious ministers would have been well.

of the gospel of riot,” to bring on the millennium, when "ovangelists will be rebels and

rioters." And when the Government's was The following short paragraph, from the Lea- invoked to show its power for law and order, venworth Bulletin, concerning the state of af- against the organized " Anti-Fugitive-Law fairs along the Missouri and Kansas state line, League,” in Wisconsin, the programme of said tells more than whole volumes, the nature of Leaguers was quoted by the New York Trithat revolutionary spirit we are considering: bune, with fiendish delight, as follows:

"The General Order, requiring all to leave "As Freemen, we can and will stand it no the border counties, has been carried out. All longer. persons found without proper papers are shot "We will stand by the rescuers of Glover, at sight "

with our influence, our purses, and our right JIM LANE, a "Border Ruffian" United

No court shall crush them; no prison

bars and walls shall ever confine them." States Senator, is the reported author of that

From the courts to the league in 1854; from "order." And yet to complain of these things subjects the complainant to the charge of the courts to the army in 1863. The appeal

is the same; the last resort of the fanatic is sympathizers with the rebellion."

still the last resort of the despot; self-will suEVANGELISTS, REBELS AND RIOTERS."

preme over law; passion supreme over reason; In 1854, when ANTHONY BURNS, a fugitive, force, and force alone, the final arbiter of was in the custody of the law, at Boston,- states and men. Such is the disposition of the when a mob, of the rabble, backed by the pious evangelist, of those who exclaim, "away with and virtuous (?) undertook to "resist” the ex- him"_"down with the Government,” when ecution of the law, and by violence prevent its they are out of power-and—"'If you oppose execution-when poor BACHELDER, a white Us you oppose the Government”-when in man, was murdered in cold blood, for stand- | power.


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: DO 66

WHAT THE CONSTITUTION WILL NOT PERMIT make a girdle round the Gulf, should be ap? 6 IN THE NAME OF GOD."

proached by the news that wherever it plants its

flag, it should declare there is nothing here When the bill was before the U. S. Senate but people and land. The land is ours-conamending the act of 1790, relative to the call- fiscated, guaranteed; its title given to the sol. ing out the militia, so as to call out slaves, &c., the black man, who is willing to take it, and

dier who has finished his service. Give it to Mr. BROWNING, (rep.) of Illinois, moved to plant a state, under the guarantee of the so amend that the wives and children of sold-Union-employ free labor upon that fertile ier slaves belonging to rebels should be set free soil, and commence again the civil mahcinery,

the organization of a state, instead of freeing all, including those belong

"I do not believe in battles ending this war, ing to loyal union men.

This is a war of ideas. You may plant a fort Mr. Cowan, (rep.) of Pennsylvania, was in in every district of the South-you may take favor of the amendment. He said:

possession of her capitals, and hold them with

armies, but you have not begun to subdue her, "The country had prospered under the Con- You don't annihilate a thing simply by abolishstitution, and we are bound by it."

ing it. The most successful superintendent of Mr. Howe, (rep.) of Wisconsin, said there contrabands at Fortress Monroe, is begging of seemed to be some difficulty as to how we

this timid, dilatory, indecisive government, to

allow him to take possession of the abandoned should support our Generals. There were too

plantations, and put the vagrant contraband, wany controversies.

who is not allowed to work upon those acres, Mr. COWAN asked:

and make him self-supporting. A government

has to be besieged and entreated before it can "Does not the Constitution exist? Are we

be brought to see that the conquest of Virginia not bound by it?

is not to be had on the Rappahannock, but it Mr. Howe-"We are bound by it. Yes, we

is to be affected at Fortress Monroe, when the are bound by it, and bound to battle for it, and negro puts his foot upon the soil and owns it. not stand here higgling about the force we are

I know this seems extreme doctrine. I know to send into the field. I would bring all the that it seems something like absolute barbarian force into the field I could, not caring what the color of it might bu. Bring the negroes into

vill be any peace until 347,000 slave holders the field in the name of God if we cannot do

are either hung or exiled. [Cheers.) History it in the name of the Constitution!"

shows no precedent of getting rid of an aris: BEECHER'S TABER- tocracy like this, except by the death of the


This game WENDELL PHILLIPS, in a speech WENDELL PHILLIPS, the great war horse of the radical party in power, made a speech in at Cincinnati, since the war commenced,

boasted that BEECHER's Political Synagogue, in 1862, in which he declared:

"I have labored nineteen years to take six

teen States out of this Union." (This is not a war of sections-it is a war of ideas--ending only when one idea strangles another, and not before. Peace comes when freedom holds the helm, and not before. Now,

CHAPTER X1X. I would accept anything on the anti-slavery basis. I would accept separation. I would ac- THE ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE BAN OF THE cept compromise. I would accept Union (the last and least with PHILLIPS]. I would accept

Power and Influence of the Abolitionists over the Admin. peace, and pay the whole Confederate debt, at

istration... The Leading Abolitionists Feted and Provided par, on the anti-slavery basis."

with Place and Power... Superstition and Intolerance...

1796, 1800, 1814 and 1864 Compared... The Bigotry and "ABSOLUTE BARBARIAN CONQUEST."

Intolerance of To-Day Borrowed from the Pilgrims-A
Chapter from the Puritans...

Blue Lights and Blue Laws In the same speech this Abolition-martinet

... The Act Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus, in advocated the killing of the whites at the South

full... Ayes and Noes on said Bill, Politically Classified....

“New York Tribune" on Peace...Old Abe and the and giving their estates to the negroes, and “Union as it was," &c. strange to say his hearers cheered the senti

THE POWER AND INFLUENCE OF ABOLITIONment. He declared that the Richmond of the South lay in two millions of blacks, and con

We are aware that the Republicans seek to tinued:

parry the effect of the extreme abolition de"If this be true of the two extremes of the Clarations, by assuring us that those who utter Confederacy, what remains? Why, only the solid centre, the great Gibralter, the rich plant them have little or no influence, and consetations, and the accumulated blacks, tha- quently can do no harm. Indeed, it's just the







reply of the Wisconsin State Journal to the Where, to-day, is OWEN LOVÉJOY, the man Wisconsin Patriot, when it quoted a brace of who moved to table a resolution which ignored PHILLIPS? treasonable paragraphs, but it was

the establishment of a despotism on the ruins not long before PHILLIPS was invited by a of this Government? Republican to lecture in the city where those A member of the American Congress. two papers are published. Mr. HASTINGS, the Where are the seventy-eight Republicans Republican State Treasurer waited upon the who voted with Owen LOVEJOY to table said great disunionist and traitor-received him at resolution? the depot in high livery-escorted him through High in the Republican synagogue. the city as Canadian cockneys would a "Lion Where, to-day, is THADEUS STEVENS, who from London."

scouted the idea that he obeyed his oath to We assert, without fear of contradiction, support the Constitution, in voting to dismemthat the class of Radicals from whose speeches ber Virginia? and resolves we have so liberally quoted, and Chairman of the most important committee shall yet quote, have more influence over the in the American House of Representatives. Administration to-day, and the shaping its pol- Where, to-day, is BINGHAM, the man who icy, than all those who style themselves "Con- declared that slavery or the Union must servative Republicans,?? combined. It was the perish? clamors of the Radicals that forced from the In Congress, a leader among the “loyal." President the Proclamation, but a few days Where, to-day, is N. P. BANKS, whose easy after he refused to issue it.

loyalty would let the Union slide?'' Let us inquire the whereabouts and status A Major General in the loyal army. of some of the leading Abolitionists.

Where to-day is Cassius M. CLAY, who re

fused to fight for his country, unless he could Where is Senator Wade, who declared there have his way about slavery? was no Union?

First appointed Minister to Russia, then In the United States Senate, as one of the honored with the commission and salary of a President's constitutional advisers.

Major General, with plenty to eat and nothing Where is Senator HALE, who in 1850, intro

to do. duced petitions for a dissolution of the Union?

Where have you found ANSON BURLINGIn the United States Senate, as one of the

GAME, the Abolitionist who declared for a new President's constitutional advisers.

Constitution, a new bible--a new God-in Where is CHARLES SUMNER, who said at short, a new deal all round?' Worcester, the 7th of September, 1854, that it

Appointed by Mr. LINCOLN to drink tea and was the duty of the people to resist a law, even

eat ornamental mince pies in the Celestial Emafter it was decided constitutional by the high

pire. est Federal Court?

Where to-day do you find JOSHUA R. GIDIn the United States Senate, re-elected as

DINGS, who in 1848 introduced a petition for one of the President's constitutional advisers. the dissolution of the Union?

Where is Mr. SEWARD, the author of the As Mr. LINCOLN'S Consul to the Canadas. Irrepressible Conflict, and who voted to re

Where do you find HANNIBAL HAMLIN, the ceive a petition for Dissolution of the Union, Vice President of the United States? in 1848?

Leaving the presiding officer's chair to welIn Mr. LINCOLN'S Cabinet.

come WENDELL PHILLIPS upon the floor of the Where, to-day, do you find the man who de Senate, a courtesy rarely accorded to any civ. clared that any people had the right to revolu- ilian. tionize their Government, and establish anoth- Where to-day do you find HORACE GREELEY, er—who pronounced the Mexican war a wicked the man who stigmatized the American flag as war, and declared that this Union could "not a "flaunting lie," and cried, "tear it down?" exist half free and half slave," and bestows As the editor of the leading Republican pathe blessings of his power on those who have per in America. for over a quarter of a century denounced the Where now is Wm. LLOYD GARRISON, who Government of our fathers?

pronounced our Constitution a "covenant with Acting as President of the United States!

death, an agreement with hell?"

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You will find him feted by Republicans, and, mobbing persons; by the arrest and imprisonaddressing "loyal Union" meetings!

ment of dissentients, under the law of "susThus, we might go on ad infinitum, and show pected persons."? You must believe that the that each and every one from whom we have constitution is a "covenant with death” and quoted "disloyal," "disunion," and "treason- the Union a “league with hell," or you are a able” sentiments, are now high in the confi- "secessionist.” If you believe in the Union dence and employ of the party in power. Why, as it was, and the constitution as it is,” includas WENDELL Phillips said, the Republicans ing the article providing for amendments, you "don't know their own faces." They are now

are a. "copperhead." In short, if you do even ahead of the abolitionists of old. One. not endorse every act of the Administration, cannot find a leading Republican of to-day who as just and proper, you (oppose the war," will acknowledge he would be in favor of the and ought to be sent cover the lines." old Union which GARRISON declared to be a Such is the spirit of intolerance of that "covenant with death, an agreement with hell" class of persons who have always opposed the ---they and GARRISON believe the same thing Democracy-with a few. honorable exceptions. now, and the reason that GARRISON has not

Not so with the Democracy, for no recording some pet office, is, that he is honest in his de


of history has shown or can show that nunciations of our Union, and will not take an during the Democratic adminisiration of Mr. oath to support the Constitution, while his Re- JEFFERSON, when we were threatened with a publican co-workers will, with a mental reser- war with France, that any opponent was arrestvation to destroy it.

ed, and punished without due process of law?? and under the Democratic administration of Mr.

MADISON, when the nation was in a death-like A man's peculiar natural characteristics are grapple with the most powerful nation on the not guaged by his belief, but his belief, whim globe-no arbitrary arrests were madeno or caprice, are often the offsprings of his nat- newspapers suppressed -- no printing offices ural, or national characteristics. What a vast mobbed--no system of provost marshals to indifference have we always observed between the timidate, annoy and arrest people, without two great leading parties of this country, even charge or accusation-no indemnifying acts to from its earliest period. The Federals, in shield officers guilty of striking down civil and power from 1796 to 1800, were arrogant, con personal liberty without cause—no deportaceited and intolerant. They could not bear to tion beyond our lines. In short, none of those tolerate the least opposition to, or criticism intolerant, revolutionary means were resorted upon their measures. No matter how wild or to, although, as we have shown in these padestructive those measures, all must tamely ges, there was abundant cause for the most acquiesce, without complaint. The sedition energetic and summary measures, Mr. MADlaw was the offspring of this partizan reticence. ISON might have arrested thousands of leadOpposition was sure to call down on the victim, ing, wealthy and influential citizens of the persecution:

Eastern States, with specific charges of Nor did the Federals waive this intolerance treason and misprison of treason, and been when they went out of power, but they kept it content to have rested the prosecution in open up, insisting on their prerogative to force obe court on their own published acts, resolves dience to their behests, and more than toler- and speeches. ance of their dogmas.

But Mr. MADISON did not do it. And here. Nor has this particular characteristic for- in consists the great difference between the saken that classification of men to the present characteristics of the two great parties of this hour. Witness their inflamatory denunciations country. The present party in power-intolof all those who do not endorse their every ex- erant and proscriptive as their Federal sires, treme idiosyncracy. You must believe that have made thousands of arrests-most of slavery ought to be abolished, constitution or which had not the merit of being based on no constitution, or you are a "traitor." You charges, even, and none of which, so far as we must believe that it is right, and a "military have ever been able to learn, have ever been necessity,'' to put down and silence all criti. followed by proof that treason was either comcism on public measures, by suppressing and mitted or intended. Newspapers have been

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suppressed (as we shall show hereafter) for no

And again: greater crime than a manly protest against "The Pokanokets were the first tribe which such outrages, and fair criticism on the con- sheltered the Pilgrims after their landing on duct of those in authority, with a view solely Plymouth Rock, and they were the first to fall

victims to their insidious and ungrateful polof preserving—not destroying--the Govern

icy." ment of our fathers.

And it is further recorded in the same his


"At the two sessions of the court in Septem-BORROWED FROM THE PILGRIMS.

ber, 1769, fourteen women and one man were To show that the leaders of the present One old man of eighty refused to plead, and

sentenced to death on charges of witchcraft. reigning dynasty came honestly by their big-by that horrible decree of the then common otry, intolerance and spirit of persecution, we law, was tortured to death. Although it was

evident that.confession was the only safety, in will in this connection introduce

most cases, some few had courage to retract

their .confessions-some eighty of them were A CHAPTER FROM THE PURITANS,

sent to execution. Twenty persons had al· And before we introduce our ancient tes- ready been put to death-eight more were untimony,' we wish to enter our protest and new accusations were made every day.'

der sentence; the jails were full of prisoners; against that indiscriminate denunciation against our Puritan fathers, which many indulge. The Mayflower brought many good,

As the Puritans passed blue laws, the better liberal and generous spirits as well as bad, to silence opposition to their illiberal ideas and illiberal, arrogant and intolerent ones. That

dogmas, so their progeny burned blue lights to early lump of emigration was leavened with a

signal the enemy in war, and thus at times in fair proportion of Democracy, from which

our history, have rendered the cause of persprang many of the leading, liberal Democrat- sonal rights and civil liberty, to say nothing of ic ideas of our age. They were the pioneers National existence, blue indeed. of those free and liberal ideas that have for the most part governed our people for nearly two

Among the laws alluded to in this early his

tory, were the following: centuries. But a large majority of the early Puritans

"No one shall travel, cook victuals, make were bigoted and intolerent, and to trace the beds, sweep house, cut hair, or shave on the

Sabbath day. genealogy of the illiberal and intolerent ideas

"If any man shall kiss his wife, or wife her of the present age to their proper source, we husband, on the Lord's day, the party in fault copy from an old work written in the latter shall be punished at the discretion of the court,

or magistrate. part of the 17th century:

"No woman shall kiss her child on the Sab"The Quakers were whipped, branded, had bath or fasting day.their ears cut off, their tongues bored with To these provisions of law, the historian aphot irons, and were banished upon pain of death, in case of their return, and actually ex

pends the following note: ecuted upon the gallows."

"A gentleman, after an absence of some

months, reached home on the Sabbath, and At a subsequent date, says another work:

meeting his wife at the door, kissed her with "The Quakers prosecuted the Protestants

an appetite, and for his temerity in violating with all manner of cruel atrocities,» &c.

the law, the next day was arraigned before the

court, and fined, for so palpable a breach of And continues this antiquarian work:

the law on the Lord's day." "The practice of selling the natives of North We by no means charge. our opponents with America into foreign bondage continued for the guilt or foibles of their early ancestors. two centuries. The articles of the early New Our purpose is only to trace a proper genealEngland Confederacy classed persons among the spoils of war. Å scanty, remnant of the ogy of that illiberal, intolerant and bigoted Pequod tribe in Connecticut, the captives spirit that to-day would consign to the duntreacherously made by Waldron in New Hamp-geon all dissentients against their political shire, the homeless remnants of the tribe of dognias, so that it may not be said our AboAnnamon, the orphan offspring of King Phillip himself, were all doomed to the

same hard lition bigots came dishonestly by their intoler destiny of perpetual bondage."

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