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Packards 1912 Motor Cars

1912 Packard "30"

Touring Car


Chassis in three sizes Large line of open and enclosed fore-door bodies

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dvertising has been a factor—an important factor in the success of Ivory Soap.

But-would you buy Ivory Soap if you could get better soap for the price you pay for Ivory? No!

Would you buy Ivory Soap if you could get another soap, as good as Ivory, for less than you pay for Ivory? Of course not. Advertising is merely an evidence of a manufacturer's faith in the merit of an article.

Continuous advertising is proof of the public's confidence in it.

Ivory Soap has been advertised, continuously, for more than thirty years.

For bath, toilet and fine laundry purposes; for the nursery: for shampooing: for everything and anything that necessitates the use of a better-than-ordinary soap, Ivory Soap is unequalled.

Ivory Soap..9944100 Per Cent. Pure

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