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Critical and Social Essays. Reprinted from The New-York “ Nation." New York : Leypoldt & Holt. 16mo, pp. 230. (The existence and prosperity of “ The Nation” is perhaps the most honorable and hopeful sign in our present American periodical literature. Many of its brief miscellaneous essays are admirable; and a good service is done by bringing some of them together in this volume.).

History of the American Civil War. By John William Draper, M.D., LL.D. In 3 vols. Vol. I., containing the Causes of the War, and the Events preparatory to it, up to the close of President Buchanan’s Administration. New York: Harper & Brothers. 8vo, pp. 567. (This history is rather the working out of a thesis respecting the effect of climate and other natural influences on a people's character and life. It is very able; very interesting in its summary of scientific facts; very didactic and positive in tone; ample in its gathering of information; clear and vigorous in its outline of our political history. We hope to find the opportunity of a more full review.)

Thackeray's Lectures. The English Humorists. The Four Georges. Complete in one volume. New York: Harper & Brothers. 12mo, pp. 449.

Curious Myths of the Middle Ages. By S. Baring Gould, M.A. Boston: Roberts Brothers. 16mo, pp. 255.

Co-operative Stores : their History, Organization, and Management. Based on the recent German work of Eugene Richter. With annotations and amendments, rendering the work specially adapted for use in the United States. New York: Leypoldt & Holt. 16mo, pp. 131.

Bench and Bar: a complete digest of the Wit, Humor, Asperities, and Amenities of the Law. By J. L. Bigelow, Counsellor at Law. With portraits and illustrations. New York: Harper & Brothers. 12mo, pp. 364.

College Life: its Theory and Practice. By Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., LL.D., late President of the Wesleyan University. New York: Harper & Brothers. 12mo, pp. 239.

Wool-Gathering. By Gail Hamilton. Boston : Ticknor & Fields. pp. 335. (An agreeable, chatty narrative of a journey in the West and South, terminating with a visit at Gettysburg.)

An Arctic Boat Journey in the Autumn of 1854. By Isaac I. Hayes, Surgeon of the Second Grinnell Expedition. New edition. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. pp. 387. (A very curious narrative, illustrated with spirited drawings; republished in aid of another expedition presently to be made to the Polar Seas.)

Alec Forbes of Howglen. By George MacDonald. pp. 171. The Last Chronicle of Barset. By Anthony Trollope. pp. 352. Raymond's Heroine; No Man's Friend. By Frederick William Robinson. pp. 180. Mr. Wynyard's Ward. By Holme Lee. New York: Harper & Brothers.

Louisa of Prussia and Her Times ; an Historical Novel. By L. Mühlbach. Translated from the German by F. Jordan. With illustrations. New York : D. Appleton & Co. pp. 277.

The Old Curiosity Shop; also, Reprinted Pieces. pp. 480 ; Little Dorrit. pp. 480. By Charles Dickens. (Diamond edition); The Pickwick Papers. By Charles Dickens. ("* Charles Dickens,” edition, about double the size of the above, and with the familiar etched illustrations ; neatly printed on thin paper, and very cheap.) Boston: Ticknor & Fields. The Life and Death of Jason. A Poem. By William Morris. 16mo,

(Introduced to the public by a most remarkable and laudatory notice in the “ Fortnightly Review," by Mr. Swinburne, placing it far above all narrative poetry in English since Chaucer.)

A Story of Doom, and Other Poems. By Jean Ingelow. Boston: Roberts Brothers. 16mo, pp. 290.

pp. 307.


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The Beautiful Book, Festival of Song. A Series of Evenings with the Poets. Prepared by the

Author of “Salad for the Solitary," "Mosaics," &c. Superbly illustrated on wood with seventy-three original drawings by the Artists of the National Academy of Design. In one elegant 4to volume of 392 pp., printed on tinted paper in the most perfect manner and bound in elegant styles. Levant morocco, gilt, $12.00;

morocco antique, $10.00; cloth extra, full gilt, bevelled boards, $8.00. No more beautiful gift-book was probably ever published in America. Its illustrations are from desigos by the first Artists in the country; and the contents, selected from the writings of the best poets, can hardly fail to instruct as well as entertain the reader. Bound in the very richest styles, its exterior beauty fully equals the interior The King's Bell. A Mediæval Legend. By RICHARD HENRY STODDARD.

Illustrated with eight full-page Drawings by ALFRED FREDERICKS. Small 4to,

cloth, bevelled boards, gilt sides and edges, $2.50; morocco antique or gilt, $5.00. Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets. Selected and arranged by

HOWARD STAUNTON. With thirty exquisite engravings on wood, from Drawings by John GILBERT. Beautifully printed on tinted paper. Crown 8vo. Price, in

cloth extra, gilt sides and edges, $3.00. The Poets of the Elizabethan Age. A Collection of their most cele

brated Songs and Sonnets. Elegantly illustrated by BIRKET FOSTER, JOHN Gile BERT, and others. Printed in the choicest style on toned paper. Crown 8vo.

Price, in cloth extra, full gilt sides and edges, $3.00. Melodies and Madrigals : mostly from the Old Poets. Edited by R. H.

STODDARD. With an illuminated title page, and printed in italic type and red border. A peculiarly unique and elegant volume. Square 16mo, 224 pp., cloth, gilt sides and edges, $2.50; morocco antique or gilt, $5.00.




GOLDEN LEAVES from the ANERICAN POETS. GOLDEN LEAVES from the DRAMATIC POETS. GOLDEN LEAVES from the BRITISH POETS, GOLDEN LEAVES from the LATER ENGLISH POETS. Four volumes, 16mo, tinted paper, extra cloth, gilt tops, $10.00; extra cloth, full gilt

sides and edges, $12.00; balf' morocco, gilt tops, $14.00; morocco antique or gilt,

$20.00. These exquisite books present to the render all that is most worthy of English and American poetry, early and modern, and already fill an bonored place in many a home. They should be in every family.

The above sent by mail, postage paid, to any address, on receipt of the retail price.
F. J. HUNTINGTON & CO., Publishers and Booksellers,

459, Broome Street, New York.

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