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Acquaintance. To dream that you fight with them signifies distraction, especially if the person so dreaming be sick.

Adultery. For persons to dream they have committed it,

shows that they shall meet with great contentions and debates; but to dream they have resisted the temptation to it shows victory over their enemies, and that they shall escape great dangers.

Adversary. To dream that you receive obstructions from

him, shows that you shall dispatch your business speedily.

Air. To dream that you see it clear and serene, shows

you to be esteemed and beloved by all people, and that those who are your enemies and envy you shall be reconciled to you. It also denotes the discovery of lost goods, or things that have been stolen. If the person so dreaming be at law, it shows he shall overthrow his adversary; and if he designs a voyage or


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journey, it shows he shall be successful therein. And, in short, all good things are denoted by a clear and serene Air. But to dream the Air is cloudy, dark, and troubled, denotes to the dreamer saduess, grief, sickness, melancholy, loss of goods, hindrance of business, and is in all things the reverse of dreaming what we have before-mentioned of a clear and serene air. But for a man to dream that the air is very calm, and without winds and storms, denotes his life to be peaceable, and his manners good, and that he shall be acceptable to all company; and that whatever business, journeys by land, or voyages by sea, he undertakes, shall prosper and succeed according to his wishes. And yet there are some authors who are of opinion that a serene air betokens great pain, and that to dream the air is cloudy, shows dispatch of business. To dream of being raised from the earth and flying in the air, shows a person shall obtain praise and honour, according to the height that he dreams he flies above the earth: if high, the more praise; if low, the less. Almonds. To dream one sees or eats almonds signifies difficulty and trouble.

Alms. To dream they are begged of you, and you deny

to give them, shows want and misery to the dreamer; but to dream that you give them freely, is a sign of great joy, and long life to the dreamer or some particular friend of his..

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Altar. To dream that you uncover or discover an altar betokens joy and gladness.

Angel. To dream you see an angel or angels is very

good, and to dream that you yourself are one is much better. But to speak with or call upon them is of evil signification. Yet if in secret they seem to declare something unknown, and which you do not understand or know, it denotes your becoming acquainted with persons of the first quality. And to dream that you see an angel fly over you or your house, signifies joy, consolation, benediction, and good news, and shows increase of honour and authority. It is likewise an advertisement to the dreamer to live well, and to repent of his sins, and that upon so doing he shall hear good news, and shall increase in honour and authority.

Angling. To dream that you are angling betokens much affliction and trouble in seeking for something you

desire to get.

Apes. To dream you have seen, or had anything to do with them, signifies malicious, weak, strange, and secret enemies; also malefactors and deceivers. Back. To dream you see your back, betokens some unhappiness, for the back and all the hinder parts signify old-age; therefore, as a man thinks his hinder parts to be, so shall he be in his age. To dream a man's back is broken, hurt, or disfigured, shows his

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enemies will get the better of him, and that he will be scoffed at by all persons. To dream of the backbone significs health and joy, and domestic comfort and prosperity.

Bagpipes. To dream that you play upon bagpipes sig

nifies trouble, contention, and being overthrown at


Barley-bread. To dream of eating barley-bread signifies health and content.

Basilisk. When you dream of a woman that she is delivered of a basilisk instead of a child, it is a bad hieroglyphic, and betokens no good to the dreamer; and he ought heartily to recommend himself to the Divine Being, that he would preserve him, and avert those misfortunes that threaten him. And if it be a woman that has such a dream, many authorsAnselmus Julianus in particular, who is an author to whom great regard ought to be had-affirm that she shall have very good success and comfort, shall be rich and generally beloved, and shall prosper in all her undertakings.

Beard. To dream you have a beard long, thick, and unhandsome, is of a good signification to an orator, or an ambassador, lawyer, philosopher, or any who desires to speak well, or to learn arts and sciences. If one dreams he hath a comely beard, it shows he shall be pleasant in his discourse, find out the intricacies of

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the matter proposed, and prosper in his undertakings. If a maid dreams that she hath a beard, she will be speedily matched to her content. If she be a married woman, such a dream threatens her with the loss of her husband, or that she shall be separated from him, and constrained to govern her house singly as if she were a man. If it be a woman with child that so dreams, it shows she shall have a son. If a widow woman dreams she hath a beard, she shall have a husband who shall be kind and bountiful. If she be at law, it shows she shall persevere in her opinion; and, bearing a high mind, regard her honour, and vindicate it as if she were a man. To a young child this dream is death; but to him who is now in his youth, beginning to have a beard, it is a sign he shall rise by himself, and put himself forward, of what estate soever he be. If one dreams that he hath lost his beard, or that somebody hath pulled it up by the roots or shaved it, it denotes loss of relations, estates, and honour. To dream that one hath a great beard, in a young man betokeneth wisdom; in an old man, length of years; but in a woman that she shall be a furious vixen, and wear the breeches.

Bees. To dream of bees is good and bad: good, if they sting not; but bad, if they sting the party dreaming, for then they signify enemies. And therefore to dream that bees fly about your ears, shows your being

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