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Anyone having a home or business address in the City may borrow books for home use. Borrower's cards are issued at any Branch in accordance with the regulations of the Library.

Adults may borrow at one time six volumes (only one of which shall be a new and popular book) and a magazine. Children may borrow two volumes at one time.

Books may be retained two weeks unless "one week book" is stamped on the flyleaf of the volume. Any two-week book, except such as are marked "not renewable," may be renewed for an additional two weeks within seven days after the expiration of the original time-limit.

For books kept over time a fine of one cent for each day is incurred. Such books, if not returned promptly, will be sent for AT THE COST OF THE BORROWER, who cannot take another book until all charges are paid.

Pictures may be borrowed through a Branch or at Room 100, Central Building. They are charged on the borrower's card for two weeks.

A fine of one cent a day is incurred for each picture not returned or renewed. A charge of five cents is made for each picture damaged.

The Library hours for the delivery and return of books are from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. on week days; on all holidays, branches in Carnegie buildings and Central Circulation are open full hours; other branches closed on holidays and Christmas Eve. Sub-branches are open certain afternoons and evenings and Columbia mornings also.

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