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Messrs, Wiley and Putnam (New York and London), have in press and will publish in a few days, Mr. Folsom's translations of the "Despatches of Hernando Cortes to the Emperor Charles V., containing A Narrative of the Conquest of Mexico, &c." This is the first appearance of this highly interesting work in the English lan guage, and coming in a most authentic shape, it cannot fail to excite great attention. The histories of Spanish discovery and conquest in America have been generally written by Englishmen ; this work is from the hands of the conqueror himself, who, like Julius Cæsar, describes his own campaigns, and narrates the romantic incidents of a conquest which seems to have been effected by almost miraculous means. look with impatience for the appearance of this important and interesting publication.


"The Christian Lady's Magazine," edited by the celebrated Charlotte Elizabeth, is to appear July 1, from the periodical press of Mr. Mason, whose popular reprints of the English Reviews afford a sufficient assurance of his judicious selection of the above named new work as an addition to his series. Carey & Hart have in press the following valuable works:-" The Life of Sir David Wilkie," by Allan Cunningham. "Childe Harold," splendidly illustrated. "Operative Surgery, or a Description and Demonstration of the various processes of the Art, including all the new Operations, and exhibiting the state of Surgical Science in its present advanced condition, with upwards of seventy Plates, containing more than one hundred and fifty separate Illustrations," by Joseph Pancoast.-"The Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of the Teeth and Gums, with the most approved methods of Treatment, including Operations, and a General Account of the method of making and setting Artificial Teeth," by Paul Beck Goddard, in one quarto volume, with thirty beautifully executed Plates." The Principles and Practice of Medicine," by John Elliotson, M.D., greatly enlarged, and adapted to the United States.-"Wagner's Physiology," with Notes and Additions. "A New and Complete French and English, and English and French Dictionary, on the basis of the Royal Dictionary,English and French and French and English; compiled from the Dictionaries of Johnson, Todd, Ash, Webster, and Crabbe, from the 'ast edition of Chambaud, Garner, and J. Descarrieres, the sixth edition of the Academy, the

supplement to the Academy, the Grammatical Dictionary of Laveaux, the Universal Lexicon of Boiste, and the standard Technological Works in either Language," by Professors Fleming and Tibbins, with additions by Charles Picot, Esq.-" Critical and Miscellaneous Writings of James Stephen, Esq.," containing his articles on "Port Royal," "Ignatius Loyola," &c.-" Critical and Miscellaneous Writings of the Rev. Sydney Smith."

Barrington & Haswell have in press:Aran's "Practical Manual on Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels;" Spellman "On Insanity;" Cutler's "Surgeon's Guide," with one hundred cuts; Smith" O. Bandaging;" Lee's "Midwifery," with two hundred cuts; Galt's "Practical Medicine;" Dr. Williams's "Principles of Medicine;" Guthrie "On Urinary Organs;" Hall "On Diseases of the ye;" Taylor's "Medical Jurisprudence."


Murray's announcements are as follows: "The Life and Adventures of dmiral Sir Francis Drake," by John B. rron; "The Closing Events of the Campaign in India," by Captain Loch; "Australia and the East," by J. Hood; "Memoir of the late Lord Sydenham, comprising his administration in Canada," &c.; "Catholic Safeguards against the Errors, Corruptions, and Novelties of the Church; "Modern Egypt and Thebes," by W. Atkinson; "Letters from the Bye-ways of Italy;" "Memoirs of Dr. William Smith," the Geologist. Also, a volume under the promising title of "Results of Reading," by J. S. Caldwell.

Several new volumes of the popular series of "Hand-Books," including Loudon's "England, Wales, Spain, Italy," &c.; also, two or three new works by Mrs. Loudon, "Farming for Ladies," "Vegetable Physiology for Ladies," and the "Natural History of Shells.--Two books of travel are just published: "Letters from Madras during a three years' Residence," and "Letters from the Pyrenees," by T. C. Paris. Afnew book has just appeared, by Lady Mary Fox, entitled "The Country House." Another is entitled, "The Influence of Aristocracies on the Revolutions of Nations, considered with reference to the Present Circumstances of the British Empire," by J. J. Mackintosh.-A new tragedy, also, entitled "John of Hapsburg," by Richard Lewis.


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William R. King


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