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Negotiations at Paris-Instructions as to a commercial treaty-Despatch
of Adams-Plan of treaty-Pitt and Fox advocates of a liberal com-
mercial policy-British regulations-Congress meet-Jefferson; his
birth, education, member of "Burgesses,” elected to Congress, averse
to independence, withdraws from Congress, returns, draws Declaration
of Independence, declines a re-election, resigns and hastens from Phil-
adelphia-Again, in Burgesses, a reviser of the laws, elected Gover-
nor, his delinquency, resigns, admits his disgrace, and condemnation,
elected to Congress-Audience of Washington, his letter to Steuben,
his resignation of command, at Annapolis, retires to Mount Vernon-
Report on Finances-Jefferson's plan of government of Western Terri-
tory-Jefferson's report on foreign relations, proposed as commissioner
to treat, objected to, appointed-Resolution by Massachusetts-Report

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Hamilton on election law-Vote by ballot-Against Test oaths, Legisla-
tive restrictions and discriminations-On Tax law-His policy as to

Congress meet-Proceedings in States as to General Convention-Hamil-
ton urges Congress to recommend it-His resolution, that New York
appoint delegates-Appointed a delegate--Declines a re-election to the
Legislature-Appointments of delegates by the States-Proposed
American confederacies-Opinions of Jay-Knox-Madisons state-
ment and misstatement-Madison's opinions as to new Government-
Jefferson's-Edmund Randolph's-Madison for right of coercion on
States-Hamilton's progressive opinions, and acts-Federal convention
meets-Washington presides-Its rules--Secrecy enjoined--Resolutions
of Randolph and of Charles Pinckney-Debates on-Constitution of
Legislative department-Executive department-Madison and Ran-
dolph in favor of a plural executive-Hamilton and Wilson for a sin-
gle executive Council of revision--National judiciary-New States-
Madison, Hamilton, and Wilson as to constitution of National Legis-
lature-New Jersey plan submitted-Its features-Comparison of
several plans before the convention-Comparison of Madison's and
Hamilton's views as to the government, its structure and powers. 23€

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Hamilton's efforts to direct opinions-Madison's changed view-Hamilton
as to State governments-Wilson's remarks-Hamilton's observations
-New Jersey plan rejected-Debates on Virginia resolutions-Lan-
sing's views-Luther Martin's-Hamilton's system-In favor of election
of Representatives by the people-King concurs-Compensation of
Exclusion from office-Madison's speech on nature of the government,
Sherman, Hamilton-Suffrage of States-Hamilton's plan approved

New Jersey-Topography and population-Proprietary titles-Liberal
views-Ratifies Constitution-Georgia-Its settlement, population,

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