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Value of orchard products, live stock, dairy Turquoise deposits in, I., 28.

products, poultry and forest products, De Soto's march through, I., 123.

1870-1910, X., 343.

Founding of Mobile, II., 62.

Conditions favoring agricultural develop- Conquest of the Mobile district by the

ment, X., 343.

Spaniards, III., 279.

Increase in wages, X., 343.

Wilkinson takes possession of Mobile, V.,

The homestead and bonanza farmer, X.,



McQueen's defeat at Burnt Corn, V., 445.
Agricultural research and the Department The massacre at Fort Mimms, V., 446-447.
of Agriculture, X., 344-346.

Coffee's victory at Tallishatchee, V., 447–

The Forest Service Bureau, X., 346.


Work of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Jackson routs Creeks at Talladega, V., 448–

X., 346.


Agricultural experiment stations, X., 346- Cocke's attack on Hillabee villages, V., 450.


Floyd's victory at Autossee, V., 451.

The application of science to agriculture, Weatherford's town captured, V., 451.
X., 348.

Indian defeats at Emuckfaw, Enotachopco

The cultivation of plants and the breeding

and Tuckaubatchee, V., 452-453.

of animals, X., 348–349.

Jackson defeats Indians at Horseshoe

The farmers' coöperative movement, X., Bend, V., 454-455.

British defeat at Fort Bowyer, VI., 66-67.


Problems of conservation and reclamation, Capitulation of Fort Bowyer, VI., 83.

X., 350.

Organized into a Territory, VI., 133.

Rural educational development, X., 350-354.

Admitted as a State, VI., 201.

Social advance, X., 354-355.

Opposes tariff revision, VI., 269.

Value of exports of agricultural products, Denounces tariff of 1828, VI., 276.

X., 356 et seq.

Forbids legislative emancipation of slaves,

Irrigation and land reclamation, X., 502– VI., 285.

Growth of settlements in, VI., 309-310.


Agriculture, Department of, Organization and Seizes Cherokee lands, VI., 364.

work of, X., 467.

Urges Congress to redress wrongs, VI., 364.

Agriculture, Secretaries of.

Democrats of, endorse Jackson, VI., 385.

Jere M. Rusk, X., 41.

Electoral vote of, in 1832, VI., 391.

J. S. Morton, X., 52.

Urges anti-abolition laws, VI., 441.

James Wilson, X., 74, 251, 276.

Devotes quota of surplus to education, VI.,

List of, X., 535.


Aguadores, Cuba, Attack on, X., 137–138.

Legalizes suspension of specie payments,

Aguinaldo, Emilio.

VI., 507.

Revolts against American rule, X., 188 et

Electoral vote of, in 1840, VII., 55.

Electoral vote of, in 1844, VII., 115.


Captured by Funston, X., 193–194.

Laws restricting the slave trade, VII., 163.

Takes oath of allegiance, X., 194.

Electoral vote of, in 1848, VII., 260.

Electoral vote of, in 1852, VII., 314.

Ahasymes, New Jersey, Founded, I., 308.

Aiken, William, Defeated for Speakership,

Electoral vote of, in 1856, VII., 384.

Electoral vote of, in 1860, VII., 429.

VII., 364.


Secedes from Union, VII., 466.

Mitchel's raid in, VIII., 164-165.

Treaty of, I., 473; II., 15.

Streight's raid from Tuscumbia, VIII., 364-

The “Conspiracy of Kings” formulated at,


VI., 216.

Battle of Mobile Bay, IX., 14-16.
Akerman, Amos T., Becomes Attorney-Gen-

Surrender of Forts Gaines and Morgan,

eral, IX., 440.

IX., 16–17.


Capture of Mobile, IX., 17–18.

Area, population, chief towns and date of Wilson's raid to Selma, IX., 128-129.

admission, I., 6, 10.

Value of lands in 1850, IX., 217.

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Alabama Continued.


Educational progress in, 1789-1865, IX., 265 Surrenders to the English, I., 302.

et seq.

Lutherans allowed to keep church at, I.,

Constitutions adopted by, IX., 327.


Parsons appointed provisional governor of, Represented in first New York Assembly,

IX., 366.

I., 307.

Abolishes slavery, rescinds secession ordi- Architecture of houses in, II., 166.

nance, and repudiates war debt, IX., 368. Troops stationed at, III., 185.

Rejects Fourteenth Amendment, IX., 380. Description of, III., 331.

Negro and white voters registered in, IX., Attempt of Anti-Federalists to break up


celebration at, IV., 25.

Adopts new constitution, IX., 388.

Population of, in 1820 and 1830, VI., 305.

Ratifies Fourteenth Amendment, I., 396. Population of, in 1840, VII., 119.

Corruption in, under carpet bag régime, First theatre at, IX., 304.

IX., 459-460.

Population of, in 1910, I., 7.

Overthrow of the carpet-bag government, Albany, The, VII., 211.

IX., 460.

Albany Mechanical Society, V., 320.

Militia furnished by, X., 111.

Albany Regency, The, VI., 234-235.

Property values in, 1860, 1870 and 1909, X., Albatross, The Fed.), Passes batteries at Port

310, 313.

Hudson, VIII., 313, 326.

Persons engaged in agriculture in, 1870- Albemarle, George Monk, Duke of, One of

1900, X., 342.

North Carolina's Patentees, I., 382.

Governors of, X., 536.

Albemarle, N. C., Early settlements at, I., 382.

Alabama, The (Confed.).

Albemarle, The (Confed.).

At Galveston, VIII., 325.

At Plymouth, IX., 89-90.

Cruise and destruction of, IX., 10-13.

Destroyed by Cushing, IX., 90–91.

Depredations of, on merchant marine, IX., Albuquerque, N. M., Population of, in 1910, I., 7.


Alcorn, J. L., Elected Governor of Mississippi,

Alabama, University of, Buildings of, de- IX., 426.

stroyed during War, IX., 195.

Alcorn Clubs, IX., 430.

Alabama Claims, The, VIII., 128; IX., 414-419. Alcott, A. Bronson.

Alamance, Battle of the, II., 283.

Connected with Brook Farm Institute,

Alamo, Massacre at the, VI., 465.

VII., 129.


Writings of, IX., 281.

Purchased from Russia, I., 5; IX., 413-414. Alden, Capt. James (Fed.), At Mobile Bay,

Area, population, chief cities and date or- IX., 14-16.

ganized, I., 9, 11.

Aldie, Va., Engagement at, VIII., 335.

Topography of, I., 14.

Aldrich Bill, The, X., 274.

Rivers of, I., 14.

Aldrich-Vreeland Currency Act, X., 274–275.

Glaciers of, I., 19.

Alert, The, Captured by the Essex, V., 463.

Climate of, I., 21.

Aleshire, Capt. Charles C. (Fed.), At Spring

Flora and fauna of, I., 24.

Hill or Thompson's Station, VIII., 362–

Production of gold in, I., 27.


Mineral deposits in, I., 28.

Aleutian Islands, I., 14.

Discoveries of gold in, I., 28.

Alexander, Brig.-Gen. Edward Porter (Con-

Value of property in 1860, IX., 219.

fed.), At Gettysburg, VIII., 343-345.

Organized into a Territory, X., 23.

Alexander I.

The Behring Sea controversy, X., 61-65. Offers to mediate between England and the

Dispute over boundary, X., 245-247.

United States, VI., 84-86.

Governors of, X., 536.

Edict of, VI., 170.

Alaska Mountains, I., 14.

Proposes the Holy Alliance, VI., 214-215.

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, X., 299.

Changes attitude toward liberalism, VI.,

Albany (Formerly Fort Orange), N. Y.


Hudson's stop at, I., 188.

Disappointed at quadruple treaty, VI., 216.

Erection of Forts Nassau and Orange at, Sells ships to Spain, VI., 217.

I., 190.

Attends Congress at Troppau, VI., 219.

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X., 74.


Alexander VI., Pope, Issues Bull dividing the Allen, Capt. William H., Killed on the Argus, world, I., 114.

V., 475-477. Alexander, Sir William. See STIRLING, EARL OF. Allen's Farm, Battle of. See Peach ORCHARD. Alexandria, Va.

Alliance, The, III., 185–186. Bank at, IV., 489.

Allison, William B., Introduces silver bill, X., Laid under tribute by the British, VI., 31-32.

9. Death of Ellsworth at, VIII., 40-41.

Alloucz, Claude Jean, Founds the Missions of Alger, Russell A., Becomes Secretary of War, the Holy Spirit and St. Mary, I., 425.

Allston, Washington, Paintings by, IV., 75; Algerine Law, The, VII., 135.

IX., 300-301. Algiers.

Almirante Oquendo, The.
Seizes American merchantmen, III., 381. Armament of, X., 100.
Ransoms demanded for, III., 382-383.

At battle of Santiago, X., 149-152.
Vessels of, capture American merchantmen, Almonte, Gen. Juan Nepomuceno.
V., 84.

Surrenders to Houston, VI., 467.
Treaty concluded with, V., 85.

Threatens war, VII., 105. Money appropriated by Congress to pay, Protests at annexation of Texas, VII., 188. V., 86.

Almy, Thomas C., At battle of Lake Erie, V., Resumes depredations on American com

393-397. merce, VI., 124.

Alphabet, Indian, I., 37, 46. Signs treaty of peace, VI., 126–127.

Alston, Joseph, Pays Blennerhassett's debts, Treaties with, X., 518.

V., 161. Algonkian Indians, I., 34.

Alston, Willis, Opposes war, V., 215. Characteristics of, I., 35-36.

Alton, Ill., The murder of Lovejoy at, VII., Original habitat of, I., 42. Myths of, I., 46. Skill in navigation, I., 49.

Aluminum, Production of, I., 28. Influence of their adhesion to the French,

Alverstone, Lord, X., 247. I., 65.

Alvey, Richard H., X., 69. "American-English” words taken from, I., Amador, Manuel, X., 237. 70.

Amadas, Philip, Voyage of, to America, I., Aided by Champlain in war with the Iro

141-143. quois, I., 132.

Ambrister, Robert C., Captured and executed Defeated by Underhill, I., 294.

by Jackson, VI., 146–147. Alien and Sedition Laws, IV., 366 et seq., 377– Amelia Court House, Va., Lee retreats to, IX.,

381. Allatoona, Ga., French's repulse at, IX.,


Amelia Island. Alleghany Mountains, I., 12.

Occupied by American troops, V., 262. Alleghany River, Céloron de Bienville on, II.,

Aury and MacGregor at, VI., 140 et seq. 76.

Amendments. See CONSTITUTION. Allen, Ethan.

America. Captures Ticonderoga, II., 344-346.

Ignorance of the Old World regarding, I., Urges invasion of Canada, II., 387.

109. Captured in attack on Montreal, II., 389.

Discovery of, by Columbus, I., 112. Allen, Major George W., At battle of Palo

Origin of the name, I., 113-114. Alto, VII., 196-197.

Voyages of the Cabots to, I., 115-116. Allen, Herman, Appointed minister to Chili,

Voyages and explorations of Gama, CorVI., 221.

toreal, Ponce de Leon, and Balboa, I., Allen, Horatio, Purchases locomotives for

116-117. American roads, VI., 318.

Verrazzano's explorations, I., 118-119. Allen, Col. James, At battle of the Thames, V.,

Voyages and explorations of Cartier, I., 399-401.

119-120. Allen, Col. John, At Frenchtown, V., 364.

Narvaez and de Vaca, I., 121-122.
Allen, J. C., On prosperity of New England, Ayllon and De Soto, I., 122.
IX., 154-155.

Coronado's expedition, I., 125-126.

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American Society for the Colonizing of the Coligny's efforts to establish Huguenot Free People of Color of the United colony in, I., 127-128.

Enterprises of De la Roch, Pontgravé and Organized, VI., 278.
Champlain, I., 129-134.

Sends Mills and Burgess to Sierra Leone, Voyages of Willoughby, Frobisher, Drake

VI., 279. and Chancellor to, I., 136-139.

Negotiates for Georgia slaves, VI., 279. Efforts of Gilbert to establish a colony in, Sends colonizing bands to Liberia, VI., I., 139–141.

280-281. Voyages of Amadas and Barlow to, I., 141- Petitions Congress for aid, VI., 291. 143.

American Society for the Encouragement of Raleigh's efforts to establish colony in, I., American Manufactures, VI., 120. 143-148.

American Sugar Refining Company, ProsecuVoyages of Gosnold, Pring and Weymouth

tion of, X., 282. to, I., 148-149.

American Sunday School Union, Work of, durLanding of Puritans in, I., 208–209.

ing Civil War, IX., 185. America, The (Yacht), History of, IX., 179. American System, Clay's, VI., 376. America, The, First locomotive to arrive in American Tobacco Company, Dissolved, X., America, VI., 318.

American Antiquities. See INDIANS; MOU'ND- American Tract Society, IX., 185.


Americus Vespucius. See VESPUCCI, AMERIGO. American Anti-Slavery Society.

Ames, Gen. Adelbert (Fed.). Formed, VI., 426.

At Fleetwood or Brandy Station, VIII., Refuses to discontinue mailing of tracts,

331. VI., 438.

At Wilmington, IX., 93-94. Issues address, VI., 439.

Commands military district in the South, Split in, VII., 53.

IX., 386. American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, Ames, Fisher. VII., 53.

Advocates adoption of Constitution, IV., 9. American Bank, The, Attempt to secure char- Speech of, IV., II. ter for, VI., 100.

Elected to Congress, IV., 79. American Bible Society.

Advocates protection for wool-cards, IV., Refuses to send Bibles to negroes, VI., 434.

94. Work of, during Civil War, IX., 184-185. Remarks of, on moral effects of taxing rum, American Board of Commissioners for For

IV., 95. eign Missions, Founded, IX., 272.

Opposes tax on molasses, IV., 95. American Federation of Labor, X., 410-411. Opinion of, as to growth of the West, IV., American Home Missionary Society, IX.,

II2. 272.

Favors bank plan, IV., 118. American Institute of Instruction, Founded, Elected director of Bank, IV., 123. IX., 178.

Speech on the Jay treaty, IV., 279-280. American Knights, Order of, VIII., 393.

Cautions Hamilton, IV., 461. American Magazine, Established, II., 172.

His fear of democracy, IV., 497. American National Party, Nominates Walker Opposes occupation of Louisiana, V., 35. and Kirkpatrick, IX., 470.

Ames, Oakes, and the Crédit Mobilier scandal, American Party (Know-Nothings).

IX., 441-442. Beginnings of, VII., 351 et seq.

Amherst, Gen. Sir Jeffrey. Nominates Fillmore and Donelson, VII., Captures Ticonderoga, I., 3; II., 113-114. 376-377.

Captures Louisburg, II., 109-110. Nominates Curtis and Greer, X., 39.

Appointed commander-in-chief, II., II. American Philosophical Society, Founded, II., Fails to coöperate with Wolfe, II., 114. 172.

Sends troops to subdue Cherokees, II., 122, American Republics, Bureau of.

Prepares to send troops to quell Pontiac's Established, X., 42.

conspiracy, II., 123.

. Building erected for, X., 255.

Offers reward for death of Pontiac, II., 125.





Amherst College, Effect of Civil War on at- Anderson, Richard C.-Continued. tendance at, IX., 176.

Death of, VI., 245. Amherstburg. See Fort MALDEN.

Anderson, Gen. Richard H. (Confed.) Amidas. See AMADAS.

At Santa Rosa Island, VIII., 103. Amis, Thomas, Boat of, seized by Spaniards, At Williamsburg, VIII., 171-173. III., 379.

At second Bull Run, VIII., 209–210. Amistad Case, The, VII., 79-81.

At Antietam, VIII., 225-229. Ammen, Capt. Daniel (Fed.), Commands the At Chancellorsville, VIII., 295–303. Patapsco, VIII., 291.

At the Wilderness, VIII., 434-436. Ammen, Col. Jacob (Fed.).

At Todd's Tavern, VIII., 437. At Shiloh, VIII., 99-102.

At Spottsylvania, VIII., 438, 444-446. In southwestern Virginia, IX., 78–79.

At the North Anna, VIII., 447-448. Amnesty.

At the Pamunkey, VIII., 449. Act of, passed in Maryland colony, I., 283. At Cold Harbor, VIII., 454-455. Amphitrite, The.

Repulsed at Fort Harrison, IX., 45. Armament of, X., 98.

Reinforces Early, IX., 50. Bombards San Juan, Porto Rico, X., 118- At Hatcher's Run, IX., 112-114. 119.

At Sailor's Creek, IX., 124. Ampudia, Gen. Pedro de.

Anderson, Major Robert (Fed.) Orders Taylor to retire across the Nueces, In Black Hawk War, VI., 479. VII., 192.

At battle of Molino del Rey, VII., 245. Defeated at Monterey, VII., 201-205.

Takes command at Fort Moultrie, VII., 445. At battle of Buena Vista, VII., 207-211.

Instructions to, VII., 446, 456. Flees from Cerro Gordo, VII., 233.

Moves to Fort Sumter, VII., 459. Amsterdam, Fort. See New NETHERLAND.

Declines to evacuate, VII., 460. Amsterdam, Holland.

Ordered to act on defensive, VII., 470. Puritan church at, I., 205.

Reports provisions running low, VII., 470. Removal of Puritans to Leyden, I., 206. Refuses to surrender Fort Sumter, VII., Amusements. See SPORTS


478. DRAMA.

Withstands bombardment and finally surAnabaptists, The, In Massachusetts, I., 326.

renders, VII., 480-483. Anayo, Gen. Don Pedro Maria, Becomes Presi- Sent to Kentucky to recruit, VIII., 32. dent of Mexico, VII., 251.

Resigns, VIII., 34. Anderson, Brig.-Gen. George B. (Confed.), At Andersonville, Ga., Prison at, IX., 137-139. South Mountain, VIII., 222-223.

André, Major John. Anderson, Brig.-Gen. George T. (Confed.)

Captured at St. John's, Canada, II., 390. At Malvern Hill, VIII., 197.

Treasonable correspondence of, with ArAt South Mountain, VIII., 222-223.

nold, III., 211 et seq. At Spottsylvania Court House, VIII., 441– Arrest, trial, and execution of, III., 213-220.

Andrews, Maj.-Gen. Christopher C. (Fed.), At At Reams' Station, IX., 44-45.

Mobile, IX., 17–18. Anderson, Brig.-Gen. I. M., At Manila, X., Andrews, Gov. John A. 173 et seq.

Orders Massachusetts militia to drill, VIII., Anderson, Senator James.

24. Motion of, V., 281–282.

Aids in raising negro regiments, VIII., 276. Opposes renewal of Bank charter, V., 317. Andrews, Stephen P., Endeavors to secure aid Anderson, Col. J. Patton (Confed.)

of England in abolishing slavery in Texas, At Santa Rosa Island, VIII., 103.

VII., 103-104. At Perryville, VIII., 248.

Andrews, T. P., Sent to adjust dispute between At Chattanooga, VIII., 384-385.

Georgia and Indians, VI., 300. Anderson, Brig.-Gen. Joseph R. (Confed.), At Andrews, Maj. W. S. G. (Confed.), Surrenders Mechanicsville, VIII., 191.

Fort Hatteras, VIII., 70–71. Anderson, Richard C.

Andros, Sir Edmund. Appointed minister to Colombia, VI., 221. Sent to govern New York, I., 306. Appointed envoy to Panama Congress, VI., Persuades Duke of York to liberalize New 240.

York government, I., 307.



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