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Attorneys-General Continued.

Austria-Continued. Joseph McKenna, X., 74.

Commercial treaty with, VI., 457. John W. Griggs, X., 74.

Reciprocity treaties with, IX., 239, 333; X., William H. Moody, X., 252. Philander C. Knox, X., 252.

Sends troops to China, X., 205 et seq. George W. Wickersham, X., 276.

Treaties with, X., 518. List of, X., 534.

Austrian Succession, War of the, outbreak of, Attucks, Crispus, Killed in Boston "Massa

I., 470. cre," II., 268–269.

Avalon, Newfoundland, Lord Baltimore's atAuburn, N. Y., Municipal improvements in tempt to establish colony at, I., 279. 1861-1865, IX., 174-175.

Averasboro, N. C., Battle of, IX., 100-101. Auction Sales.

Averell, Brig.-Gen. William W. (Fed.)
Tax imposed on, V., 389.

Pursues Stuart, VIII., 231.
Frauds under prevailing system of, VI., 118. At Fredericksburg, VIII., 232-235.
Audubon, John J., IX., 285-286.

Joins Hunter, IX., 22.
Augur, Gen. Christopher C. (Fed.), At Port At Stephenson's Depot, IX., 29-30.
Hudson, VIII., 326-329.

At Kernstown, IX., 30-31.
Augusta, Ga.

Pursues and defeats McCausland, IX., 31Treaty with Indians at, II., 287–288.

32. Defeat of Colonel Clarke at, III., 256.

At Winchester or Opequon, IX., 52-54. Suspension of banks at, VI., 506.

At Fisher's Hill, IX., 54-56. Population of, in 1840, VII., 141.

Avon, The, Sunk by the Wasp, V., 484-485. Population of, in 1910, I., 6.

Ayllon, Lucus Vasquez De, Attempt of, to Augusta, Me.

settle South Carolina, I., 122. Approves repeal of embargo, V., 206.

Aymoras Indians, I., 40, 44. Population of, in 1910, I., 7.

Ayres, Maj.-Gen. Romeyn B. (Fed.) Augusta, The, at Fort Mercer, III., 67.

At Gettysburg, VIII., 341-345. Aurora, The.

At Globe Tavern, IX., 43. Publishes Jay's treaty, IV., 263–264.

At Poplar Spring Church, IX., 46. Abuses Washington, IV., 273, 290 note.

At Dinwiddie Court House, IX., 117–118. Aids election of Leib, V., 10.

At Five Forks, IX., 118–119. Aurora, The, Case of, V., 172-173.

Ayres, Capt., At battle of Molino del Rey, Aury, Louis.

VII., 265. At Amelia Island, VI., 140-141, 246.

Ayscue, Sir George, Sent with feet to compel Appointed Governor of Texas and Galves

obedience of Virginia, I., 274-275. ton, VI., 246.

Azilia, Margravate of, II., 41.
Austin, Ann, Banished from Massachusetts, I., Aztecan Indians, I., 34; games of, I., 48.

Austin, John, Assures Santa Anna of Texan
loyalty, VI., 462.

Austin, Moses, Death of, VI., 247.
Austin, Stephen F.

Babcock, Orville E.
Obtains land grant in Texas, VI., 247-248. Negotiates treaty annexing San Domingo,
Carries Texan petition to Mexico and is IX., 419.
imprisoned, VI., 462-463.

Convicted of whiskey frauds but pardoned, Urges independence of Texas, VI., 463.

IX., 472. Austin, Texas (San Felipe de Austin).

Bache, Benjamin Franklin. Founded, VI., 248.

Abuses Washington, IV., 224-225. Population of, in 1910, I., 8.

Publishes Jay's treaty, IV., 263-264. Australia, Treaty with, X., 518.

Arrested for libel, IV., 367. Austria.

Backus, Capt. Electus, At battle of Monterey, Joins the Holy Alliance, VI., 214.

VII., 203-205. Signs quadruple treaty, VI., 216.

Bacon, Ezekiel. Crushes republican uprising in Naples, VI., On Ways and Means Committee, V., 279. 219.

Reports financial scheme, V., 286–287. Signs secret treaty of Verona, VI., 223.

Calls for report on manufactures, V., 313.

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Bacon, Nathaniel.

Balboa, Vasco Nuñez De, Discovers the Pacific Leads rebellion in Virginia, I., 372–376.

Ocean, I., 117.
His Declaration in the Name of the People of Balcarres, Earl, At Behmus's Heights, III., 43.
Virginia, IV., 64

Bald Hill. See LEGGETT'S HILL.
Bacon, Samuel, Appointed colonizing agent, Baldwin, Abraham.
VI., 280.

Member of committees of compromise, II.., Bacon's Laws, I., 374.

467, 490. Bad Axe, Battle near the, VI., 480.

Signs Constitution, III., 498. Bad Lands, I., 13.

Elected to Congress, IV., 80. Baden, Treaties with, X., 518.

Attacks anti-slavery petition, IV., 310. Baden-Powell, Sir George, X., 63.

Asserts Congress should declare against Badger, George E.

war, IV., 359. Becomes Secretary of the Navy, VII., 58. Reënters Congress, IV., 453. On Kansas-Nebraska bill, VII., 325.

Elected president pro tem. of Senate. V., Baer, George, IV., 468.

8. Baer, George F., Attitude toward coal strike, Drafts scheme for Louisiana government, X., 224.

V., 40. Bagley, Worth, Killed on the Winslow, X., Arbitrates Yazoo land claims, V., 80. 116.

Baldwin, Henry. Bagot, Charles.

Reports tariff bill, VI., 190–191. Negotiates regarding fisheries, VI., 165.

Introduces tariff resolutions, VI., 196. Claims Oregon for England, VI., 169. Baldwin, Luther, Convicted under Sedition Bahama Islands, Discovered by Columbus, I., Law, IV., 376. I, I12.

Baldwin, Brig.-Gen. William E. (Confed.), At Bailey, Dixon.

Port Gibson, VIII., 315. At Burnt Corn, V., 445.

Ball, Lieut.-Col. James V., At battle of the Killed at Fort Mimms, V., 446.

Thames, V., 398-401.
Bailey, Col. Joseph (Fed.), Saves Porter's fleet, Ball Games.
VIII., 420.

Played by the Indians, I., 86–87.
Bailey, Theodore, V., 6.

In New York, II., 167. Bailey, Capt. Theodorus (Fed.), Demands sur- Ball's Bluff, Va., Battle of, VIII., 81-82. render of New Orleans, VIII., 160.

Ballinger, Richard A. Bainbridge, Com. Joseph, Captured in the Becomes Secretary of the Interior, X., 276. Frolic, V., 481.

The Ballinger-Pinchot controversy, X., 281Bainbridge, Lieut. William.

282. Placed in command of the Retaliation, IV., Baltimore, Lords. See CALVERT. 410.

Baltimore, Md. Captured by L'Insurgent, IV., 412.

Founding of, II., 30. On the Essex, IV., 87.

Meeting at, declares for general congress, Commands the Philadelphia, V., 89.

II., 299. Captures the Meshboha, V., 89-90.

Congress moves to, II., 462. Captured by the Tripolitans, V., 90.

Description of, in 1783, III., 332. Fails to identify slain Americans, V., 93. Warships under construction at, IV., 362. Defeats the Java, V., 468-470.

Population of, in 1790 and 1800, IV., 479. Commands squadron sent against Barbary Protests at British depredations, V., 167. Powers, VI., 128.

Riots at, V., 336–337. Baird, Maj.-Gen. Absalom (Fed.)

British attack on, VI., 33–36. At McLemore's Cove, VIII., 371.

Suspension of specie payments at, VI., 102. At Chickamauga, VIII., 373-377.

Discount on bank notes at, VI., 104. At Chattanooga, VIII., 382–386.

Resumption of specie payments at, VI., 108. At Averasboro, IX., 100-101.

Revival of trade at, VI., 109. At Bentonville, IX., 101-103.

Anti-slavery meeting at, VI., 200. Baker, Sir Anthony St. J., VI., 162.

Population of, 1810-1830, VI., 305. Baker, Col. E. D. (Fed.), Killed at Ball's Bluff, Introduction of gas lighting in, VI., 306. VIII., 81-82.

Anti-Masonic convention at, VI., 388. Baker, Mount, I., 14.

National Republican convention at, VI., 388. Baltimore




Baltimore, Md.-Continued.

Bank of the United States-Continued. National Democratic convention at, VI., 390. Congress refuses to renew charter of, V., Democratic convention at, VI., 493.

315-319; IX., 249. Suspension of banks at, VII., 44.

Congress establishes the second Bank, VI., Party conventions at, VII., 53-54, 110-111. 105-107; IX., 249. Population in 1840, VII., 119.

Mismanagement of the Bank, VI., 178-180. Negro churches at, VII., 165.

Taxes imposed on, VI., 180. Democratic convention at, VII., 257-258.

The case of McCulloch vs. Maryland, VI., Party conventions at, in 1852, VII., 309–311.

180-181. Party conventions at, in 1860, VII., 426-427. Ohio's attempt to oust, VI., 181-183. Population of, in 1850 and 1860, VII., 430. Opposition to, in Kentucky, Missouri and Suspension of specie payments at, in 1857, Georgia, VI., 183–189. VII., 438.

Attacks on, VI., 346-347. Attack on the Massachusetts 6th at, VIII., McDuffie's report on, VI., 361-362. 24-25.

Jackson's messages regarding, VI., 371-372; Republican convention at, in 1864, IX., 3-4. 374-375; 408-409; IX., 250. Municipal improvement in, 1861-1865, IX., Congress fails to pass recharter bill over 174-175.

Jackson's veto, VI., 381-384. First theatres at, IX., 304.

Its insidious use of its funds, VI., 408-409. Railroad strike riot at, X., 2–3.

Cabinet opinions removing deposits Fire at, X., 268.

from, VI., 411-412. Population of, in 1910, I., 7.

End of the Bank's career, VI., 420; IX., 250. Baltimore, The.

Bankhead, Major James, Expels Aury, VI., 141. Captured by the Carnatick, IV., 413.

Banking. Takes prizes, IV., 421.

Massachusetts banks discontinued by act of Sold, V., 84.

Parliament, I., 466. Baltimore, The.

Opposition of England to banking in the Sailors from, attacked at Valparaiso, X., 60

colonies, II., 213–214. 61.

Incorporation of the Bank of North AmerArmament of, X., 99.

ica, III., 233. At battle of Manila Bay, X., 105-110.

Congress incorporates the first Bank, IV., Bancroft, George.

117–120; IX., 248. Remarks of, regarding DeSoto, I., 124.

Speculation in bank stock, IV., 122, 131. Remarks of, regarding voyages of discov- Condition of banks in 1800, IV., 489. ery, I., 135.

Congress refuses to renew charter of the Remarks of, regarding John Smith, I., 166–

first Bank of the United States, V., 315167.

319; IX., 249. His description of New York City, I., 188. Pitkin's statement of bank resources, VI., Persuades Massachusetts delegation to sup

47–48. port Polk, VII., III.

Congress refuses to incorporate bank, VI., Becomes Secretary of the Navy, VII., 176.

51-54. Permits Santa Anna to enter Mexico, VII., Attempt to secure charter for the American 194.

Bank, VI., 101. Interviews Palmerston, VII., 267.

Creation of a banking system in PennsylHis History, IX., 284.

vania, VI., 100-101. Bangor, Me., Occupied by the British, VI., 21. Efforts to obtain charter for Bank of AmerBank of America, Efforts to secure charter for, ica, VI., VI., 101.

Congress considers establishment of bank Bank of North America, Incorporated by Con

in the District of Columbia, VI., 102. gress, III., 233.

Suspension of specie payments in 1814, VI., Bank of Savings, Established at New York, 102. VI., 121.

Depreciation of bank notes, VI., 104. Bank of the United States.

The resumption of specie payments, VI., Incorporated by Congress, IV., 117-120;

104, 105, 108. IX., 248.

Congress establishes the second Bank of the Subscriptions to its stock, IV., 121.

United States, VI., 105-107; IX., 249.


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Banking-Continued. Organization of first savings banks, VI., Organization of the clearing house system, 121, 322; IX., 250.

IX., 255. Increase in number of banks, VI., 175.

The panic of 1854, VII., 435; IX., 255-256. Methods of the State banks, VI., 175-176; Banking statistics in 1860, IX. 256. IX., 250.

The panic of 1873, IX., 450-451; X., 387. Mismanagement of the United States Bank, Congress passes bill to resume specie payVI., 178–180.

ments, IX., 453. Taxes imposed on United States Bank, VI., Tax removed on bank checks and bank de. 180.

posits, X., 19. The case of McCulloch vs. Maryland, VI., Bank failures during panic of 1884, X., 21

180-181. Ohio's attempt to oust the Bank of the Financial depression in 1890, X., 47-48. United States, VI., 181-183.

Panic of 1893, X., 52-54; 387–388. Anti-banking in Kentucky, VI., 183–188.

The act of 1900, X., 386–387. Opposition to United States Bank in Mis- Panic of 1907, X., 273-274; 388–392. souri and Georgia, VI., 188–189.

The Aldrich and Aldrich-Vreeland currency End of the Bank's career, VI., 420; IX., 250. acts, X., 274–275; 393. Increase of, due to deposit bill, VI., 489.

Report of the Monetary Commission, X., Suspension and resumption of specie pay- 296. ments in 1837, VI., 504-511; IX., 252.

Increase in savings bank deposits, X., 315Debates on the sub-treasury bills, VI., 509- 316. 511; VII., 30–32.

Bankrupt Law. The Kirtland Safety Society Bank orga- Considered by Congress, IV., 343. nized by the Mormons, VII., 11-12.

Bill passed establishing uniform system of Passage of the sub-treasury bill, VII., 49- bankruptcy, IV., 455. 50.

Banks, Gen. Nathaniel P. (Fed.). Repeal of the sub-treasury bill and passage

Elected Speaker, VII., 364. of the fiscal bank bill, VII., 62-63.

Receives votes for Vice-Presidential nomiCongress fails to pass bank bill over veto, nation, VII., 376. VII., 63.

Assumes command in Virginia, VIII., 82. Passage of the Fiscal Corporation bill and Commands army corps, VIII., 85, 153. its veto by Tyler, VII., 63-65.

Defeated at Winchester, VIII., 182-183. The independent Treasury act, VII., 186. Defeated at Cedar Mountain, VIII., 202Suspension of specie payments during

204. panic of 1857, VII., 438.

Occupies Baton Rouge, VIII., 325. Suspension of specie payments by New Begins operations on Têche River, VIII., York banks in 1861, VIII., 112.

326-327. Passage of the legal-tender act of 1862, Captures Port Hudson, VIII., 327-329. VIII., 112-113.

Sends expedition to Sabine Pass, VIII., Passage of the National Bank act, VIII.,

413 260; IX., 257.

Organizes the Red River expedition, VIII., Bank failures during the war, IX., 148–149.

414-415. Revision of State and National banking At Sabine Cross Roads, VIII., 417–412. laws, IX., 149; X., 385 et seq.

At Pleasant Hill, VIII., 418-419. Imposition of tax on State banks, IX., 149; Retreats to Alexandria, VIII., 419. X., 384.

Informs Grant of Porter's perilous situaThe currency problem, IX., 150.

tion, VIII., 420. Deposits in the banks, IX., 150-151.

Retreats from Alexandria, VIII., 420-421. The New York Safety Fund act, IX., 250.

Favors conservatives in Louisiana, VIII., The Philadelphia Saving Fund Society, IX., 459. 250.

Conducts reconstruction of Louisiana, Wildcat banks, IX., 251-252.

VIII., 460–461. The Suffolk Bank System, IX., 253–254.

Bankson, John P., Appointed colonizing agent. The New York Safety Fund System, IX., VI., 280. 254-255.

Bannock Indians, I., 38; X., 4.





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Barlow, Arthur, Voyage of, to America, I., Revival of Virginia's intolerant acts against, 141-143. I., 371.

Barlow, Maj.-Gen. Francis C. (Fed.). Settle in Virginia and the Carolinas, II., At Chancellorsville, VIII., 299-303. 175.

At the Wilderness, VIII., 433-436. Establish churches in Maryland, II., 176.

At the Po River, VIII., 440-441. Churches and ministers of, IV., 62.

At Spottsylvania Court House, VIII., 442 Attitude of, toward slavery, VI., 434. Enter missionary field, IX., 272.

At the Totopotomoy, VIII., 449. Churches, ministers and numbers of, in At Cold Harbor, VIII., 454. 1912, X., 442.

At Jerusalem Plank Road, IX., 39. Baptist Young People's Union, X., 441.

At Deep Bottom, IX., 41-42. Barataria Bay, Pirates at, VI., 65.

At Highbridge, IX., 125. Barbara Frietchie, VIII., 217, note.

Barlow, Joel. Barbary States or Powers. See TRIPOLI; TUR- Sent to France to procure emigrants, IV., KEY; ALGIERS; TUNIS; MOROCCO.

234. Barber, General, At battle of Fallen Timbers, Informs Washington of France's desire for IV., 197-198.

peace, IV., 432. Barbour, James.

Endeavors to adjust · French Spoliation On compromise committee, VI., 211.

Claims, IV., 442. Appointed Secretary of War, VI., 238.

Sent to Algiers, V., 85. Barbour, Philip P.

Concludes treaty with Tripoli, V., 86. Defends Jackson, VI., 151.

Barnard, Gen. J. G. (Fed.), At Yorktown, Opposes tariff of 1820, VI., 192.

VIII., 155-156. Elected Speaker, VI., 196.

Barn-Burners, The. Introduces amendment to Missouri bill, Dispute with the Hunkers, VII., 257–258. VI., 206.

Nominate Van Buren and Dodge, VII., 259. On Clay investigating committee, VI., 237. Barnes, Maj. Gen. James (Fed.), At GettysNominated for Vice-Presidency, VI., 390.

burg, VIII., 341-345. Barclay, Robert, Appointed Governor of New Barney, Commodore Joshua. Jersey, I., 314.

Cruises in the Rossie, VI., 7. Barclay, Capt. Robert H., Defeated by Perry Activities of, VI., 22. at battle of Lake Erie, V., 393-397.

Destroys his flotilla, VI., 24-25. Barclay, Thomas.

At Bladensburg, VI., 27-30. Sent to negotiate treaty with Barbary Barnsfare, Captain, Commands Canadian outPowers, III., 381.

post, II., 393. Negotiates treaty with Morocco, III., 382. Barnum's Museum, IX., 178. Barclay, The, Captured by Porter, V., 487.

. Barnwell, Robert W., Appointed commissioner Baretté, Lieut. George W., Killed on the Do- of South Carolina to treat with Governminica, VI., 7-8.

ment, VII., 459. Baring, Alexander (Lord Ashburton).

Barré, Col. Isaac. Favors repeal of Orders in Council, V., In Wolfe's army, II., 113. 298.

Wounded at Quebec, II., 117. Informs Gallatin of Castlereagh's determi- Speech of, defending col nists, II., 223. nation to treat separately, VI., 86.

Opposes bills regulating Massachusetts Negotiates treaty with Webster, VII., 86- government, II., 293. 89, 95-98.

Opposes ministerial measures, II., 408. Barker, Wharton, Nominated for Presidency, Barre, Le Febvre de la. See De La Barre. X., 215.

Barren Hill, Lafayette's escape at, III., 112– Barksdale, Brig.-Gen. William (Confed.).

113. At Malvern Hill, VIII., 197.

Barrett, John, Delegate to Pan-American ConAt Chancellorsville, VIII., 296–303.

gress, X., 255. Barley.

Barringer, Minister to Spain, Demands release Produced in the colonies, II., 183.

of prisoners in Cuba, VII., 302. Production of, in 1840-1860, IX., 233. Barron, Commodore James. Production of, 1866-1910, X., 342.

On the United States, IV., 411.

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