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Andros, Sir Edmund— Continued.

Anti-Federalists—Continued. Becomes governor of New York when an- Oppose adoption of Constitution by Pennnexed to New England, I., 308.

sylvania, IV., 6-8. Arrests Fenwick, I., 311.

Attempt to break up Federalist celebrations, Asserts right of Duke of York to New IV., 24-25. Jersey, I., 312.

Beaten in New York, IV., 27–28. Attempts to control commerce of New Attack the compromise on assumption, IV., Jersey, I., 313.

114. His dispute with Philip Carteret, I., 313.

Oppose bank scheme, IV., 118 et seq. Becomes governor of New Jersey, I., 315. Fail to prevent ratification of Constitution Appointed governor of New England, I., by Rhode Island, IV., 147–148. 354.

Formation of, into Republican party, IV., Declares Connecticut's charter forfeited, I.,

150 et seq. 355-356.

Anti-Gallows Movement, VII., 130–131. Imprisoned, I., 356.

Anti-Lottery Movement, VII., 131-132. Appointed governor of Virginia, II., 23.

Anti-Masonry and Anti-Masonic Party. His controversy with Blair and dismissal,

The kidnapping of Morgan and resultant II., 24.

Anti-Masonic movement, VI., 330-333. Becomes governor of Maryland, II., 28.

Nominates West and Ellmaker, VI., 388. Angel, Antoine. See Du Gay, Picard.

Nominates Phelps and Pomeroy, X., II. Angell, James B., Member of fishery commis

Anti-Monopoly Party, Nominates Butler and sion, X., 28.

West, X., 22. Anglicanism, Opposition to, in colonies, II.,

Antinomianism, I., 254-255. 209-213.

Antiquity of Man and Civilization in the Angus, Capt. Samuel, Attacks Black Rock, V.,

United States, I., 57. 359.

Anti-Rent War, The, VII., 41-43, 137–139. Annapolis, Md. Founding of, I., 283.

Anti-Trust Legislation. See GOVERNMENT REGBecomes capital of Maryland, II., 29.

King William School founded at, II., 29. Apache Indians.
Convention of commissioners at, II., 148. Characteristics of, I., 35.
Condition of, II., 158.

Wars with, X., 5, 33-34.
Tea Party at, II., 279.

Apia, Hurricane at, X., 31-32. Convention at, III., 418-419.

Apostolic Church, Ministers, churches, and Population of, in 1910, I., 7.

members of, X., 42. Annapolis (formerly Port Royal), Canada. Appalachian Indians, Attacked by James Colony moved to, I., 131.

Moore, II., 34. Destroyed by Argall, I., 172.

Appalachian Mountain System, I., 12. Captured by the English colonists, I., 459. Applegate, Jesse, Leads expedition to Oregon, Besieged by Canadians and Indians, I., 470.

VII., 93. Annates, Appeals and Supremacy, Acts of, I., Apples, Cultivation of, in the colonies, II.,

183. Anne, Queen.

Appling, Major, Captures British detachment, Dismisses Cornbury, II., 8.

V., 423. Creates Delaware into separate province, Appomattox Court House, Va., Lee's surrenII., 17.

der at, IX., 126-128. Annuls Pennsylvania law abolishing slav- Apportionment of Representatives. See REPREery, II., 18.

SENTATION IN CONGRESS. Anstey, John, Appointed British arbitrator, Aransas Pass, Tex., Engagement at, VIII., IV., 441.

414. Anthology Magazine, The, IX., 286.

Arapaho Indians, I., 36. Anthracite Coal. See Coal.

Araucanian Indians, I., 37. Antictam, or Sharpsburg, Md., Battle of, VIII., Arawakan Indians, I., 34. 224-229.

Characteristics of, I., 41-42. Anti-Federalists.

Original habitat of, I., 43. Opinions of, as to Constitution, IV., 6. Arbella, The, Voyage of, I., 221.





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Board of arbitration established in South

Carolina to settle dispute between colo

nists and Indians, II., 32. England and the United States arbitrate

claims, IV., 441-442. The Alabama claims arbitration, IX., 414

The Behring Sea controversy, X., 63.
The Venezuela boundary controversy, X.,

The Alaska boundary dispute, X., 245-247.
Court of, established at The Hague, X., 254.
Of the fishery dispute, X., 286-287.

Treaties of arbitration, X., 517 et seq. Arbuthnot, Alexander, Captured and hanged

by Jackson, VI., 144-146. Arbuthnot, Capt. John James, Surrenders the

Avon, V., 484-485. Arbuthnot, Admiral Marriot.

Takes command of British fleet, III., 178.

At siege of Charleston, III., 189.
Archæological Remains.

The ruins of Tiahuanaco, I., 40.
The Nampa Image, Calaveras Skull and

Lansing Man, I., 58.
Kensington Rune-stone, I., 59.
Cahokia, Etowah, Grave Creek and other

mounds, I., 59. Remains of Cliff-dwellings, I., 62. Archbald, Robert W., Impeachment of, X.,

283. Archdale, John, Becomes governor of South

Carolina, II., 31. Archean Period, I., 26. Archer, Branch T., Appointed commissioner to

the United States, VI., 464. Archer, Brig.-Gen. James J. (Confed.)

At Mechanicsville, VIII., 191.
At Glendale, VIII., 196.

At Cedar Mountain, VIII., 203-204.
Archer, William S.

Opposes tariff of 1820, VI., 192.
Moves investigation of legal status of Mis-

souri, VI., 209.
Member of compromise committee, VI.,

209, 211. Reports on Texas bills, VII., 118. Architecture.

Of houses in New York, II., 166.

Progress of, X., 457-458.
Arctic, Loss of the, VII., 430.
Area, Of States, Territories and possessions,

I., 59.
Argall, Capt. Samuel.

Obtains corn from the Indians, I., 169.

Argall, Capt. Samuel-Continued.

Captures Pocahontas, I., 170-171.
Depredations among the French settle-

ments, I., 172.
Becomes deputy-governor of Virginia, I.,

His removal from office, I., 173.
His rapacity, I., 173.

Enters the Hudson River, I., 172, 189. Argentine Republic, Treaties with, IX., 239,

333; X., 75, 518.
Argonauts of '49, The, VII., 274-275.
Argus, The.

Sent to Mediterranean, V., 89.
At Tripoli, V., 92, 94.
Aids Eaton, V., 95.
At New York, V., 457.

Defeated by the Pelican, V., 475-477.
Ariel, The, at battle of Lake Erie, V., 393-397.
Arista, Gen. Mariano.

Captures American troops, VII., 192.
Bombards Fort Brown, VII., 194-195.
Defeated at Palo Alto, VII., 196-197.
Defeated at Resaca de la Palma, VII., 197–

Relieved of command, VII., 199-200.

Formation of, I., 5.
Area, population, chief cities and date or-

ganized, I., 6, 10.
Production of gold in, I., 27.
Copper mines in, I., 27.
Turquoise, garnet and quartz deposits in,

I., 28.
Educational land grants in, IX., 268.
Admitted to Union, X., 297.
Property values in 1870 and 1909, X., 310-

Persons engaged in agriculture in, 1870-

1900, X., 342.
Constitution adopted by, X., 475.

Governors of, X., 536.
Arizona, The (Fed.), at Sabine Pass, VIII.,

413 Arkansas. Area, population, chief cities and date ad

mitted, I., 6, 10.
Prehistoric quarries in, I., 99.
Struggle in Congress over slavery in, VI.,

Admitted to Union, VI., 477.
Electoral vote of, in 1840, VII., 55.
Electoral vote of, in 1844, VII., 115.
Lotteries forbidden in, VII., 132.
Laws restricting the slave trade, VII., 163.
Electoral vote of, in 1848, VII., 260.




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Arlington Heights, Va., Occupied by Union Electoral vote of, in 1852, VII., 314.

forces, VIII., 40. Electoral vote of, in 1856, VII., 384.

Armada, The Invincible, Defeat of, I., 147. Electoral vote of, in 1860, VII., 429.

Armed Neutrality, III., 228, 236-237. Elects conservatives to secession conven- Armijo, Don Manuel, Surrenders Santa Fé, tion, VII., 475.

VII., 212–213. Governor Rector refuses to furnish troops Armistead, Lieut.-Col. George, At Baltimore, to North, VIII., 23.

VI., 33 et seq. Secedes from Union, VIII., 26.

Armistead, Brig.-Gen. Lewis A. (Confed.)
Price defeated at Sugar Creek, VIII., 93. At Oak Grove, VIII., 189.
The battle of Pea Ridge, VIII., 93-94.

At Malvern Hill, VIII., 197.
The engagement at St. Charles, VIII., 170. Killed at Gettysburg, VIII., 343.
The battle of Prairie Grove, VIII., 258– Armistead, Capt. Walker K., VI., 16.

Armstrong, Brig.-Gen. Frank C. (Confed.) Capture of Fort Hindman at Arkansas At Spring Hill or Thompson's Station, , Post, VIII., 310–311.

VIII., 363.
Engagement at Camden, VIII., 415.

At Chickamauga, VIII., 373-377.
Engagement at Mark's Mills, VIII., 415. Amstrong, Coi. John.
Engagement at Jenkin's Ferry, VIII., 416. Attacks Kittanning, II., 105.
The battle of Helena, VIII., 455-456.

Aids in capturing Fort Duquesne, II., 112.
The capture of Little Rock, VIII., 456–457. Armstrong, Gen. John.
Reconstruction of, VIII., 457-458; IX., 361– At the Brandywine, III., 56-58.

At Germantown, III., 62, 65. Island No. 76 awarded to, IX., 208.

Armstrong, Major John. Value of lands in, 1850-1860, IX., 217-219. Writes Newburg Addresses, III., 292–296. Educational progress in, 1789-1865, IX., 265 Sends Talleyrand's answer to Monroe, V., et seq.

54. Constitutions adopted by, IX., 328.

Rejects Talleyrand's terms, V., 59. Rejects Fourteenth Amendment, IX., 380. Authorized to purchase Florida, V., 64. Negro and white voters registered in, IX., Appointed commissioner to settle dispute 387.

with Spain, V., 64. Adopts new constitution, IX., 388-389.

Protests at Spanish attacks on American Ratifies Fourteenth Amendment, IX., 396.

commerce, V., 184. Corruption in, IX., 460.

Protests at Bayonne Decree, V., 204. The Brooks-Baxter war and the overthrow Writes to Champagny, V., 205. of carpet-bag government in, IX., 461.

Sends Non-Intercourse Act to Champagny, Militia furnished by, X., III.

V., 234-235. Begins boundary suit against Tennessee, X., Sends French terms to Pinckney, V., 236. 302.

Leaves Paris, V., 238.
Property values in, 1860, 1870 and 1909, Appointed brigadier-general, V., 338.
X., 310, 313.

Becomes Secretary of War, V., 376. Persons engaged in agriculture in, 1870- Quarrels with other Cabinet members, V., 1900, X., 341.

385. Governors of, X., 536–537.

Plans campaign, V., 391. Arkansas, The (Confed.).

Disputes with Wilkinson, V., 411-412. Passes through Farragut's fleet, VIII., 168. Accepts Hampton's resignation, V., 418. Destroyed, VIII., 169.

Orders Izard to fortify positions, V., 435. Arkansas Post. See FORT HINDMAN.

Neglects to fortify Washington, VI., 22, 25. Arkansas Run, I., 17.

Resigns, VI., 32.
Arkwright, Sir Richard, System of spinning Armstrong, Samuel T., X., 433.

invented by, introduced in Rhode Island, Armstrong's Mill. See HATCHER's Run.
IV., 43.

Army, British. See REVOLUTIONARY WAR; WAR Arlington, Lord.

OF 1812.
Receives grant to Virginia from Charles Army, Confederate. See Civil WAR.
II., I., 372.

Army, Continental. See RevOLUTIONARY War. Cedes his share to Culpepper, I., 376. Army, Cuban. See SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR.

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Army, Spanish. See SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. Aroostook, The (Fed.), at Fort Darling, VIII., Army of the Cumberland. See Civil WAR.

173. Army of the Ohio. See Civil War.

Aroostook War, The, VII., 38-41. Army of the Potomac. See Civil War.

Art. Army of the Tennessee. See Civil War.

O the Indians, I., 48-51, 64. Army of Virginia. See Civil War.

The Indians as an inspiration in art, I., Army, United States.

89-90. Debate on increasing, to protect frontiers, Arrival of West and Copley in America, IV., 125-126.

II., 130. Increase of, as measure of defence, IV., 186. First portrait painting in New England, Harmar's defeat by the Indians, IV., 189

IV., 72–73. 191.

The first studio in America, IV., 73. St. Clair's defeat, IV., 192–194.

The work of Copley and West, IV., 73-74; Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers, IV., IX., 299-300. 196–198.

Charles W. Peale, IV., 74; IX., 300. Militia apportioned among States, IV., 335.

Trumbull's "Battle of Bunker Hill," IV., Increase in strength of, IV., 402.

74; IX., 300. Dispute over commands in, IV., 407 et seq.

Portraits of Gilbert Stuart, IV., 74-75; IX., Reduction of, in 1802, V., 14-15.

300. Increased in 1808, V., 197.

Allston, Sully, Vanderlyn and Jarvis, and Increased in 1812, V., 280-284.

others, IV., 75-76; IX., 300. Debate on enlistment of minors in, V., 378– The first American group portrait, IX., 299. 379.

Revival of art after the Civil War, X., 456. Desertions from, to California gold fields, William Page and other portrait painters, VII., 273.

X., 456. See BATTLES; REVOLUTIONARY WAR; WAR OF Spread of art museums and art associations, 1812; Civil War; SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR.

X., 457 Arnold, Benedict.

Art education, X., 457. Aids Allen to capture Ticonderoga, II., 344– Sculpture and sculptors, X., 457. 346.

Architecture and architects, X., 457-458. Urges invasion of Canada, II., 387.

Artagnette, Diron D', Sent to command colony Placed in command of expedition against at Mobile, II., 62. Quebec, II., 387-388.

Arthur, Chester A. Marches toward Quebec, II., 391.

Elected Vice-President, X., 11-12. Wounded in assault on Quebec, II., 393

Becomes President, X., 15. 396.

Vetoes Chinese immigration bill, X., 66. Escapes from Carleton at the battle of Message of, X., 18. Lake Champlain, II., 398-401.

Articles of Confederation, Adoption of, III., Enraged at promotions over his head, III., 102-104, 106-111. 16 note.

Arundel, Lord, Equips expedition to America, Wounded in Connecticut, III., 16–17.

I., 149. Sent to aid Schuyler, III., 26.

Asboth, Gen. Alexander (Fed.), At Pea Ridge, Drives St. Leger out of Mohawk Valley, VIII., 93-94. III., 32–33.

Asbury, Francis, Ordained the first Methodist Advises Gates to camp


bishop in America, III., 338. Heights, III., 36.

Ascension Day, VII., 127. At battle of Freeman's Farm, III., 37-39. Asgill, Capt. Charles, III., 284. Placed in charge of camp on Delaware, Ashburton, Lord. See ALEXANDER BARING. III., 52.

Ashby, Gen. Turner (Confed.) Occupies Philadelphia, III., 114.

At Kernstown, VIII., 179.
Treason of, III., 208-220.

Killed at Harrisonburg, VIII., 184.
Depredations of, in Virginia, III., 238 et seq. Ashe, Gen. John.
Burns New London, III., 271.

Prevents landing of stamp papers, II., 231. Subsequent career of, III., 271 note.

Commands North Carolina troops, III., 16o. Arnold, Capt. W. A. (Fed.), At the Po River, Compels Campbell to retreat, III., 162. VIII., 441.

Defeated by General Prevost, III., 162–163.

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Atlanta, Ga.

Sherman's campaign against, VIII., 470-488.
Population of, deported, IX., 63.
Anti-extortion riots at, IX., 189.
Cotton States and International Exposition

at, X., 59. Population of, in 1910, I., 6. Atlanta, The (Confed.), Captured, VIII., 292

293. Atlantic, The.

Captured by Porter, V., 487.

Renamed the Essex, Jr., V., 488. Atlantic Monthly, The, IX., 287. Atlantic Telegraph. See COMMUNICATION, Sys


Ashley, James M.
Introduces reconstruction bill, IX.,

87. Introduces amendment abolishing slavery,

IX., 106.
Proposes impeachment resolution, IX., 390–

391. Ashley, William H., Leads expedition to the

West, VII., 7. Ashman, Rev. Jehudi, Defends negro colony,

VI., 281. Ashurt, Sir Henry, Sent to England by Massa

chusetts, I., 357. Asp, The.

Purchased, V., 392.
Armament of, V., 403.
Attacks Fort George, V., 405.

Attacks the General Wolfe, V., 409. Aspinwall, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, At Fort Erie,

V., 432-434. Aspinwall, William, A disciple of Mrs. Hutch

inson, I., 254. Aspinwall, William Henry, Secures canal con

cession, X., 229. Assassination.

Of President Lincoln, IX., 141-144.
Of President Garfield, X., 15:

Of President McKinley, X., 219. Assenisipia, State proposed by Jefferson, III.,

386. Assiniboine Indians, I., 37. Arrange truce with the Sioux Indians, I.,

Associationists, The, VII., 130.
Assumption. See DEBTS; FINANCES.
Astor, John Jacob.

Takes part of loan, V., 387.

Founds Astoria, VI., 168.
Astoria, Oregon.

Founded by Astor, VI., 168.
Surrendered to British, VI., 168.

Restored to Americans, VI., 169.
Asylum Company of Journeymen Printers, V.,

Atchison, Gen. D. R.

Sends Doniphan to Far West, VII., 12.
Introduces Oregon bill, VII., 94.

Elected president of Senate, VII., 319. Atchison, John, Warns Mormons not to enter

Liberty, VI., 461. Athapascan Indians, I., 34–35.

Original habitat of, I., 42.

Women's position among, I., 51. Atheists, Excluded from holding office, V.,

98. Atherton, Charles G., Gag resolutions of, VII.,


Atlas, The, Captures the Pursuit and Planter,

VI., 2–3. Atlce Station, Engagement at, VIII., 410. Atlixco, Capture of, VII., 250. Atristain, Don Miguel, Signs treaty of Guada

lupe-Hidalgo, VII., 252. Attacapa Indians, I., 48. Attorneys-General.

Edmund Randolph, IV., 88.
William Bradford, IV., 185.
Charles Lee, IV., 271.
Levi Lincoln, V., 3.
Cæsar A. Rodney, V., 223.
William Pinkney, V., 246, note, 377.
Richard Rush, VI., 134.
William Wirt, VI., 134, 238.
John M. Berrien, VI., 345.
Roger B. Taney, VI., 387.
Benjamin F. Butler, VI., 502.
John J. Crittenden, VII., 58.
Hugh S. Legaré, VII., 66.
John Y. Mason, VII., 176.
Reverdy Johnson, VII., 279.
John J. Crittenden, VII., 292.
Caleb Cushing, VII., 317.
Jeremiah S. Black, VII., 387.
Edwin M. Stanton, VII., 460.
Edward Bates, VII., 477.
James Speed, IX., 86.
Henry Stanbery, IX., 379.
William M. Evarts, IX., 396.
E. Rockwood Hoar, IX., 400.
Amos T. Akerman, IX., 440.
George H. Williams, IX., 446.
Charles Devens, X., I.
Wayne MacVeagh, X., 14.
Benjamin H. Brewster, X., 16.
Augustus H. Garland, X., 24.
W. H. H. Miller, X., 41.
Richard Olney, X., 51.
Judson Harmon, X., 51.

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