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the lowest regions. He was the meekest and best tempered of beings, washed the feet of the Brahmins, and preached very nobly indeed, and sublimely, but always in their favour. He was pure and chaste in reality, but exhibited an appearance of excessive libertinism, and had wives or mistresses too numerous to be counted; lastly, he was benevolent and tender, yet fomented and conducted a terrible war. Page 273.

Crishna was not less heroic than lovely, and when a boy slew the terrible serpent Caliya, with a number of giants and monsters; at a more advanced age, he put to death his cruel enemy, Cansa. He kindled the war described in the great epic poem, entitled the Mahabharat, at the prosperous conclusion of which, he returned to his heavenly seat in Vaicontha, having left the iustructions comprized in the Geta, with his disconsolate friend ARJUN, whose grandson became sovereign of India. It is related of Crishna that “the nymphs had complained to Yasoda, that the child Crishna had been drinking their curds and milk; on being reproved by his foster mother for this indiscretion, he requested her to examine his mouth, in which to her just amazement she beheld the whole universe in all the plenitude of magnificence.” Page 267.

“Very respectable natives have assured me,” says Sir William Jones, “that one or two Missionaries have been absurd enough in their zeal for the conversion of the Gentiles, to urge that the Hindus were even now almost Christians, because their BRAMA, VISHNU, and MAHESA, were no other than the Christian Trinity; a sentence in which we can only doubt whether folly, ignorance, or impiety predominates.” Page 272.


To an absolute coincidence of this account of Crishna, with that of the Christ of Cabalism, there withstands only, that there is here a history of the infancy of Christ, which is wanting there. 2d. That there is there a history of his crucifixion, which is wanting here. But it happens most remarkably, that among the writings rejected by the Church, (with what authority we may infer from the 3d Epistle of St. John, v. 10) is a “ Gospel of the Infancy of Christ,

"* in which miracles similar to those recorded of Crishna, are related of Christ; and ecclesiastical history informs us, that the Gnostics, and other early Christian sects followed a Gospel which they maintained that they had received from St. Barnabas, from which they had learned that Christ was not crucified.

The picture of Crishna given in the Asiatic researches, represents him with rays round his head, as all our Bibles with plates, represent Christ.

These then are admissions of the most zealous and strenuous defenders of Cabalistic Christianity, who certainly meant nothing so little, as to lead men to scepticism and infidelity. It cannot be doubted that Parkhurst and Sir William Jones, were men who would have been ready to have sealed their conviction of the truth of what they mistook for Christianity, with their blood; and it cannot for a moment be thought that there are evidences of any sort in favour of it, with which they were unacquainted. Surely, if there are difficulties in the way of our faith, which such men as these could not remove, and would not deny; we are not to be remanded for endless investigations, to men less honest and less intelligent.

These then are absolute coincidences of the Brahminical, and Cabalistical Theologies :

1 Crishna, is Jesus Christ. 2 Narayan,

The Holy Ghost. 3 Vishnu,

God the Father.

* This Gospel shall be copied in succession to this article.



4 Ananda, is Joseph. 5 Yasoda,

The Virgin Mary. 6 Cansa,

King Herod. 7 Avarars,

The Prophets. 8 Arjun,

is Saint Peter. 9 Vaicontha,

Heaven. 10 Caliya,

The Devil. 11 Rama, is identical with a name in 2 Matt. 12 His wives are the women that constantly attended Christ,

and ministered to him of their substance. 13 Crishna washing the feet of the Brahmins, is Christ washing

the feet of the disciples. 14 Crishna was the person of God himself in human form,

God was manifested in the flesh, and in him dwelt all the

fullness of the Godhead bodily. 15 The Herdsmen among whom Crishna was brought up, are

the Shepherds that visited the infant Jesus. 16 Crishna was called the Shepherd God, and Christ said I

am the good Shepherd. 17 Crishna saved multitudes by his miraculous powers. Christ

fed multitudes by miracles. 18 Crishna raised the dead.-Christ raised the dead. 19 Crishna descended to the lowest regions.--Christ descend

into Hell. 20 Crishna was the meekest ef beings.-Christ was meek and

lowly in spirit. 21 Crishna kindled a terrible war.-Christ said, he was not

come to send peace on earth, but a sword. 22 Crishna was pure and chaste.-Christ was holy, harmless,

undefiled, separate from sinners. 23 Crishna exhibited an appearance of libertinism. Christ was

accused of being a gluttonous man and a wine-bibber, a

friend of publicans aud sinners. 24 Crishna held the whole universe in his mouth.-Christ saw

all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them in a moment of time.

25 Crishna ascended into heaven.--Christ ascended into hea


26 Crishna left his instructions in the Geta.--Christ left his in

structions in the New Testament. 27 Crishna slew a serpent.-Christ bruised the serpent's head. 28 Chrishna held a mountain on the tip of his finger, and

Christ assured his disciples, that if having a little faith they should bid a mountain leap into the sea, it would obey them.

Subscription for John Clarke, sentenced to three years' imprisonment,

in Newgate for BLASPHEMY.

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No. 23, Vol. 10.] LONDON, Friday, Dec. 10, 1824. [Price 6d.

TO HENRY LEES, OF ASHTON-UNDER-LINE, Lately committed to Lancaster Gool, for having performed

the Christian Rite of Circumcision upon a child: and to the followers of Johanna Southcote generally.

Dorchester Gaol, Nov. 30, Year 1724

of the Gospel of Circumcision. CIRCUMCised CHRISTIAN, I PRESUME, that, before you attempted to circumcise a child, in the character of a Priest of the Gospel of Circumcision, you yourself submitted to the rite, and thus claimed the title which I have given you of being a circumcised Christian. I am not about to insult you, nor to make myself a hypocrite by professions wbich I do uot feel and act upon. I am not a Christian, nor a Jew, nor a Mabometan; therefore, I am not, nor do I ever intend to consent to be, circumcised. I am an Atheist, or what is now better expressed in opposition to Spiritualism, I am a Materialist, and see no intelligence or design beyond animated animal matter. The matter that composed the body of Johanna Southcote at any period of ber life might be in a wilderness and may come out of that wilderness for what I know; but this I know, that, believing her dead and decomposed, her identity at any period of her life will never again exist at any time or place. Shilob may be coming for what I know; but not a Shiloh that has ever been identified before. I say this, not so much for the purpose of opposing your peculiar Christian tenets, as to stand fair before you, and to claim your serious attention to wbat I am about to write. I can give all the proof which history can negatively give of any circumstance, that no such person as the Jesus of the New Testament ever existed: and with this knowledge, it is impossible, that I can ever become a Christian, or believe the past and present ex

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