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A good book for everybody who is interested in giving or drafting good speeches or presentations.
On the positive side:
Most of the ideas about audience, structuring and purpose can be applied beyond way beyond speeches.
The best are the 1 or 2 speeches at the end of each chapter which demonstrate how powerful a well written speech can be - and how beautiful to read.
There are two downsides.
The advices on how to deliver a speech are rather basic. The weakest point of the book are the out of dates advices on where to find information. The author definitely hasn't made it into the age of Internet.
This aside; it is a good and insightful book.

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I thought this was a great read.. It is a real asset to anyone who is learning how to become a public speaker, or someone who just needs confidence in being able to speak infront of a crowd. I must say that this book to a large extent has also helped me in developing and encouring me to express myself in written word. The Mr. Dowis's approach to writing this book is of great interest as he has written the book as a conversation between himself and the reader.. you read the book as if he was infront of you, speaking with you.. which is great. You look forward to "listening to what he has to say next". Again, this is a great read for someone wanting to improving there public speaking ability! 

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