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gress, 48.

gress, 140.

dent Buchanan, 327; correspondence respecting sur-SPAULDING, ELBRIDGE G., Representative in Thirty-Sixth
render of to Great Britain, 338, 342; comments of the Congress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
London Times, 342, 343; votes in Congress on arrest of, SPEED, JAMES, Attorney General, 108.
343; allusion io by MrDayton, 350; member of com- SPENCER, WILLIAM A., Letter for Convention in Maryland, 9.
mittee of secret disnuion caucus, 392.

SPINNER, FRANCIS E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
Sloan, A. Scott, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
gress, 122.

SPRAGUE, WILLIAM, Governor of Rhode Island and signer of
SLOAN, ITHAMAR C., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- Altoona address, 203; Senator in Thirty-Eighth Con-

gress, 140; propositions for constitutional amendments,

SPRATT, W., Commissioner from South Carolina to
SLOOPS-OF-WAR, construction of, authorized, 89.

Florida, 11; received by Convention, 3; vote for seces-
SMALL NOTEs, proposed legislation, 363–365; President Lin- sion ordinance, 399.
coln's veto of bill for, 359.

SPRINGFIELD Mass Convention, President Lincolu's letter
SMALL, ROBERT, bill for relief of, 239.

to, 335, 336.
SMITH, CALEB B., Member of Peace Conference, 68; Secre- STALLO, Judge, Letter of Wendell Phillips to, 411.
tary of the Interior, 108, and resigned, 108.

STALLWORTH, JAMES A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
SMITH, CHARLES, elected Free State Senator from Louisiana, gress, 49; sent telegram South, 37; withdrew, 4.

436; vote in Louisiana Convention on abolishing STANLEY, EDWARD, Military Governor of North Carolina,
slavery, 332.

SMITH, EDWARD I., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- STANTUN, BENJAMIN, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
gress, 122.

gress, 49; bill to re-organize the militia of the District
SMITH, E. KIRDY, General, order for enrollment of negroes, of Columbia, 77; to suppress insurrection, 77 ; report

on transfer of United States arts South, in 1850-'60,34.
SMITH, GREEN CLAY, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- Stanton, Edwix M., Attorney General, 28; Secretary of

gress, 140; resolutions relating to the war, 292, 293, War, 108; orders on military arrests, 151; form of ap-

pointment of military governor, 179; instructious to
SMITH, JAMES C., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

General Saxton, 251, 252; letter to General Butler on
SMITH, JAMES M., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, the latter's controversy with General Phelps, 232; or-

ders, &c., enforcing the draft, 272; letter on commuta-
SMITH, ROBERT H., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, tion clause of enrollment act, 263; to Governor An.
11, 400.

drew respecting colored enlistments, 279; reply on
SMITH, William, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, alleged foreign enlistments, 343; on release of prison-

19; adjustment proposition, 54; Representative in ers, 659, 660; on furloughing drafted clergymen, 561;
First Revel Congress, 402; resigned to accept military despatches touching IIampton Roads Conforence, 567–
commission, 402; elected Governor of Virginia, 402; 569; order in case of Robert Taylor, of Tennessee,
views on reconstruction, 331.

charged with the murder of his slave, 619, 550.
SMITH, William E., Representative in Second Rebel Con. STANTON, MRS. E. CADY, Letter to Fremont Club, 411.
gress, 402.

STAPLES, WALLER R., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con.
SMITH, WILLIAM N. II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- gress, 400; Representative in First Congress, 402; Se.

gress, 49; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400; coud, 402.
Representative in First Congress, 402; Second, 402; STAR OF THE WEST, fired upon by the rebels, 27.

statement of strength of rebel army, 121, 399. Siar, Washington, publication of vote on Virginia secession
SMITH, William R., Representative in First Rebel Con- ordinance, note, 7.
gress, 401; Second, 102.

STARR, JOHN K., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
SMITHERS, NATHANIEL D., Representative in Thirty-Eighth 140.

Congress. 140; amendment to enrollment act, 268; re- STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, bill to erect, 377, 378.
port on Louisiana caso, 582-586.

STATE TAXATION, on United States bonds and national
SNEAD, THOMAS L, Representative in Second Rebel Con- banks, 358, 359, 360-364.
gress, 40'.

STATES, militia of, part of the army of the United States,
Snow, Wm. D., credentials of as Senator in Thirty-Eighth Jefferson Davis's opinion, 37.
Cougress, 583.

STEDBINS, HIENRY G., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
SOLDIERS, bills to increase pay, 116, 271, 272; homesteads gress, 140; resigned, 559.
tor, 284.

STELLE, FREDERICK, Major General, President Lincoln's let.
SOLDIERS, COLORED, legislation concerning, 274–279, 564, 565; ter to, 322.

proposed prohibiti n of payment 10, 283, 284; rebel STEELE, Jonx B., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Cone
facts concerning, 281-283, 611, 6124800 “Colored Sol- gross, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

STEELE, WILLIAM G., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
SOMES, DANIEL E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
48; member of Peace Conference, 67.

STEPHENS, Alex. H., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
SOUTH, overtures of, to the Northwest, 12.

11, 400; commissioner for Confederate States in making
SOUTH CAROLINA, vote for President in 1800, 1; members of the league with Virginia, 8; elected rebel Provisional

Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49; deputies in Rebel Pro- Vice President, 12; permanent, 401; speech before the
visional Congress, 11, 400; members of First Congress, Georgia Legislaturo in 1860, 20–25; fishing bounties
401, 402; Second, 402; secession movement in, 2; rati- discussed by, 21; prediction of universal emancipation,
fied Confederate Constitution, 3; Convention rejects 25; extract from speech in Georgia State Convention,
co-operative action, proffered by Virginia, 2; resolu- 25; extract from address in 1859, 25, 26; " Confederate'i
tions relative to, 2; inter-State commissioners of, 11 ; Constitution expounded by, 103, 104; correspondence
declaration of independence, 12; seizures and sur- with Secretary Welles, respecting pass to Washington,
renders in, 27 ; letter of commissioners of, to Mr. note, 307; views of, on reconstruction, 831; Letters on
Buchanan, 29; Gov. Pickens of, demands the surrender Peace, 430, 431, 457-459; at Hampton Roads Conference,
of Fort Sumter, 32; Fort Sumter surrendered, 27; se- 567, 568, 569, 571.
cession of, not the work of a day, but maturing for STEPHENS,

LINTON, peace resolutions of, in Georgia Legisla-
thirty years, 18; Convention of, sends despatch to ture, 621, 622
Mayor of Macon, 38; also to Mayor of New Orleans, STEVENS, R. ., reply to J. Holt's report, note, 446.
39; personal liberty laws, subject of complaint in con- STEVENS, THADDEUS, Reprenentative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
vention of, 16, 17 ; report of Judge Withers to Conven- gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; in-
tion of, 19; vote on secession ordinance of, 398, 399; demnity bill of, 181; propositions to amend the Consti-
men in the army, 399.

tution, 258; substitute for the enrollment bill, 266,
SOUTHERN Congress, Rebel Provisional, officers, and pro- 267; amendment to, 268; bill for enlistment of 250,000

ceedlivgs of, 12, 400; tariff act passed, 12; commissioners colored soldiers, and modification, 276; joint resolution
admitted from North Carolina, 12; Constitution of Pro- offering to free all slaves who leave their masters or aid
visional Government adopted, 12; assumes charge of in suppressing the rebellion, 287 ; resolution relative to
all questions and differences between the “sovereign the war, 288; amendment to “ legal tender” bill, 358;
States of the Confederacy," and the United States Gov. letter of Secretary Chase to, on "legal tenders," 359,
ernment, 12; Texas deputies received, 12; Jefferson 359; substitute for Joan bill, 360 ; substitute for na-
Davis, of Mississippi, elected President, 12; Alexander tional currency bill, 363, 364; resolution of inquiry for

H. Stepbens, of Georgia, elected Vice President, 12. llampton Roads Conference, note, 566.
SOUTHERN manifesto, 37.

STEVENS, WILLIAM II., Menuber of Peace Conference, 68.
SPAIN, A. C., Commissioner from South Carolina to Ar- STEVE SON, JOHN W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
kansas, 11 ; vote on secession ordinance, 399.

gresa, 49; adjustment proposition, 54.
SPALDING, Rufus P., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- STEVENSON, WILLIAM E., motion in Baltimore Convention,
gress, 140; bill to repeal fugitive slave law, 237.

SPARROW, EDWARD, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, STEWART, GEORGE H., of Maryland, proceedings of, 393, and
11, 400; Senator in First Congress, 401; Second, 102.

note, 394.

STEWART, JAMES A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- TARIFF, rcbel, 12.
gress, 49; adjustment proposition, 55.

TAX, INCOME, special war, 357.
STEWART, WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty Sixth Congress, Tax Oy SLAVES, proposed, and votes, 361, 362; rebel, laid ta
48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.

1861, 370.
STEWART, WILLIAM M., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, TAXATIx, our, 357, 361-368.

TAXATION, rebel, 368-373, 613, 614, 619.
STILES, JOAN D., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Cou- TAXATION, Stute, proceedings in Congress respecting, 350,
gress, 123; Thirty-Eighth, 110.

360, 364.
STOCKTON, ROBERT F., Member of Peace Conference. 67. TAYLOR, BIFARD, chargé d'affaires, intercepts Confederate
STOKES, William B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- (lespitch, 151.
grese, 49,

TAYLOR, JO-EPI W., ailjustment proposition of, 74, 75.
STONE, CHARLES P., Brigadier General, resolution respecting Tarlor, Miles, Represelitative in Thirty-Sixthiongress, 49;
arrest of, 179; President Lincoln's roply, 180.

withdrew, 4; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53;
STORY, JOSEP, Justice, upon freedom of the press, 188.

report of, 58.
Stout, LANsIyo, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, TAYLOR, ROHEET, of Tennessee, court-martial of, 545, 549.

49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report TELEGRAPU, !ow it aido secession, 37.
of, 58.

Ten Eyck, Joux C., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 18;
STOVELL, B. L., Speaker of Tennessee rebel Senate, 281.

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140 ; resolution
STRATTON, Jorn L. N., Representative it. Thirty-Sixth Con- relating to the war, 288; proposition in Louisiava case,
gres, 48; Thirty-Seveath, 122; member of Committee

of Thirty-three, 53.

TENNESSEE, vote for President in 1860,1; members of Peace
STRICKLAND, JIARDY, Representative in First Rebel Con- Conference, 68; Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Thirty.
gress, 101.

Seventh, 1:22; admission to the “Coufederacy,” 401;
STRONO, WILLIAM, Justice, opinion on enrollment act, 273. Deputies in Robel Provisional Congress, 11, 100; yen-
STROUSE, MYER, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, bers of First Congress, 401, 402; Second, 402; sece-kua

movement in Legislature of, 5; vote on alopting the
STRYKER, THOMAS J., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

leaguo with the Confederate States, 5; reconstructiva
STUART, ALEXANDER I. II., vote on secession ordinance, in, and abolition of slavery, 332,

note, 7; adjustinent proposition, 7t; delegate from Vir- TENNESSEE, act of rebel Legislature of, for enrollment of
giuia to President Lincoln, 112.

freo persons of color into the military service of the
STUART, Jon T., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- State, 281; men in the arm., 399.
gress, 1:40.

TENNESSEANS, Protest of, against Governor Johnson's elec-
SUBSTITUTION, votes on abolishing, 264, 266, 563; rebel tion Proclamation of 1801, 438-411; reply of President
abolition of, 119.

Lincoln, *25.
SULLIVAN, ALGERNON S., Letter of Socretary Seward on ar- TERRITORIES, will passed settling disputed questions cose
rest of, 154.

cerning, 89, 90; to prohibit slavery in, 254, 255; to pro
SUMMERS, George W., vote on secession ordinance, note, 7; hibit polygumy iu Utah, 376; enabling act for Nebrasš,
member of Peace Conference, 68.

SUMNCR, CHARLES, Sen:tor in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; TEvIs, Lieut. Col., order of, respecting Maryland election,

Thirty Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolution his arrest and release, 311.
respecting arrests, 180: proposition in Thirty-Second | Texas, vote for President, in 1860, 1; members of Thirty-
Congress to repeal the fugitivoslave law, 2:34, 235; prop- Sixth Congress, 48, 49; admission to the Confederacy,"
ositions on sulfrago to colored persons, 2+1, on exclu- 401; Deputies in Rebel Provisional Coogress, 11, 400;
ding them from the cars, 241, 212, on making them Members of First Congress, 10%; Second, 102; secession
witnesses, 242, 213, 412, and on repealing the laws movement in Convention and Legislature of, 4; ratified
regulating the coast wise slavo trade, 213; proposed confederate constitution, t; seizures xud surrender in,
constitutional ameniment, 255; freedmen's Hill, 200; 28; men in the army, 39).
on equalizing the pay of soldiers, 277; amendments to TEATER, ANDREW J., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Coz.
the reconstruction bill, 318, the Missouri bill, 225, 226, gress, 1:22; upsented, 13.
to the nativual currency vill, 365, to letters of marque, THAYER, Eli, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
877, and West Virginia Will, 577; resolutions on Foreiga proposition of adjustment, 53.
Mediation, 316, 317, on the prosecution of the war, 231, TAATEN, M. RUSSELL, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
and the relations of tho insurrectionary States, 322,

gress, 140.
3:23, 320, 3:27 ; letter respecting the President and eman- Troms, BENJAMIN F., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
cipation, 233; resolutions relative to the insurrectionary Congress, 122.
States, 320, to the Rebel debt, 575, to representation in THOMAS, FRANCLS, Representative in Thirty Seventh Code
the Senate, 588, of inquiry for the Hampton Roads gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; on compen-atı iedub
Conference, note, 569; proposition in the Louisiana cipation, 21:3-217; amendment to the eurollment bull,
case, 580; resolution relative to the ratification of a 260; on disunion caucus of 1835, 390,
constitntional amendment, 591; proposed constitutional Toomas, J. A., Assistant Secretary of State, letter on citi
amendment respecting representation, 592; new rule zenship of colored persons, note, 382.
of the Senate, note, 602.

THOMAS, JAMES II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Coo.
SUMTER, Fort, surrendered, 27 ; correspondence pending gress, 49; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, *0.

bombardment, 113, 114; spirit of the revel press, 11+; THOMAS, J. Ilanson, arrest of, 152.
Jeremiah Clemens's statement respecting, 112.

THOMAS, Jonx, Depnty in Rebel Provisional Congress, 100.
SUPREME Court of the United States, President Lincoln's THOMAS, PHILIP F., Secretary of the Treasury, and resigna-

recommendation concerning, 131 ; Vallandigham's case tion, 28; bids for public loan under, .
in, 175.

THOMASON, Hugu F., votes in Secession Couvention of Ar-
SURRENDERS of Government property in the insurrectionary kansas, 299; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 100.
States, 28.

THOMPSON, JACOB, Secretary of the Interior, and resi113-
SWAIN, DAVID L., Commissioner from North Carolina to tion, 28; commissioner from Mississippi to North Caron
Provisional Congress, 12.

lina, 11; received by letter, 5; in Canut, 301.
Swan, WILLIAM G., Representative in First Rebel Congress, THOMPSON, JAMES, Justice, decision on enrollment act, 273,
402; Second, 402.

SWEAT, LORENZO D. M., Representative in Thirty-Eighth TAOMPSON, PALIP B., Member of bogus Legislative Coancil
Congress, 140.

of Kentucky, 8.
SWIFT, W.C. N , purchase of Government arms, in 1860, 35. Thomson, John R., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 18;
SYNOD, PRESBYTERIAN, proposed action of New York, in Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; dea h, 1:23.

1861, 466, 467 ; action of, in 1861, and reply of Secretary TIBBS, WILLIAM G., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
Seward, 467, 468; of Missouri in 1861 and 1864, 468; of 402.
Kentucky in 1864, 468; action of South Carolina Tobacco, rebel regulations for destroying, 117.
Synod, in 1860, 508.

TUD, DAVID, Governor of Ohio, aud signer of Altoona Ad

dress, 233; vote for Vice President in Union National

Convention, 407.

TODD, J. B. S., Delegate from Dacotah, declaration of, roll,
TANEY, ROGER B., Chief Justice, opinion of, in Merryman 590.

case, 155-158; remarks on General Cadwalader's retusal TOLEN, JOIN, Major, report of, in fugitive slare case, 250.
to obey his writ, 155.

TOMPKINS, Cydxor B., Representative in Thirty-sixth Code
TAPPAN, Mason W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

gress, 19.
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Committee Toom BS, ROBERT, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48: on
of Thirty-three, 53; report of, 57.

Senate Comraittee of Thirteen, 70; propositions in, 71;
TARIFF acts of 1861, 1862, and 1861, enactment of, 361, 362. despatch to L. M. Keitt, 37; telegrapluie manifesto and
TARIFF laws of the United States alluded tu as a cause of sensational despatch of, 37.38; Deputy in Rebel Pruri
socession, 17.

sional Congress, 11, 100; provisionind Secretary of State

and resignation, and appointed brigndier general, 12, UNITED STATES FLAG, to be suppressed in Baltimore, nole,
400; elected Senatorin First Rebel Congress, 401 ; letter 391; Policeman Daneker's refusal to “ condescend" to
on reconstruction, 331.

pull it down, and resignation of place, 394; Williain
TOTTEN, A. 0. W., Member of Peace Conference, 68; com- T. Butler's resignation, 391.

missioner for Tennessee in making a league with Con- UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, resolutions of General Conventions
federate States, 5.

of 1861, 1862, 1963, and 1864, 505, 506.
TOWNSEND, DWIGHT, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- UPsoN, CHARLES, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
gress, 559 ; proposition relative to Peace, 575.

gress, 140; report on Louisinna caso, 582-586.
TRACY, HENRY W. Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- Upton, Charles H., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
gress, 140.

gress, 122 ; unseated, 123.
TRAIN, CHARLES R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, UBHEN, JOHN P., Secretary of the Interior, 108 ; report of,
48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.

on colonization experiment, note, 212.
TRANSYLVANIA PRESBYTERY of 1861, on the marriago of Utah, polygamy in, act to prohibit, 376.

slaves, 518.
TREAT, AMOS, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

TEEAT, S. 11., Judge, decision on enrollment act, 273.
TRENHOLM, GEORGE A., rebel Secretary of Treasury, 101. VALLANDIGHAM, CLEMENT L., Representative in Thirty-Sixth
TRENT AFFAIR, the, 338-313; Secretary Seward to Mr. Adams, Congress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; propositions of ad-

338; Earl Russell to Lord Lyous, 338; Secretary Seward justment, 55, 73; arrest and trial, 102; refusal of
to Lord Lyons, 239-342; Earl Russell to Lord Lyons, 342; Judge Leavitt to grant writ of habeas corpus, and bis
comment of the London Times, 342, 313; action of Con- opinion, 162; order, directing that be be sent beyond
gress on, 313.

the lines, 162; letter on retaliation, 175; case in
TRIMBLE, CAREY A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- United States Supreme Court, 175; correspondence
gress, 19; Thirty-Seventh, 122.

concerning, 167–175; return and address at llamilton,
TRIMBL, ISAACG., in conimand at Baltimore, and subsequent 175; at Dayton, 176; notices by the press, 177; amend-
career, 393, and note.

ment to army appropriation will, 233; rosolutions re-
TRIPLETT, GEORGE W., Representativo in Second Rebel Con- lating to the war, 288 ; peace resolution, 296; resolu-
gress, 402.

tion respecting the Trent affair, 313; resolution of cen-
TRIPPE, ROBERT P., Representative in First Rebel Congress, sure of President Lincoln, 380; motion to make Gen,

McClellan's nomination unanimous, 420; allusion in
TROWBRIDGE, ROWLAND E., Representative in Thirty-Seventh his Sydney speech to the Chicago Platform, nole, 421;
Congress, 1:22.

letter to the New York News, 423.
TRUMBULL, LYMAN, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Van Buren, Johx, letter of Georgo N. Sanders to, 330.

Thirty-Seventlı, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140; amendment Vance, ZEDULON B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
to Jeit. Davis's bill for sale of United States arins, 36; gress, 497; correspondence with Jefferson Davis on
report on Baltimore police cominissioners, 179 ; reso- peace, 306, 307; viows on reconstruction, 331.
lution respecting arrests, 179; proposition to repcal VANDEVER, William, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
joint resolution of July 17, 1802, on confiscation, 20:- gress, 49; Thirty Seventh, 122; member of Peace Con-
see 260,562; joint resolution proposing amendments to ference, 63; of Border States Committee, 73; resolu-
the Constituti 1, 236; proposition to rapeal the cominu- tion on the war, 201.
tation clanse of enrollment bill, note, 261; resolution on Van Horn, Burt, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
unemployed generals, 285; amendment to resolution

gress, 1:22.
respecting the cause of the war, 286; proposition to VAN VALKENBURGH, ROBERT B., Representative in Thirty.
enforce the laws in all the States, 291; substitute for Seveuth Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighih, 110.
bill to encourage emancipatiou in Missouri, 225, 226; VAN WINKLE, PETER G., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
reports on Arkansas Senators, 320, 558; proposition.rel-

ative to courts-martinl, 502; bill to allow bail in certain VAN WYCK, CHARLES H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth
cases, 562, and relative to representation in the Elec- Congress, 48 ; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
toral College, 578.

VEATCU, JAMES C., Brig. Gon., order respecting the Metho-
TUCK, Amos, Member of Peace Conference, 68; proposition dist Episcopal Churches in Memphis, 5:22, 523.
for a Conventiou, 69.

VENABLE, ABRAM W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con-
TURNER, JOSIAH, JR., Representative in Second Rebel Con-
gress, 402; resolutions on peace, 614, 615.

VERMONT, vote for President in 1860,1; in 1864, 623; mem-
TURNER, LEWIS C., Judgo Advocate, instructions to United bers of Peace Conference, 67; Thirty-Sixth Congress,
States Marshals, &c., 272.

48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; “personal
TURNER, THOMAS J., Member of Peace Conference, 68.

liberty” laws, 44, 47 ; voto of Legislature on ratifying
TURPIE, DAVID, Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 123. the anti-slavery amendment, 596.
TUTTLE, JAMES M., Brigarlier General, orders at Natchez, VERREE, JOHN P., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
respecting contrabands, 253.

48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22.
TWENTY-NEGRO exemption law, rebel, and repeal, 120. VESSELS, United States, disposition of-seo “ Report.”
Twigos, DaVID E., Major General, surrender by, of his com- Vest, GEORGE G., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
mund in Texas, 28.

400; Representative in First Rebel Congress, 402;
TYLER, ERASTUS B., Brigadier General, order, respecting an Second, 402; Senator in Second, 611.
clection in Delaware, 312.

VIBBARD, CHAUNCEY, Representative in Thirty-Seventh
TYLER, Joun, Sr., Momber of Peace Conference, 68; elected Congress, 122.

President, 68; report of Peace Conference, 6; commnis- VICKSBURG, Prosident Lincoln's remarks on fall of, 331, 235.
sioner for Virginia in making a league with the “Con- VILLERE, CHARLES J., Representative in First Rebel Con.
federate States," 8; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con- gress, 401; Second, 402.
gress, 400.

VIRGINIA, vote for President in 1860, 1; members of Peaco

Conference, 67; of Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49;

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Lighth, 141, 587, 583;
Governor Letcher's purchase of arms prior to secession,

35, 36; address of nembers of Congress to the people,
UNDERWOOD, JOHN C., Judge, opinion of, on confiscation act, 39; answer of President Lincoln to the delegation froin,

206, 207; on colored persons as witnesses, 142, 443; 112; resolution of Convention, 112; reconstruction
credentials as Senator from Virginia, 588.

movement and abolition of slavery in, 321; vote of
UNDERWOOD, JOSEPH R., Letter of Brig. Gen. Buell to, 250. Legislature on ratifying the anti-slavery amendment,
UNDERWOOD, J. W II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con. 598; bill to erect West Virginia out of parts of, 377,
gress, 19; sent telegrim Sonth, 37; withdrew, 3.

378. IN REBELLION : Proposal to co-operate with South
UNDERWOOD, LEVI, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

Carolina, 2; secession movement in, 5-8; vote on ordi-
UNEMPLOYED GENERALS, proceedings in Congress concern- nance of secession, note, 7; leagne with the Rebel
ing, 285---see "Gonerals."

States, 8; admission to the “Confederacy,” 401; Depu-
UNIO, preservation of national, resolutions concerning, ties in Rebul Provisional Congress, 403; nembers of
75, 235.

First Congress, 401, 402; Second, 402; action of Legis-
Uxíox LEAGCE, platform of 1864, 410.

lature on guerrillas, 119; peaco resolutions and dis-
UNION NATIONAL CONVENTIOX, proceedings of, 403-410.

cussion in Legislature of, 304, 620, 621; men in the
UNITARIAN Church, rosolutions of Western Unitarian As- army, 399; bill for the employment of slaves, note, 612.

sociation, 50+; other facts concerning, 504; of Spriug. VooruEES, DANIEL W., Representativo in Thirty-Seventh
field Convention of 1863, 513.

Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; vote for Vice Presi.
UNITED BRETHREN CHurci, resolutions of East Pennsylva. dent in Democratic National Convention, 420.

nia Conference, 50+; President Lincoln's and Secretary VOLUNTEERING, rebel restrictious upon, 1:20.
Stuuton's order for the occupation of churches in the YOLUNTEERS, the several calls for, 111, 115, 270.
insurructionary States, 6:22.

VB00m, Peter D., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

gress, 400.

Bee, 11.

gress, 122.

gress, 102.


WEST CHESTER JEFFERSONTAN, damage for the seizure of,

401, 412.
WADE, BENJAMIN F., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; West Virginia, Bill to erect State of, 377, 378, and nute;

Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110; on Commit- vote of Legislature on ratifying the anti-lav ry
tee or Thirteen, 70; amendments to reconstruction amnendment, 599; vote at Presidential election of 1801,
bill, 318; paper on failure of suid bill, 332; action in 623.
Louisiana case, 580.

WHALEY, KELLIAN V., Represen‘ative in Thirty-Seventh
WADE, EDWARD, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49. Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 111; on select commit-
WADSWORTH, JAMES S., Member of Peace Conference, 67. teo on compensated emancipation, 213; amendment to
WADSWORTH, William II., Representative in Thirty-Seventh West Virginia bill, 377

Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolution on the WHARNCLIFFE, LORD, correspondence with Mr. Adams, 460.
powers of the President, 3:27.

WHARTON, T. J., Commissioner from Mississippi to Tennes
WAITE, CARLOS A., Colonel, appointed to supersedo General
Twiggs in Texas, 23.

WHEELER, Ezra, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
WALDRON, HENRY, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 111; amendment to proposed constitutional amendo

ment, 257.
WALKER, AMABA, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- WHEELER, WILLIAM A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
gress, 123.

Congress, 122.
WALKER, LEROY POPE, Commissioner from Alabama to Ten- Whig, Richmond, on repealing substitution, 121; on the
nessee, 11 ; Provisional Secretary of War, and resigna-

Rebel Governors, 430.
tion, 12, 400; correspondence with Beauregard before WHITE, ALBERT S., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
bombardment of Sumter, 113, 114; speech after, 114; gress, 122; resolution for select committee in cump0-
appointed brigadier general, 400.

sated emancipation, 213;. Missouri and Marylaud bills,
WALKER, RICHARD WILDE, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con- 221, 226.

gress, 11, 100; Senator in Second Congress, 102. WHITE, CHILTON A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
WALL, JAMES W., arrest of, 153; Senator in Thirty-Seventh gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
Congress, 123.

WHITE, D. V., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.
WALL, WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty-Soventh Congress, Wuts, JOSEPH W., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

gress, 110.
WALLACE, John W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- White, Thomas, Member of Peace Conference, 67.

WHITELEY, WILLIAM G., Representative in Thiriy-Sixth Cop-
WALLACE, LEWIS, Major General, suppression of Erening gress, 19; on Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report. 68.

Transcript, Baltimore, 192; confiscation orders revoked, WHITFIELD, R. II., Ropresentative in Second Rebel Con-
207, 208 ; correspondence with Governor Bradford, 311, WAETHORNE, W.C., Speaker of Tennessee Rebel House of

WALLACE, W. H., delegate from Idaho, declaration of, note, Wickups, WILLIAM 'S. C., Representative in Second Rebel

WALLIS, S. TEACKLE, arrest of, 152; motions and votes in Congress, 402.
Maryland Legislature, 336–398.

WICKLIFFE, CHARLES A., Member of Peace Conference, 68;
Walton, CHARLES W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 12; at
Congress, 122.

Border States interview with the President, all; views

E. P., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, on compensated emancipation, 213-217; amendment
48; Thirty-Soventh, 122 ; substitutes for emancipat

to enrollment bill, 261; propositions relati: g to the
bills, 200, 202.

wir, 283; to the rebellious Stutes, 323, 321; resolutions
WAR, new articlo of, 237, 238; resolntions relating to its for reassembling Democratic National Convention, and

objects, 285-290; to its prosecution, 290-291; extract for “letting the captives free," 420.
from rules of, for the protection of colored soldiers, WIGFALL, Louis T., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
290; special income, tax, 357.

intermediary between Colonel Hayne and President
WAR, TUE, how and why made upon the United States, 112- Buchanan, 32; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congres

11, 400; appointed Lrigidier General, 401; Senator in
Ward, C. L., letter of Mr. Pendleton to, 422.

First Congress, 401; Second, 402; remarksvn peace, 616.
Ward, ELIJAH, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, Wilcox, JONY A., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
122; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

402; death, 402.
Ward, G. T., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400. Wilcox, ORLANDO B., Major General, despatches respecting
WARDLAW, D. Louis, remarks in South Carolina Couven- llarnpton Roads Conference, 567.
tion, 17; roto on ordinance of secession, 339.

WILD, E A, Brigadier General, orders respecting churches
WARFIELD, HENRY M., arrest of, 152; votes in Maryland in Norf ik and Portsmouth, 512, and Rer. S. U. Wings
Legislature, 396–395.

field, 553.
WASHBURY, CADWALLADER C., Representative in Thirty- WILDER, A. Carter, Representatife in Thirty-Eighth Con
Sixth Congress, 49; on Committee of Thirty Three,

gress, 141.
53; report of, 57 ; member of Peace Conference, 68. WILKES, PETER F., Ropresentative in Second Rebel Con-
WASHBURN, ISRAEL, Jr., Representative in Thirty Sixth Con.

gress, 402.
gress, and resignation, 48 ; Secretary Seward's letter Wilkinson, MORTON S., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
to, respecting Robert Elliott's arrest, 151; Governor of 122; Thirty-Eightb, 140; amendment to the Montana
Maine, and signer of Altoona address, 233.

bill, 240.
WASHURN, William B., Representative in Thirty-Eighth WILLEY, WAITMAN T., vote on secession ordinance of Vir
Congress, 110.

ginia, note, 7; Senator in Thirty-Seventh Cougress, 123;
WASHBURNE, ELLIAU B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- Thirty-Eighth, 140; report on excluding colored pro

gress, 19; hirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; sons from street cars, 212; amendment to the freed-
resolution to expel Alexander Long, 387; letter of men's bill, 260; resolutions on the war, 288.
Gen. Grunt to, on Reconstruction, note, 571.

WILLIAMS, Jony, one of the Tennessee protesters, 438 441.
WATERS, RICHARD P., Member of Peace Conference, 67. WILLIAMS, T., Brigadier General, Order to turn all fugitives
WATSON, J. W.C., Senator in Second Rebel Congress, 402. from his camps, 251.
Waul, T. N., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-

gress, 111; resolutions on the relations of the rebellious
WAYNE, JAMES M., Justice Supreme Court of the United States, 328, 329; un Peaco, 575; action on Contiscation,

States, opinion in the Vallandighum case, 175; the 562, 563.
latter's comment at IIamilton, 176.

WILLIAMSON, BENJAMIN, Member of Peace Conference, 67.
WEBSTER, Edwin II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con. WILMOT, DAVID, Member of Peace Conturence, 67 ; Senator

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventli, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1:22.
views on compensated emancipation, 213-217; instruc- WILSON, HENRY, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48 : Thir-
tions to Conference Committee on Montana bill, 210, ty-Seventh., 122; «hirty-Eighth, 110; substitute for res-

olution relative to General Stone's arrest, 180; bill to
WEED, THURLOW. Letter replying to Judge Campbell's re- amend the fugitive slave law, 235; proposition respect
flections on Secretary Seward, 111, 112.

ing slaves in dock-yards, 238; ameudments to freedte
WELLES, Gideon, Secretary of the Navy, 108; correspond. men's bill, 260; enrollment bill, 261; army appropria-

euco withi Alexander II. Stephens, note, 307 ; letter on tion will, 277; the militia bill, 275.
alleged foreign enlistments, 314, 315.

Wilson, JAMES, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
WELLS, ALFRED, R presentative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48. 49.
WEL-II, ISRAEL, Representative in First Rebel Congress, Wilson, JAMES F., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Cop-
401; Second, 102.

gress, 123; Thirty-Eighth, 140: amenentory joint reson
WESLEYAN METHODIST, action of General Conference of lution on confiscation, 202; resolution to ratify the

1561, 576-518; testimony on slavery, 516, 547, 548; let. emancipation proclamation, 230; on Select Committee
ter to President Lincoln, 5+6, 517.

on compensated emancipation, 213; resolutions respect-

gress, 402.

ing an additional article of war, 238, and homestunds for 210, 274; General McClellan's letter respecting the
soldiers, 281; proposition on re-construction, 577 ; re- election of, as Governor of Pennsylvania, 386.

port on repealing act relating to hubeus corpus, 662. Wool, John E., Major General, Meinber of Peace Confer-
Wilson, ROBERT, Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 123; ence. 67 ; orders respecting contrabands, 248.

views on compensated emancipation, 213-217; amend. WOOLFORD, FRANK, Colonel, resolution relative to imprison-
ments to the Missouri bill, 25.

ment, and reply, 560.
Wilson, W. S., Deputy in Robel Provisional Congress, 11, WORCESTER, SAMUEL T., Representative in Thirty-Seventh

Congress, 122.
WINANS, Ross, arrest of, 152; votes in Maryland Legislature, World, New York, seizure of office, and subsequent proceed-
396-398; also, 394.

ings, 192-191.
WINANS, THOMAS, proposed Member of Board of Public Safe- WORTHINGTOx, llenry G., Representative in Thirty-Eighth
ty of Maryland, 9.

Congress, 559.
WINDOM, William, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, Wright, AUGUSTUS R., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con-

49; Thirty-Seventh, 122 ; Thirty-Eighth, 141; on Com- gress, 11, 400; Representative iu First Congress, 401;
mitttee of Thirty-three, 53; proposed constitutional peace proposition, 305.
amendment, -58.

WRIGHT, CRAFTS J., Secretary of Peace Conference, 69.
WINFIELD, Charles H., Representative in Thirty-Eighth WRIGHT, Hendrick B., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
Congress, 1440.

Congress, 122; resolutions on the war, 288–291.
WINGFIELD, S. H., Reverend, orders of Major General Butler WRIGHT, Joun C., Member of Peace Conference, 68; death
and Brigadier General Wild respecting, 553.

of, 68.
WINSLOW, WARREN, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- WRIGHT, Joan V., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,

gress, 49; on Committee of Thirty-throe, 53; report of, 49; Representative in First Rebel Congress, 40-; Sec-

ond, 402.
WINSTON, JOHN ANTHONY, Commissioner from Alabama to Wright, Joseph A., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
Arkansas, 11.

123 ; superseded, 123.
WISCONSIN, vote for President in 1860, 1; in 1864, 623; WRIGHT, WILLIAM, Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 110.

members of Thirty-Sixth Congress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, Wright, WILLIAM B., Representative in First Rebel Cun-
122, 123; Thirty-Eighth, 140; vote of Legislature on
ratifying the anti-slavery amendment, 599.

WYLIE, ANDREW, Justice, opinion in the Hogan habeas cor-
Wi8E, HENRY A., proposition in Virginia Convention for

pus case, 562.
Confederate rocognition, 6, 7; vote on secession ordi-
Dance, note, 7; in caucus of 1835, 390.

WITHERS, Thomas J., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,

2, 11, 400; report in South Carolina Convention, 18, 19, YANCEY, WILLIAM L, Rebel Commissioner to England, let-
20; vote on sucession ordiuance, 399.

ter of, to Earl Russell, 27; reported conversation with
WITHERSPOON, JAMES M., Representative in Second Rebel Earl Russell, 27; Senator in First Rebel Cougross, 101;
Congress, 402.

death, 401.
WITNESSES, colored persons as, in United States courts, 242, YATES, RICHARD, Governor of Illinois, signer of Altoona
243, 442; Judge Underwood's opinion respecting, 442,

address, 233

YEAMAN, GEORGE II., Representatire in Thirty-Seventh
Wolcott, C. P., Meinber of Peace Conference, 68, nole.

Congress, 123; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolutions on the
Wood, BENJAMIN, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- President's emancipation proclamation, 229; resolutions

gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; peace proposition, 294, on the status of the rebellious States, 327, 328; propo.

sition relative to guerrillas, 561.
WOOD, FERNANDO, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- | YELLOTT, COLEMAN, Letter for a convention in Marylanıl, 9;

gress, 110; New York as a free city, 42; correspondence public safety bill in the Senate of Maryland, 9; pro-
with President Lincolu on peace, 296, 297; propositions ceedings on, 398; commissioner from Legislature of
respecting peace, 297, 298, 574; letter of George N. Maryland to visit Jefferson Davis, 9; report of, 9; also,
Sanders to, 330.

WOOD, Joux, Member of Peace Conference, 68,

YERGER, E.M., Commissioner from Mississippi to Florida. 11.
Wood, JOHN, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48. YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, resolutions of, in 1863,
W00D, WILLIAM B., Colunel, Secretary Benjamin's order to, 506, 507. Ix INSURRECTIONARY STATES: Address of,
respecting East Tennessee bridge-burners, 187.

WOLBRIDGE, FREDERICK E., Representative in Thirty- YULEF, DAVID LEVY, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
Eighth Congress, 140.

withdrew, 3; intermediary between Col. Hayne and
WOODRUFF, John, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, President Buchanan, 32; “secret" disunion letter of,

WOODRUYP, GEORGE C., Representative in Thirty-Seventh

Congress, 122.
WOCDSON, SAMUEL II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- ZACHARIE, J. W. & Co., purchase of Government arms in
gress, 49; on Peace Conference proposition, 70.

1860, 35.
WOODWARD, GEORGE W., Justice, decision on enrollment act, ZOLLICOFFER, FELIX K., Member of Peace Conference, 68.

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