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402; views on sequestration, 205; resolutions respect- | PARKE, JOAVG , Major General, despatches at Hampton
ing peace, 616.

Road. Conierence, 567.
OLDEN, CHARLES S., Veinber of Peace Conference, 67. PARK R, JO. ETII, ben r of Peace address from Great Brita
OLIN, ABRANAM B., Ripresentativo in Thirty-Sixth Con- itin, correspondence with S cretiry Sewarl, 450.

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; opinion iu habcus cor- PATTERSON, JMES W., Representative in Thirty Eiglith Con-
mus case, 562.

61138, 110.
O'NEILI, Charles, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- Patronsis, sludge, East Tennessee, Benjamin's order of ar-
gress, 1.10.

rest, note. 157.
O'NEILL, JOHN, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, PATTERSON, LODERT, Major General, proclamation, 244.

Patrox, Joux, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress,
OPINIOns of the Attorneys General-J. S. Black, upon the

powers of the President, 50-52; Edward Bates, on the Par of colored soldierz, Opinions of Attoracy General upon,
power of the President to make arrests and suspend 270, 200, 351, 355 ; proposed prohibition of pay to,
the writ of habeus corpus, 158-161; Caleb Cushing, on 23.
inviolability of United States minils, 189, 190; Elwaril Par vf soldiers increased, 116, 72.
Bates, on pay of colored chaplains, 279, 280; on pay of Peac., Alexander II Stephens'sletters on, 430.431, 458, 459;
colored solliers, 384, 385; on citizenship of colored Wm. W. Duyce's, 401-433, 437; Herschel 1. John on's,
persons, 378-384.

433, 431; Generai Grant on, 434; Benjamin to Mason,
ORD, 'EDWARD 0. C., Major General, despatchos at Hamp- 455 : Davis in his last messages, 455, 450, 611; Alaluna
ton Roads Conference, 507.

lexislature on, 456; Rebel Iluuse of Representativeson,
ORDENS, military, respecting elections, 308-316, 445.

455; Address from Great Britain, 456; Hampton lioa's
ORDERS Of Abraham Lincoln--gee “Lincoln, Abrabam." Conference, 666-572; correspondence of Generals Grunt
ORDETS RESPECTING A DRAFT, of Secretary Stanton in 1862, aud Lee on military convention, 572, 573; Garrett D.:-
272; iu 1864, note, 604.

vis's proposition for, 573, 574; resolutions of Messrs.
ORDERS RESPECTING ARRESTS, of Secretary Cameron in Mary. Cox, Fernando Tod, Ingersoll, Townsend. Dasson,

land Legislature, 153; General McClellan, 308, 305; and Williams, 574,675: Niagara Falls Peace Negotia-
Secretary Stanton, 15+; General Augur, 187; Generals tione, 301-03, and Ilurace Greeley's letter upon, CA3;
Butler and Wild respecting Rev. S. II. Wingfield, 553, propositions in Rebel Congress 614-616: movinents

in lorislatures of North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama,
ORDERS RESPECTING CHORCHES, of War Department con. and Georgia, 619-622.

cerning churches in the insurrectionary States, 521, Peace COMPERENCE, Propositions of, rejected in Virginia
622; of Gen. Veatch in Memphis, 622; Gen. Scheuck in Convention, 7; Wishington telegram of Carlestoa
Baltimore, 524, 525; Generals Curtis and Schofield in Mercury respecting. 41: delegates to, ufficers of, pro-
St. Louis, 533, 531, 535, 637; Generals Rosetrans and ceedings, and propositions, and votes in, 67-69; Con-
Pope in St. Louis, 538, 561; Col. B. G. Farrar and Gen. gressional votes on proposition of, 69, 70.
Brayman in Natchez, 538, 541 ; Generals Butler and PEACE PROPOSITIONS IN CONGRESS, 291-300,574, 575; corres.
Bowen in Now Orleans, 512, 543; Gov. Andrew John- pondence between President Lincoln und Fernando
son in Nashville, 512; Gen. Wild in Norfolk, 5+2.

Wood, 296, 297; Niagara Falls Conference, and are
ORDERS RESPECTING COLORED TROOPS, Secretary Stanton to York Tribune on prospects of peace, 301-303; licit

Gov. Andrew, 279; of Major General Palmer respect- mond Examiner on, 399.
ing freedom of families cf, note, 504.

PEACE PROPOSITIONS, REDEL, in their Congress, and delate,
ORDERS RESPECTING ELECTIONS, of General McClellan at 303-307, 611-616; in Senate of Virginia, 304, Lari

Maryland election of 1831, 308, 309; Generals Dix, tures of North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, in Georgia,
Schenck, Fry, and Tyler and Lieut. Col. Tevis, 309, 311, 304, 3:0, 019-622; Richın pil press upon, 305.
312; Generals Burnside, Asboth, and Shackleford, and PEARCE, JAMES ALFRED, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
Lieut. Col. Johnson, and Colonels Foster and Mundy 4S; Thirty-Seventh, 1.2; death, 123.
in Kentucky, 313, 314; Generals Ilall, Schofield, and PEARSON, Judge, of North Carolina, opinion on habeas oor
Rosecrans in Missouri, 314, 315, 415.

pus, 1:20.
ORDERS RESPECTING FUGITIVE ELAVES, of Gen. Mansfield, 215; PENDLETON, GEORGE H., Representative in Thirty-Sisth

Washington City Provost Marshal, (Brig. Gen. Andrew Congress, 19, Thirty-Seventh, 1.0); Thirty-Ethik. 1.
Porter,) 245; Gen. Fremont, 210, Gen. Wool, 248; resolutions relative to Baltimore Police Commissioner
Gen. Ifalleck, 218, and proposed censure of, 253, 251; 150, allegaal proposition of release to prisoners, 1,
Gen. Iooker, 250: Gen. Doubicday, 250; Gen. T. arrest of Mr. Vallandighan, 182, and the olojects of the
Williams, 251; Lient. Col. Anthony, 251; Secretary Wir, 26: remarks on newspaper exclusion from the
Stanton to Gen. Saxton, 252; Gen. J. M. Tuttle, 253; mails, 191, 192; nomination of, for Vice President at
Gen. Roberts, 233; Gen. Grant, 413, 414.

Democratic National Conventions, and remiks on nc
ORDERS RESPECTING IMPRESSMENT AND PROTECTION OF PROP- cepting, 4:0; speech at Dayton, +21; in New York,

EFTY, of Gen. McDowell in Virginia, 251; Generals 422; letters, +2:5.
Hartsuff and Boylein Kontncky, 315.

PEYXINGTON, WILLIAM, Representative in, and Speaker of
ORDERS RESPECTING SALE OF FIRE-ARMS, of Gen. IIeintzelman Tions, Thirty-sixth Congress, 18.
in Columbus, note, 418.

PENNSYLVANIA, vote for President in 1860, 1: in 1861. 033;
ORDERS, RELEL, of Cul. W. M. Churchwell, 121; Judal P. members of Peace Conference, 67 : Thirty Sixth love

Benjamin on bridge burning and arrests, 187; respect- gress. 49: Thirty-Seronth, 1:22: Thirty-Eighth 1+): per
iug emancipation, 118; for enrollment of persous be- sonal liberty hw, 46, 47: decisions of Supreme Court
tween 17 and 50, 427; for enrollment of negroes in on eurollment Act, 273, 27+; of Julgas on "leul tto-
Louisiana, 428; for revocation of details, 428.

der,” 435: Fute of legisiature ou ratifying the anti-
OREGOX, vote for President in 1860,1; in 1864, 623; not slavery aniontinent. 597.

represented in Peace Couference, 19; members of Thirty- PENROSE, SAMUEL, arrest of, 153.
Sixtli Congress, 48,49; Thirty-Seventh, 122, 123 ; Thirty. PENSACOLA, purt of, opened to trade, 149.
Eighth, 141.

PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE, address of, 410.
ORR, JAMES L., commissioner to Washington, 2; correspond. PEREA, Frixcisco, Delegato from New Mexico, declaration

once with President Buchanan, 29-32; commissioner of, note, 500.
from South Carolina to Georyia, 11: received by Cov. PERILAM. Sidser, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
vention, 3; Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401; Sec- 110,
oud 402; ohjections to build repealing sulistituto law, PERKINS, JOUN, JR., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Cougress,
121: voie on necession ordinance. 399.

11, 400; Representative in First Congress, 101: Second,
ORR, JOHN A., Representative in Second Rebel Congries. 402. 10 ; reported offered and declined Secretarysiip of the
ORTII, GODLOVE S., Member of Peace Conference, 65: Repire- Navy, 400

sentative in Thirty-Eightli Congress, 140; iwwenduicnt PERRY. JOSEPH J., Rrepresentativo in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
to tlic corollment bill, 200.

+8; Member of Peace Conference, 67.
OWENS, JIMEX B., Deputy in Robel Provisional Congress, 11, PERRE, M. S., (horfiernor of Florida, message of, 2.
400; vote on becession ordinance, 399.

PERRY, NEUEMIANT, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-

gress, 124; Thirty-Eizhth, 110.

PERI:YMAN, Joux D., one of the Tennessee protesters, 438-

PACIFIC Republic, intrigues for, 41; Shasta Herald upon, PERSONAL liberty laws of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
41; Sun Francisco Bee, +2.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey,
PAINE, E. T., Colonel, arrested for declining to return fugi- Pennsylvania. Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin, with
tive slaves, 251.

movements to modily or repeal, 44-47; complained of
PALMER, Joun M., Member of Peace Conference, 68; Major in South Carolina Convention, 16; Alexander 11. Ste-

General, order announcing freedom of families of col- phens rpon, 21, 25; propositions in Senate Committee
orel soldiers, note, 561.

of Thirteen, 70; resolution in Honse, 58,75; remarks
PALMER, GEORGE W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- of Senator Simmons upon, 47.

PETIGRU, JAMES L., argument on sequestration, 205, 206.

gress, 48,

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Pitit Jony U., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, · POTTLE, EMORY B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
41. member of Border-state ('

omitee. 73.
PETTUS, E W , Commissioner from Atabarua to Mississippi, Puw..ll, LIZARUS W., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
117; receivei loy Convention, 3

48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; chuir-
PLYTOS, BAILIE, National Intelligenc*r's statement respect- man of Committee of Thirteen, 70; amendment to
ing in 1835, 3J0; one of the Tennedste protesters, 38- Crittenden piro,ositiou, 65, 60; resolution ou arrest of

Baltimore Police Commissioners, 179; arrants in Rion.
PEYTON, ROBERT L. Y., Senator in First Rebel Congress, tucky, 180; dispersion of convention, 181; amendment
402; with rawal, 10.

to indemnity bill, 155; propositions to abolish fishing
PEYTON, SAMUEL 0., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- bounties, 375, 376; to amend the Constitution, 25,1, 250;
Kress, 19

amendment to enrollment bill, 265; amendments to
PRELAN. JAMES, Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401.

bill to increase the pay of soldiers, 272; to bill to sup-
PHELPS. JOHN S., Ropri sentitive in Thirty-sixth Congress, press insurrection, 275; to engineer bill, 276: to bill

19; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; member of Cimmitico of for emancipation in Missouri, 225; to national cur.
Thirty-three, 53; report, 58; views on compensated rency lill, 364; bill to prevent interference in elections,
emancipation, 213-217; vote for Vice President in 315, 316, 500; protest against the bill to punish con-
Democratie National Convention, 120.

spiracies, 377, 378; declined as candidate for nomina-
Pueles, TIMOTHY G., Representative in Thirty-Seventh tion for Vice President at Democratic National Con-
Congresy, 1:22

vention, and vote for Vice President, 20; proposed
PHILADELPHIA FAIR, President Lincoln's remarks at, 337. resolution and bil respecting churches, 513; resolu-
PHILLIP: county, (Arkansus,) purchase of United States tions relative to release of prisoners, 569, to arrests in
arme by, in 1860, 35.

Kentucky, 560, to compensation of loyal slave-owners,
Pullips, WENDELL, Letter to Judge Stallo, 411; to Cleve- 565; amendment to bill to allow bail in certain cases,
lapsi Convention 412.

502; to bill to secure freedom of colored soldiers'
Picayune, New Orleans, on fall of Sumter. 111.

families, 565.
Pickens, Colonel, of East Teunessee, Benjamiu's order of Powers of the President, opinion of Attorney General
arrest, 187

Black, 51–52; Chief Justice Taney, 156-158; Attorney
PICKENS, FRANCis W., Governor of Sonth Carolina, 2; cabi- General Bittes, 135-161.

I-t, 2; proclamation announcing independence, 2; PRATT, JAMES T., Member of Peace Conference, 67.
deputation of, and instructions to Isauc w. Hayne, PRATT, THOMAS G., request for special session of Maryland
commissioner to Washington, 32; course in caucus of Legislature of 1861, 8; proposed member of board of
1835, 330.

public safety, 9; Senator Mason's desired interview
PICKETT, J. T., secretary to rebel commissioners, 103, with, 393.

PIERCE, FRANKLIX, Letter to Jeff. Davis, January 6, 1860, 473, 174.

391 ; named in Chicago Convention for noinination and PRESBYTERIAN CIURCH. (NEW SCHOOL,) deliverances of 1961,
withdrawn, 120.

1862, 1863 and IXG1, 463-172; remarks of President
PIERPOINT, FRANCIS II., Gorernor of Virginia and signer of Lincoln to Committee of, in 1863, 471: Secretary Stan.
Altoona address, 2:33.

ton's order for occupation of churches in insurrec-
PIKE, FREDERICK A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- tionary States, 622.

gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; amendment to extend PRESHYTERIAN CHURCH, (OLD SCHOOL,) deliverances of 1861,

enrollment to include persons of linty years of age, 268. 1862, 1863, and 1864, 401-406; reaffirming the testi-
PINCKNEY, J , regnest for special session of Maryland legis- mony of 1818 on slavory, 465; dissent of the Presby-
lature of 1801, 8,

tery of Louisville, 522. IN INSURRECTIONARY STITLS,
PITTS. CHARLES H., arrest of, 152; offer of begroes to Bal. 603-513; action of General Assembly in 1961, 508-512;

timore Police Commissioners, 393; motions and votes of 1862 and 1861, 512, 513; Union of old and new
in Maryland Legislature, 336–93.

schools, 513: on religious instruction of slaves, 53,
PITTSBURG, excitement in, on attempted removal of guns 618: an East Tennessce church, 513; Secretary Stan.
froni Allegheny Arsenal, 35.

ton's order for the occupatiou of churches in insurrec-
PLATFORMS, of Baltimore Convention, 406 ; of Cleveland tionary States, 522.

Convention, 413 ; of Union Leanne 410; of Democratic PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, REFORMED, resolutions of General
Natioual Convention, 419, 420; Vallandigham's letter Synoil in 1963 and 1804, 473.

upon, 423; Conservative National Uniou men, 423. PRESBYTERIAX CHURCH, REFORMED, (OLD SCHOOL.) Address to
Police Commissioners, Baltimore, arrest of, and reasons, President Lincoln in 1862, 472; resolutions of Synod

192; application to Congress, 179, 180; minutes of, in 1 0+, 472, 473.
393, 391

PRESIYTERIAN CHURCII, UNITED, deliverances of 1861 and
POLICEMAN DAVID DAVEKER, of Bal imore, refusal to "conde- 1862, 474: uf 1863 and 1864, 507,508; orders of Secre-

scend” to pull down the American Ang, and resigna- tary Stanton relative to churches of, in insurrectionary
tion, 394 ; William T. Butler resigned. 391.

States, 521, 522.
POLLOCK, JAMES, Member of Peace Conference, 67. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHES, in New Orleans, loyalty of, 5-14,
PULK, LEONIDAS, Bishop, pastoral letters of, 515; commis. 5+5; in East Tonnessee, 616; Cumberland Presby-

sioneri Major General “ Contelerate' Army, with Bish- terian, 546.
oj, Meride's advico to, and Bishop Burgess's opinion of, PRESBYTERY, TRANSYLVANIA, of 1861, action respecting mar-
note, 515; allusion to in pastoral letter, 486; aud death riage of slaves, +58.
of, note, 515.

PRESIDENT, ELECTION OF, Propositions to change the mode
POLK, TKUSTEN, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; and termi, 54, 55, 57, 73, 87, 255, 256, 573.

Thirty-Seventh, 122; telegrain to Mi-souri, 39; amend. PRESIDENT, powers of the, Attorney General Black, 50-52;
ment to resolution on the cause of the war, 286; ex- Chief Justice Taney, 155-158; Attorney General Bates,
pulsion of, 123.

POLYGAMY, ty prohibit in Utah, 376.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, of 1860, 1; of 1861, 623; Mr. Lin-
POMEROI, SAMUEI C., Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, culn's estimate of actual result, 558, 623.

1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110: proposition relative to repre- Press, freedom of the, Justice Story upon, 188; other pro-
8.*ntation in the Electoral College, 578; relative to the ceedings respecting, 117, 188-191, 411, 412, 562.
return of Arkansits to the Union, 586.

PRESTON, JOHN S., Comunissioner from South Carolina to
POMErox, THEODORE M., R presentative in Thirty-Seventh Virginia, 11; received by Legislature, 6; his denuncia-

Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; substitute for loan tion of the Union, 6; telegram to Judgo llopkins, 40.

Lill, 360; antennent tu national currency bill, 301. PRESTON, WALTER, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
Pool Jan, resvlutions ou Peace in North Carolina legis. 400 ; Representative in First Congress, 402; Second, 102.
lature, 619

PRESTON, WILLIAM BILLARD, vote on secession ordinance,
POPE, JOHN.. Major General, modification of General Rose- 7; Commissioner of Virginia in making military league,
crats's Church Order, 551. -

8; delegate from Virginia Convention to President Liu.
Popu, The, reply ot to the Rebol Commissioners, 517.

coln, 112; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 100;
Poktek, ALBERT G., Representative in Thirty-sixth Con. Senator in First Congress, 401 ; retired, 401.

gress, 49: Thirty-Seventh., 122; motion and proposi- PRICE, HIRAM, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
tione oli emancipation will, 200, 201.

140; resolution relativo to furloughing draited clergy-
Port KUSAL upoudi tu truudes, 149.
POSTMASTERS GENERAL, Opinions of, 189-191.

PRICE, RODMAN M., Member of Peace Conference, 67; leto
Postus, Charles L., Lelegale from Arizona, declaration of, ters of, in 1SCO, found in Fredericksburg, l'a , 330.

PRICE, THOMAS L., Representative in Thirty-Sevouth Co-
POTTEK, JOHN F., Kepresentative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, gress, 123; views on compensated emancipition, 215-
49; Thirty-Seventlı, 122; Member of Peace Confer. 217; proposeul resolution of, at Democratic National

Conventioll, 418.
PUTTEK 1 B., Genera', President of the Vallandigham mili- PROCEEDINGS of the Government in relation to the secession
tary court, 162

men, 564.

movement, 48-00.

ells 68

gress, 1.0.

PROCLAMATION OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN, for troops. 141, 604; | RANDALL, SAMUEL J., Representative in Thirty-Eirbth con

amnesty, 117, 18; bilackadde, 119, 05; commercial inter.
course, 14:1, 150; declaring the boundaries of the insur- RANDALL, WILLIAM II., Representative in Thirty-Eighth
rectiou, 150; $uspending the priviiego of the writ of Congresr, 110.
hubeas campus, 177. 178; under confiscation act, 20%; RANDOLPI, GEORGE W., vote on secerriou ordítance, 7, no'e;
rescinding treneral Hunter's proclamation, 251; ruspect- delegate from Virginia to Presto'rt Lincoln, 112; die
ing reconstruction bill, 318, 319; of emancipation, 227, clined to receive treules into t'le ylitary servie, and
228 ; pardon to duserters, 60!; on equality of rights reason for, 252; Provisional Secretary of War, 401; re-
with all maritime nations, 605.

signed and appointed brigadier, 101.
PROCLAMATION: 0f General McClellan in Western Virginia, RANDOLPHI, JOSEPH F., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

24; General Patterson, H; General Fremont on RANSOM, M. W., Comunissioner from North Carolina to
emancipation, 245, 240; of General Thomas W. Sher- Rebel Provisional t'ongress, 12.
man, 219: of General John A. Dix, 248; General Lurn- RATIFICATION OF THE ANTI-SLAVERY AMENDMENT, Mr. Sum-
sidie in North Carolinat, 219; General Ilalleck, 250; ner's resolution concerning, 591; votes of Legislatures,
General Hunter on emancipation, 250; of Governor 595-610.
Bradiond, 309, 310; of Governor Cunnion of Delaware, Raymond, HENRY J., report of, in Baltimore Convention,
312; of Governor J. F. Robinson, of Keutucky, 313;

Governor Andrew Johnson for election in Tenuessee, READ, HENRY E., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
136-138; of Major General Palmer, nute, 561,

401; Second, 102.
PROCLAMATIONS, REPEL, Davis's of bauishment, 121 ; on con. READ, JOHN M., Justico, opinion on enrollment, 273.

scription, 118; martial law, 121; outliwry of General REAGAN, JUIN H., Representative in Thirty-sixth Congress,
Butler, note, 283; Governor J. E. Brown on northern 49; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11. 40);
debis, 3; General M. Jeff. Thompson, nota, 215, 246.

Postmuster General in Provisional and Permanent ada
PROPERTY, rebel regulations for destroying, 117.

ministration, 400, 401.
PROPOSED cousure of officials, proceedings of Congress on, REBEL ADMINISTRATION, names of persons composing, 400-

PROPOSITIONS of adjustment-see “ Adjustment."

REBEL ARMY, strength of, 121, 399, 612.
PROTESTANT ErisCOPAL CHURCH, action of General Conven- REBEL COMMISSIONERS, appeal of certain, to Earl Russell,

tion of the United States, 183–194; pastoral letter of and reply of latter, 27; correspond ace of cituin,
Bishops, 186-189; their censure of Lishop Polk, 496, with President Buchanan, 29-54; intercourse of cer
487; protest of Bishop flopkins and his rejected ad- tain, with Secretary Seward, 108-110.
dress, 189-495; President Lincoln's response to the paso REBEL CONGRESSIS, names of members and officers, 400–02
toral Address, 19:3; protest of Pennsylvania Episcopa- REDEL DELT, 568; resolution respectiaz, 375, 310.
lians against Bishop flopkins's defence of slavery. 493, REBEL ENROLLMENT ORDERS, of persons between 17 and 50,
494; ac ion of Pennsylvania Diocesan Convention, 493. 4:27; of negroes, 428.
IN INSURRECTIONARY STATES: Alabama Diocesan Con- REDEL FINANCIAL legislation, 368-373, 673 614.
vention, 515; General Convention of 1561, 515; of 1862, REBEL INDEPENDENCE, demands and ternus, 303–307, 323
and pitstoral letter of Bishops, 515, 516: Bishop Polk's

pastoral letters, assumption of military duties, and REBEL LEGISLATION, military, 117–120, 611-613; letters of

death, 515; loyalty of New Orleans churches, 5+3, 511. marque, 117; conscription laws, lls, 119; on nadas
PROTEST», of 36 members of Blouse of Representatives against corpui, 187; sequestration, 203, 613; military emplos

the indeninity bill, 184, 185, of nine Senators against the ment of colored persons, 281-23,611; on ,
bill to punista conspiracies, 377; of Tennessecans 614-617; reconstruction, 329-332; taxation, whiswich
against Governor Johnson's proclamation, 438-401; re- 613, 614,
ply of President Lincoln, +25; of Pennsylvania Episco- REDEL STATES, electoral vote of, 318, 319, 571, 578; resolu-
palians against Bishop Topkins's defence of slavery, 193, tions on their relations to the Government, 22-3.;
494; of members of Baltimore Methodist Episcopal Con- reconstruction of, 317-322, 435-137, 570-318.
ference of 1861, 406.

RECOGNITION, of liayti and Liberia, recommendation of
PROVISIONAL Cabinet of Jeff. Davis, 12, 100.

President Lincoln, 130; bill for, 239; of releindefu
PROVISIONAL Constitution, Rebel, adopted, 12; particulars ence demanded by Legislature of Viryland. 7, ETT;
of, 12.

of independence, the sine qua non of rebris, 30-30,
PROVISIONAL Congress, Rebel, names of deputies and officers, 329-332, 360-573.
il, 400; proceedings of, 19.

RECONSTRUCTION, proceedings respecting, 317-331; rebel
PRUYX, JONY V. L., Representativo in Thirty-Eighth Con- press and politicans ou, 330, 351; Gcorge N. Sú rs

gress, 140; resolution relative to the seized newspa- on terms of, 330; General Grant's letter on, ti, il;
per offices in New York, 194.

reports, proceedings, and votes in Congress upu, will,
Pryor, Roger A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 677, 581-588.

49; address to the people of Virginia, 10; adjustment RECONSTRUCTION, views of various rebel leaders, Legisla
proposition of, 13; resolution on coercion, 76; on bom- tures, Congress, and press upon, 329-30.
bardment of Sumter, 112 ; Deputy in Rebel Provisional RECTOR, Governor, of Arkansas, reply to President's first
Congress, 100; Representative in First Congress, 402;

call for trops, 115.
retired, 102.

Public CREDIT under Buchanan, 365, 366.

REID, DAVID S, Member of Peace Coulerade, s.
PUBLIC DEBT-statements of sumount at different periods, REID, John W., Represcutative in Thirty-seventh

365-365, 601, 002; Secretary Chase's letter respecting gress, 1:22; expelled, 123.

the redemption of in gold, 2016, 367; of rebels, 36. REPORT tu the Souih Carolina Convention of Mr. Rhett, 12-
“ PUBLIC SAFETI'' bill in Legislature of Maryland, 308.

15; of Mr. Memminger, 15, 16; of Wr. Withers, 19;
Pugli, GEORGE E, Senat ir in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; ad- of Major Anderson to the Secretary of War, lit; of
justment proposition, 63, 64.

committee and Secretary Voit un secret oralitzitia
Puu, Jami's L, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, to attack the capital, 80-82; of Mr. Danes in die dit

49; his purpose in taking his sent, 392; declaration position of United States Vessels, als) tepatiit on
respecting secession, 53; sent telegram South, 37; with- iguations in the navy, 82-81; and minority by Mr.
drew', 4; Represeutative in First Rebel Congress, 101 ; Branclı, 8t; majority by Mr. Reynolds and mine nipis
Second, 102.

Mr. Branch upon bill to authorize the President tot
PURYEAR, ROBERT C., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Cod- out the militia, 85; of committee on the content

ence between the Pre-ident and the special cut of
South Carolina, 65; of Committee on Junktiirrespeto

ing suppression of newspapers, ISS-191; (Cratar of
QUARLES, JAMES M., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, arms Svuth in 1839-'60, 36-30; of Ilonse Comatter of

Thirty-three, 57-62; of Peace Conference, G.; Senale
QUINLAN, Mr., arrest of, 152.

Committee of Thirteen, 69-73; ot Juhu i ochrupa

imports bill, 79, 80; of several ou reculisli tatua,


RADFORD, William, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- tional amendment to change, 591, 592.

Resignations in the navy-see - Report."
RAISIN, Va., arrest of, 152

RESOLUTIONS for protectijn of slave property in the Terri
kuleign Stundarl, sensation article of, 38.

tories, 90.
kalls, Joun P. Representuure in First Rebel Congress, RESOLUTIONs in the Miryland Legislature, 347, 393.
401; Second, 402.

RESOLUTIONS offered at second session of a hirty-Sixth Corr
Ram31Y, JAMES G., Representative in Second Rebel Con. gres, 54-9; in Thirty-seventh and Thury Eign'hapte
1ts, 402

grenses, on arrests, 179-183, 000; un a*ptrup
RAMSEX. ALEXANDER, Senatur in Thirty-Eighth Congress, SIVII, 194; comprensiteit enancirati, 20., 210,2-0, :

emancipation proclamativ, 22-231; ucu. lalaks

gress, 400.

Aless, 110,

gres, 18.

order, 253; slavery, '59; en o'lment act, 270, 271, 564; ! ROMAN, J. Dixon, Member of Peace Conference, 68.
the njerts of iso war. 28-290: the prosecution of the Rosk, D.G., Proxy of Governor Morton at Altoona meeting,
W.1, 2.0-91: posee." 204–26.2.7-3.0.574,675; mil-

itary orders concerning tec110114, 315; the relations of ROSECRANS, WILLIAM S., Major General, exclusion of Metro
the rebellious St. tes to the (invernment, 32-2); ar. politan Recorrt from his department, 192; orders re-
rest of Mirson and Slidell, 13; monarchical intrignes specting the election in Missouri, 4.15; and religious
in Central: nd South Ameri, 21:firrigu meiliation), convocations, and explanatory letter 01, 558; nodi-
316,31; the French in Mexico, 18, 319; the Arguelles fication of sud order liy General P'ope, 354.
Case, 351, 35); taxation, 339; incompatibility of civil Ross, LEWI: W., Representative in Thrty-Eighth Congress,
and military olier, 370; de laring certain persons in. 110; resolution togiro pay and mileage to civilians ar-
cligible to ethice, 370; proposui conenro of Pro-jelent rested and released without trial, 183.
Lincoln, 356, ut ex-President Buchanan, 3:7, 3 &, R .p- Ross, R Hunt J., Coumissioner to the President from the
resentatives Longinduris, 5:7.38; on furloughing Legislaturcof Marylaud, 9; report of, 9.
drafiou clergymon, 60+; on couliscating properly of Rost, P. A., Comunissioner to England, letter of, to Earl
deserter, 60); on constitutional powers, 570; on alai- Russell, 27; reported conversation with Earl Russell, 27.
tional guaranties for the libertior of the priple, 973; Rousseau. LOTELL VI., vote for Vice President in Union Na-
on the ratification of a constitutivnali mendmont, -91; tional Convention, 407.
on oath of allegiance for lawyers, CO2.

Royce, llomer E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
RESOLUTIONS, rebel, of Congress on independence, 323, 4-6. 48.

615-516; Legislature of Virginia on guerrillas. 119; Roystox, GRANDISON D., Representative in First Rebel Con-
Legislaturo of ricorgia, 329, 03, 021, 6:22; of North Can's

gress, 401.
olini, 330, 619, 6_0; of Louisiana 352; of Mississippi, Rurfis, THOMAS, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
993; of Alabama, 450; of Virginia, 620, 621; of Texas, 49; trlegram sent South, 37; member of Peace Con-

fereure, (S; Deputy in Rubel Provisivnal Congress, 400;
REYNOLAS, Edwin R., Representative in Thirty Sixth Con- death, 401.

Ruger, Lientenant Colonel, instructions of General Banks
REYXOLOJ8, Joux II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- to, 153, 154,

urces, 48; memberot Select Committee on Military and RUSSELL, CHARLES W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con-
Naval Affairs, 80; report of, 85.

gress, 400; Representittivo in First Congress, 402;
Ruett, ROBURT BARSWELL, Sr., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Second, 402; proposition on peace, 436.
Congre-s, 2, 11, 400; report in South Carolina conven- | RUSSELL, (

El) rebel Comnissioners' letter to, 27; reply
tion, 1-15; remarks on, 18; views on fugitive slave of, 27; letter of Lord Lyonto, on Foreign Mediation,
law, 18; vote on secession ordinance, 39).

311-345 ; letter of, to Lord Lyons, on the Trent Affair,
RHODE ISLAND, vote for President in 18co, 1; in 1861, 623; 333; sime to same, on sanc, 312.

members of Peace Conference, 67 ; Thirty-Sixth Con- Rust, ALPERT, Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
gress, 48: Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; 49; moniber of Committee of Thirty-thren, 13; report
" persoual liberty' law, 46, 47 ; vote of Legislature on of, 58; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.

ratifying the anti slavery amendment, 596.
RICE, ALEXANDER II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con.

gri8, 45; Thirty-Suvonth, 1.2; Thirty-Eighth, 110.
Rich, IHNEY M., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; SABBATH, TAE, President Lincoln's order on observance of,

Thirty-Serenih, 132; member of Committee of Thir- 605.
teen, 70: proposition of adjustment, 72.

SILMON, B. S., arrest of, 153.
RICE, Jon II., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, SALOMON, EDWARD, Governor of Wisconsin, signer of Al-

122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; resolution on the war, 291; touna aldress, 233.
proposeul militia lill, 270.

Sin Francisco Bee, upon a Pacific republic, 42.
RICHARDSON, WILLIALA, Representative in Thirty-Seventh SANDERS, GEORGE N., Letter to Governor Seymour and

Congress, 12); Thirty-Eighih, 122; Senator in Thirty- others, on reconstruction, &c., 330; Niagara Falls Con-
Eiglith, 123; resolution respecting imprisonment of feroce, 301-303.
citizens of Illinois, 181; aniondment to bill to increase SANGSTON, LAWRENCE, arrest of, 152.
py of soldiers, 272.

SARGENT, AARON A., Ropresentative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
Richmond Inquirer, 5, 114, 205, 428, 421--seo “ Enquirer.

gress, 1:22.
Richmonu Eriminer, 114, 305, 330, 593—sco Eraminer." SAUERWCIN, PETER G., emancipation resolutions offered by,
RICHMOND JE D1 G, resolutions of, after the Hampton and adopted in Baltimore City Union Convention in
Rouls Conference, 572.

1802, 228.
Riclunmd Snlinel, 331, 399-ree Sentinel."

SAULSBURY, WILLARD, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
Richmond IVhig, on anti-substitute bill, 121.

Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eigbth, 140; member of
RIDDLE, ALDEET G., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- Border-States Committee, 73; resolutions on arrests in

Delaware, 181, and release of prisoners, 152; amend.
RIDDLE, GEOFGER, Senator in Thirty-Eightli Congress, 140. ments to bill repealing the fugitive slave laws, 236,
RIDUELY, IIESRY, Member of Peace Conference, 68.

237 ; to the bill creating a new article of war, 238; to
RIGGS, JETUR R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, freedme 's bill, 260; to army appropriation bill, 283;

to tax bill, 375; and to resolution of censure of Ex-
Riley, E. S., arrest of, 153.

President Buchanan, 387; joint resolution for peaco
RIVES, William C., member of Peace Conference, 68; Dep- commissioners, 290; proposed coustitutional amend-

uty in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400; Representative ment, 257; amendments to bill to secure the freedom
in Second Congress, 402.

of colored soldiers' families, 503, and to resolution of
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN S., Brigadier General, order concerning inqniry for Hampton Roads Correspondence, 563.
contrabands, 253.

Savannah News, December 24, 1800, publication of Senator
ROBERTSON, Judge, Commissioner from Virginia to South Toomby's address to Georgia, 37.
Carolina, 2.

SCUENCK, ROBERT C., Major General, orders, &c., concerning
Robinson, CHRISTOPHER, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- elections, 309,311; reply to Governor Bradford, 311;

gress, 49; member of Conimittee of Thirty-three, 53. orders respecting churches in Baltimore, 521, 520, and
ROBINSON, JAMES C., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- letters respecting, 525.

gress, 49; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140. SCHENCK, ROBERT C., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con-
Robinson, J. F., Governor of Kentucky, proclamation, 313. gress, 140; resolution upon eligibility of, 375; resolu-
RODINSON, LUCIUS, Letter on the Cleveland Convention, tion on the war, 291; resolution to censure Benjamin

G. Ilarris, 375; amendments to the enrollment bill,
RODNEY, GEORGE B, Member of Peace Conference, 68.

265, 266, 268; proposition relative to courts-martial,
ROGERS, A. A.C., claimed seat as Representative from Ar- 561; resolution for the rescinding of the order requir:
kuinsus, and refused, 111.

ing that colored persons leaving the District of Colum-
ROGERS, ANDREW J., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- bia shall have


gress, 1:0; resolutions asking for the appointment of SCHNABLE, Eliss B., arrest of, 153.
peace commissioners, 239.

SCHOFIELD, JOUX M., Major General, orders concerning elec-
ROGERS, ST. GEORGE, Representative in Second Rebel Con- tions, 314, 315; reply to Rev. Dr. McPheeters, 533.

Schools.colored, legislation respecting, 211.
ROLLINS, EDWARD H., Representative in Thirty-Seventh SCOPIELD, GLENNI W., Representativu iu Thirty-Eighth Con-
Congress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 110.

gress, 140
ROLLINS, JAMES S., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- Scott, CHARLES L., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

gress, 122; Thirty-Eiglith, 140; on compensated eman- gress, 49; for a Pacific republic, 11.
cipation, 213–217; resolutions relating to the prosecu- Scott, JOHN G., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
tion of the war, 280; to compensation of loyal slave 140.
owners, 591.

SCOTT, OTIO, Commissioner to President Lincoln from the
Romax, A. B., Rebel Commissioner, 110.

Legislature of Varyland, and report, 9.

grees, 122.

gress, 102.


gres, 402.

gress, 123.

per, 331.

SCOTT, ROBERT E., Deputy in Rehel Provisional Congress, 490. SHERMAN. JOAN, Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122;
SCOTT, T. PARKIN, arrest of. 152; voies and motions in Thirty-Eighth, 110; amendment to confiscation bill,
Maryland Legislature, 336–393.

12; bdments to eurollment bill, 202, 203 ; amend.
SCOTT, WINFIELD, Lieutenant General, President Lincoln's ment to bill repealingfugitive slave law, 236; explana-

allusion to retirement of, 190; letter relative to quotas tory remark of vote, note, 2+3; amendment to bill to
of armis, 35, 36; order to Col. Martin Burke, relative employ colored persons in the United States service,
to military prisoners, 152; President's orders to, re- 275; amendment to legil teniler bill, 338,
specting suspension of hulras corpus, lii.

SHERM N, SOCRITES N., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
SCRANTON, GEORGE W., Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Con- Congrise, 122.
gry, 15,

SHERMAX, THOMAS W., Brigadier General, proclamation to
SEBASTIAN. WILLIAM K., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, the people of South Carolina, 218.
19; member of Dorrier-States Committee, 73.

SHERMAX, WILLIAM T., Blajor General, on the draft of 1864,
SECES-10% movement developed, 2-47.

SECE8-10x Orduauces, vote on, in South Carolina, 398, 399; SHEWMAKE, J. T., Representative in Second Rebel Con-

Florida, 397; Virginia, note, 7; Tennessee military
lea: 4, 5; Arkansas, 399; Louisiana, 585-590.

SHIEL, GEORGE K., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
Szcessioy, right of, Mr. Dolittles amendment respecting,

63; Thomas E. Franklin's, in Peace Conference, and SHORTER, JOHN GILL, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
David Dudley Field's, 69; President Buchanan's opin- 11, 400; elected Governor of Alabama, 100.
101, 49.

SICKLES, DANIEL E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Cos-
SECRET ASSOCIATIONS, J. IIolt's report on, 445–451.

gress, 48; adjustment proposition, 5t; report in fugi-
SEDDON, JAMES A., Member of Peace Conference, 69; report tive slave case, 250.

on its proposition, 6; adjustment proposition, 69; Dup- SIMMOXY, JAmes F., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
uty in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400; rebel Secretary Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; resigned, 1:23; remarks on “per.
of liar, 101; declined to receive creules into the mili- 80 Dul liberty laws, 47.
tary service, and the reason given, 282.

Simms, William E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
SEDGWICK, CANLES B , Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- gress, 49; Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401; Second,

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; substituto for emanci- 402.
pation lill, 20.

Simpson, WILLIAM D., Representative in First Rebel Cop-
SEGAR, JOSEPU, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, gress, 402; Second, 402.

12); claimant in Thirty Eighth, an 1 refused, 141; cre- SINGLETON, 0:10 R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Code
dentialsas Senator from Virginia, 557.

gress, 49; telegran south, 37; withdrew, 3; declara-
SEIZURES of Goverument property in insurrectionary States, tion respecting secession, 52; Representative in First

23; Governor Letcher's proposed attempton Fortress Rebel Congress, 401: Second, 402.
Monrue, 28.

SLAUGHTER, THOMAS C., Member of Peace Conference, 68.
SEMM, S, TUMAS J., Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401; SLAVERY, TESTIMONY OF CHURCHTS on, ON School Presbyter.
Second, 402; on Declara'ion of Independence, 614.

ian, 403, 465, 466, and attempted censire of in New
SENATE Committee of Thirteen, 70; proceedings of, 70-72. York Synotl, 466, 467 ; New School Presbyterian, 16
SESAT", UNITED STATES, resolution respectirig the Presi- 471; Reformed Presbyterian, (Old school.) 472, 473;

dent's approval of the anti-slavery amendment, 591; Reformed Presbyterian, 473; Cumberland Presbyte.
oath frodi members, C03.

rian, 473, 47-4; United Presbyterian, 474, 507; Laptist
Sentinel, Richmond, on reconstruction and on northern tem- Meeting at Brooklyn, the West New Jersey Assicia-

tion, and tho New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
SEQUESTRATION Act, rebel, 203, 201, 613; Judge Magrath's New York, and Ohio, and American Bap:ist Misaionary
decision on constitutionality of, 206.

Union, 47 478; Lutheran General Synod, 480 ; Con
SEWARD, WILLIAM II., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; grezational, 480-482; Congregational Welsh of Penn-

on Committee of Thirteen, 70; proposition therein, 71, sylvania, 451, 482; Reformed Protestant Dutch, 433;
also respecting armed invasion, 71.

Moravian, 483; Protestant Episcopal Convention of
SEWARD, William 11., Secretary of State, 108; letters to com- Pennsylvania, 493; Methodist Episcopal General Cose

missioners of the Southern Confederacy, 108-111; to ference of 1860 and 1864, 491-499, aud Baltimore Code
Daniel Loril and Governor Washburn respectingarrests, ference of 1861, 496; Methodist Protestant Conterence,
151; to Mr. Adams on the Trent affair, 338; to Lord 499, 500; Free Methodist Conference of New York, 501;
Lyons,:38; on foreign enlistments, 313, 3H; to Gov. Wesleyan Methodists, 546–548; Evangelical Associa.
Hicks on foreign mediation, 315: to Mr. Dayton in re- tion, General Conference, 501, 502; Quaker Yearly
8p 150 to letter of M. Dronyn do l'Iluys on mediation, Meeting, 503; Unitarian Associations, 501, 548; East
317, 316; letters of, and Mr. Dayton respecting tho Pennsylvania Conference of United Brethren, 504;
French in Mexic i, 319, 350; to the President on the General Conventions of Universalists, 505, 506; Young
Arguelles case, 335; declining to receive peace address Men's Christian Association, 506; American Board of
from Great Britain, 460); to Mr. Alams on tho Ilampton Foreign Missions, 507; Menonites, 603, C04. IX INSCE-
Roals Conference, 570. Letters of: in response to reso- RECTIONARY STATES: Old School Presbyterian, 508-513;
Jutions of the Synod of New York and New Jersey, Baptists, 513-515; Protestant Episcopal, 515, 516; Ad-
468; New School Presbyterian Assembly of 1862, 470; dress of the “Confederate” Clergy, 517-521.
West New Jersey B.: ptist Association, 476; Philadelphia SLAVERY, the avowed cause of secession, 17 ; Crawford's res.
Baptists of 186, 470; Vermont Congregationalists of olution respecting the Constitution and, 76; Sbermau's
1861, +91; Congregational Welsh of Pennsylvania of resolution on non-interference with, in the States, 17;
1562, 481; Pastoral Letter of Bishops of Protestant proposed constitutional amendment to protect, in
Episcopal Church, 493.

States, 59, 60; other propositions, 63-75; Davis's prop
Sexton, Frank B., Representative in First Rebel Congress, osition respecting, in Senato Committeo of Thirteen,
402; Second, 402.

71; procecdings to prohibit in the Territories, 254, 35;
Seymour, IlORATIO, Governor of New York, letters to Dis- Isaac N. Arnold's bill and substitute, 254; proceedings

trict Attorney llall respecting the suspension of the to so amend the Constitution as to prohibit, 235-252,
Journal of Commerce and World newspapers, 192, 193; 690; Aaron llarding's resolution on, 209; William R.
and the draft in New York city, 274; remarks'as chuir- Morrison's resolution on, 269; characteristic incidents
man of Democratic National Convention, 418, 419.

of, 518.
SEYMOUR, THOMAS II., voto for Presidential candidate in the SLAVES, bill to prohibit employment of, in dock-yards, 28;
Democratic National Convention, 420.

resolution respecting, and vote, 238.
SHACKLEFORD, JAMES M., Brigadier General, orders respect- SLAVES to be enrolled and drafted, 274; the master to re
ing elections, 313, 314.

ceive bounty of $100, 275; if drafted to be free, 375;
SHANKS, Joax P.C., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- proposed tax on, 361; families to be free, 564, 565.

gress, 122; resolution respecting return of fugitive Slaves, rebel employment of, 281, 282; draft of, for military
slaves, 258.

service, 282; views of Legislature of Alabama, 22;
SHANNON, THOMAS B., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- tax imposed in 1861, 370; enrollment of, 428, oli, ol;

tax on, 614.
Shasta (Cal.) llerald, on Pacific republic, 41.

SLAVES, RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION of, “ Confederate" Preshy-
SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM P., Representativo in Thirty-Seventh terians on, 513; Georgia Baptists, on marriage of, 515;
Congress, 1:22.

“Confederate” Episcopalians upon, 516; South Carolins
SHELLABANGER, SAMUEL, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Episcopalians, Georgia Baptists, and Bishop Verot of
Congress, 12.2; resolution on the war, 230.

Savannah upon, 548; Transylvania Presbytery of 1561
SAERIDAN, Piilip II., Major General, voto on resolution of
thanks to, 566.

SLAVE TRADE, African, treaties and legislation concerning,
SHERMAN, Joux, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 150-152.

43; member of Border States Committee, 73; proposi- SLAVE TRADE, coastwise, repeal of laws regulating, 243, 244.
tion of adjustment, 55; resolution respecting slavery in SLIDELL, Joux, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; with.
the States, 77.

drew, 4; intermediary between Col. Hayne and Preg-

gress, 140.

upon, 548.

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