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T LAST America has a Hall of Fame. Its tablets bear the names of

those who made the Republic of the United States of America what

it is—the First and Foremost of Nations. This Book contains the Stories of the Lives, Exciting Experiences and Achievements of those Famous Americans whose names constitute the American Roll of Fame, whose glorious deeds and victories on land and sea entitle them to have their names inscribed upon the tablets of History.


Rome engraved its heroic names in the Pantheon; all the Ancient Eastern Nations immortalized their mightiest sons by enduring memorials; Imperial France has written Napoleon's name in the Church of the Invalides, while the Royalists have inscribed their sovereigns' titles at St. Denis; England has inscribed the names of her heroes at St. Paul's or in Westminster Abbey; Austria has carved her imperial titles at the Church of the Capuchines, Vienna; the names of Spain's most famous sovereigns are written for all ages in the Escurial; while Germany has her Hall of Heroes, at Berlin, where may be seen, written in golden letters, those names she most reveres.

All forms of human greatness are recognized in this American Hall of Fame, and to insure impartial selections, a Board of Electors, consisting of one hundred of the most eminent men in this country, was chosen as a jury to pass upon the names of those whose talents entitled them to places upon the memorial tablets.

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Theodore Roosevelt-Vice-President of the United States.
Grover Cleveland-Ex-President of the United States.


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Benjamin Harrison-Late ex-President of the United States.

Melville Weston Fuller-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Andrew D. White-Ambassador from the United States to Germany. Charles W. Eliot-President of Harvard University.

Arthur T. Hadley-President of Yale University.

C. C. Harrison-President of the University of Pennsylvania.
Miss Caroline Hazard-President of Wellesley College.

George Washburn-President of Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey.

Seth Low-President of Columbia University.

George F. Edmunds-United States ex-Senator from Vermont. David Brewer-Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Whitelaw Reid-Editor New York Tribune.

Edward Everett Hale-Author, Orator and Publicist.

Edmund C. Stedman-Poet and Business Man.

The following University and College Presidents were also members of the Board of Electors:

E. A. Alderman-President of Tulane University.

James B. Angell-President of the University of Michigan.
John H. Barrows-President of Oberlin College.

W. S. Chaplin-President of Washington University (St. Louis).
William H. Crawford-President of Allegheny University.
James R. Day-President of Syracuse University.
W. H. P. Faunce-President of Brown University.
George A. Gates-President of Iowa College.
William De Witt Hyde-President of Bowdoin College.
David S. Jordan-President of Leland Stanford Jr. University.
Henry Morton-President of Stevens Institute.

Mrs. Alice F. Palmer-Ex-President Wellesley College.
Henry Wade Rogers-Ex-President Northwestern University.
David S. Schaaf-President of Lane Theological Seminary.
James M. Taylor-President of Vassar College.

Miss M. Carey Thomas-President of Bryn Mawr College.
Charles F. Thwing-President of Western Reserve College.
William J. Tucker-President of Dartmouth College.



Henry C. Adams-University of Michigan.
Charles M. Andrews-Bryn Mawr College.
Frank W. Blackmar-University of Kansas.
Edward G. Bourne-Yale University.
Henry E. Bourne-Western Reserve College.
George J. Brush-Sheffield Scientific School.
Edward Channing-Harvard University.
Richard H. Dabney-University of Virginia.
Clyde A. Duniway-Leland Stanford Jr. University.
Frederick M. Fling-University of Nebraska.
B. A. Hinsdale-University of Michigan.
Charles W. Hunt-New York City.
J. F. Jameson-Brown University.
Harry Pratt Judson-University of Chicago.
Joseph L. Conte-University of California.
A. C. McLaughlin-University of Michigan.
J. H. McPherson-University of Georgia.
Anson D. Morse-Amherst College.
Edward Pickering-Harvard University.
Rossiter W. Raymond-New York City.

Thomas J. Shahan-Catholic University, Washington.
Robert D. Sheppard-Northwestern University.
George S. Swain-Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
William H. Welsh-Johns Hopkins University.
W. M. West—University of Minnesota.


John S. Billings-New York.

Borden P. Bowne-Boston.

James M. Buckley-Madison, N. J.
Edward Eggleston-Madison, Ind.
George P. Fisher-New Haven, Conn.
Richard Watson Gilder-New York.
Albert B. Hart-Cambridge, Mass.
John F. Hurst-Washington, D. C.
St. Clair McKelway-Brooklyn.

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Philip V. Myers-Cincinnati.

George E. Post-Beirut, Syria (Asia).
James F. Rhodes-Boston.

Albert Shaw-New York.

William M. Sloane-New York.

Moses Coit Tyler-Ithaca, N. Y.

Anson J. Upton-Glens Falls, N. Y.
Charles Dudley Warner-Hartford, Conn.
Goodrow Wilson-Princeton, N. J.


G. W. Tortch-Utah.

J. M. Bartholomew-North Dakota.
M. S. Mansfield-Nevada.
Theodore Brantley-Montana.
John Campbell-Colorado.
Judge Cassoday-Wisconsin.
Dighton Carson-South Dakota.
W. H. Dent-West Virginia.
W. T. Faircloth-North Carolina.

R. R. Gaines-Kansas.

J. H. Hazelrig-Kentucky.
James Keith-Virginia.
Judge McClellan—Alabama.
F. T. Nicholls-Louisiana.
J. R. Nicholson-Delaware.
T. L. Norval-Nebraska.
C. N. Potter-Wyoming.
C. M. Start-Minnesota.
R. F. Taylor-Florida.
Judge Wolverton-Oregon.
T. H. Woods-Mississippi.

This Volume gives just what the Patriotic Boys and Girls-and the Men and Women, as well-of America should know about the Famous Americans whose names constitute the Roll of Fame.

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