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Cæsar, containing the speech of Mark Antony—a passage much more effective as a dramatic whole, than when cut down to a monologue, as in many books of oratory.

With these remarks, the Patriotic Speaker is submitted to the judgment of those for whose advantage it is intended.

R. R. R.


July 13, 1864.

. Nelson. 64

Legislative Censure Repelled.

.Davis. 65

Right of Free Discussion.

.Lovejoy. 68

John Brown.....

.Lovejoy. 69

Slavery and the Constitution.

.Lovejoy. 71

The “Helper” Book..

.Lovejoy. 72

Slavery Must Die..

.Lovejoy. 74

Rise and Progress of Wm. Lloyd Garrison.

Sedgwick. 76

Northern Sentiments on the Fugitive Slave Law..

. Sedgwick. 77

The North, Not the South, asks Legislative Aid.

Toombs. 80

Dred Scott Decision....

Wade. 81

Response to Threats..



Demands of the Pro-Slavery Party.

.Lincoln. 84

A Patent Gospel.....

.Lovejoy. 85

The Peaceful Remedy....

.Kendall. 87

Tribute to the Supreme Court.

.Johnson. 88

The Price of Peace...

Wigfall. 89

The Cordon of Free States.

. Baker. 91

A Free Press....

. Baker. 92

The Garrison of Sumter..

.Jeff. Davis. 93

The Causes of Separation..

Jeff. Davis. 94

The Attitude of President Lincoln.

.Johnson. 96

The Prospect of Adjustment...

.Johnson. 98

Perpetuity of the Union.

.Johnson. 99

The Alarum..

. Morris. 101

Against Altering the Constitution.

Lovejoy. 102

Plea for the Union..

. Seward. 104

Compromise Untimely.

.Edgerton. 106

Compromise Repudiated.

.Edgerton. 107

Enforcing the Laws.....

.Pendleton. 109

The Doctrine of Secession Absurd.

Douglas. 110

War Deprecated........

.Douglas. 112

Appeal for the Constitution.

.Bingham. 113

Maryland for the Union.

..Harris. 114

The Flag Insulted...

.Lovejoy. 115

Mutual Antipathy of the North and South.

.Etheridge. 116

The Secession of Florida.....

.Etheridge. 117

Tennessee not to be Driven into Secession.

.Nelson. 119

The South Warned against Military Despotism.

.Nelson. 120

Why Destroy this Government?.
Vindication of Rebellion.....
Confidence in the Future..
The Supreme Court not Paramount.
Reconstruction Impossible.
The Corner-Stone.
Unnecessary Excitement Caused by Irresponsible Men..
Secession no True Virginia Doctrine..
Complaints of the South Causeless..
Consequences of Secession...
Effect of Disunion on Slavery.
Gains of Disunion.
The Time for Actions—Not Questions.
What is our Country?..
A Call to Arms...
The Insult to the Flag...
Address to the Graduating Class at Columbia College.
Separation as a Means of Peace...
Secession Establishing a Foreign Power.
The Great Issue...
The Ship of State..
Tribute to the People of Kansas.
Nature of the Union.....
Insincerity of Secessionists. .
National and State Allegiance.
The Right of Revolution....
Public Opinion the Arbiter of Grievances.
False Pretences for Secession.
The Causes of Secession....
The Duty of Defending the Union.
Martial Law and General Jackson.
An Appeal for East Tennessee..
Past and Present.
Secession Illustrated..
A Lesson from Mexico.
The Civil War..
A Word to the Seceders.
The Way of Peace.....
An Appeal for the Union.
The Means of Resistance.
Principles of Secession Identical with those of '76.

Cause of the Rebellion....


irror for Traitors.

A 'Fruits of Secession.

thern Independence...

zcession and Submission Compared..


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