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THOMAS CHITTENDEN, Williston, Governor.
JONATHAN HUNT, Vernon, Lieutenant Governor. 1


JOHN FASSETT, Cambridge,

JONAS GALUSHA, Shaftsbury,
GIDEON OLIN, Shaftsbury.
JOHN WHITE, Georgia,
CORNELIUS LYNDE, Williamst'wn,*
ELIJAH ROBINSON, Weathersfield."

JOSEPH FAY, Bennington, Secretary.
JOHN FAY, Bennington, Deputy Sec'y. S

Until Oct. 18 1794, when
Sec. Fay resigned.

TRUMAN SQUIER, Manchester, Secretary, from Oct. 18, 1794.
JONATHAN BELL, Rutland, Sheriff.


JOHN WHITE, a descendant from a contemporary of William Penn, was born in Esopus, N. Y. and settled in Arlington some years prior to 1783, as in that year he was appointed Assistant Judge of Bennington County Court. He held that office until 1787, when he removed to Burlington with an intention of settling in the town of Georgia. Oct. 22 1787 he was appointed Assistant Judge of Chittenden County Court, and he held that office until 1796, the year 1793 excepted. In 1796 he was

'Lieut. Gov. Olcott declined a re-election.-See Appendix C. There having been no election by the people, Mr. Hunt was elected in grand committee, Oct. 10 1794.

2 Judge Fassett was elected by the people but did not take his seat. Resigned Oct. 29 1794.

Elected in grand committee, Oct. 11 1794, vice Hunt "promoted.” Elected in grand committee, Oct. 29 1794, vice Porter resigned.

appointed to the same office in Franklin County, and reappointed in 1797. His judicial service therefore covered ten years. He was elected representative of Georgia in the Assembly in 1790, 1794, and 1800; but in 1794 he was also elected a member of the Council, and he served in that body. His service in the Council was from 1794 until 1798, and from 1801 until 1808-cleven years. He was a member of the Council of Censors in 1792, and 1799; of the Constitutional Convention in 1791, and 1793; and a Presidential Elector in 1808. "He was a man of character and ability, making up for his want of education by habits of close observation, and the practice of a sound common sense."-Vt. Hist. Magazine, Vol II, p. 238; Deming's Catalogue; and Vermont Legislative Directory.

CORNELIUS LYNDE, one of the original grantees of the town of Williamstown, was born in Leicester, Mass., Aug. 16, 1751. He served a regular apprenticeship in the clothier's trade until he was twenty-one; shortly after entered Harvard College, but on the opening of the revolutionary war he joined the army and served through the war, being a lieutenant when he was discharged. He then went to Williamstown, Mass., probably to pursue his studies further, since in 1785 he came to Williamstown, Vt., and was employed by the proprietors to survey and allot the land. He was the first town clerk, elected in 1787, and held that office until 1797. He was town representative from 1791 until 1794, and was elected for 1794, but was transferred to the Council. He was Councillor from 1794 until 1799; Judge of Orange County Court from 1793 until 1798; and a delegate in the Constitutional Convention of 1791. Judge Lynde was associated with Judge Elijah Paine in public enterprises, and with him labored for the establishment of the State University at Williamstown, instead of Burlington. Judge Lynde died at Williamstown in 1836.

Col. ELIJAH ROBINSON first appeared in the Vermont records as representative for Weathersfield in 1782, which station he filled in 1783, and from 1792 until Oct. 29 1794, when he was appointed Councillor. To this office he was elected annually until 1802. In 1783 he was a member of the Board of War, and in 1786 he served as Lieut. Colonel in suppressing the attempted insurrection in Windsor County. He was judge of Windsor County Court from 1782 until 1787, again from 1788 until 1801, and Chief Judge in 1802-making nineteen years of judicial service. He was also a member of the Council of Censors in 1785. In 1793 he was elected Brigadier General, but refused to accept the office. -B. H. Hall's Eastern Vermont; Deming's Catalogue; and Vermont Legislative Directory. His death was announced in Spooner's Vermont Journal of Feb. 13 1809 as follows:

Died at Weathersfield, on the 25th ult. universally lamented, the Hon. ELIJAH ROBINSON, Esq. aged 73, an officer of the late revolutionary army of the United States. Col. Robinson sustained his share in the

services of his country in the war of 1755, [and] was one of the number who in 1759 traversed the then wilderness from Charlestown [N. H.] to Crown Point. At the commencement of the contest which terminated in the emancipation of these States, he repaired again to the "tented field," and contributed several years personal services to our freedom and independence. At the close of the revolution he retired to a wilderness to repair a fortune exhausted in the services of his country. Since his residence in this State he has sustained and discharged several important civil offices with honor and integrity-he was moreover a virtuous, exemplary and religious man. His remains were committed to the silent tomb on the Saturday following, accompanied by the greatest concourse of people ever witnessed in this country on a similar occasion.

TRUMAN SQUIER, of Manchester, attorney, resigned the Secretaryship on the 15th of October 1798, and on the 25th of the same month the Governor and Council appointed him Judge of Probate for the District of Manchester, vice "a Mr. Stone [Luther Stone,] who was elected a Judge of Probate for the District of Manchester the last year and had declined qualifying as such." Mr. Squier was appointed to the same office for the year 1798-9; and also State's Attorney for Bennington County in 1798 and 1799.




Ост. 1794.

STATE OF VERMONT, RUTLAND Oct. the 9, A. D. 1794. At a meeting of the Governor & Council this Day Convened, Present his Excellency Thomas Chittenden Esqr Governor, and the following members of the Hon'ble Council Viz. Samuel Safford Ebenezer Walbridge John Strong Jonathan Hunt Luke Knoulton Paul Brigham Jonas Galusha. Joseph Fay Sec. John Fay D. Sec. Jonathan Bell Sheriff.

Resolved that a Committee of seven to Consist of one member from each County be appointed to join such Committee as the General Assembly shall appoint for the purpose of Receiving, Sorting & Counting the Votes of the Freemen for the Governor, Lieut Governor, Council & Treasurer and Declare the several persons who shall appear to be Duly elected for the year ensuing according to Law, - Members chosen, Mrss. Walbridge, Strong, Knoulton, Brigham, Safford, Porter & Hunt.

A Bill from the House was received appointing a Committee Consisting of two members from each County to join a Committee of Council for the receiving, sorting & Counting the Votes of the Freemen for [officers for] the year ensuing-Resolved that Mrs. Safford, Knoulton, Brigham & Strong Join said Committee.

Adjourned untill 9 O'clock to morrow.1

RUTLAND Oct. the 10 A. D. 1794.

Council met according to adjournment. Present his Excellency Thomas Chittenden Esq" Gov" and the following Members of the Hon'ble Council Viz. Samuel Safford Ebenezer Walbridge John Strong Jonathan Hunt Luke Knoulton Paul Brigham Jonas Galusha John White. Joseph Fay Sec. John Fay Dr. Secy. Jonathan Bell Sheriff.

From The Farmers' Library of Oct. 21 1794:

On Thursday the 9th Oct. inst. his Excellency the Governor, together with both branches of the Legislature, met at the State-House in this town, thence proceeded to the Meeting-House, escorted by a company of Infantry, where they were entertained by a patriotic and instructive discourse, by the Rev. Samuel Williams, L. L. D. from the IX Chapt. & 7-15th verses of Judges, ornamented with instrumental and vocal music.


The House, on opening the session of Oct. 10, adopted the following:

Resolved, That Mr. Williams [Hon. Samuel, of Rutland,] be requested to wait on the Rev. Doctor Samuel Williams, [also of Rutland,] and desire him to officiate as chaplain to the house this morning.

Resolved, That Mr. E. Robinson be requested to wait on his excellency, the Governor and Council, and inform them that the house are now ready for prayers.

On the same day the House elected Rev. Dr. Williams as chaplain.

The Committee chosen for receiving sorting & counting the Votes of the Freemen for Gov'r, Lieut. Gov', Treasurer and Councillors for the State of Vermont for the year ensuing, Reported the following Persons Duly elected to wit, Thomas Chittenden Esq. Governor, (no choice for Lieuft Gov') Samuel Mattocks Esq. Treasurer, And Paul Brigham, Samuel Safford, Ebenezer Marvin, Jonathan Hunt, Jonas Galusha, Luke Knoulton, Gideon Olin, John Fassett, Ebenezer Walbridge, John Strong, Thomas Porter, & John White Esquires Councillors.

The Council adjourned untill 2 o clock in the afternoon.
Met according to adjournment.

A Bill from the House was received and Read appointing a Committee consisting of Two members from each County Chosen to join such a Committee as the Council shall appoint to arrange the Business of the Present Session. -Members Chosen Messrs. J. Robinson, Selden, Bridgman, Campbell, Williams, Lee, E. Robinson, Buck, Thompson, Linsley, Cahoon, Lynde, Chittenden and Hatheway. Resolved that Mess's Brigham and White Join said Committee for the purposes in said Bill Contained.

The Hon. Ebenezer Marvin Esq" arrived & took his seat in Council. The Governor and Council proceeded to the House and Joined in Grand Committee for the Election of Lieuft. Gov. and Judges of the Supreme Court, and made choice of the Hon'ble Jonathan Hunt Esq'r Lieuft. Governor and the Hon'ble Isaac Tichenor Esq. Chief Judge, the Hon'ble Elijah Paine first assistant Judge & The Hon'ble Enoch Woodbridge Esq second side or assistant Judge of the Supreme Court.

The Hon'ble Jonathan Hunt Esq prayed to be excused the acceptance of his appointment.

Resolved that this Committee adjourn untill the opening of the House tomorrow morning.

The Council Returned and adjourned to 9 Oclock tomorrow morning.

SATURDAY October the 11 Day A. D. 1794. Council Met according to adjournment. Present his Excellency Thomas Chittenden Esq. Governor & the following members of the Council Viz. Samuel Safford, John Strong, Ebenezer Walbridge, Jonathan Hunt, Luke Knoulton, Ebenezer Marvin, Paul Brigham, Jonas Galusha, John White. Joseph Fay Sec. John Fay DP. Secy. Jonathan Bell Sheriff.

Council proceeded to the House to Join in grand Committee according to the Adjournment and the Hon ble Jonathan Hunt Esqr accepted of his appointment as Lieuft. Governor and was Duly Qualified to that Office according to Law.'

From the printed Assembly Journal of Oct. 11 1794:

His Excellency laid sundry papers before the house: among which was an act, passed by the Congress of the United States, at their session at Philadelphia, requiring a detachment from the militia of this state, to be held in readiness, as minute men.

Also, the proceedings of the Governor and Council, at Rutland, in June last, who were convened in consequence of the requirements made in the aforesaid act.

Also, the correspondence between his Excellency, and the Honorable Edmund Randolph, Esquire, Secretary of the United States, relative to

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